"JUDITH DEVENEY'S Hannibal town Court..

"JUDITH DEVENEY'S Hannibal town Court..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 24, 2013
Here's the way I see everything that has gone today involving "JUDITH DEVENEY" in HANNIBAL TOWN COURT..and how its being worked..

Now YES she did today fill her "powerful" lawyer in the court room on what she really knew about all of this..and that is where the scumbags claim "they will shut that lawyer up."

Now either JUDITHS lawyer will "shut up" about it all or claim client privilage..BUT I don't think that applies in talk of crime and knowledge of it. So back to "shut up" that lawyer the will go..I HEARD IT GO ON. NO I WONT SHUT UP EVEN IF THE HAVE TO FRAME ME TO LOCK ME UP and thats exactly what "He" and "they" are trying to do.

Ok so now yYou have JUDITH coming home at just the right time on 9-4 and gets in a sheriffs face and in court she said his many too nights out of the house..BUT this one was about to be special..First "JUDITH" had to help wipe him out off scumbag taunts he was involved in it. "JUDITH" was going to leave the "door open" later for "JARROD" off it all.

The she tells him "You better get your two dogs out of her cuz I;m sellin um all" etc and has not set him up yet for the "JARROD" issue of her "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" TO HIM OFF IT. She was in motion to stop him from helping me off a scorned woman cover, then along comes OFFICER JESSE.."JUDITH" did not know about the fight I would put up on it with him..YES I let him know he was "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" and he changed his tune some and took me out there to get MY PROPERTY..Now are you picking up how today was school BELL worked on me off a JUDGE with a familiar name in all of this is worked IN HANNIBAL TOWN COURT YET?

"JUDITH" was NOT expecting the charge and resisting arrest off her scorned woman cover on it..Now clues go way back to her apt hunting and how she suckered his JEEP out of him then smashed it and got the 2889 plate back to him for this set up on him now.

Then in court she loses her her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED and YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" SET UP on him..same judge in Hannibal..need a last name think the ERIN MAXWELS 9-9-09 MILLENNIUM clue date..That's is NOW "JUSTICE" plan now in "reverse"

JUDITH LIED to police about her ownership of the "property" she destroyed-my property it was. A charge NYS OFFICER JESSE(the "reverse" of the DD JESSE in Fulton)told me was now a felony on her . What do you want to bet it was cushioned it for her in HANNIBAL court? JESSE then took me to get what I could salvage out of the mess..I was SO angry hearing her carry on about my "45s" to her friend "Karen" as she was gettng ready to set my boyfriend up..So I know who's behind shutting her lawyer up..She told one of these DA'S CIANFARANO what she was planning to do..thats why scumbag gave it to me early.

Now today in that same HANNIBAL town court that listened to the audio of her rampage that day..who "dismissed" a charge that should never have been made this way on her husband BUT on her instead "reverse" in motion.

"JUDITH" carries on for 15 minutes smashing things..She then later makes a 300.00 offer..on it all for damage.The school bell DA and the judge make "prove" the "value" no more that I originally said.
I get nothing..

So as I leave court someone says "She won't be back in my court again" Someone as playing up to others on the "arrogant and immature" show he put on for them as I left Off throwing her out the last time..wow how things have changed..so suddenly..$600.00 huh? Some come so cheap.
She's going to DIVORCE court now..thats a JUDGE too.

I talked about today "those cops" SSSHHH no one knows anything about it..shes crazy...YES BUT "I'M ALIVE" so far..more than thise cops and others can cay..So hurry "get maureen's kids some money" the "reverse" law way that was clued on 4-8-04..AGES it all "adds up like a score" the CHARLES RUNGE and NYS ROGUE MD BEIDERMAN 4619 embellished way...
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 24, 2013
YES-Officer JESSE worked hard at Margaretville in Oswego to cover JUDITHS doings in her husband barn..YES he did..I started making phone calls..and I went right into "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" infront of him I knew from HIS NAME and how I had just come off all of that in Fulton..JESSE was the "reverse" ROGUE NYS style this time also..like some before him in other "scenes" Now a familiar JUDGE last name a circle of clue links to me and my sons..and a HANNIBAL silence of the Lambs location..JUDITHS husband was already there.."JUDITH" is the new additon..was her name that important? its her GEORGETTI name and the front she works to day to make me think she sticks up for me..Like this same judge was trying to act fair..and everyting she did after that to him and me..to get where she is today..

Now scumbags were suckered in Fulton off hwo JUDGE LUDINGTIN announced in court over the summer he would "dismiss" it all BUT until I was inthe JUDITH" "scene" just how "He" and "they" wanted it..and then off to Margaretville in "reverse" in Oswego I would go..I had no money to fight back..and was declared to "stupid" to have a job..

Everything was controlled..I fell in love.."He" calls it "using" my boyfriend..I became so concerned about him I forgot about me..

18s POD trucks 18th do DC a dismissed date for me in Fulton..18s a BILL address. 18s an 8-18-11 roulette clue in Oswego on a WILCOTT death...clue to hwo I was suppose dot die off bill and dotties set up onme how she talked it to her family also..and BILL..

To what is now a NEWTOWN clue in 26 deadly ways..OSWEGO COUNTY STYLE..

If I was searching to write this on my own with no "THRILL" help I could not find this much overkil of links if my life depended on it..I have checked dead cops line of duty badge nmbers..Three there are # that fit..Go back 80 years in history YOU wont find this many perfect names or abdge numbers..SOOO shhh all you want to Oswego County and NYS You got hit and you got hit bad in this..and its s "THRILL" for all of you..

I just do not understand why.

So of to post this anywhere I can I go...YES I will use the TWO judges names and how they link and now..to a story "proof" that was stoeln from me at Margaretville in Oswego..changes nothing for me ..I have the burden of proof now I know..
Like the audio "they" try to play down and the pics of JUDITHS damage today they said I had to prove..

So why did Aftin call police suddenly for about me?

Did "JUDITH DEVENEY" get what she "wanted"
yet? That "scene" is coming..JUDGE.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 24, 2013
YES the FBI while giving me the "judge" and hwo they work a case..funny is not the right word ..queer maybe as to hwo now TWO "friendly fire" FED deaths link..Noy queer downright criminal..BUT how no one wants to ackowledge that ..scumbags think I shuld feel is wonderful..and I guess i can ake that attitude nwo and not be different from everyne else OR just act like "No its not".."he said its not"

The scumbags have pushed this issue..they are talking about the SAME lawyer who defended Alan jones..The wordss they sue are "and he'll know something funny is going on again" That right now puzzles me ..The scumbags who taunt it I trust..The NEWTOWN scumbags I do not and never have..."She sits there all day" addition to it all..

YES-JUDITH promotes her husband was involved in this.

YES I picked up the wind that JARROD was being blamed or some of my missing itmes also..

I completley for got to mention the avon..and the age of it all..BUT that is what I get for not stressing myself out even more with the issuhing that I paid for to prove "value" today so I doid nto try I have to work on it at the lib on a 2 hour card or travel to Fulton all day..
At Oswego you are only allowed to print so much it would have taken days 2 hours a day bus rip in and out cost of copies...TOO much..Some of the items I won't find on the internet anymore..Some of the items I could NOT prove I had I could only go by the pics and I learned this for sure in court to day ..I went for the talk an how JUDITH played it -demure now and "arrogant and immature" on me..off the JUDGE who threw her out last time..THREW her out told her to leave..to me he said "You can leave now".. The DA told me I would NOT get reimbursed for any it so why bother? She made a $300.00 off er on those pictures I got most of the toys in them back..?

they were all hoping I would just not show up and have to forfeit it all..

Judges words the DA "You did this for her" YES DA BELL told me of the date..off how JUDITH worked on me with her "restraning order" comment..so Ichecked on it and "JUDITH" was right..even after the Judge had thrown her out of court..???

Now that same JUDGE played up to her like this today..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 24, 2013
IF the DA had worked the Alan JONES case by law the proper way and the JUDGE the 9-9-09 MILLENNIUM date judge had enforced it all in court ..JONES wold never have had to file his appeal..and win the way he did a reduced sentence..

How does the DA now expect to find a cause to bring him back into court? and recharge him again...Can he be retried again?

Can a DA appeal a conviction up..that he lost the first time?

Now good scumbags taunt about Jones lawyer then.."and he'll know something else is going on" what exactly does that mean?

"JUDITH" is the link that brought the LANZA name into all of this on the date of 12-11-11 "line up" with his clients MILLENNIUM birthday and on the 18th my cout issues were "dismissed" in Fulton off a Peoples issue and my rights wow 7 moths later I finally got my rights this way..?? ONLY IN NYS and Oswego County....Now my boyfriend did not set that 12-11-12 "line up" with his birthday clue "he's involed" date..Who is "he's?" Staying off the date pattern now by judges won't throw me off either..It was expected..I posted it already..long beofre I knew this 1-24-date..

Still have that Or Low green state" issue and Percy our a dead man walking" thing..9 as in baseball clue..fits "perfect" off a 7..79 the year my 2-25 son was born..Weird isn't it what could it be?

"You did this for her?" the judge commented to him The DA wasn't doing a dam thing for me today..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 24, 2013
The scumbags here in NEWTOWN taunt.."he did not liek it when old came out of her mouth" OLD had nothingot do with it that JUDITKS line...about her husband for sympathy.."he left me for an younger woman..well I am not that much younger..Younger is NOT the reaosn he is gone He did not "left" he was forced out by threats of death..and adivsed by to do by police also..before she made them..that "old" line is just that ..The judges "immature" play up to her..in front of her layer and the DA,,its all part of the act..

YES I did the "head bobbing" also all though it..some "profile" thing to work the judge with ,.,so I gave it to them..They shot cops off this stuff.OHHH shhh did I say that?....What do you want from me?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 24, 2013
NO-Todd Bower had said in 2004 that :theyw ill get it right the first time with you://he then went on to say "That's what your going to have to do also" as in looking up the law in prison to find grounds to file my appeals..Todd contradicted himself a few times and I was confused..I was not under arrest during any time I lived there or being charged with anything..I did how ever wonder the night CHRIS pulled her 3-29-05 issue..BUT that was all a "trick" also..I never backed down and I was never arrested..it was not part of the issue..She was TOLD by police to comply or be charged..TODD had told them he would go directly to the insurance the next day and report the damage she had done to my JEEP..and he did CHRIS claimed she wanted to take me to court to them and she never did..Off that I was paid the damage from the insurance and moved into 151.(AKA the Maureen Levea "perfect" BIRTHDAY address she claims I picked..off all of this suddenly on me)

The pattern of clues and how scumbags and the legal system works them...never stopped..Neither have the shootings or the civilian deaths linked to all of it like LEVEA..or the scumbag recruit set ups on me off it all..."arrogant and immature" as I am..

OK OK "He's the one that brought JUDITH to Hannibal" well shes the one who came..and then got her 9 dogs..and two cats...and then smashed his JEEP ..It was HER driving that JEEP on 12-4-09 at Kohl's probably why she told her lawyer what she did today as we sa in court JUDITH mentioned..and I made a 300.00 offer to her" as in YES she did and the judge was doing this to me off it..She knew..shes NOT stupid BUT she also said they sais he set her up as in her husband to me..??? he's gone though ell since he met me I tell him that myself..BUT he knows how he lived with her and he;s over it..and today JUDITH was demure to fit the judges needs..he blew "arrogant and immature" of it in front of her to look good..as she ripped someone off again..in her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plans..

I had been given 5 minutes ot get ot there and get what I could No ime to grab a camera..to get good pics..I was being rushed to get things and get out so I am thankful for what I got back..My boyfriend lost everything off two cop adivsed nights out of his home.. JUDITH is yelling court "read her letters" to him and agress herself YES they shot those cops..well any idiot could figure that out reading the FACTS...Yes I get mad at times BUT right now keeping my son alive while these ROGUES play wipe me out so I cant fight back...Telling others anyone how I come it my fears off who and what is behind it all is more of an issue..than sitting around schemeing how to get some kids some money later of it off their dads death...clues that beagn as an AGES and how they all adds up like a score" o 4-8-04..called CHARLES RUNGE and NYS POLICE MD BEIDERMAN #4619 (the 46 "line up" clue with my fathers 4-5 to a 19 "reverse" plan clued as a GEORGE. doing)

This FUC??ING story is bad" scumbags claim.. NO its worse than bad..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Jan 24, 2013
ONLY the scumbag recruits will get sympathy in court and from cops..ONLY scumbags..

WHATS weird I do no fromhearing CIANFARANO talkt o JUDITH off to the side before the trail began got the impression he had no intentions of winning for her either..he did not even have clarified info on her on injury..She had to do it? I thought she was the victim? I know I was of something JUDITH made an offer on it..BUT the school bell of learning is ringing on me now in this "TEACH HER A LESSON" ..THE THRILL OF THE KILL" plan..Thats a 26 (clue a 2889 and 6788 NYS LIC plate hint..)

ERIN MAXWELLS was placed on my sons GREEN Achieva 3088(8-30-08)..Now a 0225 badge number clue..and the JUDGE name link to all of that comes on me now off "JUDITH DEVENEY" and her timed for it all scorned woman act..

I have no other FACTS to work with in my very controled life here..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Jan 24, 2013
THE ROGUE Judges, cops and scumbag recrits can hide bhind all the Polish gavels they want..

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