DiNapoli to fight abusive fire distri...

DiNapoli to fight abusive fire district spending

There are 106 comments on the Newsday story from Feb 20, 2007, titled DiNapoli to fight abusive fire district spending. In it, Newsday reports that:

Hotter than a five-alarm blaze these days around the statehouse in Albany is the topic of how to regulate abusive expenditures by fire districts in New York State.

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Brentwood, NY

#1 Feb 20, 2007
270 Days to get 6 hours training?
That's 9 months!

1 Month should be the limit
Take a look

Brooklyn, NY

#2 Feb 20, 2007
Help the districts understand how to better manage themselves. Good idea.

Recognize that they are volunteers putting themselves in harms way for all of us.

Recognize that fire service is probably less than 2% of your total tax bill. In fact, add fire service, water, garbage AND police and in most cases it will be less than 10% of your total tax bill. So MOST of your essential services are less than 10% of your taxes in most cases.

So let's help special districts and police be better. Let's not attack them as the main culprit for high taxes. Go where the money is. School Districts.

Every governmental entity can do a better job and DiNapoli's interest is certainly welcome. But Newsday's unrelenting attacks on the fire service and others is not helpful. Ditto Weitzman and Levinson's broadsides which threaten to take down most districts which are doing a good job with a few that need to be reformed. Look, we know Newsday needs to sell papers and politicians are looking for easy scapegoats, but the reality is much more complex than either Newsday or Mssrs. Weitzman and Levinson are making it out to be.

These services must get done by someone. Praise those districts which are doing a good job at a low tax rate. Praise our hardworking volunteers once in a while.

Destroying what's in place just for a few headlines before you have a viable, legitimate alternative is just plain wrong.

Melville, NY

#3 Feb 20, 2007
How about NEWSDAY when they lied to businesses about how many newspapers they delivered to get more money for ads??? why doesnt anyone know about that?!? no lets just bash every other oganization and bring out the "truth" you can take the "truth" and shove it up your ***!
former FD member


#4 Feb 20, 2007
He is 100% right...years ago when i was a member you took pride on doing what it says ...Volunteering..and you did without perks! You had a formal dinner twice a year and that was it.

Bronx, NY

#5 Feb 20, 2007
Thats great, now how about the school districts since they account for 2/3 of my taxes!!!!!!
Love the headline

Brooklyn, NY

#6 Feb 20, 2007
Looks more like training and education to me.

Oh well. Let's stir the pot for a few more headlines. Guess you're just getting ready for the tabloid king Murdoch to take over!
get over it

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Feb 20, 2007
It is about time someone cracks down on all of this waste. No one is saying they don't appreciate the volunteer work of firefighters but this extravagant spending is not called for. They receive a pension after 25 years and they all have beautiful state of the art facilities. The other expenses are ridiculous, uncalled for and downright wrong.

Edison, NJ

#8 Feb 20, 2007
Why not make it a paid fire service this way everyone can move off long island because the taxes would triple what they are now, I say give them what ever they want these men and women provide a great service for free and spend countless hours away from their families
Beyond Parody

United States

#9 Feb 20, 2007
What a charade.

If the training were actually going to be of any value, I'd agree.

But c'mon, think about it - hands up everyone who thinks they need 6 hours training to be able to tell right from blatantly corrupt wrong. Or that wasting _more_ of the people's money on training is going to have any impact on corrupt fools who never learned right from wrong after years of training by their parents?

No amount of training is going to make a morally and ethically bankrupt person fit for an office of public trust. Many of these people should be in jail.

See this for what it is - a brilliantly cynical opportunity for DiNapoli to posture as a brave reformer, when all he's actually doing is giving "the boys" another excuse to go off to Vegas on another "training" boondoggle at public expense.

United States

#10 Feb 20, 2007
has anyone seen the state of the 'volunteers?' Please, I am all for a raise in taxes, if we could get a firefighting force that was sporting a size 42 waist. Stop the volunteer system. And watch these fat slobs sweat it out, when they'll have to pay for their own vacations and get drunk in their own garage's rather then at the clubhouse, oops, i mean firehouse. Losers the whole lot of them, most couldn't make it as cops or city firemen, and get to egotrip on our tax dollars. Slobs, drunken losers, stealing from the communtiy. I'll pay extra for a standardized force for LI.
watch and see

Fairfield, CT

#11 Feb 20, 2007
with-in 5 years these "courses" will envolve in 4 day weekend events that will be held in las vegas or orlando. of course our beloved volunteers cant go without out thier familys so the taxpayers will be paying even more.
Walter S Boardman

New York, NY

#12 Feb 20, 2007
Here is a crazy thought, if there are no perks with being a volunteer fire-fighter why do people do it. Most of the time it is false alarms.
How much more

Brooklyn, NY

#13 Feb 20, 2007
When is someone going to do an acurate, unbiased side by side comparison of what the work costs and what the work should cost?

How much would it cost for a paid fire service? Do I really care if the firemen have a few goodies for their volunteerism? Why are we arguing of a minor part of the tax bill?

How much cheaper can you do water, garbage and police etc.? Give me real world numbers not fantasy! Better yet. HOW CAN WE PROVIDE PUBLIC EDUCATION WITHOUT BREAKING OUR BACKS! You know any STAR additional benefit is looked upon by the school districts as an additional excuse to raise taxes even higher. Spitzer is just kidding himself if he thinks his plan will help LI.

Also, how do we preserve our communities and our individualism without turning Nassau into one big slush fund for the gang in Mineola to do as they please? Look what happened to water service in Glen Cove. It was underfunded for years. Is what's happening in Glen Cove a precursor of what's to happen in Nassau?

Newsday owes its readers a lot more unbiased information and serious analysis than its been providing lately. If Newsday really wants to remain the paper of record on LI it better shape up and report ALL the news. Get real.

New York, NY

#14 Feb 20, 2007
about time somebody blow the whistle on the spending

Groton, CT

#15 Feb 20, 2007
Let's stop the BS about the fire and sanitation districts. Get some guts, and go after the criminal school boards.
former FD member


#17 Feb 20, 2007
Lets also talk about the overlapping of fire districts that have piled up multiple fire departments....some within 1/2 mile of each other! Water down some of these "houses". Want to save some $$$ folks get rid of some of these stations, rely on more mutual aids that combine two districts responding...there is no need as i said above to have different departments with in a stones throw of each other.
How much more

Brooklyn, NY

#18 Feb 20, 2007
Lawng Eyeland Ruwels wrote:
<quoted text>
i agree. i know many firemen and they tell me what a joke it is--the only time they are in harms way is in their station when they trip on their way to the bar. the only time a fireman gets hurt at a fire is from a heart attack. these guys are overweight theifs.
If they think its a joke then they should get out. MOST fire departments are professional and deserve our respect and thanks. I'll gladly pay my $300 dollars a year for 24/7 fire service. It's a true bargain!
Only the facts

Queens Village, NY

#19 Feb 20, 2007
These men and women are doing the same job salaried Fire departments do. AND THEY DO IT FOR NO PAY AT ALL! What some are calling unreasonable perks are nothing compared to what it would cost us if we had to have a professional fire department like the FDNY.
I hear fire trucks and ambulances (EMTs are also VOLUNTEER in my neighborrhod) at all hours. I for one would not do it. But I appreciate the fact that they do. I certainly do not begrudge them a few extras that make them feel good about their VOLUNTEER work.
My checking account where I pay my annual tax bill from thanks them also.

Since: Feb 07

New York, NY

#20 Feb 20, 2007
Dare I say that this is an issue that has long needed decent redress. I have no issue with volunteer service professionals getting perks like property tax incentives, health benefits while on the job, and perhaps other tangeable and intangeables, but when you look at the fact that we have something on the ordert of 8 times the equipment New York City has with less then 1/16th the population of New York City that alone tells me somthing stinks in Denmark, and it aint the low tide mud flats.

There are ways to give the volunteers perks but why should it be at the directly and indirect expense of the tax payers? What will scare the heck out of a lot of people is that this may be the start of a permanently staffed fire and ambulance corps, at 1/4 or less of the cost and upkeep of the all volunteer corps.

(Why should we pay and subsidize a service of this nature that should be able to be done cheaper and more effeciently?)

Northport, NY

#21 Feb 20, 2007
using hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for fancy suits, limousines, and game rooms? The firefighters responsible should be ashamed of themselves.

They are a disgrace.

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