Minford Cheerleaders
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Crooksville, OH

#1 Nov 18, 2009
I was very shocked when I saw some of the high school cheerleaders walking around with thier butts hanging out of thier uniforms...I cant believe that an advisor, let alone thier parents would let them walk around like that. Obviously several of them need to order a bigger size. In my opinion, it looks bad on our school. Seriously, advisors/parents lets make some changes before we get a bad rep...Just concerned.

Crooksville, OH

#2 Nov 18, 2009
this all took place at the "meet the team" lastnight at the high school...

Harrisonburg, VA

#3 Nov 18, 2009
o to be in highschool agian
I Agree

Severn, MD

#4 Nov 18, 2009
I agree with suprised. This does look bad on the school. When uniforms are decided upon, they should be picked by what is flattering to all not just some. Student athletes are continually preached to about conduct and character and how they represent the school. Does this not apply to the cheerleaders? Are they not considered student athletes?
like to know

Minford, OH

#5 Nov 19, 2009
thats nice

Since: Nov 09

United States

#6 Nov 21, 2009
Well...when I was in high school at Minford, unfortunately, the dress code normally did NOT apply to the cheerleaders. Actually, one day my sister had on the exact same shirt as one of the cheerleaders, and the principal demanded that she either go home and change or that she have someone bring her something else to wear. When she came to me and told me that, I was irate because I had just seen the cheerleader that had the same shirt on just an hour before. So, I went into his office and I said that my sister wasn't going anywhere or changing anything until the other girl and half of the cheerleading squad changed their clothes. I knew I was risking getting in trouble, but I didn't care. I was just fed up at that point with the things that some of them got away with on a daily basis. And I agree...the uniforms they wear now are ridiculous! They're cute uniforms, but not appropriate at all. Especially during football season! Hello?! It's freezing and they're outside!
Ohio State 1

Minford, OH

#7 Nov 23, 2009
Well if your so worried about the uniform why dont you give some money for them to get new ones!They are very busy and work very hard!Its not like they try to look that way...AND about them wearing their uniforms in the cold they wore layers of clothing all of the games but one and you also have to think their down jumping around and it has to get hot!
big jay

Marion, OH

#8 Nov 23, 2009
well when i was in high scholl if we wore are uniforms like that then we would be in trouble but the adviser would never do that to her sweet little daughter
Ohio State 1

Athens, OH

#9 Nov 23, 2009
Well your not in high school anymore.And its none of your buisness how the she treats her daughter!

Lucasville, OH

#10 Nov 24, 2009
the adviser wasnt even over the cheerleaders at that time. she was taking some time off because of some personal issues that YOU would kno nothing about. It was the assistant adviser that was over those girls during meet the team. im sure that the adviser, cheerleaders, and everyone else knows that those uniforms need replaced but does that give a grown adult the right to talk bad about teenage cheerleaders? and when i was in high school i WAS a caoches daughter and i know that alexis probably gets it harder then any of those girls on that squad. Its not easy being a caoches daughter because people like YOU run their mouth. shes a kid for gods sake your an adult lets grow up and stop trash talking KIDS on a website.

Crooksville, OH

#11 Nov 24, 2009
If I had the money to give for new uniforms, I would. My money goes to all the boys sports since that is what my child plays. However, I wasnt talking bad about the girls per say, just the uniforms that they have to wear and the way it looks. (not good) I was jus surpised to see them walking around with thier butts hanging out, NOT too attractive...

Lucasville, OH

#12 Nov 24, 2009
ok then. you obviously dont ahve the right to talk beacuase those girls dont have the moms pay for things. they go around raising money for new uniforms and raising money to do things for the football and basketball team and the school. and wether it was attractive or not your a grown adult they are kids. and you talk about teenagers?! NOT too atractive...

Crooksville, OH

#13 Nov 25, 2009
Hellllllooooo Mr or Mrs Ford, didnt I just say I wasnt talkin about them as individuals just the way it looked....I really couldnt care less what you think of my opinion. Gee you really need to lighten up. You must be a male, if you like the fact that teenage girls are showing thier asses. You should be ashamed....

Lucasville, OH

#14 Nov 26, 2009
Yea im a male but i was a cheerleading coaches daughter? yea that makes TOTAL sense. i AM a woman just standing up for those girls because, i do agree that maybe those uniforms should be replaced, but i think somebody should stand up for them because your posting coments about those girls on the web for everybody to see. and thats wrong. keep your comments to yourself not on a website. im sure if people were on here talking about you, your child, or somebody you know you would be very upset and stand up for what is right.so Helooooo mr or mrs suprised you really need to listen up and open your eyes to realize that your trash talking teenage cheerleaders on a website and you might not be trashing them as individuals but talking about the way they looked is still rediculous seeing is how your an adult. and i should be ashamed? YOU should. so "surprised" do yourself a favor grow up act your age and lets not trash talk people on the computer. you must REALLY not have life. seeing is how yours consists of bashing cheerleaders on the web

United States

#15 Nov 27, 2009
I'm sure this makes the highschool cheerleaders feel great . Maybe you should think about other people before you post rude comments on the Internet for everyone to read .

Lucasville, OH

#16 Nov 28, 2009
I agree! Thank You!

Salt Lake City, UT

#17 Nov 28, 2009
Oh,doesn't that figure, nothing else to do in mule town but sit around & bash the cheerleaders so everyone in all the school systems can get a good laugh on the expense of the cheerleaders. Good job!

Minford, OH

#18 Nov 28, 2009
I have total respect for all the high school cheerleaders. It was very rude to point out one specific cheerleader,as an adult we should be role models for our children and this is not a very good example. Are we really this desperate to where we have to pick on the girls for the things they can't help? Do you think they want their skirt to be to small,and complaining about this is not benefitting anyone. Maybe it's just adults sterotyping cheerleaders which wouldn't be unusual. Moving on, people who are really concerned and pay attention to the cheerleaders would know that for most of the colder football games they wore sweatshirts,their cheerleading warm-up pants,school coats,and gloves. know what your talking about before you try to prove something untrue. These girls do fundraising very often & they buy what they can afford.In conclusion the the cheerleaders don't feel comfortable in the uniforms either, so how do you think youre making them feel? These very unoticed cheerleaders work hard and don't receive any respect,they deserve more than this.

Gladwin, MI

#19 Nov 28, 2009
Concerned, you hit it right on the head, thank you. They do work hard & get little to zero recognition.I know that some have already read this. Girls, keep smiling, have fun & cheer proud, you are very much loved!

Lynbrook, NY

#20 Nov 29, 2009
I live in another city so I haven't seen these uniforms so I don't really understand. Some of you have said they can't afford new ones. So have they just been really short for several years, or is it that like a senior is wearing the same uniform she did her freshman year or what?

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