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RERobert Boeninger Post

Mishawaka, IN

#230 Oct 11, 2012
IT appears that some people have a problem with the TRUTH.
In rebuttal to the above post.
Very interesting as the police in Oaxaca testified that the so-called arresting officers stated under oath that the documents the judge and prosecutors office presented, never happened at that location, time or as stated in the prosecuting attorneys documents and have no recollection of this arrest whatsoever. I can copy these for you, but you already know that.
This is why the PGDDF (MExican FBI) has executed extradition for David Keith Mays (AKA David Crews) and many other individuals (attorney and several others hired by Michigan City govt employee and resident). Also noted these people are and have been found probably responsible for kidnapping with injury (stabbing-attempted assassination by firearm, extortion and attempted murder) to include other charges. One charge from above carries 75 years mandatory sentencing. Yes this is what our Michigan City legal reps are involved in.
More Interesting Reading to the non believers.
cause 46S00-0810-JD-580
This document is truncated (8 pages or more in entirety) only two are published and does not indicate the $100,000 acceptance for manipulating the funds thru the Indiana court system and alter a cocaine distributors sentence from nearly two decades to just a couple years. Why is our Indiana Government hiding this information?
I have been requested by law enforcement to report all threats. As requested by the U.S. State Department in the past, in Mexico that resulted in the extradition of a hired individuals from Mexico to the U.S.for multiple charges in MExico. This individual was believed to be hired by attorneys in the U.S. to help stop Mr. Boeninger from returning to the U.S to file charges against Michigan City attorney and judge.
As for being wanted in North Carolina, I just visited the Kill Devil Hills Police Department to discuss crimes committed in North Carolina as an immediate result of attempting to turn in a local judge and attorney in Michigan City Indiana.
So as a conclusion I regret to inform whoever you may be that North Carolina has no arrest warrant for me. Too funny.
Investigators in September for drug enforcement in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina stated after a in person discussion about this case stated.(Not Chapala case listed above)
1. The joining of the Free Masons (Masons) and Zeta Mexican Drug cartel have evolved into now probably the largest and most violent drug distributors in the U.S.
2. That I should "constantly check my vehicle for tampering" to avoid instances that have occurred in the past as a result of trying to turn in the Michigan City government cartel members.
3. Documents can disappear from any system as a result, of their "Money, can get anything".
Have fun because in the PGRDF office in Mexico City they laugh at the criminal refuge called Oaxaca. They also want to know when are you going to get a sewer system in Puerto Escondido.
So if you have more to say consider getting a better writer to embellish your lies.
From the Depths of Hell

Villahermosa, Mexico

#231 Oct 12, 2012
Puerto Escondido officials were very concerned with a sewer system until Boeninger was ran out of town on a carefully greased rail. If you want to have clear water remove the shit from the creek! Bye bye Bobby Bye bye problemo! There will be a shipment sent north in a box. Just a floating turd you left behind! Enjoy! Nothing personal its our job!

Wheaton, IL

#233 Oct 30, 2012
Now doesn't this just make you feel special


Who is next?
5 of us

Oaxaca, Mexico

#234 Nov 2, 2012
Anonymous For Now

Huatulco, Mexico

#235 Jan 21, 2013
To Robert Alan Boeninger
“A man need never revenge himself, the body of his enemy will be brought to his own door”
Corruption Killer

Mishawaka, IN

#236 Feb 10, 2013
The guy who is "Anonymous Now"or L.T. is listed with the PGRDF and the U.S. State Department for extradition back to the U.S. in connection to crimes conspired by Michigan City attorney/judge in question. His partner a known child smuggler, home invader and kiddy park entrepreneur was arrested in connection to other crimes and connection to the Michigan Judge and attorney, know Zeta Drug Cartel members. However FBI in keeping their committed practice in protecting organized crime and cartel members and refused jurisdiction to allow multiple people to file charges. Our judges and attorneys are up to their eyeballs in corruption and murder. Lance every day is a day closer to a party in Puerto you will not attend.
Hahaha This is Too Funny

Oaxaca, Mexico

#237 Feb 10, 2013
Poor little Bobby Bonefinger has consumed enough alcohol and illegal substances to unleash his putrid imaginations upon the public once again. He speaks of his wishes and desires to no avail again...... Bobby your shit is getting so old it isnt retaining odor any longer. Its pitiful when the biggest POS in the world has lost his only identifiable trait. Hahaha. A true loser you are! Keep you powder dry mate! The boys are preparing to knock on your door anyday. Keep that Saturday Night Special loaded and ready! Hahaha!
Do Him Quick

Oaxaca, Mexico

#238 Feb 11, 2013
I thought Boeninger was still in a mental lockup. Looks like he escaped and got some really good pharmas. Nobody can be that quacky without some help!
High Noon in Shanghai

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

#239 Feb 11, 2013
Boeninger will eventually be charged, and incarcerated. He's a loser. Must be a sad life to live knowing you are a bastard that was almost flushed at birth.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

#240 Feb 13, 2013
This is the same Robert Alan Boeninger that has been collecting firearms and explosives while threatening to retaliate against policeman, judges and private citizens at random. There is more than sufficient evident to have this lunatic put away in a safe place. Far away from society. This needs to be addressed as a mental health issue BEFORE he completes his threats with guns and violence. This creep could make Sandy Hook look small in comparison.

Do you realize

Mishawaka, IN

#241 Mar 2, 2013
Interesting wrote:
This is the same Robert Alan Boeninger that has been collecting firearms and explosives while threatening to retaliate against policeman, judges and private citizens at random. There is more than sufficient evident to have this lunatic put away in a safe place. Far away from society. This needs to be addressed as a mental health issue BEFORE he completes his threats with guns and violence. This creep could make Sandy Hook look small in comparison.
Another quote defending the ex judge and documented felons and friends in the prosecutors office. Sir I know of two people and can prove a third LaPorte County prosecutor if carrying firearms are committing felonies. As well as two that are still practicing with one to four felonies. So NO FELONIES HERE.... and if your such a helping person than please address us your name and we can discuss this thread with documented facts instead of slanderous accusations by nameless people who sympathise with cartel drug distributors. Sympathise and have close illegal relationships with drug cartel distribution just like EX JUDGE WALTER CHAPALA as found by thec Indiana Supreme Court and no longer eligable to practice law ever again.
This thread has existed as long as it has gecause its the truth and any Michigan City lucid resident knows it. The last thing is that anyone should ever help have these corrupt officials arrested, people have died and within two and a half months of the first person stepping forward they were killed for stating they would testify the fact of the conspiracy of the future thefts of estate assets of Ethel Patricia Boeninger and personal assets of Robert Alan. Estate Thefts, fraudulant court documents and felony criminal bank fraud have been verified in court documents but refused to be processed as required by Indiana State Code. Felony criminal fraud with no statutes are still pending. Multilple local attorneys state these people are still liable for over twenty million in thefts and does not include any penalties. So yes these people have motive for the many many felonies. This does not include several other parties that have reported the very same types of threats by the exact same law firm judge and attorney. Do you knoe how many people are involved to be able to commit these crimes, could probably fill Michigan City jail....who also have been caught destroying formal reports of felonies by victims filed in the MCPD. Even local attorneys are trying to discover how to put the local prosecutors and others in the goverment in prison without putting their life and financial future in jepordy. They have discovered even attorneys can not get help from corrupt drug cartel affiliated goverment employees who are Freemasons or associates they use to commit their crimes.
Do you realize

Mishawaka, IN

#242 Mar 2, 2013
The fruitless attempt to deter the subject of the felonies commited by these people cannot be undermined by nameless false accusations not supported by one thread of evidence. On the other hand a person like myself that has evidence to put many many people in prison for a very long time with goverment and documented facts supported by registered events by the very criminals in the court of law. They themselves have documented the irrefuitible facts of their crimes. What idiots, the only thing that saves them is the refusal of profound corruption that is in 90% of ever seat of power in Indiana. I do thank the information from secretaries that rather see their bosses in prison or the officials that refuse to disbar felons. Thank you for providing information kept hidden from the public on these people who are menaces and murderers in society,
Do you realize

Mishawaka, IN

#243 Mar 2, 2013
The first person to step forward and died within a couple months of unnatural causes openly admitting he would expose the conspiracy before the fact of the estate and criminal thefts by Kristen R. Boeninger, Judge Walter Chapala (terminated in practicing law indefinitly by Indiana Supreme Court) and Barry F McDonnell) was Roger Pecen. This mans fine charachter forced him to attempt to report and help stop the crimes conspired to be comitted by these individuals and all those involved in the process and supervision of estates in LaPorte County including bankers and representatives in accounting, taxes and land sales management in LaPorte County and others.
Do you realize

Mishawaka, IN

#244 Mar 2, 2013
The most recent attempts to report these crimes were met with physical restraint and confinement and forced interrogation without legal representative, verbal threats and documented attempts to financially stop my income. This was done by the person In charge of Internal Investigations at the Lowell Indiana State Police Post. This officer or whatever you call him, Wiillamson I think, have to check stated he would not help me incarcerate His Friends and stated they had commited no crimes (when in fact some have very very serious crimes and caught) . The man is very unstable and cannot control his phsical and verbal actions of violence.
Do you realize

Canoga Park, CA

#245 Mar 2, 2013
Wait, I'm sorry. I take all that back. Sometimes I lie and make up stories about decent people because I am a crazy man. Sorry. Please disregard my previous posts.
Feel the Rhythm Bobby

Oaxaca, Mexico

#246 Mar 3, 2013
High Crimes

Mishawaka, IN

#247 May 21, 2013
Hey Another Joe, Chapala is no longer a judge. He got caught working for the cartel and was forced to resign or face multiple felonies. Yes my imagination is bleeding into reality. That was in 2008, the same time the hired hand was trying to kill me they were telling my lifelong friends I had been killed in Mexico. Wishful thinking but they jumped the gun. :-) freemason loosers

Mishawaka, IN

#248 Jun 8, 2013
Appears some people overseas are very unhappy that the drug cartel posters trying to quash this thread and help hide the crimes by local officials are using their names. Yeah I would be upset too hiding behind other peoples names with baseless accusations trying to demerit facts and court documents of these crimes. Even worse that these people doing it are financed somewhat byjudges and prosecuters in Michigan City. I am glad finally some people are waking up. Too bar none of them are law enforcement that are paid to do the same here in Indiana. :-)

Mishawaka, IN

#249 Jun 20, 2013
what Indiana Master Masons do on vacation after defrauding our state and federal goverment. Crimes against Humanity....how Indiana Master Masons use Shriners, Jokers and hundreds of their lodges to commit child trafficking and a nationwide child sex tourism just for Master Masons.



#250 Aug 9, 2013
Wow the Masonic hand is heavy. And it just weighed in on an interesting subject. Too bad.

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