Students OK after car hits bus

Students OK after car hits bus

There are 52 comments on the WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan story from Sep 21, 2008, titled Students OK after car hits bus. In it, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan reports that:

The collision happened in Middleville between Main Street and Adams Road around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

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riley freeland

Plainwell, MI

#21 Sep 21, 2008
i was on the bus too. it was a bit freaky, but i guess a couple people had minor concusions from the impact.

Lexington, KY

#22 Sep 21, 2008
It's bad enough that accidents happen. But drunk driving is like asking for trouble. Glad the kids are ok and hope the driver who hit them gets what she deserves.

Delton, MI

#23 Sep 21, 2008
i think i do have a small concussion but i cant do any thing about that. its just one of the things that brought me and my friends closer and mad me realize how things like this effect you. i still cant take all of it in. i will never be able to get on the bus again the same i will now all ways be scared
riley again

Plainwell, MI

#24 Sep 21, 2008
me and my friends heads' hit the seat in front of us i think and then i remember feeling like the whole back of the bus left the ground (i was in the back) and then my other friend's folder hit me in the face. i thought the bus went off the road and hit a fence or something. then i looked back to see a smashed up car and then i was freaked out. then then we waited for like an hour for another bus to come "rescue us." it was the scariest night of my life so far.
riley again

Plainwell, MI

#25 Sep 21, 2008
and im not from bloomingdale

United States

#26 Sep 21, 2008
outdoors lover wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree they need to throw more in jail for a longer period of time. I know someone that got his 5th drunk driving this weekend YES 5TH! guess how much time he spent in jail for his fourth? 30 of 90 days he was suppose to spend. What a crock. It's also doesn't matter if they take their licenses away they drive anyways. Judges need to start becoming hard **** on these idiots.
You are so right. I read that @ any given time 20 percent, 1 out of 5, people driving on MI roads either don't have licenses or insurance. Penalties should be severe for those people, as the police are way overworked & could not possibly nail all of them. Sad part is, you & I, who follow rules, pay for their poor choices & bad decisions either w the lives of our loved ones or in higher insurance rates:(

Grand Rapids, MI

#27 Sep 21, 2008
Seriously, isn't there a law against giving people more alchohol after they are obviously drunk?
And if her friend really did give her the keys, what was she thinking??!!
Something better happen to the women who hit us. It isn't right at all, to say the least!

Loveland, CO

#28 Sep 21, 2008
I was hit head on by a drunk driver in 1988. She thought it was ok to drink and drive, she paid with her life for that mistake! I am thankful that everyone on that bus is ok.
no worries

Grand Rapids, MI

#29 Sep 21, 2008
My Daughter is in marching band here at Park, I am sooo glad you kids are alright! That girl needs to learn a lesson NOW so that she makes less mistakes in her future. I hope they are hard on her so she learns a lesson from this!
GL Student

Grand Rapids, MI

#30 Sep 21, 2008
I am a student at Gull Lake and glad that everyone is okay. All it takes is one stupid move to put a lot of people in a lot of danger.

Grand Rapids, MI

#31 Sep 21, 2008
First of all, drunk driving is no "mistake". Everyone knows that if you get behind the wheel drunk, you have the potential to kill people. Last night it could have been 30! I am a parent of one of those kids on the bus, and I hope when this goes to court we get our say. Mistake my fanny. I say attempted homicide. I am fed up with soft pedalling drunk driving, call it what it is. Last night, my child could have been a victim. I want these places shut down! You have to drive to get there, and you have to drive to leave - this woman should have stopped being served long before it came to this. They say she was so drunk she didn't even know she hit a BUS!
I-Hate-Stupid-Pe ople

Pueblo, CO

#32 Sep 21, 2008
Busmom wrote:
I want these places shut down!
Shutting down businesses because they serve alcohol isn't the answer to drunk driving. If it were true, I am sure that prohibition would be a popular topic right now.

What we need are sticter penalities for drunk driving. Hell, I read in the GR Press that the guy who killed the 13 year old girl in Greenville last month got his license back. The judge actually let him keep his license while he awaits trial. W.T.F?

Grand Rapids, MI

#33 Sep 21, 2008
What I meant was places that just keep on serving no matter how plastered people are. There has to be accountability.

Riverside, CA

#34 Sep 21, 2008
Did she also have a snow plow on her car?
Jason Wilson

Caledonia, MI

#35 Sep 21, 2008
I am thankful everyone is Ok. However, I'm not convinced stricter penalities are the answer. Michigan already is one of the strictest states against Drunk drivers
JLee Kenser

Bangor, MI

#36 Sep 21, 2008
She will plead out to nothing and get away with it probably be back in the bar and her car within weeks. License or no license
Been There Done That

Muskegon, MI

#37 Sep 22, 2008
Do you people live in the same state I do? My brother got two OWIs, one in 2000 and one in 2006.
For the first one, he got 18 months of probation,$1,000 in fines and court costs, a bunch of community service hours, required alcohol education counseling, restricted license to only drive to and from work, counseling, probation, and community service.

For the second one, in which he had a PBT of .089, he got 5 days in jail, AA 3 times a week with documentation, a probation officer randomly showed up at his house twice a week to breathalize him, an 8 PM curfew (he could be out till 8:15 on AA nights due to travel time), alcohol education classes which took 4 months and cost $700,$2,000 in fines and court costs,$1,000 in driver responsibility fees in 2006 and another $2,000 in driver responsibility fees in 2007, and his license was taken away.

He has not had a drink since the night of his second OWI (it's been two years), still voluntarily goes to AA three times a week even though he is off probation now, and still doesn't have his license back, not even restricted. He has never driven on a suspended license, not once. He takes the bus and gets rides with his wife, co-workers, and friends.

When he finally does get his license back, it will probably be restricted and he may have to have one of those sip-and-go devices installed on the vehicle where he has to blow into it or the vehicle won't start.

And while I most certainly believe that the courts absolutely should be strict on drunk drivers and that what my brother did was very wrong, I don't understand where a lot of you are saying they get off with nothing.
Been There Done That

Muskegon, MI

#38 Sep 22, 2008
Oops! There's a typo in the previous comment. It should read another $1,000 in driver responsibility fees in 2007, not $2,000. Don't want to mislead.

Grand Rapids, MI

#39 Sep 22, 2008
As I've said so many times before in other posts regarding drinking and driving, you never know how drunk she was in the bar, because you didn't see her. To blame the bar is ridiculous - it's the drivers fault 100%. Some people hide how drunk they are really well. And who knows - maybe she wasn't even the one ordering drinks. Maybe it was her friends. In that case, the bartender wouldn't even know that she had been drinking. Not the bar's fault. It is illegal to serve someone who is visibly intoxicated, but she might not have been that inebriated infront of the bartender. And sometimes, you're doing pretty good until that last drink. Then it hits you 10 minutes later and you're hammered. Also not the bar's fault. This woman had a responsibility to know her limits and stay within them while drinking. And if she couldn't do that, then she had a responsibility to stay off the road. It is the drivers fault, not the establishments. And I hope that she pays dearly for it. A lot of people could have been hurt or killed. I'm glad that everyone was okay.

Otsego, MI

#40 Sep 22, 2008
While this is a serious topic, I hope that all of us consider that we do NOT know all of the facts, not even the children on the bus are clear on all of the details. So, until more information is available, please keep the rumors and negligent rants to yourselves. Unfortunately, people will take bits and pieces of these comments and use them to create a story that could be far from the truth. I am grateful all the students are safe; now, it's our turn to let the law enforcement take over for the driver's consequences. If you feel the need to rant about drunk driving laws, your Senator and Congressman are an e-mail away. That would be the proper place for such comments rather than a post on a WoodTV 8 blog.

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