There is no economic benefit to immigrants flooding our country. It's a disgrace. They come here, have multiple kids on our dime, suck up the welfare, healthcare, etc.... Send em all back. It's disgusting how we keep letting them in, by no means am I a racist, but its becoming about a social class. They think they can come here and suck up our benefits. Over time the idea of "land of the free" has changed. I blame this on our own vernacular. Free just has too many different meanings. At one time it meant freedom, Now, it means free money, free healthcare, free benefits....etc. It's disgusting how they, And by they.... I mean the government, can talk about the rising cost of healthcare, Social Security, the deficit, and what we're going to do about it. The answer is real simple......keep the fucking immigrants off our welfare system. Now I'm not sure what kind of numbers they attribute to our rising cost of healthcare and the deficit, But I'm sure it's detrimental to the country's economy, And that number would be a lot less if they weren't allowed to use it the way they're abusing it. It's like a game to them. They come here and they immediately go on welfare and social security. Have you taken notice to the amount of out-of-state license plates on cars driven by immigrants all over the place. They're all scamming the system. They get these out-of-town license plates because when they register their cars in states like the Carolinas they don't have to carry insurance Or New York State inspections, Or for that matter even be a resident of the state. But it's my New York State tax dollars that are supporting their welfare asses and paying the no-fault claims and higher insurance premiums because they don't have any. It's like they all know how to work the system already. Well enough is enough. I'm not the only one who feels this way. These are just the demographics of a small geographical part of the United States this is happening in. And it's happening everywhere. The revolution is coming. The government knows it. That's why they're slowly trying to take away our Second Amendment right. God bless this poor country and grant us the knowledge and power that we are going to need to change it.