Authorities identify man killed by of...

Authorities identify man killed by officer in Mill Creek

There are 15 comments on the Seattle Times story from Jan 30, 2008, titled Authorities identify man killed by officer in Mill Creek. In it, Seattle Times reports that:

The man shot and killed by a Mill Creek police officer Friday was identified Tuesday as 33-year-old Jesse Quincy of Kent, according to the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office.

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Danielle Bond

Olympia, WA

#1 Feb 14, 2008
My name is Danielle Bond and on January 25, 2008 at 6:00am I received a call from the mother of Jesse Quincy my friend and recent ex-boyfriend, stating he had been shot in the head by a Mill Creek police officer and airlifted to HarborView Hospital.
According to the Media the Mill Creek officer was responding to a possible car prowler call. Jesse did have a criminal record however he did not have any violent crimes nor was he armed.
The police have yet to let his family know why he was shot in the right, back side of the head.
I'm greatly concerned because his mother, friends, and family are not being told why Jesse was killed, what happened? Why did the officer feel he needed to use deadly force? Jesse did not have a weapon.
They have published many reports as to what the media knows which is a young African American male was in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the night, who had a prior record.
Even if he was suspected of theft or was trying to get away from the officer, when did using deadly force become expectable in America?
Not telling his family or the public why(?) is greatly concerning. Jesse Quincy was someone's son, brother, friend, and father. Jesse's is loved and missed by all who's lives he touched.
The injustice by not letting the family and public know why Jesse was fatally gunned down is unacceptable and has left me with no faith or confidence in the Mill Creek PD or the justice system. As a single mother of a bi-racial child now I am afraid for my son's safety.


Danielle Bond

United States

#2 Feb 17, 2008
"As a single mother of a bi-racial child now I am afraid for my son's safety."

As well you should.

I'm not going to make any excuses for the police. The reason why they have not given any details to the family is that they (the police) expect that there will be a trial covering the officer's actions and ANYTHING that is said concerning the case can and will be used against the officer and the PD in that trial.

I will say this: At the time of the shooting the officer had no way of knowing who he was shooting at, any criminal record of the person he was shooting at or if the person he was shooting at was armed with a deadly weapon. At the time of the shooting it was not yet light and quite likely the officer could not see the person clearly.

Using ONLY the information you have supplied I would say that there was no reason for the use of deadly force by the officer.

But I wasn't present at the scene when the unfortunate shooting occurred. I don't know what may have "set off" the officer to think that deadly force was necessary. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Quincy said something or made some kind of move that caused the officer to fear for his own life.

Or maybe the officer was simply a "badge happy" goon and had no business ever being hired as a police officer.

There WILL be an internal investigation within the PD over this shooting. There will likely be a trial over this shooting. All of this will take time and I can offer no guarantee that the true facts will ever be known.

Please accept my condolences over your loss.

United States

#3 Feb 20, 2008
Probably deserved it another piece of garbage of the street.
Jadyn Carlson

Bothell, WA

#4 Mar 22, 2008
No one knew Jesse as his family and friends did. Most people looked at him and either thought mean or bad comments about him. Well, he wasn't mean or a bad person. Jesse was a uncle to me and I think it's wrong that people just assume things of other people because of the way people look. Anyone who knew him, knew that he was a great guy, who cared about many people. He got along with just about everyone and he always put smiles on peoples faces. HE WAS NOT A PEICE OF TRSH WHO DESERVED IT. Sure, he wasn't perfect but he was a great person who was loved and still is loved very much. I stil don't understand why the officer shot him, he had no right to. Well, Jesse was a good guy and i just wish i knew what hapedned to him, the truth.
Stephanie Alexander

Tacoma, WA

#5 Mar 24, 2008
Jesse was a person, just like your son brother or father. Each person has a past something they have said or done, some injustice to some one else. Why are Jesse's injustices the point here?
Jesse was shot in the head.
Jesse was shot with no weapon on him.
"Probably deserved it another piece of garbage off the street"
What if that was your son or daughter? His mother is reading these things, she is a very nice person.
What is wrong with you?
I do not have a bi-racial child and I am afraid. I am afraid of all of the presumptions of other people, that lead to unsubstantiated conclusions based on fear and hate. This should not just scare a race this should scare everyone.
his daughter

Anchorage, AK

#6 Apr 18, 2008
i never really got to see my dad but i know he was a great person he always called me on my birthday sent me pics called on holidays he was so cool! and how dare you say that he deserved it and hes a peice of trash when you probobly dont know aything about him! you jerk! he would never let a friend down because he cared. i just wish he was still here you probobly dont know how it feels when your dad dies and you hardly got to see him!i was waiting until i got a little older and now i dont have that chance the cop could be lieing how do we know that jesse did all the stuff that they said he did? huh? and know im left not knowing. ugh i dont what else to say to the ppl out there who dont know what the hell there taking about! i miss you dad and i love you!
love you always & 4ever, your daughter
His babys momma

Kent, WA

#7 Sep 26, 2008
i would give anything to have, that piece of garbage as u so labeled jesse, back in my arms! he never knew that i was with child and i lost both of them within 15 days of each other. i am writing this not for sympthy but for information. i was out of the area for 5 months and when i got back i learned of most of what happened to him but what i want to know more than anything is where he was laid to rest!! i want my chance to say good bye to a man i loved dearly, a best friend i will never talk to again and god knows what else he was to me. if anybody knows that info please reply back to me at [email protected] thanks!!
jesses long time friend

Bothell, WA

#8 Nov 1, 2008
first ide like to say r.i.p jesse(buddha)quincy.i think when police start to murder people and other police cover it up its time to step back and evaluate are police that are supposed to be protecting are kids friends and family.protect and days who's going to protect us from gun happy cops that are so rude there like soulless no respect don't believe anything anyone says accept other lieing ass cops.they tell you to shut up in your own house threaten you degrade you like they are better than you.let me say this cops are people to faggots,drug dealers,child molesters,murders,thieves,wome n beaters,liars.anything that anyone can be.WHY?because they are humans and that is the can bet if it was your friend,dad,son,brother you would want answers and something done.not a big lie and police cover up.the police work for us.and when the police work for the police we need to kick a little ass and make sure that we the people are still in charge.we have the most corrupt cops in the world and it keeps getting worse cause we do nothing about take a stand and demand justice for the cop and the truth for jesse.we love and miss you.oh and to the pig that murdered jesse have fun in hell bud cause you got yourself a one way ticket.wake up america and take a stand

Everett, WA

#9 Apr 16, 2009
I think snohomish county police will continue to get away with their corrupt behavior as long as we let them. We need to get more involved with police accountability, demand that cops to be UA'd for drugs periodicaly, demand that cops get annual mental health screenings and so on. There just isn't enough accountability, right up to the Chief's. There is more domestic violence and drug abuse among cop families going unoticed than the public realizes. I should know. We have given law enforcement way too much power and it's time to take it back. Get involved...let your voice be heard.
Theresa Johnson

United States

#10 Aug 4, 2009
I wanted to add a comment. I know this is really late. I miss Jesse (my baby brother)so much. He lived with us when he was very young. Back then he was my big brother. I have so many great memories of him that I hope never to lose. After just loosing another friend yesterday it makes you realize how short life is and to enjoy every minute. Please never loose contact with your old friends and family. Never forget to say I LOVE YOU
missin you

Houston, TX

#11 Jan 25, 2010
It has allready been two years today and I still have a hard time excepting that you are rto really gone. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about and miss you. Its almost like your your just away and will be back ... I guess I have not really accepted things because its easier to just let myself believe that, Because when I so sit down and let reality set and the realization that your not comming back the pain in my chest is unbearable and makes it hurt to breath but the emptiness that consumes me is the worst. So its easier and better to just let myself think of you as gone for a little while, Love and miss you terribly

Charleston, WV

#12 Jan 26, 2010
When did this become a racial issue? Was it a racial issue when this guy showed up at someone else's property and committed a crime?
Was it called in as "A black guy committing a crime?" No, the police respond to crimes committed by all ethnic backgrounds.

Sorry to hear that this poor police officer has to live with having to kill some criminal in the act of committing a crime. Believe it or not, he will only think about it for the rest of his life.

What could have been done different? Oh, I don't know, maybe you should have told this glorified ex-boyfriend/relitive/friend/w hatever that crime is wrong and if you commit a crime you have to deal with the consequences. This time it was a bullet through the head. Looks like there won't be a next time, but, on the other hand, our community is safer. So, it all works out.

Oh, wait, I forgot....this is a racial issue. But it only became one after the guy got shot.
Most of the hard-working, responsible, friendly and honest people that I know that are from cultures different from my own don't like crime any more than I do. They don't want to get broken in to, ripped off, robbed, etc. any more than I do. How is this a racial issue?

The only thing racial about this whole story is the amazing speed with which the racial card was played. When that happens, you tune everyone else out...we have heard that one too many times before.

Grow up. This criminal did not get shot because oif the color of his skin; he got shot because he failed to respond to a cop's orders, apparently made threatening moves, and got killed for it. That would happen to anyone, no matter what their ethnic background is.

Concrete, WA

#13 Nov 28, 2014
This is not a racial issue. It's an American issue where police brutality and murders have only grown worse over the years. Since when is an execution acceptable for a nonviolent crime? WITHOUT TRIAL, JUDGE OR JURY?? Police are to PROTECT AND SERVE. PERIOD. Maybe the good cops that do their job well should stand up and speak upagainsy the corrupt ones. That might start helping. The American people need to WAKE UP!! AND TAKE ACTION. And to the previous poster, "one less criminal on the streets". REALLY? You'd prefer to overlook a Murderer than a car prowler?? Wow. A badge does not make an officer innocent. People are people. Are you too caught up in the [email protected] fed to Americans to see that??
Fresh out

Spokane, WA

#14 Oct 18, 2016
Jesse "Buddha" Quincy.... R.I.P.
And much love to those who still miss his presence.
Let's be real, Buddha was a far cry from a pillar of the white collar community, but to the community he associated with.... Jesse was a story to be told. I met him back when I wasn't a great member of society and MAN that boy seemed BIG....In ego, talents, personality, and resourceful ideas. Looking back we were all off in our way of life, but never would I have thought we'd lose him like that. Sad that the people charged with maintaining order couldn't use a little discernment. Maybe he could have changed for the better of the community but either way he was good by me.
Love you BRO
Mrs S Vessey

Marysville, WA

#15 Jan 25, 2017
9 years today love you my friend until the day God takes me home you will be in my heart you were truly one I call my friend, Please continue to look out for us, Jesse Quincey you are extremely missed.

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