Teen Cross Dresser

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An unusual request by a student is shaking up a local high school. A male cross dressing student wants to use the girl's restrooms. Full Story
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Katie G

United States

#1 Aug 14, 2006
i think that he needsto dress right or go some where else because it's disrupeding class and if he can dress like thatwhy can'twe dress the way we want to why can't we wear the clothes that we want to wear and why can't we have our hair the color we want and why can't we wear our hair the way we want goodness it's not right! 10 grader at pace high

United States

#2 Aug 16, 2006
It is truly sad. I go to school with he or she or whatever it is and it is truly a number one distraction. You try ot avoid the situation except for the fact it is disgusting, immoral, and all together wrong. I believe dress code is misapplied as a result of this.If someone cannot dress freely as this person is then it is hypocritical. The district needs to act to get this distraction some serious mental health.

United States

#3 Aug 16, 2006

United States

#4 Aug 16, 2006
""IT""is a distraction. period. i go to school with it and i was in the hall and literally swarms of people where just staring. If he was born a male, then he should stay that way, or at least stay that way for school. Why can't we have a simple nose ring but he can wear a bra and wig? I dont think that this is just they way he feels. Last year for one of the nine weeks he dressed goth from head to toe. And another nine weeks he dressed like a cowboy. i personally thinks he just wants attention.
Anonymous from Pace FL

United States

#5 Aug 17, 2006
Yes, agreed anyways I think all of this is nonsense. If he is a guy, he should be a guy. If he wants to be a girl, then get a sex change. But for whatever reason it is not right. This thing about dress code is another stupid thing. You are not supposed to wear head coverings but he can wear a wig. This level of attention should be lowered immediately. Amen. Done.

Washington, DC

#6 Aug 17, 2006
No matter what clothes he wears, the bottom line is that he is a he and HE does not have any right to use the girl's restroom.
Katie G

United States

#7 Aug 17, 2006
i think that we should make a Petition on a poster and hang it in Independents Hall on the wall and get everyone to sign it and thing i'll do that next week i think i might even if there are piece of paper going around saying NO MORE CROSSDRESSER i don't thnik they go to the front office i'll take it to the front office myself just because It's Not Right and he needs to dress right or go to another school that will not make a big thing out of it

United States

#8 Sep 2, 2006
i go to school with him. it is so distracting and everything. i hate it.

Youngstown, OH

#9 Sep 8, 2006
he has the right to wear whatever he wants to school. grow up people!!!!!!! you talk about distracting...did you ever think if you did not make such a big deal that maybe he wont dress that way and then no distraction. you are a bunch of narrow minded people. i ahte to think of the fact my father, brother and myself fought for freedom only to have a bunch of terrorist people try to take that freedom away!

Lincoln, CA

#10 Sep 13, 2006
I'm a student at Pace High. I knew this boy last year. I sat next to him for about a good half year, before I had to be moved because he talked too much. He seemed to have a pretty tough life, but that's only from what he told me. Even last year people made fun of him, for his studdering problems, laugh, ect. I think there is more to it then him wanting attention. Do you really think he likes being made fun of all the time? Do you think he likes people gawking, and pointing at him? I have sympathy for him. None of us know the truth about anything about him. I wish people would stop ridiculing him for what and how he acts.

Yes, it's distracting. But so are the people who wear all black and heavy shades of eye shadow. I also agree that if he can dress like a female, and wear a wig, that some of the dress code rules should be altered, because it is not fair.

I do agree with people, that the special circumstances, that he has his own bathroom, is just plain wrong. EVERYBODY should be treated as an equal. He doesn't deserve any special attention, or needs because he is just like every one of us kids at Pace High.

Hope this all makes sense.
Katie G

United States

#11 Sep 13, 2006
whatever you don't go to school with him and the fact that we are not able to wear what we want so why should, like if your hair is in a mohack they made you shave it off! that GAY!!! so you know what BITE ME!!! CRACKA!!!
and if you don't go to Pace that you DON'T COUNT!!!
so shutup CRACKA!!!

Barnesville, OH

#12 Sep 13, 2006
Katie G. Can you complete a sentence or what? Are you a parrot that's hungry?

Pensacola, FL

#14 Sep 14, 2006
madeline wrote:
i go to school with him. it is so distracting and everything. i hate it.
i noticed you live in louisiana. do you fly to school everyday? that's pretty awesome. can i catch a ride sometime?

Barnesville, OH

#15 Sep 14, 2006
Katie G wrote:
three word for ya BITE ME!!!CRACKA!!!
and i'm so happy he goes to miton now
Still can't get past the only three words you can spell! Your only happy now cause with him crossdressing in Milton it takes the attention away from you and your flat chest.

Barnesville, OH

#16 Sep 14, 2006
Katie G wrote:
whatever you don't go to school with him and the fact that we are not able to wear what we want so why should, like if your hair is in a mohack they made you shave it off! that GAY!!! so you know what BITE ME!!! CRACKA!!!
and if you don't go to Pace that you DON'T COUNT!!!
so shutup CRACKA!!!
Did they make you shave your mohawk? Man, I bet you looked real cute with it too! Anyway, enjoy sitting next to a dude in the womens restroom.
Class of 1990

Warren, NJ

#17 Sep 28, 2006
Being from that area, I understand the ignorance of Santa Rosa county. Your only main goal is to go hang out with your friends at the local walmart, fishing off the HWY 90 bridge and having sex with farm animals. So I can actually understand some of the blatant, retarded childish views and spiddle that is coming out of these tiny little children.
You guys dont know how to deal with this, that giruy (Girl/Guy) is just as confused as he is:
To the retard that almost tried to take his side on this, yea so the kid has problems, and this and that, and you claimed do you think he wants all this attention, do you think he would rather be ignored? Hell no, he has control over this attention though. Something about the Goth, something about the Cowboy look, he is dying to Shock and Awe and you ignorant racial trash are allowing him to do this and effect you this way.
Outcasting the confused and attention starving little boy is only adding fuel to the fire, wait until he starts dressing like a japaneese garzilla character. Once that happens, embrace the dumbass, make him feel like a special special person.
Maybe putting a sign on the bathromm heshe uses, change it from Teachers Lounge to Children with Special Needs restroom and put padded walls in there, hand rails and a help button, make it look like a sterile hospital, and make sure you name it
Children with Special Needs Restroom. I betcha..........I betcha this idiot will no longer want to be in that catagory and whistle a different tooon.
And to that CRACK shouter, stfu, you are an prime example of what will be a typical Mary street statistic, you will own 5 babys of your own living with 3 of your cousins on Mary street wishing you spent more time trying to make something out of yourself than trying to become something you are not.
Chances are, you are probably one of those stupid confused whiggets, so your address will be Lee St Projects and not Mary street, being a whigget you probably wont be easily accepted on Mary Street.
God I am so glad I moved from that cesspoool of an area.
Jimmy Jones


#18 Sep 29, 2006
You People are seriously messed up, YES you americans, especially Katie G..

*adds two cents*

big deal if he wants to dress as a girl so what, he has to live with it, NOT YOU, and if it offends you or its "distracting" then you have nothing better to do. Bet you school work suffers ;)

"but he gets the school uniform changed for him"

"why cant we were a simple nose ring" ANSWER
it looks f'king disgusting for a girl to have a stud in her nose OK

school is there for learning, not a fashion show or a forum to vent what people should do.

Grow Up, go to school, forget everyone else do your homework, cos in 5 years time knowing someone as a crossdresser at school and getting caught up in the bsnonsence WILL NOT provide food on the table
Katie G

United States

#19 Sep 29, 2006
go do a loaf of bread
justine j

United States

#20 Sep 29, 2006
i really don't give a crap that he's a crossdresser. i've known him for quite some time, he lives in my neighborhood... he's annoying as crap. so yeah. you can hate me for hating a "crossdresser", i don't hate him cuz of that, i just find him really REALLY annoying.

Indianola, MS

#21 Oct 13, 2006
Well, he goes to milton now and uh, I dont see any distraction at all. I haven't even noticed him. Maybe it was just pace people blowing everything out of the water. Seriously there is no hype about it at all. I don't even know his name or what he looks like. I just know that HE is here. HE is not IT and HE has feelings, I am sure. Stop being narrow minded backwards people and try to culture yourselves and grow before you whither away without any valid opinions. We're the next leaders of this world and if we dont start THINKING we won't get anywhere.

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