bell county bingo(yellow building)
all ears

Tazewell, TN

#53 Jan 18, 2012

New Tazewell, TN

#54 Jan 18, 2012
it's Kevin not Kiven

Harlan, KY

#55 Jan 19, 2012
Wanda Curtis is she the one with big lips and dressed like a dike blue jeans and tee shirts all the time if so she needs to stop running that trap.A fiance is someone you date 4 a year and then marry not someone you shack up with so u can get everything free i see she say's her fiance works but what the hell does she do not worked a day in her life.

Seymour, TN

#56 Jan 19, 2012
nobody is jealous of how what she gets that we all no that it cant be legal the way she 16 computers everynight when people working a hundred thousand could not buy that kind of computers everynight and i work a job i dont live off from welfare and foodstamps like you do if your fiance is making that kind of money and living with you should not be getting foodstamps since you are talking about people on welfare when you get help yourself i guess there is alot of people live off fixed income but you are no better than they are i guess if they sold drugs they maybe able to buy all them computers to and i am sure they are not happy with you talking about them most of your family gets some kind of help along with you they should limit the computers to3 per person and that would makeit fair to all

Detroit, MI

#57 Jan 19, 2012
Why do they let these people run there business off !! Night after Night they take up two rolls , You can hear her bitching from the back about losing money every night even thou she wins $$$ every night , She has talked about the pull tab workers to everyone saying they Cheat her out of pull tabs and she has NEVER TIPPED , She bitches when she sees anyone tipping them ! and if she really had all this money from her so called bf who has a great job , Wouldn't she be driving a new car or something ? Yes they need to limit the Computers to Three ONLY !! This would stop a lot of this BS her winning every single night !!
Gee Wiz

New Tazewell, TN

#58 Jan 19, 2012
If you people are so worried about who or what other people do try going to Kentucky Birth Records,Kentucky Marriage Records,Divorces and even court records,You can just about find out alot about a person.Kentucky is a commonweath state and all these records are public records.We dont really need to hear the BS on here about who or what Wanda did or anyone else did to get their money to go to Bingo. I dont give a rats a**.I go to Bingo just to relax and get away from all the drama that has build up in a work week,So weither I win or lose I am in it for the fun.
Wanda Curtis

Baxter, KY

#59 Jan 19, 2012
I completely agree with you Gee Wiz...I dont win every night I didnt win Tuesday or Wednesday...I dont go every night but if I did this is my business and as for you Meatloaf you can kiss my ass!!!!! If you really pay attention to things I dont win every night of course I am going to win more than others because I play more!!! DUH!!!!!! My odds are better!!! Quit whinning and get over it..........and as for everybody else I dont care what you people say I am there for relaxation and to win money!!!!!!
House player

Richmond, KY

#60 Jan 19, 2012
We play for the house that's how we spend so much money!! Duh
House player

Richmond, KY

#61 Jan 19, 2012
I think it's funny how you guys comment how much money someone wins but what about all those nites we lose.
good person

Sikeston, MO

#62 Jan 19, 2012
that the problem people nose is so long it is going to get all in prouble because it is all wrong no one pays taxes or reports it on their food stamps or checks they get each month cannot wait till they shut all bingo gambles places down so people will use their money and stamps to feed thier kids and pay thier bills then it will end all the problems they all are croket and all get tips and steal tips and workers some have people on floor playing for them bad bad u will find it out sooner or later keep on giving your money away so they can get u too
Wanda Curtis

Harlan, KY

#64 Jan 19, 2012
Meatloaf wrote:
i dont think that i would want to kiss yourass!!! because i would say half of kentucky has been there from what i here and when your in the same business that you are then it take a dam dum ass to know what is going on so like i said been there done that it will get you before long you want always be able to get buy so when your ass is seating behind them jailhouse walls they may want to kiss your ass!!!
Yeah see I know your jealous now baby......I don't sleep around I have been with the same man for the last 15 years sorry your not getting your at home poor poor baby whats wrong a wee bit to small between the legs are you lacking you poor baby....hahaha but anyways I am done with this forum you all can kiss my ass and know that I am loving how jealous you people are!! I would hate to think that I was that jealous of someone that I had to hide behind this computer screen like the chicken sh*ts you are and not let me know who you are!!!!! I am not going to jail because I dont do anything wrong besides piss your ignorant asses off!!!! I am finished just remember if you have anything to say I am at bingo on the front row bout 3 to 4 days of the week just come give me a visit you piece of sh*t!!! Sorry your lacking meatloaf haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you only wish you could have something this damn good looking!!!!!!

Ooltewah, TN

#65 Jan 19, 2012
It is not that hard to get this topic removed all you have to do is hit one of the report button and explain that this is slander and you would-like all this gone.They will remove it,but it takes 2 to 3 days.

Seymour, TN

#66 Jan 20, 2012
what ever whomwould jeolous of your bowlegged ass got better than that at home but everybody knows what you do so just leave it at that....
all ears

Tazewell, TN

#67 Jan 20, 2012
was there on friday night and i saw that wanda curtis throw james the caller a piece of paper roll up lool=k like computer paper u know he bent over and pick it up; and she did bingo 3 times after that butterfly and 2 more 700; dollars'
she is greasing his palm pople need to watch them alot closer their crooked; belive me ?
all ears

Tazewell, TN

#68 Jan 20, 2012
she goe;s too card;s game and all over ever man there alot of pople know;s that a fact ;ha ha ha????????
all ears

Tazewell, TN

#69 Jan 20, 2012
n 1 jealousy of ur ugly azz hee hee? wanda ugly ugly;
just sayin

Ripley, TN

#70 Jan 20, 2012
I do have to say it's always the same people wins there night after night like a man and a women plays about 30 computers everynight and they win all the time..they have to be something going on there..they will be tomorrow night to winning everything.
all ears

Tazewell, TN

#71 Jan 20, 2012
yes i seen that happen tonight too same o winner;s every night that a fact will be invesigated'

Seymour, TN

#72 Jan 20, 2012
i think that they should be looked to as well those people coming in there everynight playing all those computers have to be doing something because there is noway that anybody can afford that night after night say what the hell you want there aint nobody that dam lucky and there aint nobody a sore loser for complaining about the shit thats going on in there and they are just turning there dam heads behind that counter are they are in on it to someone needs to get the state in there i have already made a call looks people that play in there need to start calling as well you know that evertime that wanda sets on that front roll James and Kevin let her so there is some cheating going on in there just open up the eyes and the pulltabers are no better they feed who they want and i see now that they a lard ass trying to out buy the witch on the front i dont know who said she was pretty but i think she needs to look in the dam mirror and she would see how dam ugly she is thats a fact
No justice

Pikeville, KY

#73 Jan 21, 2012
The best way to fix this problem is to stop the computers from being able to play by themselves. If you have to punch your own numbers in there is no way you can play more than 4 or 5 at a time. There, problem solved. Oh course the bingo hall will not do this because they like selling all those computers, even if it is to one person. Greed is the downfall of all!

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