Pit bull attacks dog in Milford; owne...

Pit bull attacks dog in Milford; owner turns dog over to Humane...

There are 32 comments on the Hometown Life story from Dec 6, 2006, titled Pit bull attacks dog in Milford; owner turns dog over to Humane.... In it, Hometown Life reports that:

A pit bull owned by a Milford resident was expected to be voluntarily turned over to the Michigan Humane Society this week after it reportedly attacked a Husky that was walking with its owners last Saturday.

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timothy nicholson

Colorado Springs, CO

#21 Feb 20, 2008
dalmations and chiuauas have biten more people then pits , i have one and a german sheppard , best dogs in the world the are family protective , my kids can wrestle with him and he is fine ,but let somebody attack my kids ,and thier arm will be gone ,people that dont understand the breed ,are just that , people are dumb any way

Livonia, MI

#22 Feb 22, 2008
I believe this industry is out of control. 5 times in last 3 years I or one of my family have been attacked by 2 pitbulls (seperate owners) who do not train or attempt to control their dog except to fence them. When they get loose their basic nature comes forth and its not pretty to see. Yes, with Proper Care, and diligence they can be managed. But there are too many who do not and too many bred in puppy mills are are basically worthless. Comparing a breed of dog to a race of humans is sensationalizing. There is a definite problem and innocent people are being hurt/killed for the indulgence of others. And yes, I have also been attacked by German Shepards, a Dobermans, a French Poodle, and a Cockapoo in my 47 years. But never have I seen the likes of this recent rise in pit bull attacks.

United States

#23 Feb 26, 2008
My brother was attacked by our very own pit bull when he was about 8 years old and his throat was ripped open receiving well over 100 stitches and lucky to be alive.

Farmington, MI

#24 Mar 3, 2008
jaydizzy wrote:
i think all you people that hate the breed of pitbull are all stupid peices of crap that no much of nothing. people that hate the breed have never been around a well trained,socialized,and behaived pitbull. and if you say you have you are a lier because you would have loved the dog.PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED.
you should go back to school jethro! take reading and writing a bit more seriously! all the people on here arent "liers" you probably are drawn to pitbulls because of their "badass" reputation. thats what the majority of pitbull owners are looking for when they get a pitbull. me? I own a couple of cats, and if i do get a dog, I can promise you all I wont just pick a dog because of how tough he or she is. thats stupid and thats why alot off innocent people have been attacked, mauled or even killed.
when I read a newspaper, i dont read how this dalmation ate half a baby, or a chihuahua jumped a fence and mauled the elderly neighbor lady next door.
thats just my opinion and i'm quite sure that I'm going to get gangraped for this, by the pitbull loving front.

Penrose, CO

#25 Sep 23, 2008
my husband and i have a pitbull kennel and we have 7 pitbulls and we also have a 7 year old son.well the way i feel is everybody is entitled to their own opinion,i believe before anyone goes either way on the subject they should have either owned a pit or been around them and gotten to know the breed and also read up on all of the literture available.i don't claim to know every little detail about the breed but i do know that this breed is very loyale and are big on pleasing people.com mon sense is a must with pitbulls and always keep an eye on your dog reguardless if their around children or other dogs.it's not just the pitbulls that attack,infact they rank very high on the temperment test.
sheldon from milford

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#26 Sep 29, 2008
Angelle wrote:
Pitties and Staffies are only as mean as the people that own them, most of them are also much smarter than their owners.
Judge the deed, not the breed.
You're more likely to be bitten by a lab. or a retreiver than a pit bull.

its true its the deed not the breed , the problem is in todays world being a thug is cool and tv and music vidios show theses dogs as thugish , hence alot of young dumb thugs owns theses dogs and not know how to train them, i feel sorry for folks who truly love theses breeds and know how to train them becuase the often get put in the pile with thugs who try to look cool owning theses dogs
sheldon from milford

Hanoi, Vietnam

#27 Sep 29, 2008
Amanda Green wrote:
First of all, I am really proud of these 5th and 6th graders who are taking it upon themselves to do some research before making their opinions known. Some of you adults should take notes!
Secondly, I myself am owned by 3 pit bulls and 1 blue heeler. One of the pits is a TDU registered Theraphy dog and all of them are AKC Good Citizens. Each dog has a unique personality. People who say that when one pit does something really bad should generate the banning of all pit bulls. That is like saying since Hitler was a bad German, we should punish all Germans for his bad choices and insanity. Come on people! Give the well-behaved dogs and their owners a chance. Banning one breed leads to the eventual banning of all breeds!

hitler wasnt german he was from austria

Milford, MI

#28 Nov 4, 2008
uhh uhh yall heffas is trippin.
i own pitt bulls and yes the dogs are bred for fighting
but its all in the way you train them and if you knew; their very compassionate and like to please their owners
thats like saying a child is bad nahh they learned it from they mommas. so shut your trap nd go take care of yo animalss. uhk

Detroit, MI

#29 Aug 31, 2010
First of all, human aggression and dog aggression are two different things. Pit bulls were never bread to be aggressive towards humans. However, they were bread to be aggressive towards other dogs. While this may have been years ago, there is still a chance that a person loving pit bull will show some of this negative trait. Pit bulls are known for loving people. In fact, it is said that pit bulls make horrible guard dogs due to their people loving nature. They were even nicknamed the nanny dog because of there sweet disposition with children. When a pit bull shows unnesseccary aggression towards a human, there is a problem. Perhaps it is is imbreeding or irresponsible ownership that is the culprit. The reason so many pit bulls have problems is that the people who own them treat them like a piece of property and not like one of the family. I am quite sure that if you were tied to a tree, only to have interaction with other people once a week you would have issues as well. I am a proud pit bull owner and unlike many ignorant people, I took the time to research before adding my dog to the family.
owners liability

Ada, MI

#30 Oct 18, 2010
The only thing that should change is stricter regulation on WHO is adopting, training and raising these dogs! Any dog has the capability of being TRAINED to KILL or ATTACK! You should have to have a special license to own a pit bull, for any dog for that matter. That is not for punishment to the animal, that is for the dogs protection against whomever takes it home! 9 times out of 10, it is the OWNERS who are at fault in these attacks, NOT THE DOGS! So just like you can't stop stupid people from breeding, you can't stop the same stupid people from adopting a dog!!


Naugatuck, CT

#31 Nov 10, 2010
julius Glinter wrote:
Of any breed that should be regulated is pit-bulls. It's the only dog that was breeded for fighting. We own a rottelier, and while it has a horrible reputation, in Germany in the 1800's, it was used for catlle herding. They are easy to train.And are great in obiedence trials.
ACTUALLY DOLL THE PITBULL TERRIER IS NOT THE ONLY BREED BRED FOR FIGHTING SOME OTHER INCLUDE THE BULL TERRIER THE AMERICAN BULL DOG, THE ENGLISH BULL DOG. YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH CONCIDERING YOU DONT EVEN OWN ONE. HERE A LITTLE HISTORY FOR YOU:The dog was bred first to bait bulls and bears.[3] When baiting bulls was deemed inhumane, ratting, a sport where a number of rats were placed in a pit for a specified time with the dog, and dog fighting became more popular. The APBT was used in both sports, and its prevalence in being put in pits with rats led to 'pit' being added to its name.[4] With time, the dogs became more commonly used as house pets due to their friendliness towards people.[5] In America, farmers and ranchers used their APBTs for protection, as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, and to drive livestock.[6] The dog was used during World War I and World War II as a way of delivering messages on the battlefield.THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA

New York, NY

#32 Sep 8, 2011
julius Glinter wrote:
Of any breed that should be regulated is pit-bulls. It's the only dog that was breeded for fighting. We own a rottelier, and while it has a horrible reputation, in Germany in the 1800's, it was used for catlle herding. They are easy to train.And are great in obiedence trials.
Are you just being ignorant because you donít know how to research? Pit bulls were mainly bred for combat which in return because the battles were over and boredom they turned to the pit for rat competition. The PIT of pit-bull came from throwing multiple amounts of rats in a pit and seeing how many the dogs could get before the time ran out. It was only then that they acquired the sport got old and they took a book out of the Roman page through them in the ring against each other. Humans destroyed this breed and it is up to humans to turn them around. The problem is like then we have thugs and hoodlums that continue to fight them for sport and money. We need to charge the crimes against humanity before banning a breed that dates back to 200 AD (look it up)

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