Forked River, NJ

#2804 Mar 17, 2011
I am so sorry for you. I am sorry that you cannot see that you are your own worst enemy. I am sorry to see that you are still holding on to this need for vengeance for crimes that are only in your perception.

I honestly hope you can find peace.
corn picker

Haddonfield, NJ

#2805 Mar 18, 2011
unknown wrote:
You are right I was thinking the same thing..
they said stuff was found along the creek not floating in the wawa
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2806 Mar 20, 2011
@ Corn picker
yes both... once one of NRPI turned in an item in Oct 2010 directly to a distpatcher named sue and a man claiming to be SGT A whom later turned out to be Llyod doing chris M favors. I later heard the item was turned over directly to Chris M.( a civilain -recall)

I assume you speak of stuff prior however and from original investigations... the answer is still both.

"Corn picker" also interesting choice words and signature to NJ and jeff gallagher... but please... just take the answer to your question and move. Chris is tseering this "story again" thus why I am clearifying to the public.
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2807 Mar 20, 2011
@ person who asked If ANGIE was psychic...
no and glad she was honest at that.

Angie has been talking to Chris for quiet sometime and was leading the investigations ... her facts are from gossip and Chris and her talking so much... she conversates then puts things together then chris and her make it reality and take chredit for things the police did not release but did prior.

the problem is they let both self certify what they couldnt use.

Angie is the reason chris M used to ask questions about a song " Angie baby" they like the rest of us knew tracy was pregnant or that preganancy surrounded the case and thus they wanted the song to be some made up vision quest to certify their tales.

Angie is NOT an nice person , part of why the "townies politician hand things to chris before a law professional" and aboslutely should not be counted a creditable or vaible due to the fact that she at one time posed to NRPI and with chris help to other legit witnesses as FBI.

If Angies was in fact legit FBi she dun fucked up the case per chris words. and if not she is wacked in the head and another Tracy groupie.

reader advised and cautioned do as ye will.

Chris would often tell angie things Nikki or NRPI shared with Angie... bottomline she is just another groupie taking credit because NRPI was correct and now the police want a way to anccounce this finding withou NRPI on Tracy next would have been birthday in a few weeks.

You all noticed right... the second week of April is just here and ALL of a sudden people are close...
because NRPI was correct and they are dragging ... cant have Chris m in hand cuffs as she stated , now can we?
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2808 Mar 20, 2011

Just you wait... and ok what ever you have yet to produce one fact or put up your lies to validate anything. Take smear and slander and cite and grab attention but you yet to produce anything including that your not who you been called out to be...

yea yea yea whatever freak.

also ...

I have "Mummies emails and threats to extrot and scam the system"

That is right Chilton memorial hospital and morris county prosecutor office

what you going to do about the fact that in 2002 -2004

Gayle Gallagher Klauss and Kim Gallagher from North Carolina at the time sent handwitten letters and emails that by the way the hard drive is still avaible for forensics review...?

Huh Jen and Jeff ... what you going to do if those letters were turned over to Mike Maguire in 2003 -2006 and there is proof of Gayle gallagher klaus mendical mental history as well as her fraud with credit and id's?

It was all secured back then and about to be used... against Morris and Bergen county prosecutors office... reccently I reviwed it and it had details of Tracy case in there that was never noticed before... because back then no one connected Gayles pattern and practice.

Gayle Klauss hired and working at both Chilton memorial in Morris and Clara mas in essex...

has a confimred skitzo mental health diagnoses since childhood

she was also a confirmed hs dropp out

she was also confirmed as a drunk and cocaine addict as well as her children jeff and kim.

Kim who by the way used to strip her brother naked and tie him to hot water heaters for hours.

kIm who gives her Nieces pot and other drugs since DYFS neglegence and assistance to extortion...

The letters talk about Kim demanding 200k one yr
and later gayle demanding 10K

when I refused to support the drug habits
the letters also state gayle was supposenly dating Tim hayes who is atleast confirmed to have been working with gayle at the hospital inbetween security and police shifts with west milford police.

so 10k isnt that the amount that former police cheif mike mcgann was rumored to have taken for a bribe?( aka former cheif Magoo as in Mr Magoo as in Oh magoo you dont it again, almost hit a baby in a stroller cause you drive blind and think everything is a fricken joke and not your acoounatbility)

So back to tracy, the pendulum over and over again chris still confirms Jeff gallagher as the murderer. Why didnt you tell the police that part?

gayle why dont you explain your son's issues with having a mortage on his credit before he was 4 yrs old that he had to clear up?

Chilton why dont you explain why Charlene McCullum was not fired for disclosing creidt inof to other hospitals which later lead to TAX fraud... that is right they not only stole and fraud they signed a frederal check in mine name while stating on another official record that it couldnt possible have been me... humm???

Insurance fraud and trafficking sorry folks Tracy was just another body to pile... and when that offends you perhaps you will do the appropriate things and cut the show here?

and by the way the latest assualt was documented, the golve is currently being tested via forensics and i will be asking for DNA swabbs of certain pa and nj persons acting up with the last few weeks... sorry to say some social workers DNA best not match...

MIllion dollars in tax payer money and count because Bergen county and morris county prosecutors office needs someone to be criminally charged... apearently the offices arent going to be lawfull till one of their own is where Jeff and Chris should be?

keep spending the bucks NJ and PA taxpayers want to you too , clearly shown here by how much one harbors the story telling and certifies it with hot air.
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2809 Mar 20, 2011
@JLRRR Tim or whatever you pretend you are today...

all the yrs you stalked me, illegally entered my homes friends homes the home of michael maguire and stole evidence or what you thought...

you never did find those letters or the hard drive did ya?

that is why you cant put up but claim you know for sure... you think you would have stolen it by now so it must not exsist...

after breaking into a secure audio recording of a rape report that was in Michael maguire's home and recorded copied for Frank Migliorino and tim hayes to hand to a rapiest to use in and upcoming crime... what made you think I would ever keep something that cool on me or my friends...

that is why you wanted to know about the storage places in pa Chris right?

you were trying to find it for them... because it is known the hard evidence in my cases is in storage in Pa some place...

why didnt you tell the state police that Chris that when you were asking for those leads it really wasnt for Tracy case and you once gaining the info were going to claim it was a dead lead on tracy case?

weren't you...
as per others

"we agree, good I will let the Judges know"
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2810 Mar 20, 2011
JLRRR wrote:
I'm sorry, are you actually going to give me something or is this just more ranting?
Did you ask me to put up or shut up?
yes cutie pie put up or shut up and state where you obtained it and how and why you think it is appropriate to harass and abuse the mentally ill as you percieve publically...

just because west milford and some of tim hayes friends WANT to make hippa protected info public does not mean that if you force a debate this way your in the clear so put up and then unless you have lawful CHAIN count on charges and your own put up as demonstrated CRIMINAL INTENT TO HATE AND BIAS AND TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS ...

yes MY little bitch put up... or shut up and a half ass or parts is still grounds to charge you...

come on bitch i doule dog dare you

put up or shut up
starting wht your correct name... you contact info

other than a hotmail bull account
and when you cite you cite where to find it as per a court would
and how you obtainted it

and then how we can meet to obtain copies of what you speak...
and if you cite one thing stolen you will be the one charged for the stolen docs over the years all accounts...

come on bitch put you words where your ass is , or are you afraid of a little girl?

how's that for acting like you, can you match ?
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2811 Mar 20, 2011
furthermore you disclose anything unlawfull you show you intended so i suggest you be a good little bitch and definately a lawful one...
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2812 Mar 20, 2011
Now oh bobby boy I had no time the other day... brb
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2813 Mar 20, 2011
JLRRR wrote:
Appear crazy? We're trying to make you appear crazy? How about about you stop making yourself appear crazy, or anti-semitic, or illogical.
You need help-please get it. The person who caused you to lose your children and who still keeps you away from them now is not Jeff Gallagher-it's you.
sure sound like Tim
perhaps I should play those taps that judge Cook heard and refused to charged you because you two social prior to the bias hearing... perhaps I should play them for Falcone and Austin whom your currently disrespecting their court and ... perhaps then I should compare it to these posr you have and have him ask why your not charge when this is far more solid than anything you made up on me...

you made it up with your friends titles and positions and you still messed it up...

how does it feel to live up to the word

INEPTITUDE....***** Tracy and my cases live up to one word phrase

********** Gross INEPTITUDE*****

now go ahead all you non police and non former police look up the biggy law word...

In california police know better.How is that for starting to put up? You show me one moron on here who is not law that doesn have to look that up and see how it applys to a case.
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2814 Mar 20, 2011

The grand defenses claims.... you heard it hear first...lol
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2815 Mar 20, 2011
show me one very mentally ill person who can spell the word let alone understand it.
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2816 Mar 20, 2011
@ Bob

I was attempting to reply from your quote but there is some much on here deliborately to "confuse and loose facts" that I cant find it.

In short you state something that basically said you cant "speculate" to support and were trying to what seems put either me or someone you thought was me in their place...

my reply...

"perhaps people whom speculate that others are speculating shuould listen to their own advise and not hogg up this forum ... unless of course your a rookie cop who cant properly get the validation you need, then sir your attempt was poor form and even if you had what ye wanted you should know it would have been another piece of INEPTITUDE when it got processedd. Perhaps you shouldnt validate so publically and if you want to know something from me...

attention law officals pay the attention to this...
I am known that you directly ask me to my face and cut your games or expect to be confused and lost because in these case there is fraud on government record via mine cases and Tracy case therefore stpuid acts like asking Judge katz to gain unlawfull testimony only conveludes the cases and falsifies more and most importantly gets at mini the Judge civil charged with Moral turpitude....

( oohh there we go another cop word... go look it up wannbes and dibelives consider another validation as no skitzo cites this and knows how to use it)

My point is if you dont have your facts straight your only going to mess it up more with this claok and dagger games ... do you seriously think this hasnt been tried in any of the cases prior?

how old are these cases?

and furthermore... having someone a witness doesnt trust or putting them in a stituation to respond via harassment games... well that aint going to get you facts either..."

so bob maybe you should heed your own avice in the future because if your the BOB I think you are you done enough damge on Tracy's case and mine...
shut it or put up.
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2817 Mar 20, 2011
oh yes...
moron with the software that analyses the words useage here...


you seriously call that legit fact finding in a case where multiple people are being inpersonated and mutiple persons have their "signature" publically flashed on "bar like forums" for years...

please GOD tellme your not a forensic fool?
that would make mind kind look like we commit acts that produce complete



Please dont be one of our fine-est... then Pa and NJ have no hope and that might be bad for these people on here thinking they will get some prize.

perhaps you should have your facts straight
before your run around like a jass ass with your head cut off certifying a pile of INEPTITUDE.

and getting your self charged with moral turpitude.


just a suggestion but what do I know, it is only that I been watching the bergen county proceutors office and public defendars office behaving INSANE for well over 7 yrs now. and appearently those that handle Tracy case took the same classes?

What part of your training did you miss the definition of INSANITY?

Ya know where when you do the same thing a hundren times over and over again expecting different results...

lets see what have ya all done consistantly...

ATTACKED ME , My LIFE, My friends, MY Character, False Charged me, ignored things and hoped it go away, fall alseep on the issue ( Passaic Prosecutors that last comment reminds me of your end?) Lie to Judges , lie to the taxpayer and then some

over and over again.... where has that truely gotten you?

IT is official you all saw it here first...

The Bergen and Morris countyr prosecutors office and Pa officials on Tracy case are flipping INSANE...
you all were correct there are crazy people here...

the very officials you expect to help you... GOLLY?

Since: Nov 10

Carlisle, PA

#2818 Mar 20, 2011
Dominique it was great seeing you at Burger King today.

Highland Lakes, NJ

#2819 Mar 20, 2011
Burger King? That's pretty random. LOL
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2820 Mar 21, 2011
@ Keith it must be some nice drugs your on cause I haven't eaten burger king in atleast two months...

however the Judge and his case manager did eat that today...
are you stalking Jen Diaz???

LOL what a detective... please jimenez and diaz that is what you think is me and my boyfriend... OMG... what a moron?

or are you suggeting fraud again? is this your posted criminal intent to use on the next attempt?
I told you all your done... ps... the same burger king near the armory ?????????

You Tim solider little bitches commiting felonies again?
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2821 Mar 21, 2011
Moving Mountains JEFF and Bergen...

Attention Bergen and Morris county prosecutor office and public defendars... you can not have MY cases... I dont know how many times I explained to you consolidation into your counties is unlawful and well frankly dumb...

your the accused in Passaic... therefore buttheads you cant try passaics case...

perhpas you should remind Passaic of this when your bullshitting them...

They can take your but you cant take theirs... duhhh!!!!!!

Today was Great keith, so sorry your still a liar but thanks for continuing to stalk me... I feel sooo loved;)
Bull dozing them... pardon me but I want to try and walk on water...

see ya:)
Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2822 Mar 21, 2011
mountains jeff and gayle... moutains...

lordy I believe sweet jesus karma does exsist...

Dominique Faith Gallagher

Hackensack, NJ

#2823 Mar 21, 2011
JLRRR wrote:
Burger King? That's pretty random. LOL
for once i shall give you one... it is a random guess unless he is whom I once though he was and others inferred... summery... the guilty.

then in fact NOT random at all
it is one of those inside jokes...

unless like I said idiot is stalking a homocide detective and the judges clerk? LOL?

Point validated either way... he(chris inciting it) words were dumb...

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