Town of Portsmouth backs EBEC, East Bay Energy Consortium.

The Town Of Portsmouth Rhode Island still believes it will receive cash from energy creating projects and energy saving projects.

The Town of Portsmouth , Rhode Island owns a 1.65 Megawatt commercial wind turbine at its high school. The turbine suffered a catastrophic gear box failure one year ago. The blades and costs of a special crane left the town with a forty story pile of rusting metal.

The commercial wind turbine cost near three million dollars of which over two million is still owed on a zero percent energy bond.

The Town of Portsmouth in 2012 took a vote to back the EBEC believing if a wind turbine project fails the EBEC will as a legal entity pay back the bond rather than the local towns.

Portsmouth Town Council voted on April 25,2012 to back legislation that would back a public EBEC. Will the Portsmouth Town Council still back the EBEC in 2013 ?