I am looking for some help from who ever has a heart and I know there are alot of people who do. See I have Crohns disease and my wife has lupus. We are both unemployed at the present and don't really know what to do. We started this social network website to see if it would bring in a little money but are having a hard time getting it seen. We don't have the money to pay for advertisement so are looking for anyone with a heart to help us out and just mention it to your friends. Let me explain the site some. It is a Social network website that is open to anyone and everyone. Anyone who joins gets a wall like Facebook that is called a thought wall. You can then share anything on your mind, jokes, videos, photos etc on your wall. When you befriend others on the site or invite friends to join and befriend them your thoughts show up on there wall also. This way when they log in they will see your postings and will be able to comment right away on your thoughts. There is also a group section on the site that you can create a group or join one of the ones already created. Members can also chat with live audio and video in a one on one setting between profiles or in a group setting with many other members. There is a lot more to the site but this is just to give you a little in site. I really need your help getting this to grow. There is money to be made at social networks with advertisers but not if they are not seen. So reach out and share with everyone you know. If you have any suggestions please send me a message. Thanks in advance. www.yourthougthspot.com