Powers Live: Vikings' Childress says ...

Powers Live: Vikings' Childress says he wanted to protect Favre...

There are 159 comments on the TwinCities.com story from Dec 21, 2009, titled Powers Live: Vikings' Childress says he wanted to protect Favre.... In it, TwinCities.com reports that:

Who was right? Brad Childress for wanting to put Tarvaris Jackson in the game, or Brett Favre for insisting that he stay in? Are Brad Childress and Brett Favre at odds to the point where they are feuding? In an e-mail response this morning Childress, who was mum on the subject the night before, wrote of pulling Favre: "Yes, I did consider it and ...

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Since: Apr 09

Hastings, MN

#108 Dec 22, 2009
Jack The Pack wrote:
The drama Queen has wrecked havoc on another team!
Brett Farve is a joke and all the Queens fans who loved him
will soon blame it on the whole team and team mates instead
of the drama Queen himself.
Too bad it is all AP's fault, Winfield's fault, Childress's fault,
defenses fault, offensive lineman's fault and on and on.....
BUT it is not Brett Farve's fault because he can't be wrong
and besides he is a kid at heart.........Right?
Oh yeah!!!! You go drama queen destroy the Vikings organization
from within for us!
Go Packers Go!!
Yeah...And I think you and your mom are jokes too, you meat-head, cheeseball!!


Since: Apr 09

Hastings, MN

#109 Dec 22, 2009







GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!
my opinion

Chicago, IL

#110 Dec 22, 2009
Johnny the Greek wrote:
Good article Tom Powers. I couldn't agree with you more. WE need to take our chances with Tjack these last 2 games and let Favre rest up for the playoff push.
Lets wrap up the #2 seed first, why play an extra game in the wildcard round.

La Crosse, WI

#111 Dec 22, 2009
Happy Packer Fan wrote:
Aaron Rodgers is a BEAST!! He's indestructible!!!
And she's got a career W/L record of 500. Erin is your fantasy qb in more ways than one!


Since: Dec 06

Location hidden

#112 Dec 22, 2009
Mike wrote:
Bench him next week for the first quarter. Favre is a great quarterback, but he must listen to his coaches. And for Chilly. Don't beat around the bush on taking him out. Tell him straight up. I am taking you out, and this is why. Don't say I am thinking about doing this or that. Get a set Chilly.... I don't think you would see Parcells doing something so stupid. I also don't think Parcells would bench him either...
Are you kidding? You don't "think" parcells would do something stupid like that.
Parcells would have sucker-punched him to the nuts.

Yep get a set Chilly, you freaking spineless twit.
Stream of consciouness my ass.

Beckley, WV

#113 Dec 22, 2009
The vikings gave away a bye by division of a good team now instead of laying back and resting they have to gut it up and play. This gives the favre hater's and boo bird's and packer backer's who been laying in the weed's a chance to crawl out and start their squacking. The packer's better first get the coach and favre to apoligize to the team for the distraction the other night game, it cost us a victory divission's only compleate matter's and the viking's don't need this.

United States

#114 Dec 22, 2009
The Hard Truth wrote:
Here's the hard truth:
1. There are a lot of goofball Favre haters who are going to say stupid things on these sites, and have done so with great relish about this incident. Intelligent people should ignore them.
2. Childress, like him or not (I am in the "not" category) is the coach, so he calls the shots.
3. A 7-6 lead is not sufficient to justify pulling your quarterback unless you feel that losing the game is not that big a deal, which is a case that could be made.
4. The failure to figure out how to block Peppers and to make the requisite adjustments is a more damning statement about Childress than his failure to bench Favre.
5. Favre, as a competitor, was well within his rights to demand to stay in. It was Childress' choice whether or not to listen to him.
Now, here are the speculative elements:

1. Is this really a rift between Bevel and Childress more than Favre and Childress?
2. Is this one more of Childress' obsessive attempts to get his personal project, Jackson, onto the field?
3. Is this sudden collapse of the offensive line a function of people figuring out Loadholt, the loss of Matt Birk, or something else?
4. Will this team now disintegrate, and, if so, into what factions?
5. Who will emerge as the team leaders now? Pat Williams? Jared Allen? Adrian Peterson? Someone has to claim the helm.
Here's my own thought: The Wilf's are as enamored with Childress as Childress is with TJack. I wish we could have a pro in that coach's position -- say, Bill Cowher? But we have Childress. And, if we don't like it, we can watch the Wild or the TWolves.
Have a nice winter.
This is actually somewhat readable and intelligent. I can't comment on whether it's accurate. But I have to agree that, given my very prejudiced view that Favre is the ONLY reason to watch the Vikings this season, Childress is not sufficient and apparently not very proficient. Whether or not you think Favre should have been pulled Sunday night, I don't know why the non-productive Tarvaris Jackson wasn't let go in favor of keeping old whatshisname(Gus Frerotte), who actually brought victories to the Vikings last year. Obviously there's something going on here, either in coaching or management, that allows for idiotic choices, both in players and in coaching.

Vonore, TN

#115 Dec 22, 2009
How come guys like Manning get all the love and Favre gets all the hate? How come guys like Manning can playall practically the whole game but Favre gets heck for changing one play from a run to a pass that ended up being a touchdown. How come guys like Brady get rules made for him and even referees cater to him while Favre just prefers to let the hits fall where they fall. How come guys like Brady & Manning would NEVER be asked to sit down (How dare you ask) but Favre is asked because he of his age and they think he is fragile! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE IRON MAN OF FOOTBALL HERE AND I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THE MEDIA ALWAYS SCRUTINIZING THE GREATEST QB TO EVER PLAY THE GAME WHILE THEY DON'T EVER QUESTION MANNING OR BRADY ABOUT THEIR SPOILED WAYS!

Fort Collins, CO

#116 Dec 22, 2009
WOW!! As much as a want to blame Favre and Childress for setting this whole thing off, the people I blame the most are the Vikings Public Relations Team! What the hell are you doing not talking to these coaches and players before they go out and set the world on fire, that is your JOB!! Bob Hagan should be fired, what a joke!! The idea of Public Relations is making sure the word coming out of the coaches and players mouths are consistent no matter what the truth of the story is. I surly hope the person getting their ass chewed was a public relations assistant had made a huge snap few!! Skol Vikes, but what the hell is with your Marketing/Public Relations Staff!!

Tucson, AZ

#117 Dec 22, 2009
Jason wrote:
Writers trying to stir up drama and people on here are obviously buying into it. That's society today, everyone is a follower like lambs to the slaughter. Do you know why locker rooms have doors? because it's none of our business what happens behind them. Favre isn't exactly playing lights out football but AP has been pitiful and the Offensive line hasn't een doing a dman thing either (pay attention Jack). Peterson puts up 30 yards rushing and they have to use Shiancoe to pick up defensive lineman every play, that has nothing to do with poor play from the O line now does it? It was a team loss and a lack of execution and effort from the team. Blame one guy all you want if it makes you warm and fuzzy inside. You only have to wait until next year when you will have Jackson back at QB, then you won't have anything to complain about.......(yeah right).
i agree totally where is kliensasser? why isn't he on the line helping the complacent mt. mckinnie. we run only on first downs amd go right to the pass. and its not like they are catching either how many drops did you see in the third? an eli type scramble and shincoe lets it hit him in the chest. AD can't catch and chester has been shakey as well. its all favre's fault i don't think so. if chilly's worried about protecting favre put in two TEs and call running plays.

Coraopolis, PA

#118 Dec 22, 2009
How can Chill even consider yanking Favre for his pet project TJ, Jackson's a BUM!! He pulled this crap last season AFTER "Gus" LED the Vikings to the playofs. Sure TJ played very well in AZ, but that proved more to be an abiration and the REAL TJ showed up vs. Atlanta were we LOST, and he played lousy vs. the Giants' "2nd and 3rd" stringers and we needed a LAST SECOND FG to win, against their backups, NO BUENO! Then the Eagles game, PATOOOEY!! Now here we go again, after FAVRE LED the Vikings to another NFC North Championship Chili is talking about playing TJ?!?!?!? NO!!!!!!!!!! Rest Favre for the playoffs?!?!?!? HOW ABOUT GETTING A 1ST ROUND BYE "F-I-R-S-T" before you even think of resting Favre!! Chili you wanted Favre, well as the saying goes.. "this is like being the President and complaining you don't want to wear a tie, or winning the Lottery and complaining about the taxes... if you're lucky enough to get what you want, SHUT UP!!"
lumboo canada

Sarnia, Canada

#119 Dec 22, 2009
chilli cant coach--example -look how well sharpie is playing for n.o.----chilli had the wraps on him like he has on everyone---give bret the green light to audible out of the useless plays chilli keeps calling--amen


“Smack the Pack”

Since: Sep 09


#120 Dec 22, 2009
SKOL Vikings!

It ain't over yet you stupid Buttpack fans!!!!

Grantsburg, WI

#121 Dec 22, 2009
Chilly has forgotten just who it is that runs the team. It is Brett "All About Me" Favre.
Marine from Marine

United States

#122 Dec 22, 2009
After reading all 115 posts a few things jump out at me that makes sense.
1. Childress is too stupid or arrogant to see that Peppers was running free to the QB. Smith never had a D-Back within 10 feet of him. And the play calling was pathetic. Making adjustments late in the 4th quarter is too late Chilly.

2. It is possible that the Vikes could be one and done, but I don't think so. Let's pretend for a moment they actually go to the big dance. How many of these Packer fans that have been bad mouthing Farve and the Vikes, will show up, and man up, about how wrong they were? My guess is none. Why? Because they are not really men at all, just boys talking tough on their computers.

United States

#123 Dec 22, 2009
Outsidelookingin wrote:
Chilly has forgotten just who it is that runs the team. It is Brett "All About Me" Favre.
Somehow I don't think this is an accurate portrayal of Favre's attitude, and I doubt you'd be expressing it if he was still playing for the team he gave so many good seasons to and which he led to a superbowl victory. You have a problem, but it isn't with Favre. It's with Packer management.

Since: Dec 09

United States

#124 Dec 22, 2009
If you cannot scheme ways to get AD into space or through a crease, you have failed. If you have not made an adjustment (by the way, didn't you know who Julius Peppers was before you needed to make an adjustment? Wasn't it obvious?) to Peppers dominating Big Mac, you are a failure. If you do not call plays to put your players (Rice, Harvin, Shiancoe, and Berrian) in a position to make a play, you have failed. To me, this stems from coaching not from the players. A group of players this talented should win or be close constantly, not blown out. No No.

Since: Sep 08

Lakeville, MN

#125 Dec 22, 2009
the Vikes are 11-3 because of Favre not cuz of Childress, and chilly should be kissing Bretts butt, for the new contract extension Wilf gave him

United States

#126 Dec 22, 2009
oxboro wrote:
the Vikes are 11-3 because of Favre not cuz of Childress, and chilly should be kissing Bretts butt, for the new contract extension Wilf gave him
Exact same thing happened in greenbay with doughboy mcfatty. The team went to 13-3 that year & he got an nice extention on his contract. 6-10 the next year...just saying
Bill K

Saint Paul, MN

#127 Dec 22, 2009
Enjoy the season!-M. Tice.

We got our playoff ticket punched. A bye would be nice, but either way, it doesn't matter much. Either you're good enough, or you're not. There are no 'easy' playoff games-- ever.

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