Hello everyone.
I like the topics about salary. I would like double salary. I will not mentionnames, but you can image the persons:
- Okland Road Commissions : how many retired people are seating on board of directors collecting reatirement and also +$ 80000 post salary, health care, benefits etc. They do any work?
- Lansing - how many retaired people work in Lansing - republicans, democrats. They collect double salry for doing nothing. Anyone is controling this?
Double mint - double pleasure.
Why they make so much?$ 75000 per year. For what?
Even they can't vote on the budget, but they collect the salary. My sugestion:
- fire everyone form Lansing including Granholm
- hire people who will represent us - people
- no retires should be elected
- cut the salary to Average Michigan Salary
- any governor should not make more than 2.5 times more than average salary of State Michigan
- every legisletaure, senator, represenative should drive American cars only. you represent the US people.
- no leases will be covered by State or 3th party.
- health insurance will be this same for everyone in State of Michigan. Everyone is this same.
- no political cotribution allow. You run own platform.
What is your opinion USA citizens?
Let men know. Mark