College Kids selling books door-to-do...
General Mink

Winston Salem, NC

#21 Nov 23, 2010
This just happened to me in Winston-Salem. Two clean cut college age males, dropping names of neighbors, wanting to sell me children's books which "could be donated to a hospital" if you don't have children yourself. "My mom is going to match all the sales I make which are donated" Object of the fund-raising is to pay for this supposed U of North Carolina student to be an intern at Boeing in Washington State and work on restoration of a P-51. When I told them I wasn't interested in making a contribution at around $250 they shook hands and left, but one muttered to the other, "That was a waste of time." Somehow his tone led me to conclude that this was not an honest person.

Mckinney, TX

#22 Nov 27, 2010
Yeah, two similar boys were just at my house and went through the whole dialogue about he was a college communications major raising points for something with the BBC and how some of it goes to the troops and a charity. When I told him that I didn't have any money to buy anything, he said "that's not a problem, if you could just fill this out so my professor can give you a call to see how I did. And when I flipped over the thing they wanted me to sign, it was an order form. I told him that I said that I wasn't filling that out and he tried to convince me it wasn't an order form and I just handed it back and told him good luck.

Santa Monica, CA

#23 Jan 7, 2011
Turd Ferguson wrote:
<quoted text>
Screw you...

Santa Monica, CA

#24 Jan 7, 2011

Santa Monica, CA

#25 Jan 7, 2011
If it were charity for a school,
why no L.A. license for the drive?

These kids are hired by adults to hit the
neighborhood. They will do practically anything
to get a sale. The magazines are overpriced
and for 2 years. Then, they will renew automatically. You will get the magazines.

It is a For Profit business.
Not Any Kind of Charity.
The "students" are transported around
in vans by people our age.

And the old seduce the young.

Calabasas, CA

#26 Jan 18, 2011
Last night there was this guy who came by selling books (childrens book-disney princess/cars; bible stories;medical booklets;dictionary,etc..) and he said he just lived on the other street and he's a volunteer for helping the kids in childrens hospital. He even showed a piece of document but I noticed there's no specific name of the hospital he's volunteering with. Then I asked him for the price and he showed me a brochure--$40 each book. Then as I browse the brochure, he mentioned that he's going to london to study with some of his friends then I wondered, How come this guy came here to sell books if he can afford to go to London? Then I told him that those books were expensive and I just donated $10 instead. Before he left, he even asked if I know the chinese guy who lived next to our house. That time I suspect that he's not really from the neighborhood because in our area it's mostly Armenian and Americans. I felt sad when he left not because I gave him $10 but because he's earning for those lies he's been doing. I understand how hard it is to find a job but it's not good to fool people around.
LEO cash

United States

#27 Feb 8, 2011
Im a Law Enforcment officer from upstate SC and run into this every Summer. College age kids from "the neighborhood" going door to door selling books. They travel here in 12 passenger vans from Florida or the Mid-west. usualy bother people in neighborhoods were houses are close together. typicaly work in pairs of males of single females. They all stay at a near-by hotel for a week or so.
The best thing to do is to get your local county or municipality to pass a no door-to-door solicition ordinance or by permit only. This way LEO's can do somthing with them once we get them.

Cape Coral, FL

#28 Feb 11, 2011
Just happened to us tonight. A girl came to the door, claimed she was a niece of neighbors (gave names and a street) and said she was a musical theater student at the Univ of Miami. She was selling children's books to raise money for a trip to London. We sent her packing. Then I Googled it and found this site. Don't fall for it.

Goose Creek, SC

#29 Feb 19, 2011

Corbin, KY

#30 Mar 5, 2011
I did the same thing.....I am in Tennessee and they came selling magazines to win a trip. I gave them a 50.00 check which cleared my bank in October. I am still waiting for my magazines I have tried to call the number on the receipt and it comes back disconnected and number unknown. Anyone who has someone selling for United Quality Publications Inc. in Pensacola Fl. It is a scam Don't order anything you will not get what you ordered and can't contact anyone to find out what is going on. The boy's name is Andy Kor. Please beware he said he was from Minnesota. Hope this helps. Good Luck

San Jose, CA

#31 Apr 8, 2011
Yep, same thing happened to me today. This guy "from around the block" came to my house asking for me to buy books for hospital children. He said he needed the money for his trip to play in the London Symphony for a nearby university. When I asked how I could be sure that he was actually going to be playing in the London Symphony, he said "watch PBS on July 17, you'll see me there." I said, give me a website with proof, and I might donate after I see it. He then asked me if I had ever gone door-to-door and if I understood what it was like to walk back to houses (obviously pressuring me to pay right away). When I said, "I'll take a look at your website first," he left, and I'm fairly certain he muttered "d**che" as he walked away. I just checked the website he gave me, and it doesn't even exist. I doubt these rude liars are doing legitimate work.
Mary Blanchard

Essex, MD

#33 May 26, 2011
Just had 2 guys come selling children's books that you can donate to a cause or school if you don't have children, and the points earn then a trip to play in a soccur tourment in London. The teach eash has to raise points and they were both only 6 sales away from being done. Said the neighbor took 4. They only took cash or check. I listened - looked at the info on the books, but told them I don't keep cash and my husband has the checkbook. They offered to wait while I hit the ATM if I wanted - nope. But during the time one asked to use the restroom and did a little casing of my home I think while the other was talking to me about the books and my grandson a computer game that I play. They left with no money - hope like hell there weren't really CHECKING out the house. Told them the husband would be home Friday with the checkbook - said they'd come back. Neighbor bought no such boooks - none of them. Anyone ever robbed after this crap? UGH.

This is Ijamsville, Maryland.

Durham, NC

#34 Jun 4, 2011
Black girl just tried to get me with this scam luckily my police officer neighbor pulled up around the same time she was trying to get in my house, saying she needed to use the bathroom. She said she was from New Orleans, I'm in Raleigh.

Oconomowoc, WI

#35 Jun 22, 2011
A kid just came to my door too. I have never done drugs but I could swear this kid was completely stoned, trying to sell me some early education products. Claims he was from Clemson in South Carolina. If this is legit, it's sad that kids like this are misrepresenting the program. He was awful and I would NEVER consider buying something from him that was supposed to be educational. I was actually concerned for my family's safety.

I only know his first name and am now upset that I didn't get his last because I want to report him to the university.
Midwestern chick

United States

#36 Sep 14, 2011
phew! I'm so glad I listened to my instincts. I just had a young guy show up at my door and ignored my "no soliciting" sign. I only answered the door because I thought it might be a family member stopping by (hence the reason for ignoring my "no soliciting" sign). He gave me a spiel about his grandparents lived on the street near mine and how he was raising money so he could go to London because John Cleese takes students to London to be in plays that he directs (he was shocked I knew who John Cleese was, I'm sure a lot of my older neighbors do not). I didn't buy it, but I tried to be polite. He also mentioned coming back and doing chores for my neighbors, even saying he would caddy for a guy this weekend and how he'd enjoy it (he didn't look like a golfing type of guy). I was thinking the whole time, if I buy the books why does he have to come back do chores for me? Didn't make sense. I finally just said no, that my husband controls the money and he'd be mad at me for spending any. When he figured out that his scam wasn't working on me, he got nasty and said he was sorry I was married to the kind of guy who would get mad at me for buying books for sick kids and left. Reading all these comments, I'm so glad that I listened to my gut telling me it was a scam! I can't believe that I actually felt guilty and almost gave money because I felt bad saying no to sick kids, but I just knew I've never heard of books being donated to the local hospitals this way. Plus, if I want to donate to the local children's hospital, I can do that anytime.
Brenda Marina Ca

Monterey, CA

#37 Oct 25, 2011
There was a girl aged about 18 years old who approached my gate and I asked her if she was selling anything because I have a NO SOLICING sign right in front of her nose on my gate. She replied no and she rudely asked whats with the no solicing sign. I then asked her who is she and why are you standing in front of my gate. She replied that she was trying to sell magazines to go to Europe with her class. I told her again READ THE SIGN NO SOLICITING!! Go away and get off my property. She then coped a attitude and called me the B name and I walked up to her and said You dont want to rile me up!!! Then she walked over to a small truck with 2 20 year old boys. I waited a couple of minutes and then as she walked past my house again I went up to her and said I was sorry for the way I responded to her attitude. I then asked to see the magazines she was selling. She showed me Taste of Home magazine which I had subscribed directly to the company before for a 2 yr subscription of $15.00 Her price was $46.00 for the same 2 yr subscription. Wow what a rip off I thought. I told her nicely no thank you and then walked away. Now I am seeing this is a scam and my neighbor fell for the same scam back in March 2011. She paid for magazines and to this day never received not 1 magazine. Something muct be done so many people are falling victim to this fraud.
Brenda Marina Ca

Monterey, CA

#38 Oct 25, 2011
These door to door magazine scam artists are ignoring no solicit signs and are becoming more aggresive when you say no thank you. Next time I am going to call the police on them. I really feel sorry for the elderly who dont like confrontation and think that they are helping a student when they are becoming scamed out of their money. I hope law enforcement reads this and can post options to people so they dont become victims of this crime. It is fraud and extortion built on lies and deceit.
Papa Kurt

Beaumont, CA

#39 Feb 17, 2012
A girl (said her name was Nicole Wright) came to my door late last night, said she lived on an adjacent street, that she was studying journalism at Cal State Northridge Univ, and was trying to earn money for an internship with BBC in London this summer. She was "selling" books (Company name: Team Xtreme Sales), which cost $55 for 5, that $15 went toward the books and $40 went as credit for her travel to London. She said her father was a Marine and told here she had to donate 2 hours of time to anyone who purchased the books (she said were tax deductible since the books were to go to a non-profit). I told her I wanted the books to go to LA Childrens Hospital. I finally agreed to writing a check for $55 (shame on me); then when she started to leave, I asked her for her address for the 2 hours of work (which my wife would love to have). She gave me a 2 digit house address, which struck me as being wrong, but not enough to challenge her. After she left, I drove to the neighboring street and the addresses were all 4 digit, not 2. I checked the receipt she had given me, and the address listed for my book donation was not Childrens Hospital, but a medical clinic in Encino (Los Angeles area). This morning I placed a stop payment on the check (which the bank says will not be valid until tomorrow) and mailed back the receipt (hopefully get my money back) to the company in Phoenix, AZ. I then checked Team Xtreme on Safari and the first thing that pops up were a LOT of people claiming to have been scammed, almost with the same story line as this gal had used on me. I may have lost $55 but I have learned my lesson. I hope this write-up helps you before you too get scammed.

Chandler, AZ

#40 Feb 22, 2012
michael cameron wrote:
i just want to say these kids are not bad i sell magazines door2door the company i work for is ligit i checked it out my self we are not aioud to lie the proper canvass should be 1,000 dollers and a trip somewere cool. they should not say any thing school. if they do call police as soon as it happens. befor they leave the area you would still get your books or magazines in 120 days but dirty canvassing kids make hard for the ones that dont lie they are shown the right way and we are not allowed to do any kind donations to hospitals or troops so if a kid comes by telling the truth now that you know what the truth is be friendly with he/she he is just trying to eat i was homeless be for this job or a home. you try being 16 under a bridge in a box with no food for a week thank you god bless and merry christmas
I can see why you sell these magazines. You don't know how to write at all; punctuation, spelling etc. This is a scam. It is a scam on the consumer and the kids. The worst part is these kids are extremely rude and pushy. If you say you don't have money or are not interested they are still pushy and then end up yelling insults at you. I have informed my apartment complex of the latest groups that have been coming around and are prepared to call the cops if nessesary.
Turd Ferguson

Trenton, NJ

#41 Feb 22, 2012
If you hit them with a rubber hose, will it leave a mark?

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