Eville Grandma

Charleston, WV

#1041 Oct 13, 2010
River lyrics
by Bruce Springsteen:

"I come from down in the valley where mister when youre young
They bring you up to do like your daddy done
Me and mary we met in high school when she was just seventeen
Wed ride out of that valley down to where the fields were green

Wed go down to the river
And into the river wed dive
Oh down to the river wed ride

Then I got mary pregnant and man that was all she wrote
And for my nineteen birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat
We went down to the courthouse and the judge put it all to rest
No wedding day smiles no walk down the aisle
No flowers no wedding dress
That night we went down to the river
And into the river wed dive
On down to the river we did ride

I got a job working construction for the johnstown company
But lately there aint been much work on account of the economy
Now all them things that seemed so important
Well mister they vanished right into the air
Now I just act like I dont remember, mary acts like she dont care
But I remember us riding in my brothers car
Her body tan and wet down at the reservoir
At night on them banks Id lie awake
And pull her close just to feel each breath shed take
Now those memories come back to haunt me, they haunt me like a curse
Is a dream a lie if it dont come true
Or is it something worse that sends me
Down to the river though I know the river is dry
Down to the river, my baby and i
Oh down to the river we ride"

Here's the other similar song I was thinking of:
But these songs are about "Mary"!!!!
These guys were not singing about "Tracy"!!!
What's the point??????????
However; both songs have a sad feeling.

Since: Oct 10

United States

#1042 Oct 13, 2010
Eville Grandma- Couldn't agree more with you "Total Insanity" post. Couldn't have said better myself.

I see you- It is called a "typo". Spell check would not pick up a different correct spelling of a first name. Thanks anyway for the advice. I have noticed everyone here spell checks and writes very professionally.

Nicole- I have no idea what that last post means. I do know, though, that saying you are writing that way on purpose b/c this forum is being watched is utterly ridiculous. What is this big conspiracy theory? What is all this corruption in the government? You seem to be s sick individual who actually thinks you have some importance. The sad thing is I believe that you probably don't even know how stupid you look. And where exactly did you write two things you have done to help find Tracy?

Also, the reason I brought up the 322 comment was why was that posted here? Where had it been discussed earlier in this thread? Please someone point that out b/c it is very odd just to throw a random statement into a discussion. Then again we are dealing with total loser idiots on here.

Lebanon, PA

#1043 Oct 14, 2010
I put the most recent 322 comment up there yesterday and I can most definately tell you I am not Nichole. I've been looking for information online about the person found on 322 out of curiosity. It's an area I have passed on many a trip up 322 and can see how someone could dump a body there very easily. I was curious due to the case of Toni Lee Sharpless who is missing from the Philadelphia area.

Someone posted an entry about the ABC27 6 pm newscast last night on the "Missing Tracy Kroh" Facebook page last night about an update. I went through the ABC27 website and found nothing about it.

Again, I feel people are playing with the emotions of this poor family and other families of the missing. We need to show the utmost respect for them!

Fayetteville, NC

#1044 Oct 14, 2010
What do these songs have to do with the case? What difference does it make if Tracy used strawberry scented products? Strawberry Wine wasn't even produced until 1996. Tracy didn't ever get to listen to that song.
I get that every one wants to find Tracy, but I don't get what we are supposed to do with strawberry flavors and songs.

Lebanon, PA

#1045 Oct 14, 2010
I found the ABC27 piece this morning and it states the body cannot be that of Tracy Kroh as it had dental work that is too extensive for a teenager. The remains have been sent to Erie College for further study to try to determine identity. My heart goes out to the Kroh family and the others out there with missing loved ones!

Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1046 Oct 14, 2010
Will reply one at a time so we keep things clear. One thing I am seeing is that some are genuine and confused. sooo

@ Cindy per Chris on another page..." Your farts were noticed" (farts- sarcastic worded post on her page saying that sudden burst of hot air and usless noise... she listen to her own farts which in her mind were the same thing..... now if you all can not tell that I am not Chris by the fact that I totally ruined her joke trying recap it, then your not a Tracy person you are here for stirring and nothing more)

Farts were noticed

also it was posted by chris "set a trap and they fall"

which I replied " whoever said you can lead a horse to water but can not make them drink has not met Chris and I.."

Plain english Cindy brady dear your lisp of inccorect smut validates I was correct as to who you were under that other alias.

How is Dave?

and furthermore Google is gosppel... hope the state police and prosecutors know you just knocked their value out below dung?

I call you an idiot, later if people google you this will show as fact... according to your word.
LMAO like I said- NJ cases do not belong here and your words valididate you are due criminal charges and a slap suit.

Dont take it personally when I ignore you, I hope the rest do no matter how may aliases you use?
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1047 Oct 14, 2010
As far as the commentary about the police??

Ok whatever?

It is known I am a former Peace Officer, for someone who has so much fact per the gosspel of google I am surprised you missed such a known fact?

and Chris and I have posted on many of the pages how wonderful the police we work with have been. as well as they are as equally frustrated.

Take your NJPand Tri drama and got back hiding behind that polititician who has the audsisty to wish for the publics bote but looks the other way on the conduct of his family toward missing and stolen chirden cases.

He could step up, what better way to get a vote then to produce Tracy with me and Chris. Dang bet that be the first election with 100% vote going to a candidate.

Which brings me to the next point...


how professional is the Babydoll issue?
how professional is the fact that because we can Produce the BOYERS are INNOCENT the families have to continue to suffer?
How professional is it to hide behind an alias and use entrapement as a police officer just so a criminal could walk with a good defense attorney?
How professional is it to destroy NJ case where 6 childrens lives and their saftey are hanging for corrupt polititical favors?

How professional is it that DL the problem reporter has not been charged for what me chris and the police are well aware he should be charged for.

People I have the back bone to do my cases in front of your face and when I can I explain...

your beef on professionalism is not me.

Again The Boyers are inncoent, I posted this months ago, the SGT threw a tantrum when he was told we could produce this and I risked my entire business on this.. so you all tell me how I am wrong when I posted that publically so you all knew just how hard core I had proof that the man who has been abused as much as I have here, except 21 yrs for him, deserves an appology?

That is why I want to meet up with him, he could help this get done quicker. For his peace as well as Tracy's family.

I do not see the appropriate politicians running to close this case or see to it that things run smoother for Chris and I...

How professional is it to drag out a case we all know is close and can produce? But noooo the right egho has to sneak his credit? get off the professional speech the only thing professional here is the software to this forum... and by the way the IP are traced here believe what ye will. Once I post that the first time, law is allowed to use it.
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1048 Oct 14, 2010
You live long enough every fool in this wolrd has a story the point is people with common sense should be able to tell fact from fiction?
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1049 Oct 14, 2010
@ E Grandma

First of all you have been here a very long time and I commend you for atleast trying on this forum.
I just wanted you to know you been here for some time.

Second Thank you so much for your post, you helped more than you realized.

I am sorry to tell you some of your extra was along what I was thinking. Reference to B springstien song... so i guess you are as nuts as me...lol Dont wory it is between me you and google search;)

Anyway I see yours and the other posters confusion.

let me try this... recall we are not you. we are actually investigating. If you are a cop under and alias and we have not been told, even if we know it is this, we are treating you like you have something to hide.

But where I think yours and the others true confusion is that you are trying to make sound reason why...

This is how the other psychic was wrong, I mean the original back then.

This is also how cases get messed up and people get falsly accused.

You see I know in the past certain police in Pa area per witness reports had "unique way" of gaining facts. Plain english it was not per protocol and thus where the original claims of corruption came in.

When I came on the case the first thing I squashed was the whole consipracy , police over up thing.

I saw immediately that in fact if anything it was people not following protocol that could have been the bain of the case.

I did not get this psychic I picked up on it being a former police officer and knowing when it is a child involved in a case " YOU WANT TO GET THE GUY"

and many times that turns out to be what faults the case. That is why I cleared the rumors about the state police.

What I am saying is that if you all knew everything, this would be what is called "leading"
In Tracy's case this was the fault of the case.

We need you to answer and validate not guess what we want to hear.

Like everyone knows this case was solved 100 times over and there is no reason why Tracy has no grave.
Other than in Law you need to validate.

Two things Budwiser asked for me to prove what I did for the case...

Grandma you deserve that answer because your one of the few who really do care... BRB

Harrisburg, PA

#1050 Oct 14, 2010
I googled Nichole Reine and I also googled DFG which is your true identity, either way I found nothing positive nor did I find anything negative. Atleast not anything any different then what I have seen here.

I think you are a complete wack job and that you are out for nothing more then to get over on your so called partner and the family of Tracy Kroh. If I were Chris I would sue your ass off for bringing her name up time and time again in your post's. Did you miss the part where she say's she will have nothing to do with your nasty verbal attacks. Hello, what's that tell you?

I personally have not seen Chris go about things at all in the manner you have and I have been watching her for months, I think she is doing a wonderful job and has put a lot of time into getting the answer's and has shown much support to the family and community. If she is smart she will get rid of you. She is probably more psychic then you any way, and probably is only using you to do her bitch work. From my knowledge she does not need a wack job like you...

Nichole why don't you sit back and try taking the back seat for a while and shut the hell up with your insane rants.

Oh I hate back seat drivers.

Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1051 Oct 14, 2010
@E Grandma

Because you helped, let me try and help you help us by answer what I have done 2 things. Just for fyi and because You deserve and answer.

1. I make all my cases CLEAN and SOLID! Tracy's case need this more than anything. My knowing of Law is a major part in Chris' motivation to continue to work with me. There have been times when I her or others were divided and I immediately pulled back, to maintain the Intgrity of the case.( Integrity of the case is not what you think what it simply means is do not blow the case, leak the wrong stuff out or blow the case by. using means that a good defense attorney could discredit. You need to have solid secure good evidence and it must be preserved at all cost)

This is probably my major roll.

Yes I am psychic, and I work with many well known. But in law those who follow my page know I strongely feel psychics DO NOT belong involved in cases without law training no matter how good. I have come to offer traing. This is not because of ego reasons it is because of the aforementioned and then some.

The whole part of my use in this case was psychic combined with lawful footwork.So the people would have what us law folk know as TRUE Justice.

True justice is making a wrong the best it can be under a given circumstances.

I did not set out to solve this case. truthfully that just happen.

2. I put up with the abuse so the police we do work with and the others including Chris can do what they need to do. Many times I was the deiversion so nothing would leak out.

3. You may not watch my page for your benefit, I was beaten several times since I started working on this case. I lose two pregnancies. Both times NJ law folk wanted me to under unlawful interrogations explain the full details of Tracy's case. I refused I was punished. I almost died the first 5 weeks of this case.

Befor eyou ask, why is NJ involved, I can not explain everything but they have reasons for me not to suceed.

My biggest question has always been why is Toomy's family so hell bent on obstructing Tracy's case.
The truth I have yet to get an answer I believe.

What have i done for this case, made sure the police and prosecutors won't look dumb when their turn do their thing comes.

To make sure there will be no miss trials, appeals if we are lucky enough to bring the guilty fwd.

To make sure the answers are correct not what all want to believe because well the grasshopper said so and it was on google...lol

How did Chris and I do this? We as we tell you all get your facts straight or be quiet.

Every lead as retarted as it was was over turned 5 times and then again.

We ignored no one, no lead not rock.

The answers we always there and the town folk told us that from go.

Most important from the psychic point of veiw I have channeled Tracy. I do not talk about it often because I get concerned about the family grieveing.

But she is a "story teller" I do not mean liar I mean a sweet , bubbly, artsy intimiate person who connects to everyone and everything and wants them to know her story. She also has one temper when she does not like something, it is known.

She is a young adult who shows me who she is through the people and towns she loved. NO psychic was allowed to walk in this case and ignore what was important to her.

I never liked cabbage patch dolls, or michael jackson music...but she did and when I needed to gain info from her, I needed to listen to songs like beat it.

You Grandma must not be as psychic as I am, so your questions are natural. As a psychic I get 5 more layers added to a case. And time in their wolrd is not the same as time here.

What did I do I learned about Tracy , I learned about her people.

Because of this, the state of Pa in regards to this case can have peace when certain polititcians put down their pride.
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1052 Oct 14, 2010
No one wants to hear this but on my page I posted she wanted me to clear AB. Sorry, the victim said it was not him and the abuse he went through I have also lived through because of cases where I proved poltiticians behind Fed cells. I get abused like him for rumor, no wonder she picked me to help that part.

Many blessing Grandma thank you again
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1053 Oct 14, 2010
@ Santa Clause 79
Wheither your the state sgt the former police cheif or one who talk with them.

One thing is true, public record shows both have been convicted of hacking , tapping and obstruction of justcice per PA records.
One of which is rumored to go psycho kind of like your post everytime someone gets close to what in tarnation is your problem.

It is a shame for such an off the record kind of person you missed what us police officers (or former) call GOOD COP BAD COP... I know you hear it when you unlawfully tapped the phones.

I did not trust one of you and both you and Chris were told what I was doing. Chris was given all of the details later... so you attempt to pit us failed.

She knew I trashed her to see if you were infact obstructing the NJ cases and dragging them into pa also known as assisting the Hate and Bias crimes.

Your inccorect information will be supeona-ed and oh let you be who I think you are cause I do not care you will be charged in NJ for tampering evidence and endangering a crime victim of human trafficking and assisting ID fraud...

you said it buddy you siad DFG was my real name :O

Wrong Donkey. This has been corrected many times.

There are only thress ways you could have posted what you just did...

I was right
I was right
I was right
and this is now evidence...did you miss the post "lead a horse to water and ye shall drink?"

and don't speak for Chris, the girl has a mouth of her own.

For the innocent abused here by that last post, DFG is my cases my client. My real name is in fact Nichole Reine. The internet smut was started by a reporter who missed a whole lot and made a big mess.

None of it is fact. The cases are still opne if it was fact it would not be posted due to NJ court rules.

DFG was traffic at the age of 17 like a slave by that same babydoll people.

She is the only known victim til recently that managed to get away and stay somewhat safe and alive.

Certain Nj people are a little up set because they well rubberstamped child trafficking... one of which is now a judge. And the Prosecutor involved is being sued in a different part of the state for killing a mentally ill person.

Thos cases I am handling abuse toward mentally ill under cover. I am sorry to tell you sir santa fool
that due to my career over 17 yrs and those cases and the recent slander I not only have been mentally checked and cleared for use on court record later but to clear my testimony should I need to testify for Tracy's case.

Matter of fact I am a "qualified NJ police candiate" I still have my pool number and certifaction...

You must be who I think you are, this started after you were messaged. Stop lying to the public.

Furthermore, I do not want me being the focus, anyone here who wishes to discuss this junk is welcome to find me on facebook, nichole reine ( i have a photo of Joan of Arc) you can message me, you will be answered if your respectful. You do not need to friend me to message me.

Also my business page is there as well but most of you here probably aren't interested in those topics, it covers alot of magic stuff?

PA I am sick of the Hate and Bias crimes driected toward me the threats and the tampering with my ID I want this person charged for deliborately obstructing Tracy's case and harassing persons across state lines. If you do this I will testify, happy to handle it later, as the NJ courts will have them there as well.

SIR, Miss , DOG Grow up and behave!
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1054 Oct 14, 2010

See you wanted answers from Chris and I...

Chris is tired taking a nap. She knows I am posting to draw out what I thought was here....


and well now, thank you buddy santa you... oh thank you...

Public there is your answer.

Oh I like the chills... let me say it again...


And Santa, like I told you under your other aliases under other pages... " I DO NOT ANSWER NOR TAKE ORDERS FROM A CARTOON, and if you are doing what I think you are doing with all that highlighting and software here... I am counsel you better make sure me and the judge have our written noticed or you get charged..." Stop helping NJ they make you look dumb.

Last "take a back seat"

is that because you percieve young women as prositiutes and below you therefore you refuse to work with them or....

was I correct that the only reason this case drags is beacuse his magesty who wants a higher position wants to leak the info out and take all the credit?

Caus eflat out working with us and asking would be far quicker since you need me dear... give it up you need me.

What you have done is cruel to the family and the people.

And what you did DFG and the children 6 of them surrounding that case... what they due to you?

A trafficed victim manages to get away sort of, perservere over becoming a criminal and does not mentally break so she could help others and you bring her perpitrators right back...

I will ask you again... what is so personal to Tracy's case that makes you feel so guilty and what is your personal issues with AB?

BOYERS are innocent. Sorry in my cases I speak the truth.
Nichole Reine

Monroe, MI

#1055 Oct 14, 2010
Santa dear

that message was to lead you to drink the water again...

I said you were the creator the flame thrower and the deversion artist...

The post of the new flame war here line up with the times of that message...

You been caught again... since you have so much of an opinion you to to focus on Tracy and explain why you keep going mental?

despite my postion I am always sincere about helping, I am a minister and obligated if I offer my offer to help you stands.I would not play with that...clear your heart and talk to me off public.

I can help you.

Thank you all for posting and putting up with this again, I have drawn out what I wanted so you all know how to grab my attention should you wish me to stay.

May you find peace Santa

Harrisburg, PA

#1056 Oct 14, 2010
Nichole Reine
What are you talking about you lunatic? I am not a cop and I would never dream to be such. I have no clue what it is you are ranting about. I wrote in response to your rants and how I honestly view the situation at hand and I do not honestly think Chris supports this in any way.
I do not know why you are on here again lying saying she is sleeping and knows what you are up too. Not when she posted on Missing Tracy Kroh Facebook page 3 days ago saying she will no longer take any part in the Topix drama. I also don't know why you keep trying to get people to talk to you on that profile, Missing Tracy Kroh is set up and ran by Chris aside from the family having access to it, she is the only one who does anything with it.
I do not know what it is you'r trying to do here Nichole but it is not gonna work.
How can you be so sure that the Boyers are innocent? What proof do you have? If they are innocent then who took Tracy and where is she?

Another naughty one to add to my list.....

Santa has peace little girl, I recommend you find some peace of your own.

Harrisburg, PA

#1057 Oct 14, 2010
What the f*** is wrong with you all ? Keep my name out of you'r damn post's ! I can speak for myself as Nichole stated and No I don't want to be any part of this topix bs as I said before this is ridiculious ! Think what you all will , I don't care ...

Since: Oct 10

United States

#1058 Oct 14, 2010
Looks like we have at least one sane poster here, "Santa Claus 79". Don't even waste your time, buddy. I've tried. This chick is a crazy lunatic. If anyone can make out anything she has posted over the last few days, I would be shocked. I ask her to list just two things, but obviously she is incapable.

Since: Oct 10

United States

#1059 Oct 14, 2010
cindyc- I wasn't referring to your post about the body on 322. I was referencing the first post they mentioned it. Just came out of nowhere, so I was confused. BTW, you mentioned Toni Sharpless in your post. I have been actively involved in the search for her and am fairly up to date on that case if you would like to discuss that.
Nichole Reine

Fair Lawn, NJ

#1060 Oct 15, 2010
Tim we know you are here. Chris stepped down cause your my fight.

Let the law folk know I am working on another case where you allow this lunatic and his goons to do their "computer dung under inteelegence" is risking a victim's life. I need to look at a map to locate someone and I can not because of this destructive eggregious law...

Miss budwizer may you full expierience what ever happens to that victim as your karma for being such a usless human being who does nothing but hurts people cause your too stupid to even know what exactly ou problem is? What ever happens to that victim may you destructive people know her pain!

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