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James Brown Investment Services

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Samantha Washington

Montgomery, AL

#1 Sep 20, 2006
Concerning the situation with James E Brown Jr and his company I would like to say that James is not the type of person to rob or steal (like some of the journalists have mentioned) if anything he was giving and willing to share with anyone in need. I am in shock that he would even be considered to be fake considering the fact he was building his empire for the people. I would honestly like to speak to the people who reportedly complained to the FBI and other officials...there was never a time where James couldn't deliver any amoumt a client requested to be cashed out. This is all about speculation and you know how it is once the rumor mill starts going. People honestly dont want to believe that a young, black man like himself was doing that good for himself. Its really sad and devastating.
Money owed

Johnson City, TN

#2 Sep 25, 2006
I invested money and only got half back. That was back in Jan. I told him that I was going to the police if he did not pay. Then he paid what I out in 4 months later. I never turned him in, but I told him that if he did not pay people like he did me he was going to crash. Sometimes people do not listen when they are warned and what goes around comes around. I hope he do not get any time and that God work a miracle. Because I forgive him for what I went thru ring to just get my money back. He also said when he gave my money I put in. He said to call him to get the rest that was owed to me. He never returned my calls. So if he did me like that just amagine if it was a total stranger. And we are family.
Old friend

Petersburg, VA

#3 Oct 9, 2006
James has a good heart. I am disappointed in the outcome of these events so far but I will say that he certainly has served as an inspiration to me. Whether he did wrong or not he gave me courage and helped my belief system, both indirectly, because most people (especially black men our age) won't think outside the lies of the system as far as goto school, get a good education, to get a good job, to make good money and be average all your life - broke, busted, disgusted and can't be trusted. You might get you a "good" job but you are a slave and get in debt trying to get lil things you want so you can be comfortable and look good and smell good but lets be real... most people in fact suffer from broke-itis. Yet they won't think outside the box on how to get wealthy. Outside of god, you family, and your health, WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GETTING WEALTHY??? But most people dont believe that they can achieve anything b/c they are lazy or they get caught up in the system in the rat race on the treadmill of life. James (again, whether he did wrong or not) thought like the 3% of society and he got rich which inspired me because I thought, "if he can make that kind of money, I know I can" - in my business endeavors. The sky is the limit if you change your thinking to that of wealth. To see one of my boys to do that is an inspiration
Prison Boyfriend

Atlanta, GA

#4 Jan 2, 2007
I would love to have his client list, sounds like these people would fall for anything.
How could anyone think this kid could make them ANY money. Diamond bracelets, gold chains, a grille, sports cars, leisure suits....and noone saw the signs? Oh that's right, every young black succesful kid has to have a grille, haha.

Midlothian, VA

#5 Jan 15, 2007
I am reviewing the other events listed before I get ready to give the forum a earful.... Lets face it guys the boy is from an angel and the flood gates of heaven will shit the doors on a"Thief".. and nothing but one till death due us part...
My husband is a average working Repspectful, Law abiding, rewarding father, hisband, and a thousand other things, and the day the devil took our money was the day that we were going to live or die and may the judge find destiny in devistation. I dont know where in the world someone can actually say that he was building a empire" thats a load of crap and he was stealing honest fokes money and my son that is 15 months has a brain condition called hydocephalleus and a pulomonary flow murmur, and my oldest son needs surgery as sson as possible for a male problem after birth-- or this could lead to testicular cancer.
THIS IS THE REASON WE VESTED WITH HIM.. and as long as I have a breath in my body the articles i am writing wont stop! he robbed my children from approproate medical care that only high dollars can buy, by april 2nd we would have had over the million dollar mark..
so anyone who things otherwise that the boy is a upperclass model citizen, please retrack those comments and think how his ruthless actions affected my childrens lives.
ROB or STEAL> the boy did just that to people who may roughly 25,000.00 and have to many assets to be on medicad and foot stamps. we are a two car family so this is a no go.
THIS is not rumour this is fact! Our plans to were to have high dollar doctors that only that kind of money can get, more money more care..
give me proof that i am wrong...... old fashioned saying "show me a sign" well do it. and lets talk over a 25.00 cup of coffee and ill share my story and if you want to know the truth: march 12th... im counting down the days
i love you James

Philadelphia, PA

#6 Jan 29, 2007
its funny how when everything was going good nobody had anything to say, because it was quick money, but as soon as he was accused of something everybody turned their back on him without knowing all the facts. we as black people should know how the media portrays us. they made up their mind that he was guilty before the facts came out. anybody that was an investor should know that he had other businesses that were generating money, such as realty, YBM (which by the way gave this radio station money and they was so quick to turn their backs on him & talk sh&* on him), a car lot which is the reason he had so many cars. these are just a few. but once the Feds got involved n the media went wild it was no chance4 him. he never tried 2con anybody out of any money. all he wanted was for black people to be able 2come up with him.

as for Koconut's comment, why would u give all of your money to a stranger when with an investment you know you take chances.sorry about your kids but u wanna talk about God, what about forgiveness. you talk about the truth but you have no idea, you call him the devil but you know nothing about him or his intentions. he never tried to hurt anybody. if he was trying to hide something why would he be working out the Sheridan, if he was trying to steal people's money he would have left a long time ago. people are so quick to talk about the bad he did what about the churches he donated to, what about the different funds he donated to? what about the kids he tried to enlighten? nobody wants to talk about that
Weather or not

Cranston, RI

#7 Mar 7, 2007
Dude was legit or not,
he has lost out by going about business in the wrong manner. My wife went against my wishes and invested money with this man (and she had a long talking to about that) and now we are scrambling to reschedule our business ideas and payments to get our shit off the ground when I had already had money coming in order to invest in my own ideas.
In short, the Ponzi scam didnt work, he owes people 10s of G's and frankly I dont think I would charge half of what he owes my family to break a kneecap or two...
Stick by this

Cranston, RI

#8 Mar 7, 2007
Mad Investor

United States

#9 Mar 30, 2007
I am not taking up for this man for the simple fact is, he took people's money and did good things for himself. I was looking forward to making some extra money, and to be comfortable the rest of my life, even tho my husband and I are doing fairly well. I thought wow, what a good opportunity, we can send our two children to college, and finish fixing our house up the way that we want it. I don't really hate him, I feel for him going to prison. Any fool that can do the crime need to do the time. The jail is so full of people that didn't mean to hurt anyone, but did and regret being caved up like an animal. The price has to be paid. I just want my money back that I invested. I pray for him, and hope that if his time is reduced that he learn something out of life, and don't use God for protection if he is doing bad things.

Richmond, VA

#10 Apr 6, 2007
I think that Mr. Brown as well as his investor are both at fault here....first of all Mr. Brown took a bad ideal(Ponzi Investment Scheme) and used it to make millions. As for the investors....why would you invest in ANYTHIG without doing your research first. I was approached by some family and friends that were investing and was giving the details on what they were getting into. As for me, i research anything that i'm going to put my hard earn dollar into...so i begin to look into, i mean if it was that easy to make money why wasn't more people doing it. After doing some research, i came to the conclusion that no investment can gurantee a double on your return and this had to be a scam so where. Although i do believe Mr. Brown may have had some good intentions...he just picked the wrong ideal to make his millions off. As for the investor...you only have yourself to blame...it is what it is...and investment....which was gamble and you lost.
Almost Investor

Midlothian, VA

#11 Apr 20, 2007
How can he sleep at night?
How could he

Chesapeake, VA

#12 May 6, 2007
Mr. Brown knew what he was doing, there is not an excuse for what he did to people. I believe that not only him, but his employees should have some time to do also. I am sure they all had something to share with the FBI. They knew when we were coming up there handing over the money that somthing was not right. Mr. Brown knew that he was spending money that was not his, you cannot convince me that he did not know that the money that he was buying all of those cars with was not his to spend. Talk about doing good..heck it is easy to do good with someone else money. That is all he was doing giving away money that he did not have to work for, easy to do. I am one that did not lose any money, I made money and had dreams of reaching the M mark this year. When I heard the news I was in totally denial, I did not want to believe it. Not only my dreams, but dreams for my family. People can say whatever they want to say, "how could you believe it, "why invest your 401k" and "why did you get a loan" because he promised to double your money if you had received a check then you were more than ready to believe this young man was doing the right thing. What a let down this has been to me and many others. I hope that people will get their money that they invested. He probably does not even realize what he has done to families. Tell me what did he do that was so good. MR. BROWN GAVE AWAY OTHER PEOPLE MONEY, IT WAS NOT HIS MONEY. HE GAVE TO CHARTIES, NOT HIS MONEY. RADIO STATIONS, TALKING ABOUT BUILDING A HOUSE IN TRINDAD, NOT HIS MONEY. Who benefited the most..his employees. He was going to have a car lot, with other people money. His friends does not realize YET that Brown did not have any money. Inspite of all of this, he is still someone's son,and I do believe that God was merciful with him in the time he did receive. Son, listen to the intructions of God's wisdom from you mother.

Glen Allen, VA

#13 May 20, 2007
I have no sympathy for any of the people swindled by this young man. Before an investment of any sort is made, research needs to be done. If people are too ignorant to investigate where they throw their money its their own damn fault. Its no such thing as a get rich quick scheme, idiots! He was wrong but he had enough jackasses to pull it off. As James Thurber once said "you can fool too many of the people too much of the time"! He was right!
lil man

Hampton, VA

#14 Jul 24, 2007
His ass got what he deserved. You don't play with people money like dat, he lucky the police caught his ass instead of somebody in the streets.


#17 Aug 10, 2007
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Haven Charles

United States

#18 Aug 27, 2007
Sorry for those who lost

United States

#19 Aug 27, 2007
Man, first I would like to say to the Brother James Brown Jr, "SHIT WAS ALL GOOD JUST A WEEK AGO". Second to the people who lost in this scam or whatever you want to call it "WISHFUL THINKING" Sorry for your lost. But if someone could do that with money dont you know it will be a lot a rich mother F*&^#$@'s running around here on this earth. Cant nobody flip money like that hell I know NBA players who cant get money flipped by big city drug dealers not small ass Richmond dealers and promise to get your money to double in 30 days/6 weeks! Were you guys high when you went up in the Sheraton? Think about it come on people the American Dollar aint shit in a lot of countries where you can make money like that with investments and 8 million was just enough to get your foot in with foriegn investing. So just imagine if he didnt get caught up and the truth never came out hell he might be in more shit than he is now. If you never know how it feels to get rob its a bad feeling to know someone took your money and you can't get it back it makes you want to hurt something I'm shocked none of his family have not been harrassed or hurt. I think the young kid ment well we he started of his vision but the investing in places and with people you dont know nothing about is not good,

Walker, LA

#20 Oct 8, 2007
lil man wrote:
His ass got what he deserved. You don't play with people money like dat, he lucky the police caught his ass instead of somebody in the streets.

Walker, LA

#21 Oct 8, 2007

Walker, LA

#22 Oct 8, 2007

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