Are vitamins from USANA worth price?

Are vitamins from USANA worth price?

There are 228 comments on the story from Mar 20, 2008, titled Are vitamins from USANA worth price?. In it, reports that:

Q Would you please comment on the supposed supervitamins manufactured by a company named USANA Corp.

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Tim B

O Fallon, MO

#1 Mar 20, 2008
Dr. Gott is mistaken about USANA's distribution method. USANA ships direct to the consumer (no associate distribution/inventory required). This model eliminates the extra warehousing/distribution expense, thus lowering the product cost in that regard.
Dr. Gott is also mistaken in assuming that all nutritional supplements are created equal and you can do an apples-to-apples label comparison. This, in fact, is a common mistake and sometimes a toxic mistake. Toxic? Supplement manufacturers are not yet required to meet labeling requirements that ensure the product actually contains the label's specifications. Strange, but true that some products contain toxic levels of certain compounds (see Lyle McWilliams Comparative Guide) while others don't contain the label specifications at all. USANA voluntarily submits to Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceuticals and is certified by the NSF as such (see www nsf org). You are guaranteed that USANA's product contents match its label and are pure and tested for compliance. Yes, this costs a little extra - but it's nice to know you actually get what you are paying for...(www make-a-turn com for more info)





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Shelly Account Executive

Erving, MA

#2 Mar 20, 2008
Their are wide differences in nutritional supplements. My company New Chapter offers a whole food nutritional supplement. Our products are NOT chemically derived biphasic USP isolates, but ARE orfanic whole food, probiotic nutrients. Huge difference! Ours cost more because it takes more to work with organic farmers, maintain organic certification, operate our manufacturing operations with the highest standards, etc. Our products have research and clinical studies to back them. See us at - see the where to buy locator!

Calgary, Canada

#3 Mar 21, 2008
Please get your facts straight about Usana and vitamins in general before you comment. A vitamin IS NOT a food the quality can be poor. Usana uses only the highest grade vitamin AND minerals. And the company ships directly to the customer NOT to the distributor. Please check out this
this comparative guide lists Usana as One of the TOP multivitamin/mineral complex available. I have been taking Usana for 8 years and feel better now than I did 15 years ago!





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Winnemucca, NV

#4 Mar 21, 2008
Sounds like a scam to me. Why not ask your medical practitioner who has been to medical school, attends board conferences and is most likely up to date on current trends than people hawking gimmicks on these board?





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Jeff OHora

Montpelier, VT

#5 Mar 23, 2008
While I am not a fan and booster of Usana or its business opportunity by any stretch of the imagination, when it comes to the products I can certainly attest to the quality there of. And quite obviously more so than the author and interviewee of this article.

A "nutritional is a nutritional" ... NOT! Any more than a Camry is a Lexus. Both cars, both in fact from Toyota. You think nutritional ingredients and formulation design/strategy are the same from one manufacturer to another?

In my tenure with Usana, I can attest to some amazing, first-hand testimonials from people, who experienced dramatic health improvements after beginning a regimen of Usana's core products.-JJO

Lancaster, OH

#6 Apr 1, 2008
Top Ten Reasons Why USANA is the ONE for YOU!!!
1. USANA has been rated the #1 Multi-vitamin/Multi-mineral in North America by the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. This source examined over 1600 products and compared over 1500 nutritional supplements distributed in North America. The Usanimals children's multi-vitamin/multi-mineral was rated #1 in Canada and #2 in the US by the Comparative Guide to Children's Nutritional Supplements.
2. USANA adheres to the Codes of Federal Regulations (CFR), 21CFR 210 and 211 for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade drugs (excluding 211.173 which relates to laboratory animals, and 211.176 which pertains to penicillin control). These drug grade standards focus on safety, potency, purity and efficacy. The FDA currently only requires nutritional supplements to be manufactured according to food grade (21CFR 110) standards that focus mainly on safety.
3. USANA also adheres to the standards set by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). The USP is an independent, non-governmental entity. The USP is the most internationally recognized developer of standards for over 3400 prescription and OTC medicines and more than 900 nutritional and dietary supplements. Every USANA micronutrient has this statement on the label: "Laboratory Tested. Quality Guaranteed. Meets USP Specifications for Potency, Uniformity, and Disintegration, Where Applicable."
4. Six products are listed in the Physicians Desk Reference for Prescription Drugs.
5. Sensé, USANa's revolutionary skin care line, is now the only complete skin care line in the world that contains no chemical preservatives such as parabens.
6. USANA's founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, is a world-renowned scientist in the field of human cell culture, disease diagnosis and cellular nutrition. In the 70's, he developed the first commercial test kit for the Epstein-Barr Virus (mononucleosis). He has applied his vast knowledge and expertise in growing healthy human cells toward the development of the USANA Nutritionals. Dr. Wentz was named the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Utah for 2003.
7. USANA was named the number one nutritional supplement company in the state of Utah in 2003, 2004 and 2006. Utah boasts over 100 such companies and 2.3 billion dollars in revenues from this industry.
8. USANA is the official supplier of nutritional supplements, energy and health products for the United States and Canadian speed-skating teams which accounted for one-third and one-half, respectively, of their country's medals in the 2006 winter Olympics.
9. USANA is one of three companies that have passed 's comprehensive screening for substances banned by the US Olympic Committee.
10. USANA was the third fastest growing stock in 2006 out of 6400 stocks. USANA has beaten earnings estimates soundly for eight straight quarters. In 2003 the stock split (2 for 1) and the stock price rose over 550%. The stock symbol is USNA on the Nasdaq.

The 11th reason is that it has done so much for my Mom that has had MS for 32 years and has never taken pharmaceutical drugs for her disease. She has always taken high quality nutritional supplements but no one has had the potency/quality Usana has and the price is the lowest of the best vitamins out there ($40). You don't have to take so much with Usana too. If you have any further questions you can reach my Mom and I at

Sydney, Australia

#7 May 17, 2008
Worth or not all depend on whether you get the benefit. This is the only ONE REASON.

For those who has benefit the health bring from the Quality and Potency from Usana. They will definitely says, Yes! it worths.

For those who for other reasons would definitely say, NO! it doesn't.

But for those who say NO, what do they have? NOTHING. They think those who say YES to Usana are loser, but they didn't get something as well.

For those who say NO person, please ask yourself seriously, WHY you say NO. What is the true reason that you say NO? To lie you is the biggest mistake and punish to yourself.

You can refuse Usana by it own, but please don't refuse the health concept bring by Usana. You can find the substitute if you could find one. You can spend every dollar on that if you like.

Worth or not all is up to personal thoughts.

How many YEARs are you able to have to live health? IF you have never thought about this question to YOURSELF, please don't delay to ask yourself.

I select USANA because I trust it, I know it has benefit on my health.

It's not everyone is able to get the fortune from Usana, but it's everyone can benefit the health brought by USANA.

If you really want to make a comment about Worth or not? ONLY ONE WAY is try the Usana for 3-6 months. It's about US$120-240. It's not a big deal. Whether worth or not, your body knows.

Welcome to email me, for any advice about the Usana products or business.

“Absolute Herbal”

Since: Jun 08


#8 Jun 12, 2008
Have you ever heard about supplements? If not this is the time to visite this websitehttp://www.absoluteherb

“Absolute Herbal”

Since: Jun 08


#10 Jun 16, 2008
Shelly Account Executive wrote:
Their are wide differences in nutritional supplements. My company New Chapter offers a whole food nutritional supplement. Our products are NOT chemically derived biphasic USP isolates, but ARE orfanic whole food, probiotic nutrients. Huge difference! Ours cost more because it takes more to work with organic farmers, maintain organic certification, operate our manufacturing operations with the highest standards, etc. Our products have research and clinical studies to back them. See us at - see the where to buy locator!
I can the reason why your products are so expensive. do you meet with your total cost of production?

Scott, Canada

#11 Jun 16, 2008
Why does Usana keep the vitamin prices for Canadians at $57.60 US using an echange rate of 1.42 ?
And why do they refuse to ship from the US to Canada and charge un US currency ?
They are making huge amounts of money on the back of Canadians.


#12 Jul 31, 2008
I'm going to run though some information quickly here to make your life easier.

The Comparative Guide - It's not an independent journal. Several of the "experts" are/were associated with USANA and at least one is a distributor who profits from it. I say "experts" because almost none of them are medical doctors. Take a serious look at the people who helped edit it and you'll find controversy around almost all of them. USANA buys these books by the boat load to sell to their distributors as promotional tools. How much money do you think that book makes for simply saying USANA is number one? The answer = A LOT!

Pharm GMPs - Look at USANAs SEC filings. They even state that there adherence to these GMPs is their "belief" alone. Only the FDA can say if something meets Pharm GMPs and the FDA has never once checked USANA for meeting them. USANA is the only one who says they manufacture to Pharm GMPs, no one else. They also try to back this up with their adherence to the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia which they claim to be identical but if you look into that you'll find that products from Johnson and Johnson and GNC are also adhering to the requirements of the TGA and they don't boast that they're Pharm grade because of it.

USP - Check the list of companies at the USPs website and USANA is not on it. They use some clever wording on their labels to make it look like they do but in fact they don't. E-mail the USP about it. I did and so have several others.

Physicians Desk Reference (PDR)- They're listed in the PDR because they paid to be listed in there. The PDR is not some benchmark everyone strives for. You pay your fee to have your product listed so that Doctors can read about it and will hopefully prescribe it to their patients. USANA can't even use their being listed in the PDR as an advertisement because its mis-leading that's why its only the distributors who will tell you about it.

Myron Wentz - "World Renowned" is a useless title meant to give someone added importance. It's like the term "Corinthian Leather" What you should also know is that he threw out his US citizenship and moved to the tax haven St.Kitts and controls the company through Lichtenstein. Currently he's busy awarding himself shares of his own company.

USANA is a pyramid scheme. You're not paying for better vitamins you're paying for the opportunity to make money by signing up new people. If you really want to try their products you could buy them at half price on ebay but I would seriously advise anyone to not buy anything you put in your body from ebay. Distributors are required to purchase a set amount per month in order to qualify for commissions which is probably why some many people are hooking it at ebay for cheap. My advice, get something which has backing by some real scientific journals cause anyway you slice it USANA is just a scam. remember that I'm not making any money by telling you that I've found nothing good about USANA while those who tell you its top stuff may very well be distributors.





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Draper, UT

#13 Aug 1, 2008
Why not eat green leafy vegetables, plenty of fruits and nuts and increase your exercise?

Interesting that all of the hype of how great USCAMA comes from people who do not reside in Utah.

Since: Jul 08

Louisville, OH

#14 Aug 1, 2008
Before anyone buys vitamins and minerals and all that crap it would be wise to go to your doctor and get a blood profile done FIRST to determine if you have a deficit in any category. Then take appropriate measures to fix if needed.
Too many people are taking vit/min supplements for absolutely no reason. All they are doing is peeing away money.
It's not rocket science.


#16 Aug 9, 2008
SEXiFiED wrote:
<quoted text>
take a look around douche bag foods aren't grown the same anymore, cows, chickens, pigs etc. are injected with hormones, there is depletion of nutrients in the food supply because we keep using the same soil. and before u call USANA a scam, define scam, hmm lets see person makes the most at the top? well of course they dont do that. but look at your job? are you getting where u wanna go? pretty sure no matter how hard you work your still making money for the ceo. like i said before money always go to the top right? see now thats what you call a scam. YOUR JOB learn some fucken common sense douche bag
My job also doesn't require me to sign up people to do the same job I'm doing in order for me to reach the top. My job also doesn't require me to purchase a minimum number of products from my company in order for me to see a paycheck. How's that for common sense?

Explain why people should spend so much for USANAs products when there's no verified third party documentation which justifies their inflated price. You can get equal or better quality vitamins for cheaper without having to buy into their cult.


#17 Aug 9, 2008
It's actually very telling that you used the argument that all businesses are shaped like pyramids. This is one of the most frequent arguments I've encountered by people who get involved in these sorts of schemes.

Following this one is the argument that the Real Estate Industry operates on commissions but what you need to remember is that you don't need to purchase a set number of houses yourself in order to make a commission and you're not convincing others to sell houses as well in order to make a commission.

Now if you run a real estate business then yes you do make commissions on the sales of those who work under you but your employees aren't out searching for more real estate agents to place under them and again they're not required to purchase a set number of houses themselves in order to remain commission qualified.

Another one that is common is how people in these schemes ostracize those who get out. This shows the cult like devotion these sorts of schemes develop with those who refuse to accept that something may be wrong. The person who quits is branded as a loser or weak which is a control method to keep people involved.

Think about this seriously SEXiFiED. In order to succeed in USANA and make money you need to bring people in below you and for them to succeed they need to bring people in below them. Everyone is required to make a minimum monthly purchase in order to remain commission qualified. This system is unsustainable. Those who get in early to new environments make it to the top in those areas while those they recruit face a situation where its harder and harder to find new people to sign up. Eventually the "opportunity" drys up.
A Retel MD

Vancouver, Canada

#18 Sep 21, 2008
One must remember that all vitamin companies have one mandate and that is to sell as much of their products as possible. Marketing spins can be compelling and sometimes confusing. One company suggests that their product is more pure than the other or that their product contains a larger percentage of the compound in question. The best way to ensure that you get your daily quota of vitamins is to make sure that you eat healthy. We are all looking for that quick "wonder" pill. Eat right and exercise. Should you require a little extra vitamins or minerals, first talk with your doctor if additional vitamins and minerals are appropriate for you as many homeopathic products may interact with your current medical and pharmacological treatment. You can then rest assured that you are getting the right advise from a medical professional and not a sales job from "sales" person with limited medical or pharmacology knowledge (remember, they only want you to "BUY" their product". Your local drugstore or super market will probably have most of these products available at prices which are less than what you pay at HERBALIFE or USUNA. You can also be assured that the quality of the products at these retailers are just as good as the products being flogged by Herbalife and USANA. And if the products aren't available at your local retailer, the chances that you really need to use them are slim and none. Remember, buyer beware. It's a confusing and aggressive market out there.

South Jordan, UT

#19 Sep 22, 2008
I say go to your medical doctor and seek the advise of a PROFESSONAL.

I don't see one person on their corporate governance who has MD after their name:

Officers and directors
Myron W. Wentz Ph.D. > Chairman of the Board
Officer Since: 1992
Age: 67
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

David A. Wentz > Chief Executive Officer
Officer Since: 08/1996
Age: 37
Bio & Compensation - Reuters
Trading Activity - Yahoo Finance

Fred W. Cooper Ph.D. > President, Chief Operating Officer
Officer Since: 07/2003
Age: 45
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

Jeffrey Yates > Chief Financial Officer, Vice President
Age: 46
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

Timothy E. Wood Ph.D. > Executive Vice President - Research and Development
Officer Since: 06/1999
Age: 59
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

Mark H. Wilson > Executive Vice President, North America
Officer Since: 04/2000
Age: 43
Bio & Compensation - Reuters
Trading Activity - Yahoo Finance

Deborah Woo > Executive Vice President, Asia
Officer Since: 07/23/2008
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

Roy Truett > Chief Information Officer
Officer Since: 07/23/2008
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

Kevin Guest > Chief Marketing Officer
Officer Since: 02/2004
Age: 45
Bio & Compensation - Reuters
Trading Activity - Yahoo Finance

James Bramble > General Counsel, Corporate Secretary
Officer Since: 07/23/2008
Bio & Compensation - Reuters

Full list on Reuters »
silly girl

Cleveland, OH

#20 Sep 22, 2008
Personally, I have no interest in buying from companies that hire representatives who can't put together proper sentences. Most of the informational" posts on this topic sound like they've been translated from another language - or written by people who speak English as a second language. How are you supposed to respect anything said by someone who thinks that "their" and "there" are the same word?

South Jordan, UT

#21 Sep 22, 2008
How can you respect an MLM scam such as USANA?
read up

Brownsville, TX

#25 Oct 20, 2008
USANA has an excellent product. They actually have their vitamins and minerals in the PDR ( Physcians Desk Reference). So I know someone will say that book is worth crap also. But it is the same book that prescription medications are published in, the ones that have to meet certain government regulations. I used that book in Nursing school, and so did the doctors I know. the body needs nutrients, and we do not get them in the foods we eat. As a personal trainer, I have only come across a few people who eat completely healthy, and they are usually world class athletes or bodybuilders. Most people are the typical always on the go eat at McDonald's slave to the clock.

I am not saying that USANA has a great business opportunity, Yes money can be made, but most people who do the business are slackers, and are not serious about making the business work. The business is easy enough to earn enough money for your own personal use vitamins. Free vitamins in my opinion is a good deal. As for the Comparitive guide, If you actually read it, the book uses some good research, from doctors such as Dr. Colgan, who works with world class athletes.

There is nothing wrong with direct marketing, yes there are alot of associates who know really nothing about nutrition, but there are also many professional medical professionals who do USANA. So as for the comment about ask your doctor is a moot point. Some doctors will endorse the products, others will not.
There is a reason why USANA costs more, it is the quality and ingredients. The same way a brick house costs more than a house made out of wood.

Do your research, and look for unbiased 3rd party reviews about the products from USANA. Do not take the words of someone who can not make money in USANA. The products are good. The business opportuinty works for some, and fails for many more. Its just life, not everyone will be millionaires or earn 6 figure incomes.





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