Slewsie wrote:
These are the children of gay parents. They are only play acting the things they see us do at home. I'm OK with that.
"The claim, filed by attorney Gregory Owen on behalf of one child, alleges 4- and 5-year-olds at the First Lutheran Child Development Center in Carson, California, were performing oral sex on each other at the preschool.
The suit alleges that in addition to acts performed on the 5-year-old plaintiff, other students were removing their clothing and engaging in sexual acts on the playground and during nap time.
Such behavior, experts say, would be rooted in normal childhood development; the children participating in or seeing such sexual acts may not fully understand what is taking place. Whether such alleged inappropriate acts will have a long-term impact on students depends on how the situation is handled, experts say.
"Young children are not developmentally prepared to engage in sex," said Kathryn Seifert, an expert in youth violence and sexual behavior. "Their brains are not ready to absorb that kind of information."
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