Fla. Woman Killed by Her Two Pit Bulls

Fla. Woman Killed by Her Two Pit Bulls

There are 283 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Oct 2, 2007, titled Fla. Woman Killed by Her Two Pit Bulls. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Two pit bull terriers fatally attacked their owner who had raised them since birth, authorities said Tuesday.

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Congo Tom

Brownsville, VT

#26 Oct 3, 2007
Gloom and Doom wrote:
Lobotomy at birth is the only way to make these dogs gentle.
It's the owners who need the lobotomy. With all the breeds of dogs one can choose from, why would anyone choose a pit pull? What sort of emotional need do you have to have in order to get you to raise a dog with both the potential to be able to kill and the breeding to want to do so?

Boca Raton, FL

#27 Oct 3, 2007
Ban the breed !!!!

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#28 Oct 3, 2007
Pete wrote:
I know someone who got bitten pretty badly by a poodle.
Did they die? Did the sherriff have to come & shoot it?

Hartford, CT

#30 Oct 3, 2007
Pete, you're really missing the point aren't you. Why not compare the number of fatal and serious poodle bites per dog to that of pit bulls and you'll realize how ignorant your statement is. Pit bulls need to be banned, pronto. I know if one ever comes near my dog or family I won't hesitate to shoot it and throw the corpse through the owner's window.

Saint Louis, MO

#31 Oct 3, 2007
Pit Bulls are the dog of choice for GOOBER REDNECKS, BLACK THUGS because of a need to seem tough. The dogs are totally useless as pets. They serve no purpose at all.

United States

#34 Oct 3, 2007
Pitbulls, Pitbulls, Them's their dogs. If they can't hav 'em they'll buy razorback hogs

United States

#37 Oct 3, 2007
Pitbull owners likes to intimidate somebody with them. That's why they don't want any breed except Pitbulls when there're plenty of nice breeds of dogs to choose from.


#42 Oct 3, 2007
Pete wrote:
For all the pit bull haters, please name a breed of dog that is guaranteed to hurt nobody. I know someone who got bitten pretty badly by a poodle.
Of course there is no dog in the world that
does not have the capacity to bite and hurt
someone. The difference is, Pit Bulls and some
other breeds (mainly terriers) were bred specifically for centuries to not only bite but
to clamp down and hang on, usually to the victim's throat, and shake. Their jaw power is
tremendous, as they were used to fight with
bulls and bring them down. Most other dogs
can bite and cause a wound, but are not as
tenacious and their jaws are much weaker. Also,
these days, the meaner the pit, the higher they
are prized and bred accordingly, so those with
more blood lust are being owned by cretins who
think it makes themselves look "badder", sad
to say.

Since: Oct 07

East Orlando

#44 Oct 3, 2007
Mulah wrote:
Pit Bulls are the dog of choice for GOOBER REDNECKS, BLACK THUGS because of a need to seem tough. The dogs are totally useless as pets. They serve no purpose at all.
I wondered how long it would take for some bigot to make an ignorant, prejudice statement. Congrats

Atlanta, GA

#45 Oct 3, 2007
WTH wrote:
<quoted text>
Did they die? Did the sherriff have to come & shoot it?
WTH: LOL!! LOL!! Great response!! I was attacked by a striped Calico cat at age 6 also and had to get a bandage put on my arm. All animals can be vicious and attack, it is just that Pit Bulls do this at a higher rate than other "pets" and that they damage they apply is tremendously higher than other "pets". To be honest, the damage that they do is just below certain wild predatory animals.

Atlanta, GA

#48 Oct 3, 2007
A lot of guys who have these dogs are trying to prove the machismo. They think that if they have any other breed of dog (even a German Shepard or Rottwiller: I know I probably spelt it wrong)that they aren't man enough. It is like he who has the most pits (or most vicious ones), has the largest testicles.

Boynton Beach, FL

#53 Oct 3, 2007
While I don't disagree with anyone on here, I do
have to say one thing- I had two pit bulls.
1 pit bull was a blue champion pitbull and her name was Tinkerbell.
She was sweet and hyper and one day she got excited and
was play bitting and the woman made a big deal about it and scared
Tinkerbell. Made her nervous. We said that if she ever did something
like that again, we'd have to put her down. That christmas the fences
were blown down after a hurricane and she got out and the same woman
who made her nervous was standing in the yard and the lady starting
yelling at Tinkerbell because Tink ran to play with her and
the lady scared Tinkerbell into thinking she was being attacked,
and Tink bit her.
-- We put her down.

I had another pit bull- an American Red Nose.
His name was Demon.
He was a sickly puppy and he nearly died when he was young,
but we saved him and he grew up old and happy-
he never hurt anyone or anything.
At one point, Tink attacked Demon and she nearly killed him
because he didn't fight back, and the same time Tink got out
after the hurricane, so did Demon and we found him prancing
around a tree almost 100 feet away from Tink and the woman doing his own thing. He was born, lived, and finally died- a very
peaceful and happy dog. Never hurt anyone, even when they were
trying to cause him harm.

We put Tink down because she can be put into the 'malicious pit bulls'
catagory. But Demon? He didn't do anything. Best dog I ever had.
Slept on my bed, was a fatty. He had a very expressive face
so he looked very human, and he looked like he was prancing when he ran.

So I can tell you that I agree with you, but I can also tell you that sometimes- just sometimes- you get a good pit bull.

Like I said before, I agree with you guys and I don't defend
them wholey. I'm just saying- sometimes you get a good apple
out of the bad bunch.
responsible owners


#55 Oct 3, 2007
I would bet that these two dogs were not spayed or neutered,... sterilization removes so many dominance/aggression problems but the ignorant pet owners won't sterlilize!
Billy Bob wrote:
Over and over it is pit bulls doing the maiming and
killing. And yet there are pit bull owners that insist
their dogs are the sweetest dogs in the world. Ha!
There must be some genes in pit bulls that cause them
and perhaps not all of them that causes them to be
vicious. And there is no way to know which ones will
respond to the desire to attack.
There is something amiss with this breed of dog.
responsible owners


#58 Oct 3, 2007
the problem with banning a specific breed is the ignorant dog owners with just get the next closest thing and ruin that breed, american bulldogs, mastiffs, corso's rottweillers... It's the ignorant macho dog owners who are the problem
Double D wrote:
The pit bull lovers will be coming out of the woodwork on this one too. They seem to be getting quite a workout lately defending their precious killers. What a bunch of dumb MFers!

Orlando, FL

#59 Oct 3, 2007
D-doyle resident wrote:
<quoted text>
There are many types of "bulls" out there. Do not get them confused with the Pit.... many people do.
The proper name for the dog is American Pit Bull Terrier
responsible owners


#60 Oct 3, 2007
Poodles were once used by the french as police dogs as well
I BELIEVE wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you know that standard poodles were once used to hunt lions.So never underestimate a poodle!

Pittsburgh, PA

#65 Oct 3, 2007
Live by the Pit, Die by the Pit!!!!! This should be a wake up call. Pit Bulls are Demons!
responsible owners


#66 Oct 3, 2007
The most common dog bite reported is by the cocker spaniel. Not because the dog is inherently bad but because the dog became popular in the early ninties, was poorly and overly bred to make money by unscrupulous puppy mills and back yard breeder which put a flood of bad temperment dogs in family homes. THe same is happening with pitbulls now, bad owners breeding bad dogs for money... IT is stupid, dangerous and sickening . Make spay neuter mandatory with a 1000.00 registration for unsterilized dogs and that will fix the problem
charlie wrote:
<quoted text>
I know a breed of dog that IS guaranteed to hurt somebody. Do you have a lot of poodle attacks in your area?

Since: Feb 07

fort lauderdale

#68 Oct 3, 2007
Pete wrote:
For all the pit bull haters, please name a breed of dog that is guaranteed to hurt nobody. I know someone who got bitten pretty badly by a poodle.
But they survived, didn't they.

Pittsburgh, PA

#70 Oct 3, 2007
Why are they banned in Miami-Dade County????? Think about it. All of Florida needs to follow suit. They are useless dogs.

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