I was at the Sebastian River Hospital some time ago and there was a K-9 officer from the Sebastian Police Department. I was waiting on an emergency room bed and I started to ask him questions.

This K-9 cop didn't like the questions about his rude behavior so he stated, "Shut-up or I will have you arrested." I told him that I had no criminal record and that I was just asking him questions. He replied, "I can give you a criminal record tonight."

He said that I was "causing a disturbance" by asking him questions. I was asking him questions in a very low "library voice." I told this officer that I was not causing a disturbance and he said that I was "causing a disturbance if I say you are."

So, I guess the Sebastian Police Department can do whatever they want anytime the want. At least this abusive K-9 police officer didn't threaten to shoot me.


Apparently, your right to say ANYTHING to a police officer, or question their procedures goes right out the door in Sebastian, Florida. If you are using a low voice in a hospital and the K-9 officer doesn't like the questions you are causing a "disturbance" because he says so.

I'm over 50 and I've never been arrested and never had a traffic ticket, but an abusive K-9 officer appeared more than happy to give me one. I wish I got his name, but he was one SICK and SADISTIC individual who should be hospitalized, and I don't mean at Sebastian River!