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Saint Paul, MN

#1 Nov 5, 2009
I've always been intrigued by the mystery and unanswered questions regarding the Saxtown Murders in Millstadt....Does anyone know if the murders are documented anywhere?
I almost know it all

Mascoutah, IL

#2 Nov 10, 2009
unsolved wrote:
I've always been intrigued by the mystery and unanswered questions regarding the Saxtown Murders in Millstadt....Does anyone know if the murders are documented anywhere?
Not sure about legally documented but there was a book written about it years ago. I used to have one but lost it. maybe winkles have one.
Next door neighbor

Louisiana, MO

#3 Nov 23, 2009
I grew up next door to where this occured in the 1800's. Here are some links you might find interesting:

Millstadt, IL

#4 Dec 8, 2009
the library has one

Waterloo, IL

#5 Dec 16, 2009
What a interesting story.

Waterloo, IL

#6 Dec 16, 2009
Can anyone tell me where the Saxtown murders location was. I knew nothing about this new to area and this is a fantastic folk story.

Waterloo, IL

#7 Dec 16, 2009
I stumbled onto this sight and find Millstadt folk lore and history interesting. Can you tell me more stories out of Millstadt history. I bet there is a lot of older folks with a vast knowledge of Millstadt. Please tell me more somebody in your community needs to write a book.

Millstadt, IL

#8 Dec 16, 2009
Lt Huxke with the Millstadt Police Department has a lot of knowledge of Millstadts history
next door neighbor

Lebanon, IL

#10 Dec 17, 2009
We lived at 4939 Bohleysville Road. The murders occurred on the adjacent property to the north. There is a small white house that sits near the road with an old barn as well as an old metal tractor barn in front of the site of the foundation of the old home. Mr. Baltz wrote a book of fiction that uses true details about the murders. It is available in the library. Don Sliment also was very involved with local history through Zion church. If you attend the Millstadt Historical Society meetings you may find others willing to share history of the town. The Winkles and Charlie Todd are excellent sources of information.

Brighton, CO

#11 Jan 5, 2010
St.Louis Post Dispatch March 21, 1874 SAXTOWN
This is a copy of the actual newspaper article.

A Terrible Scene in the Stillzenreider Farm House.
A Family of Five Persons Butchered in their beds.
A Reward of $1000 Offered For The Delection of the Perpetrators.
The Latest Information Concerning The Tragedy-No Clues Thus Far to the Murderers.

The particulars of a horrible murder reached here today from Centreville, about 13 miles south of Bellevile. The affair occurred at the farm house of Fritz Stillzenreider, in the American Bottom, 3 miles south of Centerville, at a neighborhood known as Saxtown. The whole family, consisting of 5 persons, were discovered weltering in their blood, late yesterday afternoon by one of the neighbors, who happened to call at the house. Fritz Stillzenreider, a middle aged German of respectability, was found with his throat cut from ear to ear. His son had been disposed of in the same manner, while his son's wife had her skull fearfully crushed as if by an axe. The two children, aged respectively 8 months old and 3 years old, had been dispatched in the same manner as the mother. The younger child was tightly clasped in the mother's arms. The bodies were all cold when found, and the supposition is the murder was committed the night before the discovery for purposes of plunder. Sheriff Hughes, of St. Clair County, in which the tragedy occurred, went down to the farm late last night with 2 deputies. The morning coroner, Ryan, went down to hold an inquest.
It was only about 6 weeks ago that a German farmer riding down to his farm in the American Bottom, was shot down in broad daylight and killed. Still another farmer was assaulted in his wagon and beaten nearly to death. These brutal affairs were attributed to a gang of negroes in the Bottom and on or two arrests were made.

Brighton, CO

#12 Jan 5, 2010
This is another newspaper article that appeared in the newspaper, maybe Belleville, Illinois paper.

Court News

Nothing that is new has developed in regard to the terrible tragedy which was detailed in our last number. The house still remains in the same condition as when found that that Friday evening, except that the floor had been scrubbed and some of the blood stains removed. The farm and stock is advertised to be sold by the administrators on April 14th. The heirship of the estate is surrounded by considerable complications, which cannot be cleared up, except on a supposition, until the murderer is discovered. If the old man died first, then the property would belong to his son, and if he was killed before the children, their mother would heir it, and through her, the wife of Boeltz, who is imprisoned on suspicion of being connected with the affair. But if the old man died after the children, then this property would descent to his relatives, the nearest of who is Henry Steltzeriede of Jefferson County.
Officers are still working, using every possible means to gain some evidence that will enable them to discover the perpetrators of the awful crime. What they have discovered or to what conclusions they have arrived is not known, and they keep their own secrets. The men arrested sometime ago, Boeltz and Akfon, are still held and will not be released until some evidence clears them.

Brighton, CO

#13 Jan 5, 2010
This is another copy of a newspaper article which I assume appeared in the St. Louis paper. It was copied from microfilm and I couldn't make out all the words.


__________ to the __________Louis __________

Belleville, Illinois, March 21, 1874. Sheriff Hughes returned to this city about noon today from the scene of the murder near Centreville. The town lies 7 miles south of Belleville and must not be confounded with Centreville Station on the St. Louis and Cairo Shortline railroad which is about as far from the town as Belleville is.
Stillzenreider's farm is 4 miles due south of Centreville, and therefore 11 miles from Belleville. The farm was a large one and well stocked, everything about the place indicating that the family was well to do.
The farm is in the neighborhood known as Saxtown.
Hughes made a most careful examination of the __________ but found nothing to give a clue to the _______.
Their work had evidently been done during Thursday night.
The mother was found lying on the bed with the baby in her arms and the other child beside her. The husband lay near a ________ upon which he had evidently been lying when the robber assaulted him. His head was horribly gashed in such a manner as to sever the head from the body in a struggle.
The old man was lying in the passage between his own room and that where his son's body had fallen. It is supposed that the murderer entered the house and killed __________
The __________ the old ______ and the ______ to the ______, but ______ half ______ and ______ down.
He was __________ as the manner as the younger man.
The wife had probably been awakened by the ______ and had______ her child, in her arms ______. Her red-handed __________ Her throat was cut. A blow on the head with a heavy instrument had crushed in the skulls of the children and killed them.
After the terrible deeds, the murderer turned their attention to pillage and ransacked the house. The interior presented a sad scene of confusion, when the sheriff arrived. Bureaus and closets had been opened and their contents were strewn on the floors. Evidently the robbers ______ only for money and for this they made a thorough ______>
The old farmer had a considerable sum of money in the house, but how much is not known. It seems that the robbers must have known of this from the persistence with which they have kept up their search. It it believed they finally found the money and carried it away.
The house is situated some distance from any of the neighbors, and the murder was not discovered until at least 12 hours after the perpetrator had fled. Hughes and his deputies found the neighborhood in a state of great excitement but suspicion points in no direction with any certainry.
The roads are in almost impossible condition and as the news has spread like wildfire, it seems almost impossible for the murderers to get away with any rapidity.
Hughes returned to Belleville and immediately laid the facts he had obtained before the County Court of St. Clair County which was fortunately in session today. The court immediately passed an order offering a reward of $1000 for the apprehension of the murderers.
Coroner Tyan, of East St. Louis, has gone down to Saxtown but nothing has yet been heard from him.

Brighton, CO

#14 Jan 5, 2010
Also copied from Micofilm. Belleville, Illinois Newspaper?

The Saxtown Tragedy

The Funeral of the Murdered Steltzriede Family.
Two Men Held on Suspicion.

Considerable excitement exists in St. Clair County on account of the Saxtown Tragedy, and if the perpetrator of the airoelous crimes was known or if there was the slightest circumstantial evidence beyond more suspicious to what the murderer, a second tragedy would no doubt be enacted.
Sheriff Hughes evidently was not satisfied with the result of the coroner's jury releasing Fred Baeltz and he sent his son, deputy sheriff J.H. Hughes, to the scene of the murder. The young man waited until the funeral of the murdered family was over, in which over a thousand people participated, and then arrested Baeltz and a man named Afken, who was employed by a Mr. Becker, as a farm hand and who formerly worked for the Stetzenriede family. They were both locked up in the Belleville jail. Baeltz asking for a bible before he was locked up. Often is a man of very strong physical frame but with a vicious and murderous countenance which at first sight would condemn him as a criminal but as nothing positive is known, he may possible prove himself innocent of the horrible crime for which he is arrested on suspicion.

Brighton, CO

#15 Jan 5, 2010
The 1874 St. Clair County, Illinois, Atlas, actually has the spelling of the last name correctly, as STELZRIEDE. Also the probate court in Washington County Illinois, has it spelled correctly as STELZRIEDE. It was misspelled in the newspaper article.

Saint Charles, MO

#16 Jan 5, 2010
wow thanks for all the great documentation...its all very interesting and horrifying. i wonder if the baeltz or afken families still reside in the area? thanx again :)

Aurora, CO

#17 Jan 6, 2010
I am a Stelzriede, growing up in Southern Illinois. I have done extensive genealogy on my family dating back to 1750 in Germany. Actually these newspaper clippings were found in a library on microfilm in San Antonio, Texas, of all places! The library in Belleville, Il., does have a copy of the book, "The Saxtown Murders" by Wilson Baltz, a small book, written in 1974. In 2003 he was still alive I believe living in the local area. I have never been able to read it but I was told there was a lot of fiction added to the story to make it really interesting, most was not true.

Glen Allan, MS

#18 Jan 9, 2010
Yes, relatives of those thought to have committed the murders still reside close by. Much of the information put out is BS by those that want the spot light. I got my information from the son of one of three involved and am a descendant of one of them. Enough of the past as the Sons pay for the sins of their Fathers.
About Time

Waterloo, IL

#19 Jan 9, 2010
I am so glad that somebody finally spook up, my grandfather was born in 1870 and lived what is now called Millstadt. The travel to that farm was harsh anybody had to ride their horse on those dirt roads would have taken a long time especially in the dark would have been almost impossible. To travel a distance to kill a whole family without riding by a nosey farm owner a long the way or meeting somebody was a great risk. The events handed down in our family and the old German neighbors have always suggest that the family that did this ancestors still live in that area by the name of Ec-----. The farm homes were few and far between by the rider had to do his deed and go back without being seen. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
These old and now gone German farmers talked openly and frequently. About their neighbors the Ec-----.
About Time

Waterloo, IL

#20 Jan 10, 2010
Sorry for the type error it's SPOKE not spook.

United States

#21 Jan 10, 2010
Last summer I had been given contact information to an individual living in the St.Louis area who was writing a book on these murders. He has been doing extensive research on the subject and said he had the true story and facts surrounding the murders. Unfortunately I lost his contact information. I am intrigued by this because it involves my descendants. I want to find out all I can about it. My great grandparents lived near Hoyleton, Illinois. They were farmers, both buried in North Prairie Cemetery there.

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