Messianic Jews say they are persecute...

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

There are 72042 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 21, 2008, titled Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel. In it, Newsday reports that:

Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family.

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Mumbai, India

#49363 Feb 17, 2013

Swastika, circle, ripple of light/water, dot, ascending flight of steps, square, triangle, coiled up serpent and the like are force formations found on the vital and lower mind planes with each having a specific meaning and power of realization determined by the expressed degree of consciousness-energy.

The mathematicians and poets intuitively discover these forms in intense states of concentration with the partial meaning revealed to them, while the mystics experience the same by merging in the formations to know their thatness.

So, what do each of the above living symbols mean?

Mumbai, India

#49364 Feb 17, 2013
More excerpts from the writings of Fritjof Capra later. He and his team of experts drawn from different disciplines are only partially correct.

Qatif, Saudi Arabia

#49365 Feb 17, 2013
Which “Sword” the Prophet Used against his enemies: Part-63

Our prophet was not only a preacher. He was also an able administrator and a just ruler.

Those who have experience of administration know when to act tough and when to act with leniency. A King, Ruler and President knows which criminal to pardon and which to get executed. Those who do not have this experience may only speak in idealistic terms. Such idealistic persons are never able to administer any country or state with efficiency.

Beside so many “Swords” which we have mentioned earlier on this thread. He also had a sword of steel. When no other sword worked and the only solution was to wield the sword of steel, he used that also.

Any one who has read his biography knows that how reluctantly he had to use it. We present below, some of these cases, where prophet had to use the sword of steel.


When prophet declared his mission, no one in Arabia knew about Prophet hood, revelation and guidance coming from heavens etc. These things were new to people living in Arabia, that is why his message looked and sounded so strange to people of Makkah in particular and Arabia in general.

But due to his perseverance and his constancy and his efforts, every one in Arabia came to know about these things and after the conquest of Makkah, his message reached to every part of Arabia.

His success put ideas into minds of people who wanted to duplicate his mission and therefore many false prophet stood up, during the last few years of his life. These false prophets caused a wave of apostasy in whole of Arabia when the prophet breathed his last.

His companions and especially Abu Bakr the First Caliph of Islam had to spend his utmost effort and strength of character to silence these false prophets and apostates of Arabia.

First and foremost of these false prophets was MUSAILAMAH nicknamed “Al KADDAB (the Big liar)” by prophet himself.

MUSAILAMAH belonged to the tribe of BANI HANIFA that lived in Najd areas of Arabia. His tribe were known for their strength and their fighting skills and ferocity. When the delegation of BANU HANIFA came to Madina in 9AH, MUSAILAMAH also was one of the members.

They spoke to prophet about Islam and MUSAILAMAH told prophet that if he would nominate him his successor, he would become Muslim.

Prophet was having a stick in his hand and he said “He would not even give him this stick as a condition to becoming Islam”. The mission returned empty handed.

MUSAILAMAH wrote a letter to prophet after reaching his home saying “Allah has made me a prophet as He made you a prophet. He has divided the land of Arabia between us. But QURAISH (tribe of prophet) are a treacherous people”.

The prophet replied as follows:

“From Mohammad the Prophet of Allah to MUSAILAMAH AL KADDAB

Peace be on to who accepted guidance. Afterwards “The earth belongs to Allah and He bestows it to whom He Wishes”



Qatif, Saudi Arabia

#49366 Feb 17, 2013
MUSAILAMAH After death of prophet:

When prophet died, MUSAILAMAH declared his mission with force and most people of his and surrounding tribes accepted his mission, and turned back from Islam.

Abu Bakr the first Caliph of Islam sent Muslim armies to all parts of Arabia to suppress those false prophets and people who had become apostate.

He dispatched IKRIMAH towards BANI HANIFA, but he failed in his mission as the enemy was too strong. Abu Bakr sent some enforcement but they also could not defeat him. Finally Abu Bakr sent KHALID BIN WALEED to MUSAILAMAH asking him to finish his menace.

Muslims under KHALID had to fight a tough battle MUSAILAMAH and his tribe. The battle was harshest which Muslims had to face so far. More than 700 Companions of prophet lost their lives in this battle that included more than 70 Muslims who had memorized the Quran in full.

MUSAILAMAH himself was slain by WAHSHI, the same Abyssinian slave, who had killed HAMZA the uncle of prophet in the battle of OHUD, thus compensating somewhat for that dastardly act.

Such was the case of MUSAILAMAH the False prophet, do did do immense damage to Islam and Muslims in his short mission. Nonetheless, his name and deed are to be found only in Islamic History books and there is no one who takes or remembers his name any more.

Mumbai, India

#49367 Feb 17, 2013
Prophet Muhammad? LOL.

Mumbai, India

#49368 Feb 17, 2013
Muhammad and his team of jokers (direct disciples)? LOL.

Mumbai, India

#49369 Feb 17, 2013
Allah - the petty, jealous, savage and vindictive archetypal being of the lower planes who blows hot and cold? LOL.

Mumbai, India

#49370 Feb 17, 2013

Salute all, follow none.

Imbibe useful information from various sources even from the criminal, human sacrificer, tree, animal, insect, rock, demon, cannibal or pagan since varying degrees of truth inhere in everything but follow only those bits of knowledge that're rational and uplifting and which can be verified either through objective or subjective means. Be not a slave to any prophet and the God or G-d he represents since that would be limitation, a serious limitation, and a source of bigotry. If you're sincere and have the higher capacity, the Higher Nature will guide your footsteps always and at all times and open up your being to the subtler influences. Yes!

Mumbai, India

#49371 Feb 17, 2013

The ultimate aim is to merge with the varying degrees of consciousness and energy on all the planes of the manifestation/universe and finally to unite or rather re-unite with the absolute itself and thereafter to manifest the supreme light of the origin in the gradations of the manifestation to perfect it so that it vibrates in unison with its source - the absolute.

Mumbai, India

#49373 Feb 18, 2013

1) The human being is the most intelligent but the most dangerous animal on earth.

2) Where sex is concerned, humans are more obsessed with sex than the animals.

3) For entertainment and appeasement of sexual urges, humans have devised means like porn and prostitution.

4) Human beings rape people and in many cases force their own children, especially young girls, into prostitution.

5) There are millions of cases of biological fathers raping and impregnating their own daughters.

6) Humans have invented divorce and polygyny to satiate the sex urge since mating just one partner tends to wear off after a time - variety is the spice of life!

7) Humans are less faithful than animals but yet human beings have invented marriage to serve as a permanent bond between man and woman.

8) If the human species was meant to be strictly monogamous, then, we'd not lust after dozens of persons of the opposite or of the same sex as the case may be. Our attention would be fixated on just a single partner that we'd marry via arranged marriage and all thoughts of lusting after other individuals or indulging in pre or extra marital sex would be absent from our mind.

9) Marriage is as such an artifical institution and if maintaining psychological, vital-emotional and physical stability is the aim then the way out is to refrain from drawing in the psycho-vital-emotional-physica l energies from multiple partners by sticking to just one partner and if the condition is this that man and woman should stay chaste till marriage without sex thoughts crossing the mind and stay away from ogling others or entering into sexual affairs then monogamy should have been ingrained in human nature which it is not.

10) Partners can live togther and remain loyal to each other if that is in their nature even without exchanging mumbo jumbo religious vows.

Mumbai, India

#49374 Feb 18, 2013


Since: Aug 11

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#49375 Feb 18, 2013
Voluntarist wrote:
<quoted text>
Factually what is Mississippi or Alabama?
Factually, what do you call someone who refuses to conform to societal norms?

Mumbai, India

#49376 Feb 18, 2013
Heretic. Counter-culturist. Asocial.


Mumbai, India

#49377 Feb 18, 2013
Why don't animals marry?

Mumbai, India

#49378 Feb 18, 2013
Marriage is an artificial and a redundant instution!

Mumbai, India

#49379 Feb 18, 2013

Mumbai, India

#49380 Feb 18, 2013
If cloning is perfected the need for marriage, sex, sperm and ovum becomes superfluous.

Mumbai, India

#49381 Feb 18, 2013
Where the cloning of humans is concerned, I hear that cloning technology has been covertly perfected since a decade or more....

Mumbai, India

#49382 Feb 18, 2013
What need for mumbo jumbo religious vows when marriage is a mere contract of convenience for unpaid sex, sexual procreation, financial security and companionship?

Mumbai, India

#49383 Feb 18, 2013
Do religious vows sanctify or make pure a bond between man and woman? Far from it. Mere words uttered in the name of some god do not make marriage a sacred institution nor do they confer on the couple any psychological, vital or physical advantage. One can live together as man and wife even without taking these hollow vows. There's no causal mechanism that favors marriage. It's just another human device of convenience.

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