Police in Midway, Ga. order lemonade ...

Police in Midway, Ga. order lemonade stand closed

There are 7 comments on the WTOC-TV Savannah story from Jul 15, 2011, titled Police in Midway, Ga. order lemonade stand closed. In it, WTOC-TV Savannah reports that:

Midway police have shut down a lemonade stand run by three girls, saying the stand lacked a business license and required permits.

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David Chamberland

East Freetown, MA

#1 Jul 15, 2011
So happy you got those desperados,hapiness comes to Midway after the capture of the Lemonade Gang.
And yes this is sarcasm.What a sad state of affairs if that what the police are used for.

Savannah, GA

#2 Jul 15, 2011
It puts my mind at ease that the police in Midway GA have closed down these underage lemonadge sellers in that town. I will remember not to drive through this area on my next trip to Florida. I do feel so sorry for the Police in that area that they are working so long and hard to capture this type of outlaw.

Macon, GA

#3 Jul 15, 2011
Wow...Gomer and Barney got to the bottom of what was hurting the grocery store profits!???
Once a joke...always a joke, and I am talking of the jokes the good people of Midway call police!
You should be ashamed...go get a real job! Ooops..private sector wouldn't have you!

Shreveport, LA

#4 Jul 15, 2011
This little two horse burg has 1100 people in it, which I'm sure most are related to each other. Are you telling me that these people didn't know that this ordinance was being proposed and didn't do anything to stop it. It's not the mayor. It's not the chief of police, and this town must have a shortage or real men to have elected a woman, and in Georgia? is a slap in the face of all real men, and it's not the police, all three of them who were just doing their job. It's the people of that town who ought to be horse whipped for being such sissies that they forgot how they did such things. These little girls were doing what they BELIEVED was their right, and it was because they were FREE to make money if they wanted.

The people who allowed this ordinance to remain on the books, or to even be passed by the city council are the ones who need to be punished, and punished severly for what they have done. These stupid people do not know what serious damage they have done to these future American's. I would suppose that these people of Midway are all liberals. And how I know is that this city has not made the news for removing this ordinance and firing the city councilman for coming up with this law. Or maybe it's not a man who came up with this law, but a woman who is to paranoid to be in any official position of authority. "What it was made of", "How it was made", "Who made it" are the worries of these townspeople? Have any of them ever made lemonade on their own for their family members? EVER? It's because apparently no one in this town had ever made lemonade before in their lives, or the people who passed this ordinance had never made lemonade and took no advice as to that affect. No one told them that passing a ordinance like this was stupid because all they had to do was go to the local grocery store and buy ready made lemonade mix and pour ice water in a couple of spoonfuls of it in a glass and that's it. Had the Chief of Police ever made lemonade before in her cropped hair life? I guess not.

I'll make sure to not ever drive through Midway, Georgia on my way to a real city or town, because this town is obviously far to paranoid of a town to allow anyone to drive through or stop. How do the Midway citizens know that this person outside the town doesn't have some horrible disease that could be spread by their using the handle in the gas pump at the gas station? How do they know these outsiders aren't carrying some nerve gas that they would spray from some device they're hanging out the window of their car as they drive down the street? How do the owners of the little resturant down town that rolls up it's sidewalks at six o'clock know that the couple sitting in the corner aren't planning on spreading some kind of riot or civil disorder and possibly spreading some rumors about the Chief of Police, or the Mayor, or the dog catcher. There's no telling what the danger that could be lurking in every shadow in this little burg that even store bought lemonade is suspect of being poison without checking it out first. I think that the Chief of Police should have made the little girls drink some of it first to see if it's safe before allowing them to sell it.

No, all this is was a huge money making scam that this obvious bankrupt town needed to keep the town fathers heads above water. What was the matter the local stils needed some mash they couldn't afford to buy? Or maybe the local donut shop needed some fresh doe they were out of? What? Talk about a perfect town for Muslims to start moving into, and to take over in no time at all. I'll bet if these kids were Black or Muslim they wouldn't need any kind of license for anything.

Shreveport, LA

#5 Jul 15, 2011
This says alot about America in that liberal paranoia is so perverse that it creeps into every corner of this nation no matter how small a town or remote the area of a state cannot escape liberalism's tenticle of hate and resentment of freedom and liberty. And this town prides itself for being in a county called "Liberty"? What an insult to name this county after something so precious to American's that it's everyone's responsibility to protect it and preserve it for future generations. But this town has blown it for their future generations by the passage of such a city ordinance to restrict the selling of something as simple as homemade lemonade. Typical liberalism. It's hatred of capitalism and the freedom that it is driven by can be snuffed out by a simple city ordinance.

I heard today about it that this spells doom for schools who want to make some money they aren't getting from the state or the government for whatever they may need. But let's say that the football team wants to get all the football teams uniforms washed professionally so they look new for the upcoming playoffs for state. Let's just say that hypothetically this is something the school just doesn't have the money to pay for. How would they make money now? They can't sell cakes or cookies because it would be worse to check out how cakes and cookies were made. It's pretty simple to check out lemonade, but cookie dough? Anything could be in there. So that's out of the question. What else? Maybe they could have a rumage sale. But the IRS would concider that to be earned income and audit the school if they didn't send in a check it they didn't charge city, state, and Federal tax on all sales. Also, the school would have to have a business license to sell things second hand amounting more than a hundred dollars.

This is liberalism. It is death to freedom and liberty. I strongly suggest that Midway be carved out of the county because there is no liberty in Midway. Then that way Midway could pass any anti-liberty ordinance they wanted until they ran everyone off. What number of people does it take for a town to remain a town? Can one family become a chartered town? What does it take to become a town? I really don't know, but now that liberalism has creeped into some of our smallest towns, it may behove American's to look into creating their own towns in order to avoid having to obey liberalism's rules and laws. They could exclude themselves from ObamaCare and Cap and Trade, and they could run enviromentalists out of town if they came to check out your lemonade stands to see if they are using approved water.

Augusta, GA

#6 Jul 16, 2011
That is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Now we are saying that little kids can't show any initiative to try an obtain a goal. Anyone that buys a lemonaid from a child already knows that it's made with city tap water and the kids may or may not have washed their hands. So what. It's ridiculous! In Texas recently they stopped a local ministry from handing out hot meals to homeless people because of permits. So now Americans can no longer help another human being in need for fear of gov't. reprisals. Do you see a pattern here people? There should be outrage. Things are just getting too out of hand and common sense is no where to be found. If I had any money to give these kids I certainly would, but my family is struggling like everyone elses. The chief of police needs to get come down from her ideological perch bound by ridiculous laws and apply logic and reason to her position.

United States

#7 Jul 17, 2011
The revenue officers have spoken: give us our cut, or you won't get yours.

"He has...sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance." - Charge against King George.

To serve and to protect...the city budget.

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