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#22 May 25, 2010
YEEHAW wrote:
<quoted text> ok u stank ass ho you should of spelled correctly in the other post dumbass. your one of those skanks thats in denial about her man. bet he runs the show and bitch smacks your ass, and orders you to get another beer don't he? apparently your kitty kat is wore out or your man wouldn't be over on exter ave banging susan k. yeah thats right exter ave. if he had something descent at home he wouldn't be out "hanging with his friends" besides you ain't got nothing on her, cause if you did he wouldn't be gettin it somewheres else. oh yeah i don't draw foodstamps unlike yourself, i hope you enjoy feeding that nasty hole in your eat up face. taxes out of my check helps feeds your nasty mouth. quit sponging and get a job you lazy leach. and by the way we heard you was a leach and all you do is wanna suck money dry. next time smell how my homegirls kitty kat tasted when your man comes back from hanging out bit#h. have a nice day eating the food that i worked for you lazy bum.. bye bye for now darlin..
Okay, so IF that is true about Adam, he needs his a$$ kicked, but Angel is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and she DOES NOT deserve to be talked about like that! I think that if you have a problem with Adam, or any of the Johnsons for that matter, that you should talk to them about it. Angel is trying to better her life for herself and her child. She really doesn't need this type of bull. You know you're a great person, Angel. Your friends and your family know that too and that's all that should matter. You know I love ya!
Angel Evans

Tazewell, TN

#23 May 26, 2010
Thank you Friend, and honey I'm not worried about what these ignorant @sses have to say about me or Adam. He doesn't run around and "Hang out" that would be really hard to do working over 40 hours a week and then spending his days off at home with us. I just hit a nerve when I told whoever it is the truth about themselves which is not my problem. I know what goes on with me and mine and I certainly don't need anyone else to try to tell me what goes on. If this stupid f*#k knew me then they would realize that, they would also realize that I couldn't give a sh!t less what thier opinion is. Lmao if I had to wake up every morning, look in the mirror and see what they do, well he!! I would hate me too! Just to make another point here I kind of feel sorry for them though, yesterday they told me to lay down and lick my sac so they obviously have no clue about the female anatomy, it's sad really. Lol oh well typical 'I'm a dumb@$$ hillbilly with nothing better to do' attitude. May as well get used to it around here. Too bad they can't leave thier real name; sorry bunch of p*$$ie$!

Somerset, KY

#24 May 26, 2010
So Angel, Are you Adams Fiance of the year? He seems to have a new one about once a year.
How long you two been together? Sounds like you need to do some digging into what is about to be your in-laws, sweetie.
You been on here defending people you obviously don't even know, making yourself look real ignorant.
Do some asking around about them Johnsons and find out a little bit out about them "Good Old Boys"

Somerset, KY

#25 May 26, 2010
Anyone else hear the crickets chirping?....It seems to have gotten awful quiet in here....LOL
Angel Evans

Richmond, KY

#26 May 27, 2010
No okokok I'm not on here defending everyone of them I don't even know all of them, the ones I do know well it's the same as everyone else some are good some are bad. I was on here defending Adam, yeah he's had a pretty rough past and I'm very well aware of that. My point is that it's the past, we have been together four years, engaged for three. It's not always been wonderful, people make mistakes but all in all he's a good guy. He loves me, loves our daughter, and he works his @$$ off to take care of the three of us because I am currently a full time student. To me that's a good man. Sorry for those who don't think so; I am by no means stupid I know very well how and what he used to be but people do change and he has. I'm proud of him for that and I'm happy with him and that's all that really matters.
blue ribbon

Middlesboro, KY

#27 May 28, 2010
if he had a rough past then you would never know, everytime i seen him he was dinking or doin drugs so if he had a rough time {money wise} i would agree with ya ... he can change but he will always be bitch johnson to me!
Angel Evans

Richmond, KY

#28 May 28, 2010
See it however you want to see it and I will do the same. Yes I do know all about his past, do not attempt to tell me what I do or do not know. Like I said if you know him from back then I understand but he is not that person anymore.

Russell Springs, KY

#29 Jul 26, 2010
well looks like the johnson clan is really dopeing it up these days. pill heads and shoplifting crank heads. way to go good o'l boys. their all full of s##t. better watch your s@@t they'll steal you blind to get their dope.

Middlesboro, KY

#30 May 30, 2011
if its the same roy from wallins creek in harlan he got my son hooked on drugs,

Middlesboro, KY

#31 Jun 11, 2011
cooked cabbage wrote:
anyone know what roy is up 2?
yea he got my son lee hooked on shit if it is the roy from wallinscreek

Middlesboro, KY

#32 Jun 13, 2011
avon wrote:
<quoted text>yea he got my son lee hooked on shit if it is the roy from wallinscreek
where the hell is wallins creek i doubt anyone twisted your sons arm if your lookin for someone to blame look in the mirror the roy these idiots are talkin about is not the roy you know go pick your fight in wallins creek not middlesboro

Brownsville, TN

#33 Jun 15, 2011
avon wrote:
<quoted text>yea he got my son lee hooked on shit if it is the roy from wallinscreek
they are talkin about the roy that lives on evans drive the pill head rat
one who knows

Brownsville, TN

#34 Jul 3, 2011
roy owes alot of people money and they are gonna take it out of his ass
knows too

Madisonville, KY

#35 Jul 3, 2011
Yep the pill head for sure. He dates this Leeann Miracle chick. She's gotta be desperate.

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