Headland Library to close down - no m...

Headland Library to close down - no more State funding

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Earl Leavins

Bossier City, LA

#1 Mar 27, 2013
Just saw on the TV news where the public library in Headland is set to close down on 1 May due to more budget cuts.

Reporter said the books would all be shipped to the library in Columbia and Midland City, while the librarians are going to have to relocated to Montgomery to one of the big libraries at the Capitol.

Rumor is that the building is going to then be renovated and used for Town Council meetings and City Planning meetings. Don't know if the County Commissioners will meet there also or not.

Supposedly the building will also be available for rent to non-profit organizations like the Masons, Kiwanis, and John Birch Society.

Renovations will include new carpeting, installation of a full kitchen, new roof, and finishing out some rooms that were started but never finished in the back of the library.

I hate to see the library close, it was good for us older folks and good for the kids too, to do research and stuff for school. I don't know how they can close it down. There are usually lots of folks in there during the day when I go.

I guess now we'll have to drive down to Dothan to go to one of their NEW libraries that the State somehow found money for in their budget.

Anyone else suspect that the Headland library was sacraficed and closed so Dothan could get TWO new libraries built?

This is not fair, and I will be writing to my Congress man and talking to the pastors of several local churches about this. This is censorship and nothing more than liberals burning books so that honest Americans will have no way to be informed about what is going on in America.

If you can't see this is just another step in making mindless slaves of us all, serving the government for it's own purposes. My prayers are with the Headland Public Library and America.

United States

#2 Mar 27, 2013
Who cares?

Nothing in there but old books that no one reads. They need more technology. They need a big internet cafe with free internet and free wifi.

They need to stop blocking websites just because they don't like it. They are not god and can't tell me what I can look at and what I can't. If it was illegal, it would not be allowed on the internet. They just don't like it so they block everyone else from the sites.

They need to loan out laptops and e-readers and ipods instead of old books that no one likes to read. Get some books on dvd where it's like watching a movie instead of reading boring words on a white peice of paper.

And get more anime and comics that can be downloaded and more music cds that you can sign out. They should have a full library of all the cool music that WE listen to (not Hank Williams) and then they would have lots of people come in to sign out the cds.

They should have gotten into the electronic technology stage, but they didn't and now they are being shut down for being behind the times.

Nobody reads books anymore but old people who don't know how to work a computer. Young people want digital and videos and music, not old romance novels and 'classics'. They coudl sign out video games too. But now they can't because there getting shut down for being too old fashioned and out of touch with the real world.

United States

#3 Mar 28, 2013
I hate to say it, but the Headland Public Library had become nothing but a hang out for hoodlums and meth dealers. I did not like going in there and I would not let my wife or kids go in there for that reason.

The place turned bad after they got free internet in there and it became the hangout for perverts and molesters searching the internet chat rooms for young girls.

And so much weed was being smoked in the bathrooms that more than once I thought the building was on fire. I don't know why they don't have smoke alarms or something installed in the bathrooms to stop this.

It was only a matter or time before someone got robbed or hurt or killed by the hoodlums and druggies and perverts there.

Maybe it is better that they shut the place down if they aren't going to try to clean the undesireables out of there so decent folks can go back.

United States

#4 Mar 28, 2013
The problem there did not start with installing internet computers, but that is what finally killed it.

It started when they turned away from God and started offering romance books and other smut books. These books give detailed descriptions of acts that a kid would not be allowed to watch on TV or the movies, but it's okay to sign out these books to kids, there is no rating system for books.

I don't know why the Headland mayor authorized the public library to carry these smut books. The are an abomonation to God and go against his teachings, but we are peddling them to our kids.

The library needs to get right with God and serve the public, not the porn dealers and smut peddlers who are corrupting our country and our children.

There is absolutely NO reason why you should have these kind of smut books out where kids can get them. I don't even know why any adults would want to read this perversions.

And then they got the internet, which could have been used to spread Gods word to millions across the world but is instead being used by perverts for porn and smut. And our kids get caught up in that also with the free internet access at the library. How can I, as a parent, keep an eye on what they do on the internet if they can go to the library and look at it for free? The library is taking away my rights as a parent and my responsibility to train my children up in the way of the Lord by offering this temptation of sin.

I say clean out the smut books filled with sex and killing and hate and witchcraft and devil worshipping. Clean out the books written by Hitler and Charles Manson and Christopher Awdry and other such hatemongers. Also all the Korans and Torahs and Scientology literature.

It might be budget cuts that closed their doors, but it was God that struck them down for turning their backs on him and his books of teaching and healing.

Bossier City, LA

#5 Mar 28, 2013
Exodus Chapter 32 Verse 33

And the LORD said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of my book.

- So it has been written, so it shall be done. The Lord will blot out the Headland Public Library for their sins and for the sinful books and internet that they give to our children.

There is only one book that people should be concerned with - Gods Book - Gods Holy Word - The King James Bible.

The city of Headland has turned against God and Gods Book and has chosen to worship other idols and books, now they will be blotted out just like it says in the Bible. If you don't live by the Good Book, you will die by the Good Book.
Lisa M

United States

#6 Mar 28, 2013
I pray every day for the Headland Library and for the Headland Police and the Headland Fire Deprtment and the Headland Military I pray for all the governemnt workers that are going to lose their jobs because of the politicians and liberals Who will protect us when all these jobs are cut? Who will put out the fires and shoot the criminals? Everyone needs to pray every day and very hard that our country can be saved before we are doomed like the old empires of the past Our country is in a nose dive headed straight for the ground because not enough people are lifting up their voices in prayer God will not stop this if the people do not pray for him to America will be destroyed just like in Noahs Ark because not enough people are praying for our country and our government If everyone would pray to God every hour of every day, then this country could be saved
concerned citizen

San Antonio, TX

#7 Mar 28, 2013
I never understood why you had to be so quiet in there all the time. It's not like the books have ears. I think the librarian ladies just didn't like to be woke up from their naps.

If you can have music in elavators, why can't you have some nice music playing in the library? I like to have some music playing while I read. Just because they don't like music doesn't mean they should get to make all the rules.

Plus I see them talking and laughing all the time behind the desk. But if you try to talk to someone or laugh at a joke or play a you tube video they crawl all over you about the noise.

They even loan out audio books but you can't listen to them in the library. That is like the pot calling the kettle black in my opinion. If you can't play them then why do you have them.

And boy don't let your cell phone go off when you away from your phone looking for a book. They had a fit because the ring tone only went off like 5 or 6 times before I could get to it and answer it. And then they told me to go outside to talk on it. How rude can you get? It was a very important call from a friend who needed a ride to the pharmacy to pick up their medications.

Bossier City, LA

#8 Mar 28, 2013
That property would be better used for something for the youth of Headland, like a rec room or video game place. Or maybe just a place to go hang out with your friends for a while to get away from your nosy parents.

But I'm sure the Headland po-po would be there harassing them every day, just like they do every time and every where that the youth find some place to hang out.

City wont do nothing for the youth, no place to go or nothing to do, but then they put the police on us everytime for trying to do something on our own.

Everywhere we go, the nazi cops in Headland run us off. We used to hang at the square and nobody was aruond so we weren't bothering anyone, but the cops come and run us off from there and say they'll take us to jail if we come back.

Then we started hanging out a Douglas park when there weren't no games and nobody was there to bother, but again the cops run us off and threaten to taze us and take us to jail if we come back.

So we went the the little park on the west side of town, at night when no one was around to bother, but again the cops run us off and threaten us.

Evidently these PUBLIC areas are not for young people in Headland because they keep making it illegal for us to go to them.

So we started hanging out where those buildings burned down on Church Street - which is private property. But the cops come try to run us off again. But we're going back there this weekend because it is private property and they don't have no juristiction over it like they do the public property.

And since the owner of that property is dead now, I know they aren't calling the cops on us the get us run off, so we're going to tell them to stuff it, they don't have the authority to make us leave.

But if the mayor and city council would provide us young people with a place to go and things to do, then they wouldn't have to put the cops on us all the time.

It would need to be open at night and on weekends because the mayor and city council and cops are too stupid to understand that we are in school or at jobs during the middle of the day and the nights and weekends are the only time we can hang out.

Headland needs to work with the young people and stop trying to make us all criminals by taking us to jail JUST FOR HANGING OUT. I can't wait to leave this backwards hick town and move to somewhere there are things to do and places to go without the cops always harassing and threatening.

Bossier City, LA

#9 Mar 28, 2013
If you need somewhere to go then go to church. I know some churches are only open on Sunday and maybe Wednesday, but our church is always open. Our church is at the pastor's house, so any time you or your friends need help you can call on him and the Lord day or night.

Hebrews 2:14 - Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil.

Remember that the Headland Police are just men, not God and not demons.

Mark 10:27 - With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

Romans 12:14 - Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

Many Headland youth are lost and without God and can find no place to go. But sin is not the answer, God is the answer and God is at church. You and your friends need to hang out at church where you will learn and grow.

1 Peter 1:8 - Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:

Just hanging out in town leads to alcohol, drugs, sex and other modern sins. Turn to the word for guidance now.

1 Corinthians 6:19 - What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

I hope my words have brought you some comfort and help you find what you are desperately searching for. You don't have to be ashamed any longer.

James 4:7 - Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
Rag Man

United States

#10 Mar 28, 2013

I want to hang out with my friends and have fun and just kick.

I don't want no preaching or no library or no church.

This town is so lame and so square. That is Headlands idea of fun for young people, the town library and the town church.

And if we don't conform they send Barney Five out to harass us and threaten us. They think they have all the power just because they have a gun and they will shoot you if you try to resist.

Maybe we should all cut our hair and change our clothes and become mindless robots for Headland to control.

Tallahassee, FL

#11 Apr 3, 2013
Could you tell me what news station you saw this on?
Rag Man

San Antonio, TX

#12 Apr 3, 2013
They won't put it on the news about the Headland cops always harrassing the young people of Headland. They like to pretend it isn't happening, but it does happen every day. We get so sick and tired of the cops always bustin on us and we ain't doing nuthin but hanging.

We have been harrassed and threatened with jail and with beatings, but the news around here don't care or the newspaper. We haven't talked to the news station or radio because we know they won't listen. We did write a letter to the Headland paper but they never printed it.

The only way to get the word out about the crooked Headland cops is thru the internet. And people are starting to listen and rebel, young people anyway, the older folks don't care about us. If they did, they would try to find something for us youth to do and somewhere to go and stop putting the cops on us for doing nothing.

My parents pay their salary and one day so will I, so the Headland cops better straighten up their attitude toward us before we take over this town. Then maybe the news stations around here will take notice to what is going on.
True Born

Headland, AL

#14 Apr 11, 2013
I was by the library today and they were starting to pack up the books for transfer out. The ladies didn't seem to want to talk about it, but they seemed pretty upset.

There were also some construction vehicles, don't remember which company, there with guys walking around with plans, taking measurements and being general nusiances.

I wonder if we as a city can have some sort of farewell party for the Library on it's last weekend? Maybe something in the square. It would be nice to let these dedicated people who have worked there for years know how much we have appreciated them over all these years.
Running On Empty

Bossier City, LA

#15 Apr 12, 2013
Hopefully this won't come off sounding to much like a vulture but,

the Headland Public Library is giving away a lot of it's books that I'm guessing the other libraries already have and don't want duplicates.

There are still a lot of kids books there, excellent for home schoolers. I was just by there and picked up some cookbooks and some of the romance and mystery novels I like to read.

They have stacks and stacks of give away books available (for free).

Also, they said that they would be getting rid of chairs, tables, desks and shelves soon. If the other libraries didn't want or need them, then they had to get rid of them somehow. I don't know if these will be free also or if there will be a price tag on them. I've got my eye on a nice old wooden table and some chairs for my kids. If I could snag a bookshelf or two that would be great too.
Get a life

Senoia, GA

#16 May 2, 2015
It's a library.....that means BOOKS, not church...and if all of you were for real about getting rid of it because it's BaD then I would suppose let's get rid of...Internet, cable, music, pictures, and free thoughts....because lord knows all of those are evil....people get a grip I'm pretty sure the ones praying it up are the ones sining it up. The prayer card has got like the race card the ones who scream it are the ones involved in it. Go reggae maaaN aaaaand headland is wealth is declining

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