Dog owners battle volunteer at Middle...

Dog owners battle volunteer at Middle Island dog park

There are 313 comments on the Newsday story from Jul 9, 2008, titled Dog owners battle volunteer at Middle Island dog park. In it, Newsday reports that:

When the Town of Brookhaven opened a dog park in Middle Island 10 weeks ago, Jordan Lederman was among hundreds of dog owners who believed he finally had a place to take his best friend.

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dog lover

Bronx, NY

#372 Aug 3, 2008
joann and all of you yes i have been to the park and i sit on the large dog side and if YOU and other want to end the 'fighting and malice'then STOP the acusing NOW

Ridge, NY

#373 Aug 3, 2008
dog lover wrote:
joann and all of you yes i have been to the park and i sit on the large dog side and if YOU and other want to end the 'fighting and malice'then STOP the acusing NOW
I'm not sure what you mean by accusing or what I'm supposed to stop doing? Stop trying to make peace? Stop trying to help the dogs and the park?
That is the only thing I am doing, trying to help the park succeed and spend peaceful time with my dog.

Ridge, NY

#374 Aug 3, 2008
Dog Lover, I get it. You think I'm accusing Gina only. I didn't mean to single her out. There are people on both sides of this who are acting unreasonable and mean. Those are the people who need to stop. If people would just take care of their own business and stop yelling over the fence and calling the attendant every time someone breathes, it would be a very peaceful place. As I said, 99% of the dog owners take care of their dogs. The others, we should try to help and if that's not possible, and their dog is a problem, we need to ask them to leave. It's pretty simple. In the beginning, I was not giving people the opportunity to take care of their own dogs but I realized that and now I stand back. You have to be willing to bend and change your behavior. If you don't bend, you break.

I just cannot believe the things I have witnessed. When a dog fight broke out on the big side involving my dog, Dakota, some people on the small dog side laughed. That really hurt me and made me feel that people cared more about being right than about the safety of the animals. Then when someone on the small dog side fell down, people on the big side laughed. She could have been hurt! It was not funny. I said something to those people. I told them they should be ashamed of themselves and that I was sick that people could act that way. I'm feeling there are maybe three people at this park that I even want to talk to anymore. That's sad because before all this started, I loved going.
dog lover

Bronx, NY

#375 Aug 3, 2008
solution to middle island,
1) get invoved in volunteering your time to helping animals, maybe volunteer to work at the shelter
2) stop the obsesion with this park and the posting on this forum- volunteer to help animals!
3)if someone comes up to you and says nasty things, WALK AWAY and say 'PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU'
4) do not mediate- DONT EVEN GET INVOLVED
5) let the TOWN handle it
now i have said enough, peace and love to all of you, and bless your dogs to!

Since: Jul 08

Huntington Station, NY

#376 Aug 3, 2008
Itís been a week or so since I last checked in here. I see itís still going on. Iíve read through the last few pages of posts and have to say that except for Bob Marinoís brilliant posts most of what I have read is pretty discouraging. Iím just glad that a few other dog parks were built first on Long Island and that they are doing well, because what is going on at Middle Island would be just the kind of thing that would convince governmental officials that dog parks are not a good idea.

Iíve done a lot of research on dog parks, and the formation of most of them involved dog owners coming together to create a new dog park while at the same time having to deal with those who might work against them. I canít think of one instance where dog owners actually worked against each other in a way that would provide ample ammunition for those who would argue against the creation of dog parks.

Since the main argument seems to be about toys at the dog park Iím going to weigh in here and Iím sure that what I have to say wonít be popular with some. There is valid reason to be concerned about bringing toys to a dog park, but it depends a great deal on where the toy would fall on the ďvalue-resourceĒ scale in a dogís mind. The higher value the resource is in the dogís mind, the more likely it is to trigger the need to defend or covet it. That is why it is a very bad idea to bring a dogís favorite toy from home, especially a stuffed furry toy that is also likely to stimulate the prey drive in certain dogs.

I love to throw a Frisbee and/or ball for my dog, and in letters I have written to newspapers and government officials I have talked about the need for off-leash areas that are big enough for this sort of activity. Iíve been to several dog parks both here and in Florida and at all of them it has been the norm for people to throw Frisbees/balls for their dogs. With a large park itís easy enough to find an area to do this that does not impact other dog owners and their dogs. Many parks that I have been to are littered with tennis balls. Having a lot of tennis balls around makes them a much lower value resource to the dogs and therefore far less likely to trigger a fight over them. Fights over resources are actually quite low among well-socialized dogs. This is because of the normal rules of canine etiquette. In dogs or wolves a canine that has an object in their possession has the right to it even if they are considered to be at a lower status level compared to other canines around them. If another canine comes too close to them they may raise their lips to show teeth or even growl in order to let the other canine know that the object is theirs. Well socialized canines recognize this and leave them alone. While we may find it unpleasant, it is normal communication among canines. While it is something to watch for, most canines understand these messages and nothing comes of it. Once the canine lets the object out of his/her possession it is fair game for another dog to take. I have yet to see a fight over a ball or Frisbee at a dog park in what must amount to thousands of visits.

continued next post.....

Since: Jul 08

Huntington Station, NY

#377 Aug 3, 2008
It is a somewhat common mechanism of human-kind to let ego supersede reason, and one that can sometimes make us appear lower on the intelligence scale than other species we share this planet with. Bob Marino has asked you to put aside your differences and work together to make Middle Island a dog park that all of you can enjoy instead of making Connie Kepert and other officials question whether supporting dog parks is even worthwhile. Iím asking you to do the same. You all want a place you can enjoy with your dogs. It would be better for all of you to make this a common goal instead of warring amongst yourselves. You might also keep in mind that dogs are very attuned to their ownerís emotions. Having an atmosphere of animosity could actually increase the likelihood of dog fights at the park. Iím sure that most of you at Middle Island are not contributing to this problem and just want to go there and enjoy the park with your dogs. For those who cannot let this fight go; Iím asking you to please consider the impact this fight may have for not only Middle Island but also for the creation of future dog parks on Long Island.

Ridge, NY

#378 Aug 3, 2008
LIDogGuy, your advice is great. Unfortunately, the people involved don't care about the future of the MI Dog Park or any other parks on LI. They only care about being right and getting revenge. If they cared about the park and the dogs at all, this would not have happened in the first place.
in it for the dogs

Torrington, CT

#379 Aug 4, 2008
Not in Your State wrote:
<quoted text>
It is great to say what can be done except you do not take on the responsibility if a dog owner or dog get hurt. That responsibility falls on the Town of Brookhaven OMLY. So in reality they the Town of Brookhaven has the last say in what the rules at the dog park are to be, GET IT, NOT THE DOG OWNERS.
Each dog owner is responsible for damage caused by their own dog if it bites, hurts someone or gets hurt itself, whether at the dog park or not. The Town releases itself from any liability concerning that matter. Sure people will try to sue but unsuccessfully against the Town for those issues.

Pencil Bluff, AR

#380 Aug 4, 2008
Classic example of too many people concentrated in one area. Move. You live in a cesspool.
dog lover

Bronx, NY

#381 Aug 4, 2008
Change your thoughts....and you change your world.
(dr norman vincent peale)
Sit BooBoo Sit Good Dog

Centereach, NY

#382 Aug 4, 2008
I have been reading this forum from afar for some time. I must say that this is ridiculous. You all truly believe you are correct and refuse to acknowledge the other side. Until you can all work things out in an open meeting, like the adults you are, nothing will improve. You can't expect to persuade others to your side if you refuse to see their POV.
Is a camera out of the question? You all seem to care about your dogs and the park, would throwing in for a security camera be too simple of a solution?
I'm sure most of you have children and/or grandchildren. When your beloved kids come home with issues that require your advice, are you going to suggest behavior such as what is displayed here? Many of you are probably very level headed people, it's a shame that you are refusing to coexist as dog lovers.
One more thought.. why not post a clipboard at the park calling for a meeting of the minds. You all want the best for your pets, that's obvious. So why not post a plea for people that would like to discuss the issues to sign below, bring a lawn chair, and come to the park at a set time. Clearly state that things have gotten out of control, and the best way to re-create a "happy place" is to talk them out. Those that are not willing, don't have their hearts in the right place.
Best of luck to you all.

todd delamuca


Since: Apr 08


#383 Aug 4, 2008
my dog wants her to roll over
dog lover

Bronx, NY

#384 Aug 5, 2008
you cant shake hands with a clenched fist


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