State: Rehab will not dissuade prosec...

State: Rehab will not dissuade prosecution

There are 25 comments on the Lewisburg Daily Journal story from Aug 3, 2007, titled State: Rehab will not dissuade prosecution. In it, Lewisburg Daily Journal reports that:

“The fact that Ginsburg has been through rehab will not deter us from making a connection between his dealing and the death of Miss Pacenta.”

According to a press release out of an Oklahoma drug rehabilitation center, Michael J. Ginsburg is successfully involved in treatment, and in fact performing and teaching violin. via Lewisburg Daily Journal

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JP Bailey

United States

#3 Aug 15, 2007
I would like to take a moment to address some of the points raised by Roslyn Fulton.
“Did he sell her some of what he had?”
If by ‘what he had’ you mean drugs…then YES.
“Did he have a drug problem?”
It simply does not matter.
“Was he a dealer on a regular basis?”
Can you be a part-time drug dealer? I don’t think so. If you sell drugs, then you are a drug dealer.
“Is he guilty for her death? No... only the person who (in this case willingly) puts it in their own system is truly to blame. She chose to do it.”
This statement is incorrect. Michael Ginsburg committed a criminal act. Through the commitment of that criminal act Lauren Pacenta lost her life. That makes him responsible, period.

Did they both have problems? Sure they did. Michael made a mistake. Lauren also made a mistake. Lauren has paid for her mistake. Why does it seem unreasonable then that Michael should pay for his? It’s not unreasonable. He should pay. His sentence should be the same as Lauren’s. Even if that were the case, he would still be able enjoy seeing his family and friends from time to time, so it still wouldn’t be exactly fair.
Camille Olive

United States

#4 Aug 17, 2007
Re: Roslyn -
You obviously don't know alot about this case for if you did you would also know that Lauren died from drug poisoning not an overdose as has been reported. It was the lethal combination of chemicals that led to her death, therefor Mr. Ginsburg is responsible. Furthermore, Lauren was a minor and should have been afforded certain protections under the law that Mr.Ginsburg an obvious person of adult age, would not be privy to. Priviledge should never allow a criminal to escape justice especially when the loss of such a young and promising life is involved - PERIOD!
Roslyn Fulton

Houston, TX

#5 Sep 19, 2007
As to Camille:
Lauren died from drug poisoning.... from drugs she willingly put in her own body. It also wasn't the first time she had done this.
Lauren was a minor, almost 18. She was not officially an adult in the eyes of the law. Would a few moths more make the difference in her decisions to buy drugs? Or would a few months more of what she was doing lead to someone else's death?
Mr. Ginsburg is responsable for selling it to her. But her death was her own doing.

As to Casy:
Your statement was: "Michael Ginsburg committed a criminal act. Through the commitment of that criminal act Lauren Pacenta lost her life. That makes him responsible, period."
I never said he wasn't guilty of a crime. Just what the crime is considered: "Selling drugs" or "Murder".
Involuntary manslauter? maybe. And that isn't murder.
I never said Michael shouldn't pay for his crime, just your "eye for an eye" justice seems to stem from something personal.
Camille Olive

United States

#6 Sep 28, 2007
Michael Ginsburg was and will most probably go back to, being a drug dealer because he prays upon the weak to get his fix. Whether that entails the thrill he gets escaping the law, or his own chemical addiction. What he did was no different than placing a bullet into a gun, twirling the chamber, cocking it, and turning it towards someone and saying "Do you think you will die if I pull the trigger?" Unfortunately his version of "Russian Roulette" leaves too many victims dead and lives destroyed, without him having to claim any personal responsibility for his actions. It appears that he has all but escaped that burden himself while he goes off to Oklahoma and re-invents himself to the unsuspecting locals there. At least the parents of Lewisburg, Pa. can thank God that he is away from our children so he won't have the opportunity to prey on them and take their lives too!Lauren and William Herbert were not the "friends" he claims to have lost. The lies just keep coming from his mouth with no remorse or guilt for the deaths he contributed to. He even claims to have "faked" his way through several rehabs in recent press stories, so I guess the joke is on those who should have held him accountable for his actions, and his inactions in the case of Mr Herbert. I wonder what it was like for him to watch his "friend" die in front of him, if that actually be the case, since he was found in the apartment with Mr. Herberts body according to news reports. No guilt or remorse there, and barely two months after Laurens homicide, go figure. Ginsburg was able to move as far away as possible and portray himself to the small town of McAlester, Oklahoma, as a lost soul just waiting to break free from his "bonds" of drug addiction -What A Bunch Of Crock! "The truth will set you free"! I just hope that the lies he spews will put him away for a long, long time!
Roslyn Fulton

Liberty Hill, TX

#7 Oct 2, 2007
"Michael Ginsburg was and will most probably go back to, being a drug dealer because he prays upon the weak to get his fix."
wow... that's a big statement.

So's the next one:
"I just hope that the lies he spews will put him away for a long, long time!"
I think you just played Jury, Judge and Personal Psychic Connection Phone lady all in one.
The Russian roulette analogy was not that effective: You have to admit: Lauren took drugs of her own free will.

I'm curious. What exactly is the kind of remorse are you asking for? You imply he had none, and I think you are wrong there. I saw a news broadcast where he was remorseful. But I don't think any remorse is enough for your grief. You must personally involved in this case to be this violently reactive to my written disagreements.

Saying "he preys on the weak" and implying he gets a "thrill" from "escaping the law" are very personal statements.(I severely doubt you know the accused, do you? I think you knew the deceased.) Not exactly how I saw the case, or Michael Ginsburg's demeanor, but I suppose that is really up to a psychiatrist to decide.

And to "fake" ones way through rehab, that euphemism lends itself to explain how Mr. Ginsburg was unable breach the hold that drugs had on his life. God know's I've faked my way through things I couldn't do in attempts to please others (parents, family). I think I saw the same press story as it caught my attention. I suppose addiction had a tight grip on him, I've seen it devour people who have weak self images and destroy people who are not strong enough to break free of the crutch it started out as. I have had my own problems, but was able to break free of it. Mr Ginsburg seems to have his talent for music before his addiction or how else could one learn to play that well while strung out. Hence, I don't think it's re-invention, nor a "Crock" as you said.
And his move to McAlester, OK, was likely to attend the well known excellent rehab there, subsequently it was the one that finally broke him free of the addiction according to the story. That center's reputation I did personally know, from a friend who needed treatment once looked into it.
Camille Olive

United States

#8 Oct 4, 2007
Wrong again Roslyn, anyway Narconon is supposedly linked directly to the teachings and prosteletizing of the late Scientology guru L. Ron Hubbard, a sci-fi writer no less, and his pseudo science. I guess that is why they were banned from going into schools in California a few years ago. A "spa' treatment of sauna's and vitamins are not proven by medical science to cure anything but perhaps a lack of vacation time to chill out and forget the World. Geez it reminds of those old "cures" from a hundred or so years ago otherwise regarded by modern medicine as quackery. Their success rates have never been proven or properly documented according to numerous press releases over the last twenty years. Ginsburg on the other hand is a killer in my eyes. Living in America we all have a right to our own opinion and mine will never be swayed from thinking him guilty as charged and hopefully soon - sentenced for a justified stay in prison!
Camille Olive

United States

#9 Oct 4, 2007
P.S. your vision of his remorse must have been just that a dream, or perhaps a nightmare in reality. He beats to the tune of his own self serving drummer, disregarding the lives he has stolen away. He appears to be the "great Manipulator" of truth and reality himself. He plays quite well to the pity parade, but I am not buying the hype - Period! Yesterday would have been Lauren's nineteenth Birthday, she had just turned seventeen a few weeks before Ginsburg's actions - drug dealing, took her young life away.He was charged with dealing the drugs that killed her, according to press releases in and around Lewisburg, Pa. and police reports. I don't know what version of his idea of "truth" you believe, but I will put my faith in our Law Enforcement Officials before I believe a word that comes out of his mouth. His so-called musical gifts are grossly overshadowed by the actual reality of his past actions, two wrongs never make the deaths of two human beings right or justified!
Sid Smith

United States

#10 Oct 6, 2007
Drugs, alcohol, and smoking affect, debilitate, and all too often kill so many of all ages in our society. Congratulations to anyone who successfully kicks a habit such a this. Let's encourage all to speak out about how tragic these habits are - they rob everyone around of freedom, and it's a progressively downward spiral. It's NOT fun. It's tough to quit. Don't start.

United States

#12 Feb 1, 2008
justicia wrote:
Ros is right-on. For a reason that should be investigated,Michael Ginsburg appears to have chosen to completely ignore or to, with reckless disregard for the truth, fail to investigate and reveal that Lauren Pacenta and her friend Katie Bertinet, per the police affidavit of probable cause on file with union county police department and available as a public record, were knowingly dealing drugs to h.s. students such as K. Lack ( self-represented persons of the age of majority, not to known minors). if anyone is to do time, let's look to katie bertinet (and, possibly, the other named drug recipient, Katie Lack) who may still be doing and/or dealing unrestrained because only one person indicated in the chain of delivery was harassed and put up as the diversion. Mr. Ginsburg, notably and honorably, is not pointing fingers, and, notwithstanding his recovery and anti-drug advocacy, has agreed to do time for Ms. Pacenta's and Ms. Bertinet's decision to do and deal drugs. what is it that Ms. khadivi-olive has to hide by pushing the diversion? What bias does Ms. Khadivi-olive have to press by crucifying Mr. Ginsburg, who was, if at all involved, far further removed from the death of Ms. pacenta than Ms. Bertinet admitted to be in her statement to Det. Fisher?
<quoted text>
Well so be it However, if Ms. Lack believes that others were the cause of her angst then perhaps she should just come out publicly and address it, rather than hiding behind a computer screen. As for Mr. Ginsburg, he is no angel, and showed no remorse in court other than smirking and laughing at the victims family. He is a coward of the lowliest kind, aka: hacker loser man. What a pervert hanging around young girls and dealing drugs to them, what did he have on his sick and perverted mind anyway? Its enough to make one barf, gross!!! he just wants people to feel sorry for him, the rich boy thought he would get off, thank goodness he is now behind bars where he belongs!!!

United States

#13 Feb 1, 2008
P.S. You reap what you sow, Ginsburg caused the action that took two lives now he is paying his penance in jail Thank God!!
Jo-Ann Pacenta

Hobbs, NM

#14 Feb 2, 2008
I spoke with the police regarding the comment that Lauren dealt drugs to high school students, per an affidavid referred to above filed by Det Fisher, there is no truth to that according to the police.
Lauren is dead. Why won't you people leave her alone. Michael Ginsburg in a letter to me took responsibility for his actions and again pled guilty in court. It is over. Please leave Lauren alone. Michael will have a second chance when his incarceration is complete. Let's hope he doesn't return to dealing drugs to kids and doing drugs himself. He admitted he faked his way through two rehabs.

The public always finds a way to blame the victim, and it seems Michael Ginsburg's parents are too. Why do we blame the victim? Blaming the victim releases the person who commits the crime from the responsibility for what he has done. The community, friends and sometimes even family may blame the victim in order to feel safe themselves.“She did this, so I know it couldn’t happen to me - is often the thinking.” Well it can happen to you or any other child who experiments with drugs. I can’t begin to tell you how much this has hurt me over the past two years and now in letters from the Ginsburgs. My daughter was the victim, not Michael Ginsburg. I could give a list of former Lewisburg students who deal drugs, why aren't you focusing on them or even Katie and Kati - there were no charges against them - do you know why?

Lauren had just turned 17 - according to the grave marker she was 17 years, one month and 19 days old when she died. Studies have shown that the power to reason, and the ability to see the consequences of your actions are not fully developed until a person is in their early 20s. It is a primary reason why teenagers take so many chances like drag racing, not wearing their seat belts, filling their car with other teenagers to go joy riding, sneaking into movies and yes experimenting with drugs and alcohol. She made a bad choice but she paid the ultimate price. There is more, so much more that you people don't know. Someday I will be able to discuss it.

The Victim Ceases to Exits - In More Ways than One
.....In a time so short as to seem indecent to the members of the personal family, the dead person ceases to exist as an identifiable figure. To those individuals in the community of good will and empathy, warmth and compassion, only one of the key figures in the drama remains with whom to commiserate - and that is always the criminal. The dead person ceases to be a part of everyday reality, ceases to exist. She/he is only a figure in a historic event. We inevitably turn away from the past, toward the ongoing reality. And the ongoing reality is the criminal:..... He usurps the compassion that is justly his victims' due. He will steal his victim's moral constituency along with her/his life.
From "The Killing of Bonnie Garland", by Willard Gaylin

If you have no respect for the victim, at least have some respect and concern for her family who is grieving the loss of a beautiful child.

Small minded people deal in rumors not fact.Justica, I don't know who you are, but the police can find out. Do not ever go on my daughter's site again and post rumors.

Jo-Ann Pacenta
Lauren's mom~always and forever
I love my daughter and will continue to love her.
Camille Olive

United States

#15 Feb 3, 2008
Writing an article one has to base it on information gleaned from other news reports, and research adhering to the letter of the law. In the case of Michael J. Ginsburg, information involving minors is never released to the public because of protection laws et al, therefor Justicia's allegations are not only unfounded but are blatant lies not based on any fact of law or document thereof. Justicia or whoever is hiding behind the pseudonym, is making false accusations in regards to docements that should remain police and law enforcement business, information that would never be made public period! The accuser (Justicia ie: family member perhaps?) needs to remember that this is a public forum and disclosure laws do apply. If they wish to threaten me in person please bring it on, I will not hide behind your lies and your deceitful rhetoric like a coward, so if you wish to opine do so. Also I sense that you believe that Michael Ginsburgs conviction was my doing - give me a break I do not have that much power, the law was followed and the sentence was handed down according to that law and no one should ever assume otherwise.If I do have that kind of power please let me know as soon as possible because I think I know of a few others that need to be prosecuted for false claims.Do you attack everyone that doesn't see the world through your clouded glasses?
Apology Maybe

Lansdowne, PA

#16 Jun 22, 2008
Wow. This is a full year later and I am reading this most heart wrenching posts. My utmost condolences go out to Ms. Pacenta. I am so very, very sorry about your dear daughter. I wouldn't even comment for but the fact of Camille Olive's first post.

Ms. Olive, for a person seeking justice and having concern for a young lady who so unjustly taken from this life. Yes, taken. She was a child. People should recall when they were 17 for crying out loud. For all of this I'd at least think you'd give another child some respect who met the same fate as Lauren.

Ashley Burg was someone's sister, daughter, friend, and beloved niece. She was a kid. She was not employed as an escort. Review the case. She was high and got set-up. So, she was estranged from her parents? She was a child. Have you no decorum?

Lastly Ashley Burg was not respected in the press. What planet were you on when all those newscasters yelled "Ashley Burg Escort"? Or "Teen Escort"? What in God's name is a teen escort?

Ms. Olive I hope over this past year you've learned that drugs show no prejudice. They do not discriminate. Socio-economics have nothing to do with it. Weather you work in an ice cream palor like dear Lauren and win poetry awards or you had a bad roster like Ashley was dealt and go from home to home trying to make your way these girls both deserve respect. Please know comparing these two angels was wrong. I'm hoping they are both up in heaven hanging out together and watching over their loved ones. Again, Ms. Pacenta I am so sorry for your unbearale pain. However I felt I should post this when I read this just now.
Camille Olive

United States

#17 Jun 26, 2008
I used the Ashley Burg case to question why Mike Ginsburg only received a paltry 2 1/2 years yet Ashleys killer got what he deserved a long sentence in Prison. The press pumped up her case because I thought they felt sorry for a young life gone too soon, or at least that is how I read the many news and court reports. Do not read into my posts more than is actually there, I was searching for justice in Lauren's case the same justice that I believed was handed down in Ashleys case, unfortunately laws are viewed differently in different counties, as far as I could see the DA in Ashleys case took the high road and slapped David Downey with a punishment that fit the crime committed, better than it did in young Laurens case. Lauren had been my only daughters best friend for years until I had to make her stay in Texas with her father to keep her safe from the drugs that were taking over the lives of our children. Her death marked us immeasurably, drugs have no predjudice as you have stated - they kill the rich as well as the poor, they kill young children and Hollywood stars, yet the War on drugs at times seems to be lost in the public eye. Sorry for your loss.

Lititz, PA

#18 Oct 23, 2009
years later, i believe we all need to pray for Lauren and her family especially as the anniversary of her death looms near.

Deerfield Beach, FL

#19 Apr 5, 2010
The ginsburgs have always bailed their son out. They're like Michael's personal mafia. The fact that you describe that they blame you, well, it's all too familiar. They will send you horrible letters, leave nasty messages on your answering machine, have Michael's sister call you and leave a "i'm a lawyer" threatening message... I truly believe they are spawns of satan himself. I'm sorry that Lauren was a victim of this monster. When he gets out, I'll look forward to his episode on Intervention.

Deerfield Beach, FL

#20 Apr 5, 2010
By the way everyone, the Roslyn Fulton above is a friend of Michael's. They have known each other for years and years. She goes by Roz. I like that she is pretending not to know him above and defending him. Michael gets people to drink his kool-aid, as you can see. He is a master manipulator.
Just a scam

San Jose, CA

#21 Apr 13, 2010
Those rehabs are just a scam. When someone goes into rehab all they do is meet more people with the same problems. Using drug addiction here when a drug user goes into rehab all it does is give them more connections for drugs. Those places and the dr's there just scam you out of money.
The Facts

Warwick, RI

#22 May 21, 2010
Why is it some are prosecuted in Union County by DA Johnson to the fullest extent of the law while if you have the right political connects you seem to get off lightly. Why is this kids sentence WAY under the average for this type of offense? I have known the family for 30 years and I say stop crying do your time and Michael deserves a life sentence. At that time if HE did not introduce those drugs, TWO people would be living. You people disgust me that have such empathy for him. Think if it were your child who was michael and you didnt ave the political connection his prominent doctor family has then a 5-10 or 10-20 year sentence would be a reality. Also instead of complaining on these boards call the DA (union Co. PA) and ask them why he was given a lenient sentence involving two homocides, then take it to the voting polls!

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#23 May 21, 2010
I hope every one has the same distaste in their mouths next time Johnson is up for re-election.

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