Anyone Know Evangilist David Fountain ?


#92 Mar 22, 2010
Bring Down Fraud

Glasgow, KY

#93 Mar 22, 2010
Hey, it is pretty simple. The David Fountain we are talking about on this topix is pictured at:

Glasgow, KY

#96 Mar 22, 2010
This is simply, the David this forum is talking about is pictured with Karen at:
Worth a thousand words

Glasgow, KY

#97 Mar 22, 2010
This is a simple solution, the David this forum is talking about is pictured with Karen at:
I too am concerned

Helotes, TX

#98 Mar 22, 2010
To Trevor,
One of the links you posted is the same person that the others are discussing. The first one under flickr is not.

Weatherford, TX

#99 Mar 22, 2010 ... ...
The above TWO links are CONIRMED PERSONALLY to be them!!! Its so tear provoking and HEART WRENCHING to see the souls he is reaching but how many will be crushed and destroyed in thier path of self gratification. I cant stand it, I really loved them so much.
David Fountain CON

Monterey, TN

#101 Apr 11, 2010
The con artist features in the earliest literature and the oral traditions that preceded it. Odysseus is one of the first con men whose exploits were actually written down (for sneaking into Troy or slipping past the Cyclops with cunning ruses). In his book, The Fabulous True Story of the World's Greatest Confidence Artist, Richard Rayner explains "There is no folk heroes more 'all American' than con artists. Though we may openly condemn them, deep down we can't help but admire their shrewd understanding of how to pull off a scam.
The successful con artist is generally suave, smooth, smart, accomplished and sophisticated. He doesn't have to resort to violence like a gangster. Con artists consider themselves to be the princes of the criminal fraternity - a cut above the other criminals on the street. In fact, he does not consider himself to be a criminal at all.
Confidence is the key for the successful con man, because once you gain people's confidence, you can manipulate them. In con artist's jargon that person becomes a mark, also known as a dupe.
It takes a special kind of person to be a con man. It certainly isn't for everyone. It takes an even more unusual person who can take money from an establishment without a twinge of conscience or a moment's hesitation or to con an elderly citizen out of her life savings. To psychiatrists, this kind of person is known as a sociopath.
A successful con artist needs to be missing some psychological attributes that the rest of us take for granted. Conscience is top of the list. There is no room for recriminations when ripping off a casino for example. He absolves himself of any responsibility for crimes committed. The con artist's mantra is "they had it coming". In other words, it serves them right. Many actually convince themselves that it's the person/establishment's fault that they got ripped off. If they hadn't been so stupid then they would still be in possession of their money.
The con artist firmly believes that the world is divided into two: Those who are gullible and those who are clever enough to take advantage of a given situation. The con man thinks this is the natural order of things, the way of the world. This is how he rationalises away any twinges of conscience he may feel about vulnerable marks.
Another characteristic of a con man is that he believes that everyone else in the world is as amoral as himself; it's just that they pretend to have morals and he doesn't. The con artist's second mantra is "do to them before they do to you". He has no interest in forming meaningful relationships or friendships as these are likely to compromise his work.
"Hard work is for fools" is the con artists third mantra.
Why should he sweat and slave like some ordinary person when he could be living it up on easy street? Why pay taxes when you could be your own boss, raking in the cash and living the high life? Ironically a good con artist displays many of the virtues he affects to despise because a successful con requires hard work as well as gift, as we shall see in Mark's case.
Finally, the best con artists genuinely love what they do. Proving that you are smarter, sharper and faster than the other guy gives the con man a thrill and provides quite a rush. Pulling a scam is like playing a game - winning that game affirms the con artist's self image as someone who is a cut above the rest of the pack.
Gods chosen

Benton, KY

#102 Apr 27, 2010
TheManFromArkansas wrote:
anyone know this guy?
Yes i know him
Gods chosen

Benton, KY

#103 Apr 27, 2010
fayehooker wrote:
I leased a piece of propety to him, know him very well. I finally had him evicted. If you are about to "donate" to any of his causes I strongly suggest you do a criminal background check. It is public information. Ask for information about his prison sentence in Rhea County TN. I will not judge him or his wife Karen, but will be glad to pass on any public records that I have, to keep other people from being mis-used
Oh well where should i start mrs.Hooker why don't you tell everyone of how your life is and what a child molestor huband or ex husband you was married are wanting to down Mr.Fountain but you have skeltons in your closet to and i also heard that your niece burned the house down cause she was supposely cooking chicken nuggets and forgot about them how many people forgets that they have food cooking on stove not many and lets all put on here about how you did evict them and kelp there stuff and they didn't get it you ain't all that and my daughther in law isn't the only one your ex husband has messed with so why don't you leave the fountain family along
Gods chosen

Benton, KY

#104 Apr 27, 2010
anon wrote:
I had some buisness dealings with him 2004-2005 in Milan. He uses members of his "church" to buy whatever in their names. I recall him saying he had built up churches in Texas and Arkansas. He did not fulfil contracts for services he made while in Milan, Do not trust him.
Well i will be the first to let you know he has nothing in my name.and i went to his church for a long time.
Gods chosen

Benton, KY

#105 Apr 27, 2010
Where has our christian values went? Instead of talking bad about this man why don't you do as God would of done and pray for this man.You know we all have wrong doings but we are not all on here.I helped david and karen out in there Waterstone camp also. He has helped alot of people with alot of stuff.The first thing when he has preached he hasn't kept any money i have seen this done in a church in Greenfield,tn where he had revival services held for 2 or three weeks.i will again with some of the other comments that has been added yes he may have done people wrong but we have to forgive just like God forgives us.But Karen she can be a something else.the things i have seen is a little ackward but i will say one thing he sure has teached his step children how to work that is for sure.he has helped many families in the gibson county let's all just pray for him and his current siuation instead why are we down him because i sure there is other people who need to sweep out from there own door steps.but if you want to know the truth we should get some other people voice of opinions like tony and connie brown,the hutchinson's, tina nieves and other people who has followed him.i know for a fact that he has helped other people in other towns as well.I do know he knows how to preach the word but don't go by the or live by what he preaches so let's just give it to the Lord.David if you are every on here and read this i would love to hear from you and i love you and your family and especially your mother she is the greatest so all these people would love to hear from you.take care David

Canyon Lake, TX

#106 May 1, 2010
The Fire River page is gone, at least as far as I can tell. THIS is the David Fountain I think we are all talking about...

He is a con-man and a fraud. As far as "praying" for him, I've already done that. And now I pray that one day he will return to south Texas and make restitution to all those he took for a ride while he was here. To God's Chosen... I suggest you go "loan" him a few thousand dollars with his promise to repay you in a couple of months, and then when you don't get it, and he starts dodging your phone calls, letters, and e-mails, we can talk again.

United States

#107 May 7, 2010
David Fountain cons churches so that they will just pray for him and not turn him in to the authorities. That is why he targets them. God gave us the law here on earth to help us. Should we just let murderers go and say, "Oh, well, that was yesterday (in the past, ya know) so I'm just going to pray for them and go on." No, we would never do that. If we knew or saw a murderer, we would get together and make sure they were caught so they couldn't murder others.
"Brother" Fountain and Karen kill people financially, spiritually, and emotionally. We can't let him get away with this!
future rev

United States

#108 May 14, 2010
I think I will get into the preaching business, you people are so easy. No wonder Religious groups make so much money and control the world.
Must be very easy to brain wash people, and get their money.
Wish me luck.
just another one

Hermitage, TN

#109 May 22, 2010
I am not trying to hurt anyone so I won't go into any details, but several years ago my family was also victums of the Fountain family. This occured in Milan Tn. My daughter was still a minor at the time and had went down the wrong path with drugs. David had approached me and said he could help. Well needless to say I too was taken in because I felt hopeless. I think he preys on this type. It was not too awfully harmful finiacally but left us questioning who we can trust that says they work for the Lord. Just beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. God forgive me if I am doing something wrong by posting this but people need to know.
miss lady

Kingston, TN

#110 May 24, 2010
This man is a thief! Also it is one thing to be a thief, look like a thief, and act like a thief. It is a totally different thing to act like a preacher and this man that is so holy and to rob people in the same breath! You do not use the Lord to your personal, dishonest gain!
miss lady

United States

#111 May 24, 2010
O.k. I changed my mind, I love the guy he does no wrong. I think he is the greatest preacher that ever lived.
I wish he would come back around, so I could give him some more money, I just love him.
miss lady

Kingston, TN

#112 May 25, 2010
I have no idea why someone would want to act like me and speak on my behalf but I have always thought and will never change my mind about David Fountain being a liar and a cheater! And his wife is a bitch! The kids are sweet and its sad they have such dishonest parents! Fuck you person who wants to change my words around!
corpus christi

Sinton, TX

#113 Jun 19, 2010
I've heard that David is very very sick and needs help. Has anyone else heard what is wrong with him and how he is doing?
Property Owner

Round Rock, TX

#114 Aug 3, 2010
fayehooker wrote:
I leased a piece of propety to him, know him very well. I finally had him evicted. If you are about to "donate" to any of his causes I strongly suggest you do a criminal background check. It is public information. Ask for information about his prison sentence in Rhea County TN. I will not judge him or his wife Karen, but will be glad to pass on any public records that I have, to keep other people from being mis-used
Please send information to before we lease to him

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