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pc doctor

Richmond, KY

#1 Jun 24, 2011
is your computer broken, or just not running the way it should? has a virus disabled your ability to do anything? or are you just looking for a tune up to get a little more speed out of your machine? i do computer repair at good prices (cheaper, higher quality work than bussell brothers). even if your computer has blue screened, i can bring it back to life. is your computer running slower than it should? all it needs is a kick start. get a new piece of hardware, but don't know how to install it? i can help. price depends on what needs done, all hardware installations are $10.
pc doctor

Richmond, KY

#2 Jun 24, 2011
please note that i only do hardware work for desktop computers
umm yeah

Brownsville, TN

#3 Jun 26, 2011
never trust a "computer technician" who advertises on Topix. Rather fishy. Just sayin...
pc doctor

Richmond, KY

#4 Jun 26, 2011
everything is fishy on topics. i'm just an honest guy looking for work in my field. and there's not much call for pc repair in this area. i don't take payment until it is done, and the person sees that the problem is fixed

Brownsville, TN

#5 Jul 29, 2011
hey my comuter keeps crashing and acting weird when i restart it. i think its the powers supply. can you fix that?

Winchester, KY

#6 Jul 29, 2011
what project do you live in?
pc doctor

Winchester, KY

#7 Jul 30, 2011
i don't live in a project. and retrac, if it is crashing and acting weird, chances are its not the power supply. i need more details on how its acting. does it show a blue screen when it crashes, or does it just go black and restart? is there any beeping coming from the computer tower? this is important because every pc BIOS uses beep codes for hardware problems
pc doctor

Winchester, KY

#8 Jul 30, 2011
to show that this isn't a redneck rip off, i'll give you a solution to your problem for free retrac. your problem sounds more like malware than a hardware problem, although it could be your RAM. i suggest downloading malwarebyte's anti malware, and CCleaner. run a full scan with malwarebytes, and run CCleaner. if that doesn't help, let me know, and i will post 2 more possible software solutions. if it is hardware, i will need complete details of what the computer is doing in order to know what part is messing up

Smithville, TN

#9 Jul 30, 2011
pc doctor wrote:
everything is fishy on topics. i'm just an honest guy looking for work in my field. and there's not much call for pc repair in this area. i don't take payment until it is done, and the person sees that the problem is fixed
Some people just do not believe in giving a guy a chance to prove his/her services.If the NO PAY until the person can see problem solved what else does he require? Good luck in your profession.
Bussell Brothers

Tazewell, TN

#10 Jul 31, 2011
hello pc wanna be. you can say you are good,you may try to do the work you enjoy. but someone that boast he does better work than an established shop that has been open for 11 years without proof of a statement like that seems to sound like envy not a qulified tech. people want someone they can trust.
selling steaks out of a trunk of a car,going door to door selling home improvements, and advertising on topics for pc repair all seems a bit shakey to me.
so lets do apples for apples. rent a building,get the city license to do business,get insurance,put the deposits down on the gas and electric,& yellow pages. give people good honest work for 11 years if you can last that long. and then you may have earned the right to compare yourself to a real computer shop.

Sikeston, MO

#11 Jul 31, 2011
Okay there are few people in this town I trust and sorry Bussell Brothers you are not one of them cause I brought my computer to you and you charged me $50 bucks just to look at it and to tell me you couldnt fix it and it was basicly junk. I then took it to a "pc wanna be" as you called it and they fixed the swollen capacitors for $25 bucks and my computer is back up and running just fine now. I have heard horror stories of "pc wanna bes" that have ripped people off so I guess it doesnt matter if they have a license or not you still need to be careful of who you take your computer to. So I guess the lesson I learned was good honest work doesnt come from a license but from a person.

Tazewell, TN

#12 Jul 31, 2011
hey the most that guy charged me was $25 to look at and trouble shoot, how did you get charged $50?
i bet if you call the bussell place nd ask they will tell you $25 to look at stuff, you sure you arn't that pc doctor makein stuff up? ha haha ha

Sikeston, MO

#13 Jul 31, 2011
No but I can tell from your post location that you are Mr.Bussell and unless you have dropped your prices then you yourself know you charged me $50 just to look at my computer. It was about 2 years ago.
pc doctor

Winchester, KY

#14 Jul 31, 2011
the location doesn't give away that he is bussell. although, if you know what you are doing, you can find the IP address of the post, and know for a fact that the posts came from the same IP. i have been to bussell brothers before, i came in with a motherboard that wasn't working. he told me that i would have to buy a new one. i went home, opened the case, and looked at the board, and all that was wrong was a busted capacitor, something that is easily fixed. if people decide to come to me, not only do i offer lower prices, but i can sit and show them step by step what i am doing, and the effect of that solution. both the visible effect, and the background effect (I.E what registry files are being changed to enhance performance, or what file was causing the problem). bussell, you may have been in business for 11 years, but technology is ever changing. i have worked with windows 95-windows 7, and ubuntu. i have spent years learning to build computers, and learned first hand how to repair them without having to reformat. as far as good, honest work, you don't make enough to hire other people, you have told people this when they've came in looking for work. i've went to your shop myself looking for work, and most of the hardware in your shop is outdated

Harrison, AR

#15 Aug 2, 2011
pc doctor wrote:
is your computer broken, or just not running the way it should? has a virus disabled your ability to do anything? or are you just looking for a tune up to get a little more speed out of your machine? i do computer repair at good prices (cheaper, higher quality work than bussell brothers). even if your computer has blue screened, i can bring it back to life. is your computer running slower than it should? all it needs is a kick start. get a new piece of hardware, but don't know how to install it? i can help. price depends on what needs done, all hardware installations are $10.
when you take a computer to a repair guy all ways take pictures of the mother board some of this so call repair guy change out your board with a older modles to resale or use in one they have for sale .
all ways wright your name on the harddrive in permanent maker and ask for old parts back most will lie and say its the harddrive just to get a sale or to get your hard drive .
all ways take pictures of your memory they will change it out to a lower mb or gb .
i am not trying to hurt this guys pc repair business just help ppl out .
most of these guy use bootleg or hacked software so be care full if he says you have to bring your pc back to him every 30 or 60 days you have bootleg software .
and a computer that has blue screened dosnt meen your hard drive or cpu or mother board is bad or cpu or memory most of the time its a corrupted file or files in your os .corrupted file or files in your os can be caused by the computer not shoutting down right and sometime its caused from a virus or a update gone wrong .

Harrison, AR

#16 Aug 2, 2011
heres a trick for windows 7 users
GodMode Cheat codes in Windows 7
Ever have trouble changing your IP address in Windows 7? Just having to adjust to a new operating system is a total shock for most people. All the places where settings used to be are all moved or rearranged. Microsoft really paid attention to making the systems easier to learn for beginners, so if you have never used a pc before that’s great but for those of us who have, relearning actually puts us to a disadvantage.
Enter the “Godmode” Folder. Ok I know that this is not a new trick, and that it’s been brought back to life by the colorful naming but I must admit, I like it easy, and “Godmode” makes it easy. I have found this to be quite useful so I decided I would share it with you.
Godmode is a reference to the old IDDQD cheat code in ID Software’s Doom game series. IDDQD made your player invincible ie: godlike. IDKFA gave the player all the weapons, and all the keys to all the doors in the game. This is kinda similar to the latter as it gives you every control panel that is spread throughout the computer, on one screen. I remember how difficult it was to find the new Add Remove Programs, well not anymore! IP address settings? Not any more! This is pretty humorous as “Godmode” really has nothing to do with creating Control Panel Icons.

Gaining this super elite Godmode over your computer is actually pretty simple! Just create a folder, anywhere, and rename it to: GODMODE.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-82 5C-99712043E01C}
You can copy / paste that into the rename field to make it easier. This will grant you access to ALL system settings in one location. Which in Win7 can be pretty handy. If you’re like the average person, finding where Microsoft has moved everything to can be tiresome. Having it all in one place is really helpful.

Want to really impress your friends? Well Godmode has nothing to do with this Hack. Actually the GUI ID in the name is everything to do with it, that word in front of the period is just what the folder will end up being named. The word before the period/fullstop can be whatever you want to call the folder. So Green_CompleX.{ED7BA470-8E54-4 65E-825C-99712043E01C} Would work just as well, but the functionality is really the most interesting part of all. Enjoy exploring all those hard to find settings!

Just right click your desktop, and goto new, then click on folder name it:

GODMODE.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-82 5C-99712043E01C}
topix added the space between 82 and 5c it will not work unless you delete the space ok

Harrison, AR

#17 Aug 2, 2011
here is a few tricks for xp users

Make a Folder in C drive rename it as "abc" without quotes.
Now open Command Prompt from Start Menu.
Type "attrib +s +h C:\abc" without quotes and press enter.
This command will Make your folder invisble and it can not be seen even in hidden files and folders
To make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\abc"
You can lock any other folder also by changing the location C:\abc to address of your folder.

Windows Tricks and Shortcuts
To boost performance of your PC or to increase RAM virtually,
Right click on My Computer Icon on Desktop
>> Go to Properties
>> Go to Advanced
>> Go to Performance - Settings
>> Go to Advanced
>> Go to Virtual Memory - Change
Keep the initial size same as recommended and maximum size double of it then restart your system.
It will improve speed of windows and you can play some games which require higher RAM.

Use Less Graphics
Do you really need a wallpaper and the fancy animations when opening or closing windows? Disabling animations can increase the speed at which your computer opens and closes windows. To disable window animations:
1.In Control Panel, go to System and select the Advanced tab. Click the Performance Settings tab.
2.In the Visual Effects window, disable all the animations in the box, or simply select “Adjust for best performance” as shown on the screenshot on the right. Press Apply.

In the same Performance Options window, choose the Advanced tab, and press the Change button in the Virtual Memory area. From there you can change the size of your paging file – a file on your hard drive that acts as RAM. By increasing the size of your paging file, you can significantly increase speed, but be warned! Using your hard drive as RAM can cause damage to it, so it’s a good idea to buy a better RAM instead

Clean your Registry

You should regularly clean your Windows XP’s Registry to remove old errors that can clog up the registry. To properly clean the Registry, you need a reliable Registry Cleaner software. There are some free ones out there, but I would not be too comfortable with using them. Instead, buy a trusted registry cleaner program so for a little bit of extra cash, you can feel safe. I would recommend FixCleaner, which in addition to cleaning your registry does a number of other things to significantly speed up your Windows XP

Stop unwanted Startup programs

By disabling programs that are set to automatically open when the computer starts, you can greatly speed up your startup process – the time between turning on the computer and being able to fully use it.

Here’s how to disable Startup programs:
1.Click Run in your Start menu, type msconfig into the box and press enter.
2.Select the Startup tab.
3.Go through the list, disabling programs you don’t need by un-ticking the box left of them. Only disable programs you are sure you do not need, and I recommend not touching the ones in the WINDOWS directory

Clean up your hard drive

Performing a disk cleanup can free some hard drive space and also speed up your computer. To use the disk cleanup tool:
1.Go to Start -> Run and type cleanmgr.exe. Press Enter.
2.It will probably take a while, especially if you have never used this tool before.

Harrison, AR

#18 Aug 2, 2011
shut down xp in 5 seconds
Are you one of the very Lazy geek like me & tired of going to Start Menu and clicking more buttons to just shut down your computer ?? Don’t worry, here is a shortcut using that you could shutdown your computer just with a Double click or even with Single click !

Just follow the steps below and place the shortcut in the Desktop to shutdown your computer with Double-Click or place it on Quick Launch area to shut down your Windows XP with just a single click !
1.Right Click on an empty desktop spot and choose ‘ New > Shortcut ‘ in the menu that pops up.
2.Then type ‘ shutdown ‘ followed by a space and enter ‘ c:\windows\system32\shutdown.e xe -s -t -05 ‘
3.Click ‘ Next ‘ and type a name ( use Shutdown ) for your shortcut. Finally click ‘ Finish ‘!

Now, if you double click on your newly created icon it will displays a warning that your system is going to shutdown in 5 seconds and it will get shutdown ! If you are still lazy to do a Double Click action to shutdown your system just place a copy of the Shortcut created in Quick Launch area of the Taskbar. It will enables you to Shut Down your computer with a Single Click itself !

Repair Windows XP by using the XP installation CD:
If your system failes to start due to an error related to missing HAL.DLL, invalid Boot.ini or any other critical system boot files you can repair this by using the XP installation CD. Simply boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console. Then run "attrib -H -R -S" on the C:\Boot.ini file and delete it. Run "Bootcfg /Rebuild" and then Fixboot.

Create a Password Reset Disk

If you’re running Windows XP Professional as a local user in a workgroup environment, you can create a password reset disk to log onto your computer when you forget your password. To create the disk:

1.Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
2.Click your account name.
3.Under Related Tasks, click Prevent a forgotten password.
4.Follow the directions in the Forgotten Password Wizard to create a password reset disk.
5.Store the disk in a secure location, because anyone using it can access your local user account.

Performance tweak for computer with > 512Mb RAM!

Here are a couple of performance tweaks for users who have more than 512Mb RAM.
Launch Folder Windows in a separate Process:
- Open My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options
- Check the box "Launch folder windows in a separate process"

Force Windows Core to Memory:
- Open Start -> Run and type "Regedit"
- Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ Session Manager\ Memory Management"
- Modify "DisablePagingExecutive " to "1"
- Reboot will be needed to take effect.
pc doctor

Winchester, KY

#19 Aug 2, 2011
yes, a lot of people do switch out their customers hardware for cheaper models. that is one reason why if someone comes to me with a problem that i can fix quickly, i will fix it right there in front of them. if i can't fix it quickly, if it makes them more comfortable, by all means, take pictures of each hardware part, and i will boot it in safe mode (if possible) and let them write down the system specs. some of your computer tweaks are not that great. while they may increase performance, it shortens the life of the hardware. an example of this is increasing your RAM virtually. using performance graphics, cleaning your registry and hard disk, creating a password reset disk, and stopping some startup programs are good tips for any pc user. i don't know much about the god mode for windows 7 though. just a reminder if anyone is interested, i do not charge to look at your computer, or to TELL you if there is a piece of hardware that is bad, and which piece it is. i must advise everyone to be careful when using regedit. it can be helpful at times, and i myself use it to fully get rid of some viruses, but changing the wrong entry or adding a wrong value can cause a lot of problems, including making your operating system unusable.

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