I am a resident of the Buena area and I have spent a lot of money at the Pavillion Pizza. I called today, March 02, to place an order and the person who answered the phone was VERY unprofessional. Caught off gaurd by her attitude I said I would not be ordering from there and hung up the phone. Stewing for a few moments, I called back to speak to a manager and I was told "What do you want." Obviously, I wanted to speak with the manager or owner about the professionalism of that work place. The person on the phone refused to tell me who they were, and refused to put the 'manager' on the phone. Now very aggravated, I went to the Pavillion and directly asked to speak with the manager or to be given the name of the owner so i could file a complaint. The staff was very argumentative, and it turned out the man who was on the phone who REFUSED to put the manager on and kept asking me "WHAT DO YOU WANT," was the owner! I was told to "GET THE F**K OUT," "SHUT UP," and "WE DONT CARE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE SPENT HERE." They did, however, give me a reason to why they were so unprofessional and screaming and cursing at their customer, "This is a pizza place, what do you expect?" What I expect is to be treated as a customer, to be treated with respect. After all, the customer is what makes the business. I have the entire encounter recorded and will be persuing consequenses via any local news source, Facebook and any other local sources available.