Is Warner Robins a good place to live?

Mount Juliet, TN

#23 Jan 31, 2010
iceman wrote:
<quoted text>
Fist let me say this: when a state is 48th in the nation for schools, that doesn't speak well in of itself. Thus you're already working against a handicap with what is the best of the worst!
In response to your question. While the city of Warner Robins and the surrounding communities are nice in general, I would not use the Houston County School System as a comparison of the community. From a school system standpoint, you'd be better staying in Albany. Everyone in the school system is in the "tank" with each other. The Board of Education will probably land up being recalled and who knows what will happen to the current Superintendent: will he stay or resign. They are currently involved (school system)in a questionable coverup of a lightning strike that took place during a football game less than two weeks ago that left 13 people injured, one critally. Evidence is currently mounting that the investigation by the Superintendent of Schools was inappropriate and he is under fire for conducting the investigation of the cirumstances leading up to the tragedy of the incident "himself": "does the fox in the hen house sound familiar?"
Let me end with this. If you treasure your children and their safety, pick another school district where your "child(ren) is/are more important than the win/lose of a football game.
North Georgia is your best bet! In the end Houston County Schools "talks a good talk", but not action. The leaders in this school system, are the "best car salesmen", your money can buy!
Good Luck
Don't listen to a bitter person...official stats show Houston County Schools are ranked high ... not just some opinion ... Houston County is installing an awesome system of paved roads...the crime rate is via RAFB and the income level outcome is incredible...housing is great....recreational programs are great...otherwise the League Reg. HQ would not be moving here....We have new energetic mayors with vision....a stable county govt....yes give Houston County a chance

Mount Juliet, TN

#24 Jan 31, 2010
spider wrote:
I used to live in Warner Robins , ga.
It is not bad as big city.
But in Warner Robins is not good place to live because lack of jobs and bunch of dope people live there.
I have never see a small town have bunch of dope there.
I don't understand how those Laws don't see it.
RAFB has announced that they will hire 1,000 new employees...salaries are far above the average....

Warner Robins, GA

#25 Feb 8, 2010
Warner Robins is an excellent place to raise a family.

Columbia, SC

#26 Feb 9, 2010
XResident wrote:
Things must have changed a lot since I was there in 68-70. I remeber Warner Robins with a lot of friendly people and do not remember much crime. I remember the chain gangs working the county roads. Maybe that should be brought back. I lived in Bonair and worked at Robins AFB. As I remember there was only like 2 or 3 bars in town and they were all on front street or first street near the Macon hiway.
I lived in WR from 1959 to 1985. Wonderful place to grow up and attend school ( Tabor and Northside ) When we first moved to WR front street was almost all there was, watched them grade and pave Watson Blvd. and build the first shopping center in town. Went back for my high school reunion in 2001, could not believe how much it has changed.

Warner Robins, GA

#27 Feb 12, 2010
Warner Robins is alright! Like if u have kids there isnt alot of stuff to do here for teens. We have a Bowling alley,roller skating,Movies and thats about all we do as teens or go to each others houses.
The Houston County school system is ok. but discpline at the school is off. For example; A kid makes a hitlist and plans to kill off people.He has the gun but he gets caught. He goes to ISS for a week. Where as my close friend was talking to a guy alone in a room and they thought they did something and now there both at crossroads and nothing happened between them
Former WR Citizen

Kendallville, IN

#28 Feb 17, 2010
Jez wrote:
just stay on the centerville/bonaire side. dont move anywhere near the "states". streets named after a state.. i.e. Alabama, Carolina, Arizona,.. to name a few.(rather the northside, near the base).
This is depressing to hear. I lived on Alabama Avenue when my father was transferred to RAFB in 1967. I was only 12 and as kids we walked everywhere. Never felt unsafe. I lived in WR for 7 years. I always thought it was a good town to live in. "Go Eagles". I haven't been there in a few years. I'll have to go back soon and check it out.

Caro, MI

#29 Feb 22, 2010
dave wrote:
Dont believe that Warner Robins is a bad place to live. We have low crime, low unemployment, a good housing market and some of the top ranked schools in the state. Done let one persons low opinion confuse you. Come on u and see the city before you decide.
I am going to be in WR in March checking the place out, we are seriously considering relocating there. I have heard good and I have heard bad, but I pritty much am going to come to my own oppion of the area after seeing it. Every place as good and bad and it depends on your personality and experiences that make you determine if its bad or good...

Warner Robins, GA

#30 Feb 26, 2010
A convenient store on North Houston Road (less than a mile from the "states") was robbed by 2 young gunmen in their early 20s this week. The day before yesterday a 25 y/r male was shot in the arm and leg near Pleasant Hill Road (which is walking distance from the "states").

Phenix City, AL

#31 Mar 10, 2010
Anyone wanting to find info on a particular city go to they even have info on schools for each state.

Warner Robins, GA

#32 May 3, 2010
WR no more wrote:
<quoted text>.....
Good grief! if you think Albany is bad then take that and multiply by 10 .. it's that much worse in Warner Robins ESP the schools!! RUN! and run FAST! If schooling is a major concern for you .. then consider north GA .. north east or north west of Atlanta by at least 80 to 100 miles .. fantastic schools .. smaller classes! from elementary on!
I have no idea what this guy is talking about. If you look up all of Houston Counties schools on you will find that the school systems here are amongst the best in the country. Most every school in Houston County score well above average compared to other schools in Georgia or the rest of the nation. Do some research before you take the word of people who are ignorant of the enviroment here. I live in Warner Robins, and have never been afraid to walk at night or day here. I can leave my doors unlocked and go on vacation. Crime rate is low, and as for the person commenting on lack of jobs here, Robins AFB is the Number ONE employer in the state of Georgia for civilians. Meaning they employ more people than Delta Airlines, Ford, Etc.... in Georgia. If you have a problem getting a security clearance because you are a thug that doesnt want to work for a living, then I agree, there are no jobs for you here or anywhere.

Warner Robins, GA

#33 Jul 13, 2010
Warner Robins is really a good place to live. We have one of the best school systems in Middle Georgia. It's constatly expanding and the crime rate is low. The people are very friendly It's so easy to strike up a conversation with most people. With Warner robins you get the small town feel without the limited resources.

Valdosta, GA

#34 Jul 19, 2010
I am considering moving to warner robins and I have a 9 about to be 10 year old son..can anyone tell me if living on hwy 96 would be a great area to live in and if david perdue elementary and feagin mill middle schools would be great choices....and also if warner robins would be a great area for me and my son
concerned citizen

Warner Robins, GA

#35 Aug 1, 2010
This town has become overrun by monkeys, crackheads and thugs in just the last few years. If you value your child's safety don't move here. Druggies have completely taken over the Warner Robins area.
WR no more


#36 Sep 8, 2010
Yeah, Warner Robins is a swell town, if you enjoy the swat team in your neighborhoods on a regular basis, and meth labs throughout city limits.
WR no more


#37 Sep 8, 2010
Bri wrote:
Warner Robins is really a good place to live. We have one of the best school systems in Middle Georgia. It's constatly expanding and the crime rate is low. The people are very friendly It's so easy to strike up a conversation with most people. With Warner robins you get the small town feel without the limited resources.
Good grief, do you never step outside?

United States

#38 Sep 13, 2010
Warner Robins and Houston County in general are a fine place to live...even the folks in small rural towns are not friendlier...our community is fortunate to have WRALC and the strong income levels...but additionally the mix of employers found in Houston County have to me created an environment where folks have money to spend and they expect service...the continual emphasis on service by employers flows over into the community. If you don't render good service, yes you may get away with it for awhile, but you can bet someone is going to tell you about it.

San Antonio, TX

#39 Oct 15, 2010
CSG wrote:
<quoted text>
I am going to be in WR in March checking the place out, we are seriously considering relocating there. I have heard good and I have heard bad, but I pritty much am going to come to my own oppion of the area after seeing it. Every place as good and bad and it depends on your personality and experiences that make you determine if its bad or good...
We're going to be PCSing next year to Ft.Benning, but was thinking about just living in WR closer to family. If you have moved to WR what are some of your experiences?

Warner Robins, GA

#40 Oct 19, 2010
Warner Robins is still a decent place to live but like all growing city's we are having some problems. Still a lot of decent people live here.

On the RIP;If this guy was your friend I'm sorry for your loss, but if you think he was innocent; you don't know what you are talking about. There was a fight after the bars closed down and your friend was waving a gun around, he was highhly intoxicated, and when cops pulled up he pointed the gun at them. Cops want to go home safely too. They have family's like the rest of us.
Someone points a gun at the police and they have a right to protect themselves just like the rest of us.

Drunks/druggies like this guy are part of what is making WR a less desirable city than it used to be.
Being stupid should hurt, and in this caes it did.
Sick of it

Macon, GA

#41 Oct 31, 2010
I live off of Marvin Blvd in W.R. In this area there is a lot of drug activity. I have seen my neighbors arrested and their vehicles searched and towed off. I have also seen peoples drug transactions from my kitchen window the people across my street. Noone works but cars are pulling in and out all day and night. They are there less then a minute before another pulls up. The kids on this street are in big dangers from the hoodlums who live down the street. They ride atleast 90 mph on their crotch rockets and terrorize the neighborhood. The police have been called many times but won't do anything because they say it is not their jurisdiction. How can they arrest the people across the street but claim this is not in their vacinity? I have lived here for 4 years and these people who have terrorized us have lived here since birth. The father is in prison and when he is out he threatens people with a huge knife if you complain about his son. The town alone is ok if you are not the active type. All there is to do here is shop and eat. Stay far away from Marvin Blvd if you don't like loud motorcycles screaming up and down your street at very high speeds. Because it does no good to call the cops. The hoodlums rule!!
Glad I escaped

Bristow, VA

#42 Nov 28, 2010
My husband and I "escaped" Warner Robins in 2001. We are now in a suburb of DC but his mom is still in Warner Robins so we are forced to go back every once in a while. This past April my mother-in-law woke up to a man standing in her house. Luckily, he fled without doing anything to her but others in Warner Robins aren't so lucky. The crime rate is very high for a city the size of Warner Robins. My husband was a police officer when we lived there and we are so surprised at how bad it has gotten since we left.

Traffic is horrible there, too. You know it's bad when we, coming from the DC area, think Warner Robins is bad! They allow more and more houses and shopping centers and add traffic lights but don't think about the traffic implications before hand. The city as a whole is reactive, not proactive.

We did not have kids when we lived there but if we did no way would they go to public schools there. Private all the way.

If we were given a huge promotion and the best job plus free living expenses to move back, we wouldn't. No way!

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