Alton Chief, 2 Officers Suspended

Alton Chief, 2 Officers Suspended

There are 39 comments on the WCSH-TV Portland story from Nov 30, 2006, titled Alton Chief, 2 Officers Suspended. In it, WCSH-TV Portland reports that:

In Alton, New Hampshire the police chief and 2 high-ranking officers have been suspended as the town investigates the department.

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Alton Bay Summer Resident

Billerica, MA

#1 Dec 6, 2006
I consider Alto to be a wonderful little town even if it is just during the summer months. I have met the Chief of Police and find him to be a very nice individual - why is it there is always a power struggle with someone in authority... If the officers do not like him the answer is - Leave - find another job!!!
Old Friend

Marlborough, MA

#2 Dec 9, 2006
Chief Iwans Capt. Anderson and Lt. Corria are very strait laced individuals. I agree with the comments from the Alton Bay Summer Resident - If you don't like it, find another job. I can't believe the internal mud slinging that goes on within a police department. The Sgt. who forgets how he made it to where he is today should be ashamed of himself.
Cautious Residence

United States

#3 Dec 12, 2006
Take a look at what happened with the Gilmanton Chief last year...thankfully, we now have another Chief who is very good. However, the old Chief 'appeared' very nice and good..sometimes, appearances are deceiving. It takes a lot of courage to 'bring out the bad' to help the department. If it turns out to be false, so be it. If it turns out to be true, the Sargeant is a hero??

Billerica, MA

#4 Jan 19, 2007
Alton Bay Summer Resident wrote:
I consider Alto to be a wonderful little town even if it is just during the summer months. I have met the Chief of Police and find him to be a very nice individual - why is it there is always a power struggle with someone in authority... If the officers do not like him the answer is - Leave - find another job!!!
I feel the same way, while I live in Salem, NH I love my summers in Alton Bay and have always found the Chief of Police to be very pleasant, professional and just a nice Chief. Sounds like the town is playing politics as is usually the case.

Billerica, MA

#5 Jan 19, 2007
While not much is in the news as to what is going on in Alton, I am sure there is a lot of politics involved. Living in Salem, NH we have seen our share of games played. I have met the chief in Alton and found him to be a very professional Chief. I only summer in Alton Bay and love it very much. I hope things get better and the Chief gets his job back so the Town can move forward and be the best it can.
Whistle Blower

Meredith, NH

#6 Jan 25, 2007
Why should someone who blows the whistle be immune to any penalties? While we will never know the entire truth, we know one thing, he who blew the whistle, knew the violations were occurring, but yet waited a very long time to report the violations. Why wait so long? Maybe the time was right to benefit him? Maybe he met God and found some morals. Either way, why is it OK for him to stay and others be relieved? Maybe the Select Board found a pony they can control.
Citizen of Alton

Wolfeboro, NH

#7 Jan 27, 2007
What makes cops think they are above the law. As far as I am concerned, if the Chief broke the law then he should be in jail JUST LIKE OTHER CRIMINALS. And in response to Whistle Blower. Although we may never know the truth as you said, I think it took a lot of guts for that person to come forward. Even if it took so long.
Whistle Blower

Meredith, NH

#8 Jan 29, 2007
I agree cops shouldnt be above the law. They should suffer the same penalties as criminals of breaking the law. I'll go one step further. They should suffr a greater penalty. They are suppose to know better.

When a criminal "rats" another criminal, the rat doesnt get rewarded for his sudden honesty. From what I hear (and again maybe another rumor), this rat has been promoted. Coincidence???

Citizen, is it OK for a cop to look the other way when a crime is being commited until he/she finds "guts"? Cops take an oath to uphold the law and protect the community. I wonder if the oath has fine print which states "all above only applies when you get some guts". So now this person will lead the force which protects your town. Do you feel safe knowing he may conveniently forget his guts and impact your budget, your police department, your safety? What if an officer saw a crime being commited against your family but did nothing about it? Until he/she got some guts?
Seeking the TRUTH

Nashua, NH

#9 Feb 11, 2007
Where are the facts? What was done? Who was hurt? Who benefits? What is the motive? An investigation doesn't take guts to perform. An investigation takes time. Once there is enough information resulting from an investigation, charges are made. Again I ask, where are the facts? What was done? Who was hurt? What is the motive? Who benefits? A peacekeeping organization such as a police department is not a soap opera. If the organization works through it's management, where in does the problem lie? I ask again, who was hurt? WHO has the Motive to disrupt the organization?
As the Town Turns

Meredith, NH

#10 Feb 14, 2007
Now yet another "rumor". The papers are reporting allegations that the new "acting" chief was also involved in "illegal" activity while on duty. But yet he got promoted?

We should all attend the Public Hearing for Lt. Corriea and we should hear all of the allegations. That is if Correia's attorney can get all of the information.

(From the papers)"Town Attorney James Sessler, who with Town Administrator Russell Bailey has headed the investigation into Correia and others, said anything that was requested and not turned over was due to an oversight and would be corrected once the material in question is located."

Once it is located??? Do you mean to tell me vital investigative material may be lost?? Or has it been "lost"??....

We promoted someone not deserving based on "evidence" and are trying to fire a great cop based on that same "evidence"...... sorry, firing a great cop based on "missing" evicence.

This is truly pathetic. Lets just hope a new chief is hired and the "acting" chief is returned to where he belongs. But where is that?
what the

Gilmanton, NH

#11 Feb 21, 2007
what the
what the

Gilmanton, NH

#12 Feb 21, 2007
Personal message: Remember it takes courage to make the right decisions, be a leader not a follower; don't let someone else control your future. This is the message that the acting chief has on the Alton Police web site. Is this why he was promoted or was he promoted because he assisted in fulfilling the selectmenís agenda? I don't know, I donít have all the facts and apparently neither does the Alton town attorney in the mater of Lt Correa so in keeping with Alton town policy the acting chief must go. I think?
Good News and Bad News

Meredith, NH

#13 Feb 23, 2007
If you havent heard, Lt. Corriea has been granted a public hearing. It is scheduled for 3/7/07 @ 3:00pm at the Town Hall. Why 3pm? Maybe because less residents will be able to attend to support Lt. Corriea.... At least everything will become public.

Good News: The Select Board has removed themselves from preciding over the hearing. A local attorney will precide.

Bad News: The local attorney is rumored to be "Capt" Heaths personal attorney.....

I think you summed it up.. WHAT THE?!?!?!?

Laconia, NH

#14 Feb 27, 2007
Did you read the latest article. The citizens who are speaking out against Lt. Correia are afraid that they will be singled out by the police. What the #$%&. When you take an oath to up hold the law, you don't violate peoples 1st amendment right to freedom of speech. Get a life. Scared of the Alton Police Department. Ha, Ha.
Now what

Meredith, NH

#15 Mar 1, 2007
Those wanting to support Lt. Corriea should ensure they are at the Town Hall early on 3/7. Rumor has it the Town Hall only permits 50 - 75 people per occupancy rules. The doors will be shut once that limit is reached. Leaving anyone else outside....

Buffalo, NY

#16 Mar 1, 2007
Yes--another cop get caught!!!
Salem NH resident


#17 Mar 6, 2007
Alton Bay Summer Resident wrote:
I consider Alto to be a wonderful little town even if it is just during the summer months. I have met the Chief of Police and find him to be a very nice individual - why is it there is always a power struggle with someone in authority... If the officers do not like him the answer is - Leave - find another job!!!
I am also a summer resident in Alton Bay and feel the same way. There is always a power struggle when we have this form of government. If you do not like the job leave, there are always others who want your job...
Seeking the TRUTH

Nashua, NH

#18 Mar 7, 2007
I have to ask......Does not anyone else want to know the truth? What has happened to Cheif Iwans?......With the additional comments I've seen......I still don't understand the suspension of the former cheif......WHY? WHO BENEFITS? Who is now going to benefit with these new findings? Why do I even feel the need to post this message? Something is wrong......get to the bottom of it......TRUTH!!!......Fix it and stop hurting people for trivial means. The Police department has a job to do, let them do it......But someone has done alot of damage here......I certainly hope in the name of justice that the true guilty person(s) pay for their crime against justice.
sandra glazer

Chesterfield, MO

#19 Mar 13, 2007
I urge the concerned citizens of Alton to view the taped proceedings of the Selectmen on March 7. You will see the arrogance and abuse of power at work. You have one man, a "petit functionaire" holding sway with his moral views confused with legal issues; you have a selectwoman whose response to the large crowd attending who wanted a larger room made available was: clear the hallway....didn't these elected officials think ahead that a crowd would gather, or was this just another attempt to conceal the petty concerns of overweaning arrogance? Interesting that those people claiming Lt. Correia was rude, etc. were those in violation of some "written" laws, that such people would be upheld over the word of one of Alton's better respected police officer? In addition, these people could introduce affidavits stating their opinions, but one letter from the town's own executive secretary who creates the payrolls had to be smeared by the town counsel even though the secretary had a son in the hospital just admitted for surgery...the entire proceedings should be viewed by law students, to see for themselves how the law works for some and not others.
Now what

Somersworth, NH

#20 Mar 22, 2007
The Alton Select Board should be ashamed. Lt. Corriea was fired. The allogations of double dipping were dismissed. However, they found him guilty on being rude to the public. Despite testimony from several police officers to the contrary. The board took the testimony of citizens who's motives and character are questionable but didnt believe the testimony of police officers are sworn to uphold the law and the truth.
Pat Fuller, you are shameful. Maybe you should go back and watch the tapes again. You state he never deinied the allegations??? He denied it several times. Your motives were questionable from the begnining. You went right along with them all. You agreed you had never heard anything regarding this case until Bailey approached the board in November?? Are you sure??? Is your concience eating at you? Remember, God knows the truth. You took away a mans career, food out of his children's mouth for an ALLEGATION of him being rude.
The board and town have been played by a manipulative Heath. Did Heath ever use foul language?? Never? Never while arresting someone one? Are you sure? I remember some incidents in Pittsfield. Ask around, you'll find the truth. Did he disclose his mannerisms to the board? Or can he still face charges if citizens and officers come forward to proclaim he is a potty mouth too.
Mr. McMahon and Ms. Fuller, why dont you ride along with a police officer one night.(I wouldnt suggest Alton because they are probably gun shy and you probably have written them a death sentence) Why don't you get out of the cruiser and approach the intoxicated male who just beat his wife. The guy who is telling you to "f" off and calling you and his beaten wife every name in the book. Tell the man to please put his hands behind his back.... Pretty please. Until you walk in thier shoes, dont tell them how to do thier job. Be happy that you are safe at night. Other than your concience getting to you, you have no worries because these brave men and women are out doing what you dont want to do. They are dealing with people at the worse times of thier life. They are dealing with stuff people should never have to see. They are happy to do it and are trained to do it but sometimes, every once in a while, they may have to say a bad word.
Alton Officers, run far and fast. It is clear the board does not beleive a word you say. Unless you are Capt Heath. Citizens, if you see an Alton Officer, talk to him or her and ask how things are going. I have and it is not good. Heath makes things out to look good, but the guys/gals are not happy at all. They feel betrayed by the Board and by Heath. They are thankful to the citizens for the support but are nervous of the future. Remember, the job they do is like no others. They deal with people at the worse point of that person's life. They do it willingly and are trainined to handle it. However, in a job where back-up is the key to survival, they don't beleive they have it from the board and KNOW they dont have it from Heath. They need a new chief. One who they dont have to worry about. They have enough on thier minds trying to protect our families, homes, and businesses.

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