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Girard, OH

#42 Aug 21, 2013
Hollywood wrote:
Look - most gun advocates seem to think real life is Hollywood. IT'S NOT!!
You're not going to stop anyone who wants to cause harm by arming teachers or by having police officers in school.
The bad guy always has the advantage. He or she has the element of surprise on their side.
The bad guy knows what teachers have a gun, the bad guy knows where the cops are...
The bad guy knows when, where and how he's going to cause harm -
The bad guy can spend a lot time plotting and planning ....
The bad guy doesn't even have to use a gun, just his imagination.
And you think teachers with limited experience are going to stop the bad guy with a gun in a lockbox?
If guns are put in schools, it is statistically far more likely someone will die by an accidental shooting, and is also more likely students will find a way to get their hands on those guns.
We have a violence problem in this country. We have a generation if children who think they can do whatever they want because parents suck!!
Total lack of discipline, parents are too busy texting their friends and cheating on their spouses and their children are running wild looking for attention any attention they can get.
Not to mention social media distracting and corrupting our children.
Arming teachers won't stop anything.
lol! I won't disagree with you regarding your parents suck comment. However you must understand not every school shooting gas been the same. Some were certainly premeditated. Others were found to be somewhat spur of the moment. Usually the common factor is some sort of mental illness on the part of the gunman. People with mental problems are prone to making mistakes. You fail to give due credit to trained resource officers and school staff with proper conceal and carry training for their learned knowledge and or inherent instinct in knowing how to deal with an attacker and an attack situation. You automatically assume them to be vulnerable targets. You are WRONG!!

You post alot of moans and groans, but no answers. It is illegal, illogical, impractical and next to impossible to take guns out of hands of civilians. So what do you suppose we as a society should be doing? How about we permanently medicate everyone? How about we build razor wire fortresses around our schools? What do YOU propose a course of action might be to stop this increasing gun violence in our schools?

Girard, OH

#43 Aug 21, 2013
Media wrote:
Lets face it, if the media continues to make these kids famous (infamous) for shooting up schools, then we will continue to have this problem.
The combination of kids desperately wanting attention, and the media giving it to them - is deadly.
If it became a felony to publish the identity of a school shooter - you would see a serious decline in school shootings.
The felony would apply to everyone including Facebook users, bloggers, and would require police to seal the identity.
School shootings are fueled by the 1st amendment, not the 2nd.
I agree. While discussing the aftermath of the Va Tech shooting, Mike McConnell, who at that time had a morning show on Cincinnati's 700 WLW AM, set a very good media example by simply referring to the Va Tech gunman as..... "shooter boy".

Girard, OH

#44 Aug 24, 2013
1st responders R us wrote:
<quoted text>
Springboro schools already has a number of employees including several teachers who hold concealed carry permits. I'm certain the board knows who many of them are.
Just like what recently happened in Trenton OH and earlier this year in Montpelier OH, the thing that needs to happen for our board to approve concealed carry is for local law enforcement to throw their support behind it.
Unfortunately for the long-term safety of this district's students and employees, local law enforcement leadership is less than proficient in proactive cooperative planning strategy.
I'll bet that some of Springboros licensed conceal carry staff already carry into the school everyday out of fear for their lives and the lives of the students. At alot of schools around the country it was found that teachers started carrying since Colombine and they managed to do it secretly. After Sandyhook teachers everywhere began to come forward to admit they were carrying against school policy. Because these teachers had done this for over a decade safely school boards had little choice but to reconsider their gun policies.
1st responders R us

Springboro, OH

#45 Nov 19, 2013
Villager wrote:
<quoted text>
I'll bet that some of Springboros licensed conceal carry staff already carry into the school everyday out of fear for their lives and the lives of the students. At alot of schools around the country it was found that teachers started carrying since Colombine and they managed to do it secretly. After Sandyhook teachers everywhere began to come forward to admit they were carrying against school policy. Because these teachers had done this for over a decade safely school boards had little choice but to reconsider their gun policies.

More Ohioans than ever have the ability to legally carry a concealed gun.

A third-quarter report released yesterday by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine shows that 82,186 new permits were issued this year through Sept. 30 — a record for the state, which has been issuing permits since April 2004. The total is 17,536 more than in all of 2012.

Between July 1 and Sept. 30, 32,618 licenses were issued, compared with 17,396 issued in the same period during 2012. That’s an increase of 87.5 percent.

Ohio’s concealed-handgun law allows people with firearms-safety training to apply for a license through their county sheriff’s department. Since the law went into effect, 425,888 permits have been awarded.

The record comes as Rep. Terry Johnson’s House Bill 203 will have its fourth hearing and a possible vote on Tuesday. The McDermott Republican’s bill calls for concealed carry and self-defense law changes that include a “stand your ground” provision. The provision would eliminate the requirement to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense as long as the person is carrying a firearm legally and in a place they are allowed to be in.

Additionally, it includes a reciprocity clause that would require Ohio to recognize concealed-carry permits from other states, though many have more-lenient policies.

Philip Mulivor, a spokesman with Ohioans for Concealed Carry, said he believes the increase is just part of a long-term trend of people increasingly exercising their Second Amendment rights.

“A lot of people forget that the right to bear a firearm is an enumerated constitutional right just as freedom of religion and speech,” he said.

However, the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence finds the increase in permits alarming.

“We think that carrying a concealed weapon puts the public at a greater risk of being subjected to gun violence. The more guns in public, the more available they are for someone to innocently be shot,” said Director Amy Pulles.


What is it about inanimate objects (guns) that drive fear into the hearts of certain people?
Whenever there's any type of emergency, guys in blue are called in. What inanimate object do the guys in blue wear on their belts?
Is this inanimate object a positive or negative force? Will such inanimate objects ever be limited to those in police uniforms and those in the U.S. military? Under my dead body...
liberals fear the truth

Springboro, OH

#46 Nov 25, 2013
Investigators are planning to release a long-awaited report on the Newtown school shooting, nearly a year after the massacre of 20 children and six women inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The summary report by the lead investigator, State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, could provide some of the first official answers to questions about the history of the gunman and the police response to one of the worst school shootings in American history.

The Dec. 14 shooting plunged the small New England community into mourning, elevated gun safety to the top of the agenda for President Barack Obama and led states across the country to re-evaluate laws on issues including school safety.

The report expected Monday afternoon will not include the full evidence file of Connecticut State Police, which is believed to total thousands of pages. The decision to continue withholding the bulk of the evidence is stirring new criticism of the secrecy surrounding the investigation.

Dan Klau, a Hartford attorney who specializes in First Amendment law, said the decision to release a summary report before the full evidence file is a reversal of standard practice and one of the most unusual elements of the investigation.

"What I found troubling about the approach of the state's attorney is that from my perspective, he seems to have forgotten his job is to represent the state of Connecticut," Klau said. "His conduct in many instances has seemed more akin to an attorney in private practice representing Sandy Hook families."

Sedensky said he could not comment.

Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother inside their Newtown home before driving to his former elementary school, where he fired off 154 shots with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle within five minutes. He killed himself with a handgun as police arrived.

Warrants released in March detailed an arsenal of weapons found inside the Lanza home. But authorities have not provided details on the police response to the shooting, any mental health records for Lanza and whether investigators found any clues to a possible motive for the rampage.

Sedensky has gone to court to fight release of the 911 tapes from the school and resisted calls from Connecticut's governor to divulge more information sooner.

The withholding of 911 recordings, which are routinely released in other cases, has been the subject of a legal battle between The Associated Press and Sedensky before the state's Freedom of Information Commission, which ruled in favor of the AP, and now Connecticut's court system. A hearing is scheduled Monday in New Britain Superior Court on whether the judge can hear the recordings as he considers an appeal.
Tea party nazis

Springboro, OH

#47 Nov 25, 2013
You're an absolute moron if you think concealed weapons in schools makes anyone safer. Following that line of logic, why don't we just give every kid from k-12 a gun. Better yet, why not an intercontinental ballistic missile? Then they would be even more safe!
liberals fear the truth

Springboro, OH

#48 Nov 25, 2013
The NRA is pushing for armed officers in schools, which is a somewhat different approach from what Gun Owners of America has advocated—letting principals and teachers who are qualified to carry in their states to do so at schools, as well.

But opponents like Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey are saying that allowing guns in schools at all—even for the express idea of letting a good guy stop a school-yard killer—is not "conducive to a positive learning environment."

Well, Governor, many would say that seeing a psychopath like Adam Lanza, who had an online page dedicated to Satan and who is shooting up an elementary school, is not very conducive to learning either.

Christie's statement is reminiscent of what liberals used to argue after the 9/11 terrorist attack, when Gun Owners of America argued that pilots should be able to carry guns on planes.

The left responded that putting weapons in pilots' hands wasn't "conducive" to a safer flying environment. Of course, they ignored the fact that pilots can't fly the plane if terrorists have gained access to the cockpit and slit their throats.

Whether we're talking guns or box cutters, bad guys always seem to manage to get weapons. But we made fliers much safer when we put guns back into the hands of those pilots who wanted to get permits.

In fact, there haven't been any shootouts on planes, and publicizing the fact that pilots are now armed has served as a deterrent to future hijackers.

It's this principle of self-defense which explains why we haven't seen any school massacres in places like Utah and Harrold, Texas, where teachers or principals can carry concealed. Come to think of it, we also haven't heard of any horror story scenarios in these jurisdictions—like students finding a gun in a purse, or a teacher accidentally firing his weapon.

Concealed carry permit holders are the most law-abiding segment of society. They are eight times less likely to commit a crime than the average citizen and—in light of a 2006 Bureau of Justice Statistics study on police abuse—almost 800 times less likely than law-enforcement.

That's why Gun Oweners of America will be encouraging more states to emulate places like Utah. Constitutionally, the states should be the ones working out their school security issues. But at the very least, Congress should repeal the Gun Free School Zones Act and stop threatening to punish law-abiding teachers and principals who want a gun to stop another Adam Lanza from killing students.
1st responders R us

Springboro, OH

#49 Nov 26, 2013
The CT State Atty released a report yesterday which determined that Adam Lanzo had no specific motive in his selection of Sandy Hook Elementary almost one year ago. The report states that Lanzo may have chosen to attack Sandy Hook due to its close proximity to his mother's home. If this is true, and if Lanzo's mother's home was in a different locale, Lanzo may have just as easily decided to target a retail store, a doctor's office, a church, a movie theatre, or a restaurant.

You place your,(and/or your family members) lives at risk if you or they elect to enter public facilities that have "No Concealed Weapons" signage posted on the building exterior.

The odds of a shooting happening at any given place at any given time of course are microscopically small. But WHEN one occurs (not "if"), wouldn't it be nice to have AT LEAST ONE good guy trained with firearm useage inside any given public building?

This sure beats the hell out of dailing 911 only to have police and SWAT show up much too late to save innocent lives. Because they almost always arrive on the scene too late to save lives, police and SWAT generally have the job of witnessing the gunman's suicide, consoling the survivors, and waiting for the coroner to arrive.

Your, and your family's personal well-being begins and ends starting with y-o-u ... YOU!
Kindness ends with shot 1

Springboro, OH

#50 Dec 11, 2013
Perform an act of kindness for your family members, neighbors, and friends.

Support concealed carry in America's schools and public buildings in order to help better protect OUR family members, neighbors and friends.
1st responders R us

Springboro, OH

#51 Dec 27, 2013
Kindness ends with shot 1 wrote:
Perform an act of kindness for your family members, neighbors, and friends.
Support concealed carry in America's schools and public buildings in order to help better protect OUR family members, neighbors and friends.
New York (CNN)-- The mother of gunman Adam Lanza discussed her son's "disabilities" with a friend the day before the massacre at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School, according the Connecticut State Police report issued Friday.

The pages of the massive report reveal new details about the life of the reclusive and tormented young man who carried out the second deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Lanza, 20, killed the children and staff members with a semi-automatic rifle at the elementary school on December 14, 2012. Earlier, he killed his mother Nancy inside their home. He committed suicide with a handgun as police arrived at the school.

One of Lanza's former teachers told investigators that during short creative writing assignments, "Adam would write ten pages, obsessing over battles, destruction and war." His work was "so graphic that it could not be shared," the teacher told investigators.

[OPINION 1st responder R us : Perhaps this massacre may have been averted if this former teacher had shared Lanza's "graphic" work with Sandy Hook's guidance counselors.

The Connecticut State police report said the gunman's mother, Nancy, met a friend the day before the massacre and talked about her life and her son's disabilities. It did not elaborate.

Earlier this month, a prosecutor's report on the case said Lanza "had significant mental health issues that affected his ability to live a normal life and to interact with others."

"What contribution this made to the shootings, if any, is unknown as those mental health professionals who saw him did not see anything that would have predicted his future behavior," the prosecutor's report added.

In the state police report released Friday, police quote an unidentified man who said he had dated Nancy Lanza in 2011 and remained friends with her after breaking up. The man said she told him "she did not want to be in Connecticut the week of the shooting and was considering taking a trip to be sure she was out of town. This was thought to be some sort of foreshadowing of the incident," the report said.

The man said "he knew Lanza to own weapons and that she invited him to go shooting because it was a good stress release." He had visited her house only once and never met Adam. He said Nancy Lanza had retired from work because of her son's Asperger's syndrome. She wanted to be with her son, the man said.

Lanza had a strange relationship with his mother: they lived in the same house but communicated by e-mail, according to the prosecutor's report last month. He refused to touch doorknobs and changed clothes several times a day. He loathed holidays and birthdays.

Lanza and his mother frequently went target shooting together. Friday's report said "a stand alone metal gun safe was located in the closet" in the Lanza home. "The door of the safe was found open. The door and the lock did not appear damaged."

Adam Lanza's relationship with his father was equally strange. Peter Lanza told investigators that he would reach out to Adam via e-mail six to eight times a year, even though Adam stopped responding altogether sometime in 2010, the report said.

"Peter stated that when Adam was approximately 8-9 years old he told him that 'he loved being a kid,'" said the report. "Peter also stated that Adam enjoyed his time at the Sandy Hook Elementary School when he was a student there."

The report is available at:
1st responders R us

Springboro, OH

#52 Jan 13, 2014
SPRINGFIELD, Ill.— Just more than a week into the process of licensing Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons, lawmakers already have attempted to tinker with the new law.

The (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald reported Monday that legislators have introduced bills to increase penalties for carrying guns where they're not allowed, including schools; punish instructors who don't carry out training properly; and lower the legal age for carrying.

State Rep. Deborah Conroy, a Villa Park Democrat, said officials from the Elgin School District, the state's second-largest, were amazed to learn the law had changed the penalty for carrying a gun in school from a felony the first time to a misdemeanor the first two times.

Gun-rights advocates want to make the new measure less restrictive, pointing out that laws are only as good as the people who decide to follow them.

"You can limit it for the good guys, but for the bad guys, there's no limit," Pearson said. "We want to make this thing work. We want to make it right. If we do, it could save a lot of lives, and save a lot of money."

Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican who helped write the concealed carry legislation, agrees. He wants to see how the new law works before changing it. Even he, however, is working on legislation to punish gun-safety instructors who falsify training records in the state with the strictest requirement — 16 hours of instruction. They would serve jail time and lose their carry licenses.

"We have found some instances where people paid for the training, but the instructor just signed off on it," Sullivan said. "Obviously, that's fraud."

Other proposed changes include lowering from 21 to 18 the age at which someone can apply for a license to 18, from 21.

And Democratic state Sen. Dan Kotowski of Park Ridge has introduced a measure to prohibit carrying guns in houses of worship and is planning stricter rules related to guns and mental health issues.

"A vast majority of my district was opposed to it (concealed carry)," Kotowski said. "Now ... they are asking what I am doing to make sure people with mental illness aren't getting access to these weapons."

Read more here:
union influenced BOE

Springboro, OH

#53 Mar 10, 2014
What fact about teacher / staff concealed carry does Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) and Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) want to keep from the general public?

-Concealed carry teachers / staff typically possess skills in defensive use of firearms BEFORE they seek C/C certification

-Concealed carry teachers / staff are individuals who possess a greater-than-average amount of personal self-confidence

-Concealed carry teachers / staff do NOT represent every teacher and staff member in a district. Concealed carry teachers / staff step forward as VOLUNTEERS in assisting in the defense of their respective schools


Boone County School Board chairwoman Karen Byrd:
"Teachers do not go into teaching to be armed guards in the classroom."

I agree with Ms. Byrd in this respect: MOST teachers don't go into teaching to become armed guards. Ms. Byrd is omitting one important in America's schools has changed fundamentally and dramatically in the 15 years since Columbine. Teachers and staff must know they need to take new roles in school security. This doesn't mean "ALL" teachers become "armed guards", Ms. Byrd!

Of course hiring more armed resource officers is a great idea, however most districts cannot afford an armed resourse officer per each school building. The fact of the matter is the instant bullets begin flying, teachers and staff are the first line of defense to protect themselves as well as lives of hundreds of students.

Rather than making blanket rash judgement toward Mr. Kalil's reasonable proposal, perhaps you could poll your district's teachers and staff for their opinions? Have you ever walked your district's hallways and talked with individual teachers? Or, are you a parrot that repeats and reinforces the policies the Kentucky School Boards Association? Perhaps you should listen to the opinions of teachers and staff members who are willing to step forward as concealed / carry VOLUNTEERS.
Students 4 ConcealedCarry

Springboro, OH

#54 Mar 17, 2014
Under a bill that passed the Ohio House with bipastisan support, School districts that designate teachers and other personnel to carry hidden firearms must undergo pretraining and a psychological assessment after the fact if they use the weapon.

But opponents objected to provisions to take the issue off the collective bargaining table and questioned the wisdom of arming teachers in classrooms.

“[House Bill 8] does not arm employees,” the bill’s chief sponsor, Kristina Roegner (R., Hudson), said.“Current law allows that to happen.”

The bill would add off-duty law officers to those exempted from a ban on carrying a concealed firearm in school safety zones. It would grant school boards and the gun-carrying employee immunity from a civil lawsuit in the event the weapon causes harm, as long as the employee was not negligent. The bill goes to the Senate.

Rep. Teresa Fedor (D., Toledo), a military vet and former school teacher, tried unsuccessfully to remove the provision exempting the issue from contract talks. She questioned whether it could lead to an armed teacher inadvertently being shot when a law officer responds to a report of an active school shooter.“Who’s going to know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy?”

The bill responds to school shootings such as that in Newtown, Conn., in 2012 and in Chardon, Ohio, nearly two years ago, raising the question of whether more guns should be in schools for self-protection. Some districts have hired armed guards; others designate people to carry concealed firearms on school property. Others, however, have resisted guns in school.“This is playing Russian roulette with the life of a child,” said Rep. Matt Lundy (D., Elyria).“When the bullets start to fly, there’s no guarantee the bullets will hit the bad guy. Sometimes we tend to think this is the movies, but this, folks, is real life.”

Some Democrats joined Republicans to support the bill, which passed 63-29.

Springboro, OH

#56 Mar 19, 2014
Real Solutions wrote:
<quoted text>
The real solution is to have a police officer in each school building. It only makes sense to have someone who has the training and experience to properly handle a weapon AND deter, detect, and detain a would be assailant. Haphazardly giving 25 year old elementary school teachers a firearm is going to do nothing to curb the problem, it will only introduce a new hazard that didn't previously exist in the school. It's not just having firearms in school, it's having the right people with firearms in school if you want to make a true difference in this type of attack.
I know a retired police officer and he says that training for police can be completed in a few weeks. Certainly over your summer you can become as "trained" as any polic officer. In fact look up the data, you will see that Police have less risk than the trades and less than farmers and less than many jobs.

All of us can train during our 4 weeks of vacation and be "police". The uniform makes them feel and look like authorities but in reality they are just like us. Judgement is of concern with both the lay person and police.

My firends daughter got stopped in a high speed traffic stop, going 35 miles per hour for 1/3rd of a mile and 5 cop cars pulled this 16 year old over with guns out and pointed at her and her little friend. The girls had to lay on the ground with their hands spread as gun toating officers in Montgomery county frisked and searched their car. The Officers threatened them, after weeks of asking for a copy of the cruser cam tape the police department dropped the case and offered to let the girls off. No apology of course. This was a screw up of course but is an example of imperfections in judgement as we may expect to see with school personnel but we won't be paying in duplicate for school personnel.
Police are not perfect and neither are trained school personnel but why not have people already employed to be there trained to protect our kids they are just as good.
Students 4 ConcealedCarry

Springboro, OH

#57 Apr 11, 2014
Students for Concealed Carry believes it has the better argument and the better facts.
We will win by the tools of persuasion.
We will win by the tools of debate.
We will win by the process of civilized commentary.
We will win by the observed experience of the overwhelmingly vast majority of law abiding CHP permit holders behaving in a responsible manner. We will win by being informed, professional, and polite.

Springboro, OH

#58 Apr 13, 2014
Students 4 ConcealedCarry wrote:
Students for Concealed Carry believes it has the better argument and the better facts.
We will win by the tools of persuasion.
We will win by the tools of debate.
We will win by the process of civilized commentary.
We will win by the observed experience of the overwhelmingly vast majority of law abiding CHP permit holders behaving in a responsible manner. We will win by being informed, professional, and polite.
Teaching respect for Authority of the Law AND being a role model of highest regard for obeying and upholding the Authority of the Law AND holding those who violate our Laws
Accountable when our Laws are violated, is the only Win-Win solution for all students, school staff, and community members.

Community members are not seeing our Board of Education elected officials and our School Superintendent hold our Springboro union classroom teacher, Molly Wray, ACCOUNTABLE for breaking the law, by using our students private ID information for her personal use in her zeal to promote the election of two retired educators, Ron Malone and David Stuckey, as Board of Education representatives.

If our school teacher, Molly Wray, has proven that she will not obey the state and federal laws protecting our students privacy rights, then what trust in our school district's leadership can our Springboro school staff expect from Springboro families and taxpaying voters, who generously support our local schools, whose priority should be the SAFETY of our students?

Springboro, OH

#59 Apr 13, 2014
Students Fighting for Social Justice for Union Teachers and leading protests AGAINST Board authority in favor of insanely popular SHS principal, Ron Malone, during Mr. Malone's community-wide hissy fit in March 2012, were not fit role models for our Springboro Students; and these students union activists were allowed by our March 2012 BOE president to "interrogate" and ridicule our board representatives, asking questions such as "which one of you is lying." During this disgusting display of disrespect shown by our Springboro students, our former SHS principal, Ron Malone, sat smiling and nodding his head in approval. The SHS students declared revenge on the BOE elected officials, vowing to Vote them out of office, when they were old enough to vote.

Inquiring minds wonder just how many of these students who protested against board authority in March 2012, were among the names of those which Molly Wray violated during the 2013 school board election of retired educators, Ron Malone and David Stuckey?

Springboro, OH

#60 Apr 13, 2014
Who CARES!! The race is over! The Board members of Anderson, Malone and Stuckey won by almost 80% of the vote! Let all of this go and move forward. You are like a cancer that won't go away!
Survey Says 100 Percent

Springboro, OH

#61 Apr 13, 2014
Answer wrote:
Who CARES!! The race is over! The Board members of Anderson, Malone and Stuckey won by almost 80% of the vote! Let all of this go and move forward. You are like a cancer that won't go away!
As a responsible citizen and Good Samaritan going about doing good, I am ONE who CARES very much about the Insanity of these board members voted into office based
on the popularity of a former SHS principal; with NO strong Principles upon which to lead our children's 21st century classroom education; no values of beliefs; no mission of vision.

Now 100 Percent of the Springboro Stakeholders surveyed by this ONE who cares all agree that this MSA majority is the real rottenness like a cancer eroding away our hard earned school tax dollars with foolish decisions like OSBA membership, OSBA software to financially manipulate our five year forecast to create a false budget crisis, and this silly waste of money to hire a facilitator to come up with a renewed vision??? so that the school superintendent can move forward investing our $50 million dollar plus budget in financial gains of the union, leaving behind doing what's right for our school children and community.

Thank you for your comments, but please keep in mind that every thing that is 80% popular with the people is not 100% right for the people. If only 20% of the people recognize the real "cancer" is the other 80%, then why in the world would we move ahead, just because it is popular? We do agree on one thing, it seems. The 20% opposition will not go away!

The "race" is a work in progress; not a destination; and no one has arrived, not even the 80% popular board members, Charles Anderson, Ron Malone, and David Stuckey.

Springboro, OH

#62 Apr 14, 2014
Answer wrote:
Who CARES!! The race is over! The Board members of Anderson, Malone and Stuckey won by almost 80% of the vote! Let all of this go and move forward. You are like a cancer that won't go away!
However, mark these words...
Over the next 18 months, approximately 50% of the approximate 80% who cast ballots for MSA will come to regret their November 2013 decisions.

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