Kenmore Gun Range should be closed
concerned taxpayer

Lacey, WA

#21 Oct 5, 2009
After spending a lovely fall weekend unable to go outside my house because of war zone environment created by a few self-centered jerks at the Kenmore Gun Range, I have to vent.
First, we knew that the gun range was a mile from our home when we moved here from Renton two years ago. My family has always hunted and the thought of using a range for gun safety seemed like a good idea. But we had no idea that we would be assaulted with horribly loud gun shots, non-stop, from early morning until after dark, especially in the summer and fall.
My question is, does the gun range pay taxes? I saw the huge Mccain/Palin posters on the property last fall and I don't believe that non-profit organizations can be outwardly involved in political activity.
Also, do the men on the board of directors and the users of the range have any idea of how negatively their actions affect thousands of people. I guess that they don't care about other people at all.....
concerned taxpayer

Lacey, WA

#22 Oct 5, 2009
wonder wrote:
why is a gun range a problem... I live close by and hear the shots coming from there everyday..i love makes me feel safe..its not like its for criminals...its getting close to hunting season so the shots pick up .... as American's we have to right to bear arms .. why are my rights being threaten ..... because someone wants there house to be worth more money... a house is to live in not make money from.... if you think closing a gun club would help the home prices YOUR WRONG... your home is not an ATM... WE SHOULD HAVE A PLACE TO SHOOT THE GUNS WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO OWN..
In reply, you are a liar because if you live in Redmond as you say, you don't live close by.
Normal Person

Seattle, WA

#23 Oct 12, 2009
I have been reading posts that pertain to this gun range for years, and find the controversy amusing. I am familiar with this range as well as ranges along the west coast. I am not a member, but I have utilized this range as well as ranges in Oregon and California. I would not type myself as not an avid hunter, I own firearms and practice constant firearm safety.(If you cared to know; I attend an annual public land family hunting retreat, that is more like hiking with guns than hunting.)

Person who takes issue with the rules and regulations of the range:

Gun ranges must have strict rules over all who are premise, those who are shooting as well as those who are observing. It may seem like they are coming off standoff-ish/backwoods, but think of it from their perspective. They are an organization, they allow the public come and shoot, if an accident occurs it will be tragic and they will be shutdown. So they must have a "Robert's Rules of Order" like approach...lending to a very structured experience had by a stranger. They have to make a decision on whether or not they let you in and utilize the range based on a face value decision, if you look like a unorganized joke when you arrive don't expect them to be so welcoming...they don't know you.

Person who has issue living near a gun range:

If you recently moved in and did not know that they largest gun range in local region is down the road then you obviously did not do your homework. If you have lived there from prior to the range opening and hated it, then you must really love the area and are probably used to it by now.

Living next to a range does not make me feel safe, but knowing that the range master may be a bit standoff-ish does...even if he turns me away. Yes, the noise can be annoying, but so is your neighbors music or the sound of them putting two together at 2am with the window open. If you can hear that with your windows closed, update your house insulation and windows.

Seattle, WA

#24 Oct 12, 2009
Hmmm - I think you need a refresher course in math. I began shooting at this range in the '60s. Maybe you were just sold a bill of goods by a realtor. The real questions here are - Why would they build houses near a firing range and why would someone who dislikes the noise move there? As for the Bothell PD - I'm sure they would appreciate their own range. Maybe instead of whining you could lobby to get funding to build them a range. Your not from around here are you?

Seattle, WA

#25 Oct 12, 2009
Hmmmm. I think you might want to consider a refresher course in math. I was shooting at that range in the early '60's. Or perhaps you had the wool pulled over your eyes (or in this case ears) by a real estate person. Just because you didn't do your due diligence doesn't mean an entire organization should move. Moving is what should be on your agenda, particularly since you don't like Bothell. Maybe you need to go back to wherever you came from. You won't hurt my feelings. I imagine you could get a lot of assistance from a lot of people around here.

United States

#26 Oct 16, 2009
Nothing wrong with a gun range that does not impose on peoples rights. We have a right to live in peace and quiet that is why there are sound ordinances all around the US. So do something like require sound defusers, or sound proof the gun range. Austistic chidlren born here after families lived here are suffering from your obnoxious inconsideration. No one said do away wit the guns or ranges but being morally considerate that others are being affected by this noise and should not have to uproot. Find a resolution that meets all needs!!!!!!!!!! So what rude fuckery do you wish to slander with nect? Dont have kids? Absolutely self righteous people make me vomit.There is a way to compromise and not force your beliefs and put others out unwillingly.

United States

#27 Oct 16, 2009
And the music at 2 a.m. is not every day in and out from noon until dusk SEVEN days a week. Not ever one day of peace. In the summer this can mean until 10 p.m. My children go to bed at 8:30 and we can never have a window open for fresh air due to the noise. I mean can we have even just one day or peace and quiet? I mean we do pay the bills in our homes which includes the right to have qiet and peace in our own yards. there has to be a solution other than a one sided deal with it!

Edmonds, WA

#28 Oct 22, 2009
When I purchased my home, I made sure it was not near an airport or freeway etc. because I don't care for that kind of noise. I would imagine that you would do the same.

I have a constant barrage of float planes that fly over my hose all summer but I realize that is part of living in the area I live in. Should I lobby to stop all float planes? Of course not.

I adapt to my environment, I don't expect my environment to adapt to me.

If it is an irreconcilable inconvenience that you cant handle, you should move as opposed to lobbying to shut down yet another gun range that is used by thousands in order to comfort the few that failed to research before buying. If you are going to say you were there before the range, maybe refer back to the efforts you put forth to close it when the range was opened.

Ruckersville, VA

#29 Oct 29, 2009
I live next to the gun range, less then a mile away. It's fine. There is no problem with the gun range.

You don't even hear them shoot except on Sunday.

Lacey, WA

#30 Nov 3, 2009
Mr_Huntington wrote:
I live next to the gun range, less then a mile away. It's fine. There is no problem with the gun range.
You don't even hear them shoot except on Sunday.

Really !!! I live a mile away and am sitting inside my house, trying to work, and listening to the war zone that they call the Kenmore Gun Ranges.(It's a non-profit, by the way, and probably doesn't pay taxes though it ruins the life of thousands of taxpayers).
It is early Tuesday afternoon and the loud shots go on all the time, every day of the week, at every hour until long past dark.
I will be warning anyone thinking of buying a house anywhere in the area that they are in for a living hell. We made the biggest mistake of our lives buying here....
Interested Party

Seattle, WA

#31 Nov 3, 2009
Any care to think that the Gun Range was there LONG BEFORE any homes? Nobody even dreamed of putting homes out there until the last 20 years or so. The Gun range was there before that. Do a little checking before you buy. IDIOTS

United States

#32 Nov 3, 2009
I think we need to get together to start a petition for forcing some restrictions. I do not think its fair to shut down legitimate business but I do believe that (at least) one day a week we should be able to have peace and quiet along with a curfew that is before 9 p.m.

Whoever said that is taking it easy on the homes surrounding is oblvious. If a man was beating his wife every day from noon to dark but not in between those hours I dont think that is being soft.

For the poster who said you obviously did not do your homework is full if bologna. We saw our home a total of 4 times. Never was teh noise so obnoxious. We moved from New York to here. We were not given the opportunity to sit in this homes for all hours to see the noise level as I dont think most buyer have that luxury even when buying from a neighborhood over.

Obviously this board screens what is posted as my previous post was edited. There are autistic children here that are on the verge of suicide from this place. We cannot even have our window open in teh summer when our children go to bed at 8:30 due to this noise. Understand that the acoustic sound you hear may be different than how others hear it. We have it the abolute worst and nothing goes unmuffled. I have no problem with guns or gun ranges,. I havce been a couple times myself and emjoyed it. But it should be done indoors after certain hours. There needs to be considerate time restrictions if that is opposed. Not a free for all. People should not have to relocate families because you dont want to be considerate enough to others. We live here. We pay taxes. We have rights and a say and there needs to be a happy medium, there needs to be fair and just time sharing between hell and peace. If my son was blaring music at half the mass this gun range launches the police would come and cry disturbing the PEACE! Everyone has a right to peace in their home.

Are you understanding that if the hundreds of thousands of people who lived within hearing range of this range all moved by your ignorant advice that the local businesses would suffer and likely close. All for the sake of one gun range that is affecting a ten mile radius of family homes. There needs to be a compromise. Close at 6 some days 8 on others and one day with NO GUN FIRE! ONE OUT OF SEVEN! Wow is that ridiculous? Absolutely not! I am soon going to start a website solely for this purpose and will start to get a petition in action. I am pushing for tighter restrictions but for those who want to jump on board to shut it down feel free to join. We all have rights!!!!! Its not your way or ours. There is a happier middle ground here.

United States

#33 Nov 5, 2009
That is all pretty funny, move near a gun range and complain about the noise. I just moved to the area, and I would like you to know I will try to bring my loudest guns everytime I go. Bring your autistic kids along when you hear the cannon, they can shoot too.

United States

#34 Nov 5, 2009
There are not "hundreds of thousands" of residents within hearing range of this facility. Heck, the entire population of Bothell is only a bit over 30,000. I know for an absolute fact that being able to hear the gunfire within a radius of ten miles is pure and and unadulterated rubbish because I live no more than three miles from this gun range and I never hear any noise of gunfire. I probably drive past the front gate at least once a week and I rarely hear the gunfire. You might get some converts to your side if you tone down the hyperbole, stick to facts and learn to write a coherent sentence.

When I was looking for a home in the area I looked at one that was maybe a few hundred yards down the hill from the range and I agree it sounded like the Hatfields vs. the McCoys. The man who owned the house said that after a while you didn't even hear it anymore but I doubted I would ever get used to it so I declined to buy that house.

United States

#35 Nov 7, 2009
Jibber jabber all you want. We have rights and pay taxes just like anyone else. There is a happy medium. People listen to your self righteous disgsuting replies and see that the yare far left. Like it or not. regardless of grammar, punctuation, or any other ridiculous statment you want to make this is distrubing the peace. We have a right to peace at least one day a week. Got it? Until you hear what we hear shut the hell up and blast that cannon up your azz. Just because you might like the sound of the war zone doesnt mean all will or do. Petition will be under way next week. Website as well. It will be posted here! Is that coherent enough for you or do you need more help?

United States

#36 Nov 7, 2009
Your greatest "right" was the right to not move to your present home. Why did you move to a home in such close proximity to a gun range? Somehow I doubt that you had a gun held to your head while being forced to sign the purchase contract.

Morgan Hill, CA

#37 Nov 12, 2009
I live less then a mile from the Kenmore Gun Range. Like said, it was built long before most of the homes were around, and it used to be in the boondocks. Like Mr. Huntington said, I rarely hear them, mainly on Sunday.
To me they are no big deal, but I understand why it bothers people. But the real issue is, you should not have moved into this area if the sound of a few gun shots bother you. They usually are no big deal, and rarely heard in my house. My neighbors, who I have talked to about this before with, also agree, the gun range is very quiet, compared to what it could be.
I think Kenmore Gun range is just fine.

United States

#39 Nov 15, 2009
Once agian it is not a few gun shots and if you had read we moved here from out of state. We did not have the luxury of sitting here 7 days a week to see how obtrusive it would be from early monring to as late as 11 p.m. at night and regardless ANY person in this country has the right to peace. If you have to be so self righteous that you can see happy medium I feel for you in your own life outside of this. No to mention yes some of these people have lived here for a long time as well that it didnt bother and now since life does atcually happen (wow) have children that it does bother. As stated before just becasue you hear a gun shot or two doesnt mean that is what we hear. We hear the continual war zone from morning til night 7 days a week and it is a war zone. If you think it is a once in a while shot here and there you are not getting anything close to the real deal. What bothers one person may not bother another. So becasue it doesnt bother 50 people I can guarantee there are 50 it does. So speak for yourself as youcannot speak for me with any validity. Great thing about this country is that we ALL have rights not just you! Smile! So put that gun to your head and enjoy.

United States

#40 Nov 15, 2009
The day I looked at a house down the hill from the range it certainly sounded like a war zone to me. I don't know how long it goes, when it starts or when it stops or if some days are worse than others. It was either a Saturday or a Sunday when I looked at that house and maybe those are the worst days as I rarely hear anything when I drive by during the week.

One thing about the Real Estate laws in this state, the potential buyer has a three day period after signing the intent to purchase in which to do a "neighborhood review" and be able to back out of the purchase for ANY reason without losing any money. Maybe your RE agent didn't explain what this means or maybe for some reason you didn't follow through and actually spend some time in the neighborhood to hear what is was going to be like after you moved in. As I explained before, I heard the gunfire and immediately knew it was NOT the place I wanted to live and that is exactly what I told my agent.

Unfortunately, you are wrong about "having a right to peace" in this country. I feel for you, I really do, but as my daddy used to say, "You made your bed (bought the house), now you have to lie in it". I suspect that you can't even come close to selling the place for what you paid so moving is not much of an option but most likely that IS the only option you have.

I used to live in Mountlake Terrace and I moved here to get away from the traffic that came from I-5 going to Brier and points beyond. I had clowns with boom boxes turned up so loud it shook the house. When I moved to my present house I thought I had gone to heaven until the punk garage band started their practice. I hated that noise but there was NOTHING I could do but move and that wasn't an option. Luckily the band disappeared a few years later. Now I have two large dogs right behind me that bark just about any time the wind changes directions. Not much I can do about that either but move.

Sometimes life just plain sucks.

Seattle, WA

#41 Nov 17, 2009
Dont want to hear the range? Dont buy a house near one! Your dumb house is driving down their values! And the morons who will buy those new houses built just on the other side of the berm need to have their heads examined.

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