Truth Detector wrote:
A ski hill is not going to change things in such a mentally inflexible area. It really doesn't help matters that the cops there have detered visitors in the past by doing their best to hand out tickets for going one or two miles per hour over the 25 mph limit, and going so far as to follow people from one end of the county to the other just to try to find a reason to give them a ticket!
I feel sorry for anyone who has to live in such a physically and spiritually cold area. Honestly, some of the people there need to lighten up and at least act friendly! Any potential that the town has is overshadowed by a bizarre obsession with selective draconian rules and regulations that seem to disregard any form of humanity for residents and visitors alike.
You seem like a bitter loser. You got a speeding ticket, so now you're angry about an entire community. Stay away, we don't need your reckless driving and your poor attitude in our community.