The Syracuse FBI Ape rhymes with ra...

The Syracuse FBI Ape rhymes with rape of child reality..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 26, 2013
Yes tougher laws against sex offenders might just be the planned out come off it all. The same "reason" there is so much overkill of clue links to Oswego Countys scumbags link to the SANDYHHOK Newtown, Conn at the same 'line up" date link as one fo the Oswego County military scumbag recruits Aftin Deveney was working her set up on me to force my move to my newtown "association" to it all here in Oswego County, N.Y. The scumbags who continue to promote THE THRILL OF THE KILL" activity behind it all just had TWO more horrific success plans take place on e in HERKIMER, N.Y.( a Her of Kimer ultimatium off how this all began as a front cover for waht was being set up behind it all..The issues that went on beteeen me and a Fulton woman named Kim Raponi Stevens who along with her "ace in my pocket" Oswego County Sheriff Bill Cromie..YES Stevens DID I now realize know the MOVIE plan behind al of this..Stevens now wrks for the Futlon New Yor Post Office a FEDERAL job she received off it all covered as family got her hired..a "TRACE it all back and see" taunt at me by scumbags in this..The Postal service tried to hire Stevens daughter at the time but she was arrested by an employer for theft. Stevens is now living in Hannibal, N.Y. working her postal job..BILL Cromie the sheriff who aided her in commiting welfare fraud at the "OFF MEXICO" DSS clue location through her employees is now dead. It may have been Stevens who counteracted my family's plans on me then that were being puched bu her neic Autumn Raponi and the image of Bill Cromie's wrong doings then for her was the cover for it..Her daughter Amanda who is now an LPN took part in my mothers head games on me in some of this at her home..the plan was being felt out on them MOVIE pick your actress..planning..and they did..Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet. It may be possible that stevens plan to set me up there to pucsh me into welfare fraud was part of the cover plan also..It all needs to be carefully examined.."Trace it and back and see" (Tracy-Stevens sister in law who also works for the PO)

Angela Vickery Lenaham Vanburen known as "Angie baby" was the instigator back then with Autumn Raponi may have received "gain" for it..It is now all part of the "reason" why "Angie baby's" 1206 "THRILL" cell phone number links to NYS GOV Andrew Cuomo's 12-6 birthday off a military scumbag recruit plan in motion now called JOHN HY...a continuation of how military scumbag Aftin Deveney worked the set up on me for the SANNDYHOOK "line up" date time frame..move to my newtown where the horros continued on the same MO of overkill clue links to what they are HERKIMER and the day after rape of 10 year girl and the murder of LIBRARIAN her mother on the VER PLANK RD in ONON Co.

The forwarding clues begin at the scumbag recruit "scene" set up on 9-4 by "JUDITH DEVENEY" on her husband..that on 9-6 became "JUDITH"S "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" set up on him with some assistance from ROGUE NY Police Officer L Jesse..The charge of "menacing" that resulted from it all was "dismissed" on 12-11-12 after a ridiclous trial. Everything linked in that trial is clue to the ongoing "THRILL OF THE KILL" and "JUDIITH"S later "crying" charade in that same HANNIBAL, N.Y. Town by ROGUE Judge Eugene Hafner who brother Walter is linked to the 9-9-09 MILLENNIUM clue date set on the killer of 11 y/o Erin Maxwell another "OFF MEXICO" rape and strangled victim of "THE THRILL" All preplanned by her killer off others..and the circus trial that resulted from it. An appeal made for Jones off the state appeals court 4 years later resulted in his favor.
All the FACTS next post.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 26, 2013
Some things needed to know to understand all of this off how it began to where it is now..take for instance the ryhmes issues..its a NAME lincoln Rhymes a charater in a movie called THE BONE COLLECTOR sold to me at my place of work in Fulton in 2006 a Donut Shop..The movie was used to clue me as to the M O Metheod Of Operation the scumbags behind it all would that has become a to whether the FBI and NYS Police did this together OR with the collaboration of a former Oswego, New York Police Cheiof George Lundy who was fired in 2006 after only one month as Police Chief ending his 31 year career.

The origin of this story of horrors links to an incest rape story told my sister CHRIS 9-29 VICKERY BOWER and her bother BILL 8-11 VICKERY..and everything along the way that went now that went on BUT how in "association" with scumbags here who work it here still in Oswego County and the ROGUES who manipulate it all on them as a cover plan.. the DAS and JUDGES..Some cliamed who are "pressured" by he FBI to comply..Others claim thre was no "pressure" at all. The outcome of thier actions and the victims of it and how it all by the overkill of clues in each story links tothe ongoing scumbag activity in Oswego County..That just made it's overkill "associations" again to the 4 HERKIMER, N.Y rampage shootings of suspect JURT Myers on 3-13-13..and the 3-14-13 "line up" date rape of a 10 year old girl and the murder of her mother by a suspect already under Fedaral charges for child porn..

The new DAVID "scene" of the story begins now.
There is already a well established iisue in all fo this about a Fulton,new York Librarian named SANDY..who is I still say a scumbags recruit very cleverly working BOTH side so of the story she had been all along even though she claims to have come clean and was told by doing so all she did was "incriminate herself" ..The woman nurderedd on also a former Oswego school (SANDYHOOK fowarding clue link)librarian of Oswego, New York..This is NOT about an Oswego Public Librarian. The MILLENNIUM ZODIAC killer behind all of this left no clue stone unturned..and that si what I cannot post in detail here on forums in my very limtited resources to get this story out becuase of the way many in Oswego vounty took control fo my life to get their "reverse" "gain" off called THE BILL VICKERY 8-11 plan after my death is forcd as a result of all of it...The 'control" the ROGUES behind it all want to "reverse" the story to their version of it ..who worked it all into place from the start..

The APE rhymes with RAPE of a 10 year old girl..The PIRATES suspect this time David Renz was under Federal jurisdiction for charges of child porn..a massive collection fo pics and videos he has collected..was given as a prosecutors request even though claims are the Judge ? his decision then allowed a "monitoring bracelet" to placed on the suspect under house arrest until his pending trial...On 3-14-13 the day "line up" after the HERKIMER shootings..David Renz took his 'bracelet" off and went to Great Northern Mall where he took the librarian and her daughter raped the 10 year old and drove the mother to an already established location in all of this known as the CHARLES RUNGE "accident" scene" location on 4-8-04..VER PLANK RD and murdered the woman as the child escaped..David Renz is 29 years old another "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" in all of this linked to the many past horrors.

Renz was caught with a massive collection of child porn..What do you think he was building up to in his obession? A prosecutor and Judge could not identify this? 1000 pics and videos of child porn is not a SAMLL issue. CONTINUED
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 26, 2013
Now my BIGGEST concern right now is is how that original claim of 1000 pics and 500 videos has been changed now to claim of 3000,,Link this tohe car JACKIng front Satte Police used and hwo that links ot my sons plus the 3000 claim s nwo by the press who put out waht SP give them..and you hve he clue that another child is going to die like the forst by "accident" on 3-8-06 in Hannibal, New York..that State Police Inv name is BOWER. to How erin Maxwell was murdered on 8-30-08 a NYS lic plate clue 3088 placed on my sons car in March of hwo this child was just raped on VER PLANK RD (CHARLES RUNGE clue link I will detail later) To the claims I have made all though this that another child will die..a total of 3 in the 357 "HE" plan called DYRTY HARRY AKA a "reverse" Valerie Dedich grand ROGUE military scumbags plan "HE" has called the "GOOD WOMAN." that childs name right now clues to be Emily Lincoln if her father JOHN tesitifes bout what he knows..the same way my sons 2-25 birthday came to link to the 2nd dead Federal Agent in all of this by "friendly fire" on 10-2-12 in the NACO rhymes with WACO "OFF MEXICO" clue location..who's 0225 badge number is link to the "JACK HIM WRIGHT"(linked to a car once owned0 plan these ROGUES have on my son.

The NYS police "car JACKING" claim was changed to soon after I posted a photo of David Renz on my FACEBOOK page off hwo the press was asked NOT to relase his pic..I found it on the internet..and explained the a car JACKing...It was a car JACKing ass version of it..It was all the result of a prelaplanned kidnapping, rape and murder just for the "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" overkill clues in it. Scumbag recruit activity here now heading in a JOHN NY direction "scene" to NYS GOV Andrew Cuomo as their ROGUE version of it..plans to "gain" off it continuunning on craigslist also....Thats a SANDRA LEE linked to NYS GOV Cuomo his actress girfriend "reverse" me and as my boyfriends girlfriend in this JUDITHS estranged husband.. NYS ROGUE POLICE and others have set my boyfriend also by his estranged scumbag recruit wife "JUDITH DEVENEY" and her who let the DOGS out taunt Clue to the APE FBI dog shooting in HERKIMER on 3-13-13..An APE rhymes with RAPE a "line up" the next day crime on a 10 year girl with the HER OR KIMER(Kim Stevens part of their original MOVIE plan) FBI "encrypted" clue plan ROGUES set up to further their change the laws intentions off it...Like the SANDYHOOK ..NACO WHYMES with WACO gun control manipualtion off it all..

If I talk, walk or post this story or put it on signs to get it out..NACO 0225 BIRTHDAY clue set up and placed by THE PIRATES OF THE MILLENNIUM ZODIAC KILLER..who clue they WILL kill my son ..There is NO guarantee they won't do it anyway for the "THRILL" of all..

YES my life is danger and I have NO CIVIL HUMAN or CONSTITUTIONAL rights ..and no one to turn to..I have BEGGED my community for help for years with they have all sat back and watched it go on and on and on and..I won't BEG anymore

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