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London, KY

#166 Jan 1, 2012
So will he be sentenced on Jan 30th?
friend of victims

Corbin, KY

#167 Jan 1, 2012
Keep us posted wrote:
So will he be sentenced on Jan 30th?
no they will set a trial date then

Harrogate, TN

#168 Jan 10, 2012
what was he suppose to have done to the baby and how did they know it was him that done it? how old is the baby and who is the accused guy?

Smyrna, TN

#170 Jan 11, 2012
Charlie Farmer who lives off Cumberland is a child pervert as well so everyone knows. He got arrested for having child porn on his comp and phone. So anyone out there that doesn't know about him, I just wanted to inform the public.
Someone who knows

Middlesboro, KY

#171 Jan 12, 2012
I agree that child molesters should be maxed out to the fullest but the sad truth is that people actually have pitty for people like that. I wish that I could hang each one and watch them suffer but the reality is that they only get up to 10 years and then their released unless they get peroll then their sentance is shorter. But they let these people back on the street to get another child instead of putting them away for good then they wonder why so much of this is happening. For example. Alonzo Prego. I only heard about him but don't know him personally. But he done prison time and he's been out for a while now. For child molestation.

Memphis, TN

#172 Jan 12, 2012
I think that all registered sex offenders that are released should be made to wear ankle bracelets that monitor everywhere they go for the rest of their lives....especially child molesters. They should also have surprise visits to make sure that they are wearing it. One wrong move they should be put right back in prison. I don't think that we should have to provide them with 3 meals a day and a warm place to sleep. We need to remember though that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I know of some people that have been wrongfully charged for something that they didn't do. I know this is hard to accept but it is true. Threatening someone before or after they are proved innocent or guilty is a crime too and can be punishable. You could actually go to jail for it especially if you act on those threats.....just saying. I have kids of my own and I would feel the same way but I want to be here to raise them not in jail while someone else is raising them.

United States

#173 Jan 12, 2012
My heart goes out to the victims. But From one parent to another Know where your kids are. You do not allow them to hang out at adult men's homes that is common sense. It surprises me how many small kids you see running up and down winchester and exeter unsupervised parents where are your heads at??

Fulton, KY

#175 Feb 14, 2012
has anyone heard when his court date is?
Alan Greenspan

Ripley, TN

#176 Feb 14, 2012
March 5th. Pretrial conference.

Fulton, KY

#177 Feb 16, 2012
no not that one i was talking about jason griffey
Alan Greenspan wrote:
March 5th. Pretrial conference.

Paris, KY

#178 May 25, 2012
was he convicted as guilty? is he in prison now or what? I haven't heard a thing.
just heard

Middlesboro, KY

#179 May 26, 2012
sheesh wrote:
was he convicted as guilty? is he in prison now or what? I haven't heard a thing.
July 31 is the jury trial
just me

Fulton, KY

#180 May 26, 2012
theres alot of child sexual abuse that goes on in middlesboro. whats sad is the families knows its going on and still covers for them. sad i think. a boy just went to jail 2 months ago. supposed to of raped and sexually molested a little girl from the time she was three years old. he still has not went to court. but he is in jai.
Concerned Mother

Middlesboro, KY

#181 Jun 29, 2012
Heard he was released. Walked away scott-free. Anyone know anything?

Richmond, KY

#182 Jun 30, 2012
I am a concerned mother who thinks (no, i know) that most children all over this country who gets preyed upon by child molesters, are kids who parents do not give a hoot, until it happens to their own kids. They allow their children to roam the streets (further than just outside their homes) and most even prefer their children to remain on the streets until about midnight. If they find a stranger to befriend, because neither parent cares enough for them, this is completely alright with most of these parents. Children to them are an imposition and if it were not for getting welfare money off them, they would have preferred the children never been born.
To all you people who consider yourselves rich, you are more guilty of child neglect than the parents who are disadvantaged. The only difference, is that you give your children the money to get out of your faces. When that runs out, they go out and find someone else to give them more money.
Children are being neglected all the time. Sure some parents will get on here and say not my children, but these very same children are out on the streets getting the attention they so long desire.
Also, I want all of you to know. Once a child molester gets hold of a child, its common knowledge that most will become molesters themselves when they get older. Some even molest soon after.
So im going to watch and make double sure these kids do not hang around my kids. Its almost a sure thing they will imitate what had happened to themselves or dont any of you know this. Its proven that most will do the very same thing to someone else, what has happend to them.
And the perpretrator does not have to be a male. But many of you will probably say to your son, who gets molested by an older woman, Nice Going Son.
Shame on all of you that may think this.
Again, im going to make sure my kids and my neighbors kids do not involve themselves with these kids. Sorry, but the facts are very convincing.
And shame on the parent or parents that allow their children to run the streets. But theres a silver lining to most of these children. Most are more into drugs, than having sex with someone.

United States

#183 Jun 30, 2012
"Also, I want all of you to know. Once a child molester gets hold of a child, its common knowledge that most will become molesters themselves when they get older. Some even molest soon after.
So im going to watch and make double sure these kids do not hang around my kids. Its almost a sure thing they will imitate what had happened to themselves or dont any of you know this. Its proven that most will do the very same thing to someone else, what has happend to them."
How dare you steriotype children who have been molested.I was molested by 2 male members of my family for 3 years and NEVER even thought about molesting.These kids as you put it will have to carry this burden for the rest of their lives,the guilt of thinking you done something to cause what happened to you and the shame you feel is almost unbareable.And to say you are going make sure THESE kids don't hang around your kids IS JUST PLAIN IGNORANT.You are making judgements on these children on someone elses actions.TtHES he kids are already feeling alone and worthless and now you are going to add on to their pain.If your so worried about these children imitating what has been done to them be there when they come around your children watch them like a hawk if you want to you have every right to protect your children but don't punish the children of mulistation for the molesters actions.If your own children were ever molested would you want them shuned in this way??They are still children and they have had their inocence taken away from them they are trying to hang on to what child inocence they have left and you will be taking that away from them also.Don't make these children pay for what happened to them.

Richmond, KY

#184 Jul 1, 2012
This Candace is speaking the truth. Scholars have found out that most victims will molest themselves. She is only going by statistics.

And just because you say you were a victim of your own family members, and you say you have never molested yourself, I suppose you fall in the same category as most molesters when they say they have never molested.

9 out of 10 victims will molest themselves and i believe you are one of the 9.

I would also say that you were molesting at about the same time you were being molested.

Just from the fact you said that you were molested by several members of your family, strongly suggests you did not report it right away and it also strongly suggests that you LIKED IT.

Dont deny it. A person who gets molested and does not report it right away and allows others to molest her as well, is someone who likes it at the time or in your case, loves it.

Dont try denying it. The proof is in the pudding. You waited to report it because it felt really good to you.

For all those who believe that victims do not molest themselves as, let your own children play around with these children and find out the hard way that they do molest.

I would rather be safe and not let my children play with these children than to allow them to play with these children and learn later that i should not have allowed them to play with them.

United States

#185 Jul 1, 2012
You are a sick person and need professional help.I was 8 years old at the time and they were both police officers.I told my mother and grandmother what they were doing and neither one of them believed me,she asked him and he told her he wasn't molesting me,she believed him.My mother called me a lying bitch and slapped me across the face.I have 2 younger sisters that he told me if I told anyone again he would hurt them.I done everything I could to protect my sisters in cluding calling the police they did nothing.they did investigate it and then they said they could take me out of the home and put me in foster care.That ment he would still be there with my sisters.Who was going to protect them!!Nobody.He took off in the middle of the night with one of them I was scared to death when he finaly come back with her he said see this is what will happen if you say anything to anybody.My mother was a druggie and an alcholic and stayed high all the time.My grandmother was in denile that anything was wrong in the family.So no I did not like it you ignorant asshole!To post what you did just shows how ignorant you really are.Do not jump to conclusions untill you know ALL the facts.

United States

#186 Jul 1, 2012
"Children who are sexually assaulted will sexually assault others when they grow up."
Most sex offenders were not sexually assaulted as children and most children who are sexually assaulted do not sexually assault others.

Early childhood sexual victimization does not automatically lead to sexually aggressive behavior. While sex offenders have higher rates of sexual abuse in their histories than expected in the general population, the majority were not abused. Among adult sex offenders, approximately 30% have been sexually abused. Some types of offenders, such as those who sexually offend against young boys, have still higher rates of child sexual abuse in their histories (Becker and Murphy, 1998).

While past sexual victimization can increase the likelihood of sexually aggressive behavior, most children who were sexually victimized never perpetrate against others.

United States

#187 Jul 1, 2012 I suggest you read it it is from the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF RESERCH.hAVE A NICE DAY AND BLESSED BE

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