I just want to throw a few suggestions to people out there who may read this..

If you plan to go shopping anywhere please consider the cashiers, servers, all the people who serve YOU! I am a cashier here in Douglas. I am REQUIRED to ask my customers to buy a drive item, also remind them of our surveys. Please do not interupt the cashier mid sentence, like this "NO!" loudly like really.. i hate being interupted..
Also, please get off your cell phones. That is one of the rudest things ever. And when you throw everything on the counter and never look the person ringing you up in the eyes, and you just stand there practically shoving your oney at them like they cant see it... or telling us how to bag you stuff. Or get mad when you dont realize EBT dont pay for dog food..(i think that lady just thought if she put two cans of dog food in abunch of canned veggies i would accidentally ring it up wrong..
And LAST: CONTROL YOUR KIDS do you know how rude it is to bring your kids into a store and watch them run around like they aint got no sense? I mean really, if they break something where i work they have to pay for it. and why would you want to be that parent who dont care? I have noticed people have began to be more rude and careless here lately. How would you like to be treated like this everysingle day?
And if i have a few people in my line dont act like its the end of the world. I work as fast as i can so you will just have to wait, i usually call for back up, oh ever heard "i can take the NEXT person in line"? by all means dont run past the little old lady who should be next because you cant wait or even help her.