Obama explains why he doesn't salute ...

Obama explains why he doesn't salute the US Flag

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United States

#1 Aug 27, 2008
Obama explains why he doesn't salute the US Flag

Obama 'explains'

"I sure hope this gets around before Nov.!!!

On Sat, 22 Mar 2008 18:48:04 -0400,'LTG Bill Ginn' USAF ret. forwarded the following:

Hot on the heels of his explanation for why he no longer wears a flag pin,
presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama was forced to explain why he
doesn't follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

According to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171,
During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present
except those in uniform are expected to stand at attention facing the flag
with the right hand over t he heart.

'As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking
sides,' Obama said.'There are a lot of people in the world to whom the
American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a
war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should
be swapped for something less parochial and less bell icose. I like the song
'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing.' If that were our anthem, then I might
salute it.'

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this could possibly be our next president!!

I, for once, am speechless. He has absolutely NO pride in this country!!!!!

This is outrageous!!!! He doesn't deserve to be dogcatcher!!!

(Oh, sorry dogcatchers, I mean you no disrespect.)"


Little Rock, AR

#2 Sep 2, 2008
Racist smears won't work this time LTC loser.

United States

#3 Sep 2, 2008
This had nothing to do with racist smears. It is being American. If this is true and he feels that strongly about the American Flag and the National Anthem than what is he doing running for President of the United States?

United States

#4 Sep 2, 2008
Oh are you saying all dog catchers are black. Our is white. And he is half white so how can anything be a racist smear.
Time for a Change

United States

#5 Sep 3, 2008
This seems like a minor detail to focus on when our economy is in a depression, our education system is failing, people are loosing their homes, and the prices of gas is just outragious. All this occured under the guidance of our "Patiotic President." Focus on some "Real" issues.
Try the facts

Chicago, IL

#6 Sep 9, 2008

Paragould, AR

#7 Sep 29, 2008
Dont bring this oppession into this...Lets move foward as ONE...dont look back cause it is not worth it.Cant live in the past. Past is Past If u continue to live in the past u will never grow and we want to be proud Americans. Sure I would have loved to had Hillary as President and Obama will make a great president for History. The only thing is this. WHO EVER GETS PRESIDENT WILL HAVE GEO. W. BUSH'S MESS TO CLEAN UP AND 4 YEARS AS PRESIDNET WILL NOT CLEAN UP EVERYTHING AND THEN THE REPUBLICANS WILL BLAME OBAMA ! NOT FAIR! HE WILL DO THE BEST HE CAN!

Paragould, AR

#8 Sep 29, 2008
Oh.. As for Obama not saluteing the American flag... I dont like that because Im scared of his Muslim ties,...But as u know we live in AMERICAN which gives us FREEDOM of EXPRESSION> We dont know how lucky we r to live in America. Most counrties would kill u in a min. for the simpy things we do in America. We can say what we want about anyone without being put in prison.We can walk down the streets. Go outside take a deep breath and say THANK U SWEET JESUS! Its called freedom and we do have that! Times could change and we could lose that freedom. I dont want to live like other countries, fighting and killing not being able to go outside for fear of bombs and little kids with bombs strapped to there bodies. Think about it and be proud of ur counrty dont down it!

United States

#9 Oct 1, 2008
Who is downing our country on this thread? Why do we want a president who doesn't respect the American Flag or Anthem.

Since: Mar 07

Homer. LA

#10 Oct 2, 2008
WOW, rumors abound on Obama here and I do mean rumors. Do you think for one moment that McCain would not be jumping all over any facts that Obama had Muslim ties or does not respect or salute the American flag? Get real!
As a Veteran I am able to see the lies that McCain tells but it seems you prefer to believe his stories and any bad rumors you can pass on about Obama.
I am saying this as a registered republican, McCain will put us all on the streets outside the full poor house. Investigate the facts instead of passing on false rumors!

United States

#11 Oct 2, 2008
Posted the facts. Take them R leave them. Can care least about your opinion.

Shreveport, LA

#12 Oct 3, 2008
You have the right nickiname "Clueless".
You haven't posted "facts". You have posted nonsense. If you want to talk about FACTS you wouldn't be questioning Obama's patriotism you would be talking about John McCain being investigated on ethics charges for trying to help convicted racketeer Charles Keating in the "Keating Five" scandal, or about John McCain being an elitist who can't remember how mmany homes he owns, or about McCain being a flipflopper who has changed his positions on on Roe v Wade, on Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, on ethanol and on off shore drilling, or how McCain said he didn't really love America until 1967 when he was 30 years old, or how McCain refused to denounce the arrogant statement from his former economic advisor Phil Gramm who said America is a nation of "whiners", or how McCain demonstrated his foreign policy incompetence by needing Joe Lieberman to explain to him that Iran was not allowing Al Qaeda fighters into the country to be trained and returned to Iraq because Iraq is a actually rival of Al Qaeda, or that John McCain's spiritual advisor was John Hagee, a religious nut who said that the Nazis were sent by God to chase the Jews from Europe and herd them to Palestine, or how McCain is running a campaign controlled by lobbyists and the fact that he is in the hip pocket of big oil and that he has voted 95% of the time with President George W. "Mission Accomplished" Bush who has virtually ruined this country in the last eight years.
So would YOU like to REALLY discuss some FACTS "Clueless"? Or is flag lapel pins all you've got on your mind?

United States

#13 Oct 6, 2008
Like I said I could care less about what you think.

Shreveport, LA

#14 Oct 6, 2008
Great reply, "clueless". If you're in the 3rd grade. LOL!

Get back with me when you have something worth debating.

Farmington, MI

#15 Oct 6, 2008
Stop speading these lies. Mccain and Palin would have released this information durning one of the debates if your information was true.


Shreveport, LA

#16 Oct 6, 2008
If you are talking to me, Victor, you are seriously ignorant of the facts. Everything I posted about MCCain is the truth and I have no idea what you are talking about when you say, McCain-Palin would have "released this information" during one of the debates. Why would MCCain-Palin release facts that made them look like the fraudulent clowns they are? Since MCCain and Palin can't debate the REAL issues facing this country they are now trying to slime Obama with character attacks. Well Obama has plenty to attack MCCain and his airheaded PTA mom running mate with if he wants to get down non their level. Obama really doesn't need to get down on their level because McCain is toast anyway.

Nashville, TN

#17 Oct 12, 2008
Clueless you are. You didn't even bother to check your facts. Here is a link to a site that debunks this nonsense. I'd think that before trying to influence others during this critical time, you would do some basic homework.


United States

#18 Oct 13, 2008
The Truth:
The picture is authentic. It was published in Time magazine and was taken 9/16/07 at an event in Indianola, Iowa where six Democratic presidential candidates appeared. It was Iowa Senator Tom Harkin's annual "meat and greet." The fourth person in the picture is Senator Harkin's wife, Ruth. Not seen in the picture are three other candidates who were standing out of view on the right side of the platform, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator John Edwards, Senator Joe Biden.

At question is what was going on with Senator Obama? His critics are circulating the picture and saying that he is not respecting the flag or the National Anthem, especially since the protocol, according to the United States Flag code, is that civilians should have their right hands over their hearts and that they should be facing the flag. His supporters are saying that this little lapse should not be held against him since there have been plenty of other events at which he has saluted the flag---so it did not mean that he would, in principle, avoid doing it.

Some supporters have suggested that perhaps the picture does not tell the whole story and that he may have raised his hand shortly after it was taken.

An ABC News video, however, shows that Senator Obama did not salute at any time during the Anthem and that everybody else on the platform did.

A spokesperson for the Senator told Fox News that it was ridiculous to suggest that Obama was making any kind of a statement and that sometimes "he does and sometimes he doesn't place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem."

If you are running for President it shouldn't be sometimes I feel like saluting the flag.

Shreveport, LA

#19 Oct 13, 2008
Questioning Obama's patriotism is the sort of nonsense the Republcan Party is hanging its hat on in this election and why "Gramps" McCain is toast. The American people have seen first hand what eight years under a Republican administration has done to this country. Lying about Obama won't save the incompetent, fascist, greedy, economy wrecking GOP this time. Obama has opoened up an eight point lead and when McCain tries to attack Obama personally in the final debate on Wednesday that will prove once and for all that the Republican Party can't run on the real issues facing the country and it should drive the final nail in the coffins of "Old Man River" and his airheaded running mate Sara, PTA mom, Palin.

United States

#20 Oct 14, 2008
And our country!!!

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