Snowden IS a Criminal!
Justice for All

Grantsburg, WI

#1 Jun 26, 2013
US to Russia: Hand Over Snowden

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I see only a few are brave enough and strong enough to accept truth for what it is. Snowden is risking his life to bring you people the truth. And most would call him a traitor? Ill defend truth even though its almost pointless amongst you idiots who believe in nixon defense. "When a president does it, its not illegal". Funny how the republicans like lindsey graham and democrats feinstein all think alike. You people are so indoctrinated...its not even funny anymore. How the hell do you expect politicians to bend to your will when you bend to theirs? Oh that's right... You people have no free will. Like nietzsche said, "there is no free will, only weak will, and strong will." And all you weak willed morons deserve to be enslaved and exploited. Like cattle and other livestock.... The more I question the need for keeping government in checks and balances... The more I question the WILL of the people. There is no will of the people. You are told what to peoplle don't have the will to resist the status quo. Its too inconvenient for you to "think". Its too complicated for you. Its above your pay grade. I told you people we are now headed for a future where end justifies the means. And the means be damned if the end sounds reasonable to you. If you want your government to "spy" on you and keep a data base for you... People would have told you to leave the freedom loving United States a decade or two ago.... they would have told you to go to communist country.... Now...I am living in a communist country.

Post #2)

I fear that long ago... People in power learned of the fact... People are dumb, ignorant, and mostly apathetic. Therefore...citizens are treated like children. "We know what's best for you" And you citizens have accepted that. You people have conceded that your liberties, what you have is "plenty enough" to drink beer and watch football. That you don't need anymore. people don't deserve anymore liberty. You wouldn't know what to do with it anyways. So dependent on "authorities" to determine your way of life.... Weak willed imbeciles.... Now you see how hitler and stalin grabbed power from their citizens. You people are no different than any other citizens during history. Why do I even argue for your privacy? Your rights to be free in society when you people don't want it? Its pointless to free domesticated herd of livestock. The herd will chase each other off a cliff. I understand the rational of the elites now. Most are incapable of leading their own lives. Elites must lead for them under the guise of democracy. Its a fine line...when people actually believe they are enslaved...they will revolt. But slaves who believe they are free will never revolt. Ya that's people are free. Elites will keep doing what they believe is right for long as you believe its what you wanted all along. And making you believe that its "what you wanted all along" is so easy to do... When you have such weak wills. Pathetic cattle. Its why the little people are looked down upon by elites. Elites do all the thinking for you, yet as long as you get credit for citizens are happy.[Presidential elections] Lol such stupid cattle you little people are. No wonder elites find justification to trample on you. You people deserve the government you get. Cattle
Justice for All

Grantsburg, WI

#2 Jun 26, 2013
IF Snowden was an American Kind of Hero, he would have stood and done his act of Revolt IN America.


He grabbed the evidence of the Coup against the US Constitution, and the Social Contract, and ran to avoid the consequences of his choices.
Crime, "Criminal", is what a culture decides it is. The "Folks" that attempted to kill the Leader of German Society in WW2 were "Criminals".
Jesus Christ was a "Criminal".


It appears that he is using what he stole as "leverage" with Countries that Truly Are a threat to America.


Everything else that was Posted here on the other Snowden Thread is EXACTLY Correct!

The Patriot Act should have died. It was a Reaction to a situation that America was not prepared to deal with even after 8 years of Cigar Willy Clinton ignoring it.

George Bush's Administration made bad law and knew it, but the choices were bad and worse.

The Soetoro Administration "Doubled Down" on these Tools that became available to Tyrannical Types bent on Anti Colonial Fundamental Transformation, as the Soetoro Administration is, and made whole new Classes of "Enemies of Amerika", "Criminals".

When we built a Police State in Amerika, and gave the Enforcers all the Tools that an Oppressor needs, the Enforcers WILL use the Tools that they have!

Today, because of the Feminist's elevation of Political Correctness as a standard to determine level of "Criminality" (Hate Crime, Religious Values etc) it is easy for "Political Operatives" of the Tyrannical Leftists to pass more and more Laws counter to the Us Constitution, in the name of "Pubic Good, Economic Justice, Fair Wealth Distribution", and on and on. IGNORING the fact that the Existential Threat to America is NOT the Jihad'ist Mooslims, but the Politically Correct Fascists seted in the Halls of Power, who allow the Sharia'ists to infest Amerika and further the rot from within.

Today the "New Criminal" is that American who can cite "The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag"!

Seattle, WA

#4 Jun 26, 2013
Today the "New Criminal" is that American who loser drunks whine about daily.
tell the truth

Minneapolis, MN

#5 Jun 26, 2013
Bushwhacker wrote:
Today the "New Criminal" is that American who loser drunks whine about daily.
Snowden just told the truth, and this administration is caught again in a lie to the American people.

Seattle, WA

#7 Jun 26, 2013
Snowden violated NATIONAL SECURITY....

Teabaggers are rolling in the sickness of spying against our country ???
liberal that lies

Minneapolis, MN

#8 Jun 26, 2013
Bushwhacker wrote:
Snowden violated NATIONAL SECURITY....
Teabaggers are rolling in the sickness of spying against our country ???
that's funny a liberal that likes lies.

Obama's Liar Clapper Broke The Law Lying To Congress

With numerous Obama supporters in the Democratic and Republican Parties bashing both China and Russia for not turning NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden over the to the Obama administration, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on CNN and took the point once again on the administration's violations of the Constitution, this time zeroing in on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

"[W]when history looks at this, they're going to contrast the behavior of James Clapper, our national intelligence director, with Edward Snowden," Paul said. "Mr. Clapper lied in Congress in defiance of the law in the name of security. Mr. Snowden told the truth in the name of privacy. So, I think there will be a judgment, because both of them broke the law, and history will have to determine."

CNN interviewer Candy Crowley (who covered Obama's ass on Benghazi during the 2012 Presidential debate) was "red-baiting" and goading Sen. Paul about Snowden taking refuge in Hong Kong, and then flying early Sunday, June 23, to Moscow en route to another country. While noting that it would be a bad historical legacy for Snowden "if he cozies up to either the Russian government [or] Chinese government," Paul continued to keep the focus strongly on the lies by Clapper and other people from the Administration.

"Mr. Snowden hasn't lied to anyone. He did break his oath of office, but part of his oath of office is to the Constitution," Paul said, "and he [Snowden] believes that when James Clapper came in March, our national director of intelligence came and lied, that he was simply coming forward and telling the truth that your government was lying.... This this is a big concern of mine because it makes me doubt the administration and their word to us when they come and talk to us because they have now admitted that they will lie to us if they think it's in the name of national security."

When Crowley tried to cut Paul off with a cover story that Clapper was only talking about PRISM, blah, blah, Paul shot back, "No. He [Clapper] admitted that he lied, and he said he was saying the least of untruthful things. So, he did admit that he lied."

Seattle, WA

#9 Jun 26, 2013
The criminal complaint against Snowden that was released cited 18 U.S.C. 641 Theft of Government Property, 18 U.S.C. 793(d) Unauthorized Communication of National Defense Information, and 18 U.S.C. 798(a)(3) Willful Communication of Classified Intelligence Information to an Unauthorized Person; the two latter charges fall under the Espionage Act for “giving national defense information to someone without a security clearance and revealing classified information about communications intelligence,” that by all accounts certainly describe Snowden’s actions leading to the criminal complaint and extradition requests to authorities in Hong Kong where Snowden was hiding out. It is unclear where Snowden will end up finding “political asylum,” but his contention the Justice Department is seeking him for political retribution is both a pathetic attempt to justify his criminal acts and to garner asylum from a foreign entity.

Seattle, WA

#13 Jun 26, 2013
What a joke, ever post you write under a better MAN'S moniker is.

You start with dishonesty, then attempt to tell yourself, you're superior ?

Not at all.

Seattle, WA

#14 Jun 26, 2013
What a joke, every post you write under a better MAN'S moniker is.

Love your JOKE where every man who respects the government is a Nazi....

Please speed everyday, don't wear a seat belt or have a windshield, BOTH government requirements....

You start with dishonesty, then attempt to tell yourself, you're superior ?

Not at all.

Minneapolis, MN

#15 Jun 26, 2013
I think that Snowden is GAY as hell, just like Manning. He wasn't married, or engaged to a woman, and he knows that the CIA is hunting him down. His whole family is under surveillance. At 29, he lacks the wisdom to understand the severity of his actions,
and he will pay a very high price for it. Bolivia??
What's in Bolivia?? Does he think that the USA won't try to capture him IF he makes it there??
Wikileaks can't help him, the Chinese and Russians are pumping him for intel, he has NO money or PASSPORT, so he might as well commit suicide.
NO "hero" parades for this LOSER.

Green Bay, WI

#16 Jun 26, 2013
Because Obama ans his peeps are black, they will consider Snowden to be a snitch. They will probably have him capped by a homeboy or an NFL player.

Seattle, WA

#17 Jun 26, 2013
ans ??

Oh right, "collAge".

Minneapolis, MN

#18 Jul 7, 2013
Snowden is a GAY LOSER, NO DOUBT about it.

Seattle, WA

#19 Jul 7, 2013
Seem to "need" to write "gay" a lot, for a lonely old "man" ?

Saint Paul, MN

#20 Jul 9, 2013
The Cubans want him. I suggest he be sent to Gitmo!

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