The Crack-Up of the GOP: No Way Out

The Crack-Up of the GOP: No Way Out

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#1 Jan 6, 2013
The Crack-Up of the GOP: No Way Out

by BooMan
Sun Jan 6th, 2013 at 10:53:18 AM EST

The Washington Post reports that there are divisions within the Republican Party about whether or not they can effectively use a threat to destroy the country's credit rating and cause a global recession to extract spending cuts from the Democrats. If they did it before, why not do it again?

Meanwhile, the New York Times focuses more on the big picture divisions like immigration, women's rights, gay marriage, and letting the NRA dictate the GOP's policy on guns.

In both cases, it is really a divide between conservatives and Republicans. The near-total capture of the GOP by conservatives has created a situation which has now come to a head. They call it the Conservative Movement for a reason. They have places to go. The problem is, the American people do not want to go there. The conundrum presents itself in stark terms in the debate over the debt ceiling. Countless Rush Limbaugh fans and Fox News watchers have been seduced into an alternative reality where they are both the good and the aggrieved. But they don't want to see the party destroy the country's credit rating, millions of jobs, and the value of their nest eggs, all in the name of reducing the worth of their earned benefits and eroding their retirement security. The conservatives carried the ball so far down the field that people are in the shadow of the goalposts. And they don't want to score.


The disastrous culmination of a 28-year campaign to make the rich richer and the middle class poorer was interpreted as the perfect time to launch a tax revolt on the behalf of people who had never paid lower taxes. At the peak moment for government spending, they launched a war on the only available economic stimulus that might save them their job, their home, and their savings. It was no surprise that the whole venture was financed by plunderous plutocrats in their desperate (and successful) attempt to cause a distraction big enough for them to evade accountability for their actions.

The conservative movement is too stupid to live, but the Republican Party is too advantaged by law to die. It would like to remake itself into a party that reflects the values of enough Americans for them to win. But conservatives would rather wallow in their own impotence and rage than change their core beliefs. The GOP will remain bitterly divided for quite some time. The splits will grow when we debate guns and when we debate immigration and when we debate climate and energy. The coalition cannot hold. The most reactionary of the bunch have the advantage of being correct about one thing. Without race-hatred and religious tribalism and gay-bashing and attacks on women's rights, the GOP has no coalition at all. It would simply scatter to the winds. So, they will persist.

Saint Paul, MN

#2 Jan 6, 2013
Dream on, FAKE "consistent"...

Reagan was right, Bush I was inconsistent (that's why he didn't get re-elected), the clintons were/are a JOKE (and I don't care how RICH THEY ARE). Bush II had to deal with clintons failures, like the FAILURE TO TAKE OUT OSAMA BIN LADEN, among other things. PLUS, he signed NAFTA and FREE TRADE WITH CHINA, which shipped MILLIONS of HIGH PAYING JOBS out of America. THEN, he ignored the INVASION of MILLIONS of ILLEGAL ALIENS, all of which are WELL DOCUMENTED.

Reagan cleaned up and rebuilt a devastated military, which carter ignored and tried to turn it into a soft-sided PENAL INSTITUTION. I know, I was there. He brought down the IRON CURTAIN. He stood up to Iran, took out the murderers in Central America and the Caribbean, and gave hard workers a chance to succeed. The liberals turned to CRACK, GANGS, and the idiotic mass media. Reagan should be on Mt. Rushmore, IMO.

Saint Paul, MN

#4 Jan 6, 2013
Consistent wrote:
Has a bit too much to drink tonight, I take it.
DREAM ON... And since you don't have any reasonable retort, I would say that maybe you should lay off the BONG or METH PIPE...

Saint Paul, MN

#6 Jan 6, 2013
Consistent wrote:
Settle down and crack another bottle of vodka and soon you'll forget what you are mad about.
I'm not drinking vodka, as I'm not a communist Rusky.


I thought that you were SO SMART??

Saint Paul, MN

#8 Jan 6, 2013
Consistent wrote:
You are an uneducated kid that never had a chance to get ahead and feels some misguided loyalty to the right.
You are STILL WRONG!! Where do you compute this NONSENSE??

Just because I don't have a "phd", I'm "uneducated"?? Uneducated in WHAT??

Nobody "guides" ME. I make up my own mind and decide who I lead or follow. I am IMMUNE to your psychological attacks.
Amused Slew

Kent, WA

#9 Jan 7, 2013
You're immune to learning... You've proven it.

Minneapolis, MN

#10 Jan 8, 2013
blah blah blah Lithium

blah blah blah Demokrats

blah blah blah damned Legion 86ed me again

blah blah blah Phillips vodka

blah blah blah Romney 54% Obama 46%

blah blah blah right wing extremist rant

blah blah blah room is spinning

blah blah blah out of Depends

blah blah blah more Phillips vodka

blah blah blah letter "K"

blah blah blah more fringe rant

blah blah blah Depends is full again

blah blah blah going to pass out now

blah blah blah thank God for 1.75 liter bottles

Minneapolis, MN

#11 Jan 9, 2013
Amused Slew wrote:
You're immune to learning... You've proven it.
NO, I'm IMMUNE to the ILLOGIC of the SENSELESS LEFTISTS, and have NO PROBLEM admitting to it. There is NOTHING YOU CAN SAY, or IMPLY, that will change my train of thought, or reason, there is no amount of money that you can pay to change my mind, there is no chance of you threatening my well-being to turn me over....

That is what makes makes me a TRUE AMERICAN, to the BONE. I don't SELL OUT MY LOYALTY to a bunch of cowardly LIBERAL PIMPS, EVER.
Amused Slew

Kent, WA

#12 Jan 9, 2013
Good for you, you're a broke, proud, full time loser... At least, you admit it. LMAOROTFU!

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