is just a Pump and D... is just a Pump and Dump Web Site

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#1 May 21, 2009 is just a Pump and Dump Web Site

The SEC alleges that Pawel Dynkowski, who resided in Newark, Del., carried out the market manipulation schemes with others he met through a penny stock web site , which is operated by Matthew Brown of Aliso Viejo, Calif. Dynkowski, Brown, and other participants in the schemes often timed the manipulative trading to coincide with false or misleading press releases issued by the companies to hype the stock. The four companies were GH3 International, Inc., Asia Global Holdings, Inc., Playstar Corp., and Xtreme Motorsports of California, Inc.

This is the same operation that is being done with Copper King with the merger with WUCC. Wilf stsrted with the false or misleading press releases. That is the excuess MD is using when MD Fired Wilf. However the radio station is still promoting CPRK even though the Radio Station set up the Shell for the Reverse Merger.

CPRK stockholdes are subject to manipulative trading to coincide with false or misleading press releases issued by the CPRK to hype the stock. Most posters on IHub are Pump and Dumpers but they want us to believe that they bought a dump truck load of stock.

IHub should be shut down to stop the Pump and Dump scams as the operater of IHub Matthew Brown has been charged with manipulative trading. It wont be long before the posters for CPRK are charged.

Open your eyes MD is letting this happen to the stockholders.
liarsthugsthiefd etective

Spokane, WA

#5 Apr 27, 2010
You Dan Graves should be charged for spreading misinformation...

HOWEVER, the comments about Lie Hub are true. that place is a haven for stockpimps stockprostitutes,
thiefs, liars, thugs, crackheads, junkies. It all starts at the top with matt "skidmark" brown and filters throuhgh his admins and his group of STOCK MANIPULATORS with his direct knowledge. It continues to this day.
Allison in Texas

Cedar Park, TX

#6 Apr 27, 2010
Dan, you really should do some dd someday so you quit making such erroneous statements.

Matt Brown, yes he has been charged with manipulative trading and will be sentenced this year. He was/is the head administrator at Ihub from what I understand.

Mark Dotson is not associated with Ihub in any form. Your statements regarding such are just plain ludicrous and libelous as well.

And just for kicks, tell me how the posters on CPRK would be charged? I mean you posted you were an SEC agent. If they wish to charge people, they should start with you.

I have never read anything you've posted that had any truthful substance. NEVER.

Washington, DC

#7 Apr 27, 2010
Alley in Austin or Unknown2 or some of the other 50+ named you use.
You are a scamming nimfo. You post on about 50+ different boards always using different names.

Your Lover Darrell Neathers does the same do you want me to call him Darrell, exposingliarscom, liarsthugsthiefd etective or one of his other 50+ names he uses. On some of the other boards He is also known as your pimp.

One thing is common on all of the boards, You post then Darrell post, or Darrell post then you post but eather way both of you always end up answering your own questions. All you are trying to do is pump and dump. When I cought on to how you were doing this I made a fortune off following your pattern, If anyone wants to cash in on your game all they have to do is watch the PPS for about a week. The PPS will go down down down then up for one or two days then all over again down down down then back up for a day then over again. Buy it low and sell it high 1M shares woth a 001 change is $1000 in the bank then let it go down 001 buy it back and wait for it go back up 001 another $1000 in the Bank. Do this several times a week with about 50+ companies and you have a good income at the end of the week.

I have seen messages posted using my name and I just laught at them. I know when I post and when I am not posting. I can say I have not posted anything as anything representing myself as Bill Shupe, the previous CPRK attorney. This is a complete Lie by AllyinAustin and Derrell Neathers.

I do not have a phony SEC badge, I have not misrepresented myself as SEC investigators? This is a Lie told by CopperBullet after my visit to the mill where I reported that the Mill was not ready to produce any copper. The Mill did not even have electrical services or any Water. I have done Investigations for the SEC and supplied the information to the court system. I also have my copies of the SEC data I supplied the courts.

I have not represented myself as an attorney to anyone. Another Lie put out by AllyinAustin and Derrell Neathers to try to make themselves look like Big shots all in the know and insiders to Copper King. Remember Derrell was one of the people that was working with Wilf Blum to get CPRK Started. AlleyinAustin works with Derrall to scam the investors.

Allison in Texas

Cedar Park, TX

#8 Apr 27, 2010
First - learn how to spell so at least it's not so transparent what an imbecile you are.

Second - all of your post is jibberish. I have your posts where you represented yourself as an SEC agent TWICE. So go talk to someone who believes your junk, because I know different and I (unlike you) have written proof.

As for all your trashy references to me? Of course they are all LIES, but would I expect anything less from you? No. You are a piece of trash and nothing will ever change that.
Allison in Texas

Cedar Park, TX

#9 Apr 27, 2010
P.S. Yes, you did misrepresent yourself as Bill Shupe. That little faux pas came from YOUR IP. Now try to weasel your way out of that lie.

More proof, Dan - Something you just never seem to have. When you post it is nothing more than the ramblings of a mad man.

Washington, DC

#10 Apr 27, 2010
Allison post my IP and tell me what date that was sent
Allison in Texas

Cedar Park, TX

#11 Apr 27, 2010
For what purpose, Dan? So you can put your insane spin on it and say it's not your IP??? lol

Spare me your games; it was your IP and it was from you. You know it and I know it.

Washington, DC

#12 Apr 27, 2010

You know you don't know anything about anything I have posted or where things have been posted. What I can tell you is that I have not posted anything representing myself as an attorney to anyone. I have never represented myself as Bill Shupe, the previous CPRK attorney. This is a lie that you and Derrell have made up.

Please post that message where everyone can read it. I have never seen the message. Maybe you can have that one in court someday soon. Please post my IP Address that this message was sent from. You are nothing but a pump and dumper so keep up your good work because you have made me alots of cold cash by doing your pump and dump scan. You have also cost lots of people lots of cash by cheating them.

I hope you and Derrell can find more places to pull your scam on. It is about time to call this one quits.
exposingliars com

Spokane, WA

#13 Apr 28, 2010
Hey dan graves, illiterate professor...Why dont you stop attacking a woman ...and YES YOU SURE DID EMAIL ME ASKING FOR IBC company documents. You are a complete and utter fool and a KNOWN LIAR. You have made no money on the stock and thats why you are full of hate and trying to blame others for your DISMAL failures. Take responsibility dude. Your phone conversation with tina vasquez spells it all out. You are a fool.

Washington, DC

#14 Apr 28, 2010
exposingliars com Where were you asked to send the information that you think I asked you for. If you think the conversion I recorded for the SEC with Tina you should hear some of the rest. I have recorded conversations with many people that will be used in court. Remember the conversation I had with you just after I left the Mill and posted that the mill was not ready to open although you were telling people that it was in production. I have that conversation recorded also.

Now post what address the IBC Documentation was to be sent to. I have never asked you for any IBC documentation, so post the return address where everyone will know where it was to be sent. Darrell you are a scammeralong with Ally, Scott and Wilf. You are stealing money from the new investors which think the CPRK mill is working. You know what your group are a disgrace to the stock market.
exposingliars com

Spokane, WA

#15 Apr 28, 2010
Professor66441 wrote:
Remember the conversation I had with you. I have that conversation recorded also.
Darrell you are a scammeralong with Ally, Scott and Wilf. You are stealing money from the new investors which think the CPRK mill is working. You know what your group are a disgrace to the stock market.
Dan you are the biggest phony scam artist over opinionated dumbazz EVER. Record all you want legal or otherwise. It makes no difference..I have done nothing wrong I ALWAYS speak the truth. I have nothing to hide. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HIDE..Ask that to the real scumbags: wilf, scott, and tina, AND THEIR GROUP OF THUGS.
You continue to bark up the wrong tree.FOR ONCE use your friggin brains.
Allison in Texas

Cedar Park, TX

#16 Apr 28, 2010
No one believes you, Dan.

There is no "group". There was no "scam". You have been harassing us since early 2008 and I have every bit of conversation, plus ever tape, post, and email that you used in your witch hunt.

And just so you'll know for all your future "boy detective" work, if you record a conversation without notice, you can be prosecuted by that state.

Title III of the Omnibus Safe Streets Act (they must have been thinking of you when they wrote that act) generally provides that any person whose communication is intercepted, disclosed, or intentionally used can file a civil lawsuit. Plus some states provide even greater protection.

You are digging your hole with all your accusations, because EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR ALLEGATIONS IS FALSE.
exposingliars com

Spokane, WA

#17 Apr 28, 2010
I have one more thing to say ...I suck at lying and I learned at a very early age that I was no good at lying. Telling the truth is a lot easier. Its like what you CLAIMED in your conversation with tina about telling the truth. The only difference is "I LIVE BY IT" only claim you tell the truth. We have pretty much dispelled that myth now havent we Dan?

Washington, DC

#18 Apr 28, 2010
The Following user sent his comments from Spokane, WA.
This user is Darrell Neathers formally from IBC Radio station which

changed its n e to Copper King then did a reverse merger with WUCC.
Darrell worked with Wilf Blum, Tin arie, Scott. Now he is directing

AllyAustin on how to run this scam .

Darrell is posting useing the following n es from Spokane, WA

liarsthugsthiefd etective
exposingliars com
dan graves west virginia
jerry garcia
dot records
jerrygarciadotre cordsdan
sleeplessinspoka ne

Now AllyAustin is using the following N es from Austin TX

Allison in Texas

AllyAustin is pumping and dumping on the following boards and sometime

AllyAustin te s up with Tin arie who has also worked with Wilf Blum.
This is a true picture of what is going on Go to IHUB and check this info

out yourself. Everything I have published comes from Centreville, VA.

DN's Angels 1207
Movie, Music, and TV Reviews 111
Copper King Mining Corporation 1624
Hub Harem 86
Fellows Energy 45
Globalcom Corp. 4
Ihubber''s FUN House 166
The Stock Lot 65
Q stock Traders 222
BB's Stock Haven 13
Some nice diversions....sometimes motivational 69
IHUB Posting Milestones 4
Raser Technologies Inc. 11
Liberal Free Chat Zone 43
The Blue Horse Shoe Saloon 335
Stem Corporation 11
The Crossroad ( MUSIC ) 16
Early Bird Special (EBS) 126
Blue Earth Solutions, Inc 11
Mad as Hell ? 29
Blondie''s Bulls and Bears 36
Millionaire Players Club 727
Stock Twits 19
LoneStar Traders 115
Cat's Litter Box 169
So You Think You Can Dance 145
Drummer and Missy's Place 1
Middle School Playground 1
Dan's Stock Lounge 1
Deep Blue Marine 1
Sierra Gold Corporation 1
The BALLS in YOUR court! 41
Cisco's Stock F ily 3
Pick your biggest OTCBB or Pinky Sc of the Century 2
Alcatel-Lucent ADS 1
Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc. 15
Dump The Pump 2
SEC Charges Eleven in Stock Manipulation Ring - More to come? 1
PharmaCom BioVet Inc. 11
Rants and Raves 62
Live, Saturday Night... 18
Roach's Hangout 3 Support Forum 2
Zenergy International Inc. 2
Endeavor Power Corp 2
GLUV Corp. B.O.D. 8
tracking current stock promotions 2
Reverse Split Round Up Share Plays 56
Moderate erica 7
Reverse Splits 2
BreakingNews 12
Stock Spot 7
Itronics, Inc, 2
Neighborhood Pics 1
Social Media Ventures Inc. 5
Collegiate Sports 169
$ Junior Mining $ 1
Placer Gold Corp. 14
Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You 5
Cowboys and Cowgirls 41
Praebius Communications, Inc 1
StockSurgeons Green Gains 3
Banneker Inc. 4
Diggler's House 15
Good Life China Corporation 1
woofer's room 39
"House of Pinchers" 3
The Lounge 9
The Question and Answer Board 12
Penny Stock Talk 4
CEOs of Sc Companies 5
Charts are Coooool 3
Global Marine, Ltd 8
Rocky Mountain Energy Corp 1
Frank''s Tea Party Revolt 1
Trumps OTC Casino 3
Seaway Valley Capital Corporation Inc. 7
The Di ond Group 3
Premiere Publishing Group Inc. 7
Extreme Stock Charts 5
Ifinix Corporation 2
Marketing Acquisition Corp. 2
PennyRunners (PennyBoom) 2
The 2% club 9 , Inc. 1
Billionaire Players Club 1
Drake Gold Resources Corp. 1
Complete Care Medical, Inc. 2
MicroHoldings US, Inc 1
Momentum Players 1
Continental Prison Systems, Inc 10
Xechem International Inc. 2
The White Rhino's Investment Group 1
Brokers Restricting Online Trading 1
One Step Ahead 1
CMKM Di onds Inc.(fka CMKX) 1
exposingliars com

Spokane, WA

#19 Apr 28, 2010
Wow thats quite a bit of stalking you have been doing, lets summarize...yu went to every site people post on ? BIG FREAKING DEAL IDIOT. What about the content you moron. people post on the internet AMAZING WOW WHAT A REVELATION.


Hey you f coward ...did you ever think any of that was DEFENDING ONE'S SELF FROM VICIOUS LIES AND ATTACKS? Like posting on this pos site ...we are only here because you post LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. Hey Dan Graves GO F YOURSELF . I AM SICK OF YOU AND YOUR BULLSHIT.
Allison in Texas

Cedar Park, TX

#20 Apr 28, 2010
Dan, you need medication. Seriously. Last time you were posting here, you said you had a book coming out at Border's. The Border's ceo say otherwise and said you were fabricating that story. ANOTHER LIE.

I've been a member on a financial website called Investor's Hub for 7 years and have made a total of just over 7k posts out of 50MM for the entire site. Big Deal!

So now you have added STALKER to your list!

Holy smoke, I even posted on American Idol!! You most likely think that's a scam as well, no?

I never worked for Darrell, never worked for Wilf, never worked with Tina Marie, NEVER Pumped and dumped any stock, EVER. NEVER taken any money, stock, candy, or whatever to post about any stock ever.

I swear you get more delusional on a day by day basis.

And you still can not spell.
exposingliars com

Spokane, WA

#21 Apr 28, 2010
You want some of me ?... Sue me ... OTHERWISE. STFU
exposingliars com

Spokane, WA

#22 Apr 28, 2010
I would love to see your backwoods hillbilly redneck green teeth illiterate stupid ass in court. lets do this. I got nothing to hide NOTHING.

Washington, DC

#23 Apr 28, 2010
Allison in Texas

Order a copy of


Have them Check Books-in-print as a reference.

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