The Unknown

Keller, TX

#1574 Dec 14, 2012
max wrote:
<quoted text>
btw your not the antichrist it wont take 4 years for the antichrist to be known its a proccess of elimination in someones head that has 10 different persoanlitys that are split and they are all one you are not the antichrist as much as you would like to be your just a kid
You don't know how to read. You will know when I am ready.

United States

#1575 Dec 16, 2012
the bible clearly states that when the anti christ comes he will come in peace, want peace and do wonderful miracals... he wants us to love him...instead of god.. so the bible says when you hear peace, peace, peace all over the world........he's here...

United States

#1576 Dec 16, 2012
OMG!! And then some people publish puertoricans are ignorant. Too lazy time to used trying to explain what he decide to believe!!! &#128561;

United States

#1577 Dec 16, 2012
The bible clearly states that when the anti christ comes , he will come first, before god in peace.Like a lamb. He will do many miricals, for us.. he wants us to love and follow him instead of god. Yes i believe we are in the end times. The bible says the end times begin with Isirl becomes a nation again.....will it did in 1948 .. the thig is to KNOW that the anti christ come first.... and not to follow him.... and wait for god.... simple for most

United States

#1579 Dec 17, 2012
SaVaFuT wrote:
you people are all idiots....everyone that believes our president is the anti christ.....idiots...the anti christ will come in a way nobody will EVER be able to know its him aka anti stop...bcuz only the true christians closest to christ will be able to notice it while everyone else will be blind to him....give wont find him.
You took the word right out of my mouth... I totally agree that only those whom God gives HIS discernment will be able to notice who the antichrist is. He will be the person we least expect... Let's pray that we don't fall into the massive deception that will take place.

Demotte, IN

#1580 Dec 23, 2012
All this obama being the AC is garbage. Its amazing the extreme you racist people will go to. Obama is just a man and if you read your bible you would know that alot of things has to happen before the AC appears. Get over it. We get a black President and you people start spazzing out??LOL

Dallas, TX

#1581 Dec 23, 2012
But I smoke so much crack.
Bored in Toledo

Swanton, OH

#1582 Dec 23, 2012
An anti-Christ or The Anti-Christ will NEVER appear. Not EVER!!! You see, the Bible is a work of fiction and like all works of fiction, the words contained therein are fictional(in other words, NOT real, but an interpretation by the author(s)). Seriously, you religious kooks have got to begin accepting this fact and begin to exist in reality. When you religious folk show me a shred of evidence, REAL evidence, I will consider listening. Until then, the ball is in your court
dulce de tres leche

Miami, FL

#1583 Dec 23, 2012
For my pet LIEger

Listen you filthy rotten festering maggot! I AM BETTER than YOU! Like it or not. Why? Because I used the primal protoplasm GOD gave me & made something of it. MD/DVM, Biomedical research, professor of Medicine at a leading Med School,
Speaker for Physicians multiple topics, part time farmer, breeder of exotic large cats, & birds.
Astronaught, an inventor, a scientist, a part time caped crusader, a nurse, circus clown and now a janitor. Own lots of real estate (Mostly park benches), politician in my town,(Dog catcher) gymnast/ acrobat, gold medal winner in Tokyo and Los Angeles, black belt in several martial art disciplines, swimmer,(Beat Phelps any day.) etc Plus I am healthy a weight lifter, Pilates, health freak, 4'5.5" tall, bald, glasses, few teeth in perfect repair, and I am bi-sexual and thinking of a sex change. I wear womenÂ’s clothing all the time.
He! He! I look down upon you maggot, if not from all my accomplishments, my size suffices.
Besides the fact that all islamofasc istpinkocommienazirat/apes like yourself are an inferior species. A species that is lazy, envious, jealous, frustrated full of hatred and unhappy with yourself. Normally I would pity vermin like you, but when you dare disrespect your betters, be it me or my friends (WJDC, MARIE, Paloma, EL Cubano, Eyes Open, Militant Poet, Peter, Santiago, Heidekraut Dr Burro etc) then I DESPISE YOU, pull back no punches, & tell you like it is. Well, I gave you an earful; did I mention I have an IQ of less than 109? You are too unimportant, so regardless of your response, maggot, I will ignore you.
By the way, I've rubbed shoulders with many congressmen & senators,(All have been busted for deviant behavior. Alan Keyes, Rush Limbaugh (I sold him drugs many times he is great),
Jay Diamond, Sean Hannity, Willie Nelson, Jay Black, Waylon Jennings, Johny Cash, Kris Kristpherson, The Gatlin Brothers, Christal Gail,
King Juan Carlos Cousin Gaby whom I dated, Julio Iglesias, Rafael, Mickey Mouse, Superman, Donald Duck, Goofy, Spiderman, Batman & other celebrities that I may not now remember. I've worked with the CIA, the FBI, DEA, DEP, DOH, and Department of Mental Health several police organizations mainly the bureau of prisons who know me well...
You don't need to believe it, you probably wont, your limited self cannot conceive so much plurimulttasking. But I am satisfied with myself & my achievements and still I persist on pursuing higher goals. One day I want to be sane. Don't cry maggot, don't be jealous, just get off your butt & start doing something constructive! Bye now, no I won't waste time on you again, regardless of your response, insignificant one. Hasta la vista baby!

Tinsip 13

Southwest Brevard Cnty, FL

#1584 Dec 31, 2012
Bored in Toledo wrote:
<quoted text>
I'll make it simple. You ARE wrong! Guarantee it.
Thanks for Judging it. I hit a nerve? Time will tell!
Bored in Toledo

Swanton, OH

#1585 Dec 31, 2012
A6AA772168 wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for Judging it. I hit a nerve? Time will tell!
Nope. No nerve hit. You'd have to post some verifiable truth to hit a nerve and you failed to do that. Time has ALREADY told that, over and over, religion is nothing more than false promises.

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#1586 Jan 10, 2013
Chris wrote:
Barack: 6 letters
Hussein: 7 letters
Obama: 5 letters
You are a f**king idiot it's easy to add numbers up and make a coincidence seem scary to other idiots! YOU! Are the reason the west is the way it is! YOU! Are a terrible person! YOU! F**king racist imbasill!

Miami, FL

#1587 Jan 10, 2013
They've been saying that about EVERY U.S. President from Kennedy to Bush.

For ABSOLUTE PROOF he's NOT Obama, click here:

For the true, BIBLICAL identity of Antichrist, go here:
Bored in Toledo

Swanton, OH

#1588 Jan 11, 2013
Mart wrote:
They've been saying that about EVERY U.S. President from Kennedy to Bush.
For ABSOLUTE PROOF he's NOT Obama, click here:
For the true, BIBLICAL identity of Antichrist, go here:
The only thing missing here is the playing of The Looney Tunes theme song.

Uberlândia, Brazil

#1589 Jan 17, 2013

Nicholasville, KY

#1591 Jan 21, 2013
Cute really, very cute humans, do you actually believe that i would let you know my name? Your god has no power and i am here to make sure he dies, wait my children, wait till i show you the light, your god is not what you think he is, he has betrayed the true lord and for that he must be forsaken. Your god is anything but benevolent least of all omnipotent, he is using you don't you see? He is using your religions as a way to control you, i don't offer you eternal damnation, i offer you freedom.

Nicholasville, KY

#1592 Jan 21, 2013
Come bear witness to my prophecy, "the seraphim will fall and from the black ashes a new world will rise." This was told to me by my lord, the true lord.
Bored in Toledo

Swanton, OH

#1593 Jan 21, 2013
Him wrote:
Come bear witness to my prophecy, "the seraphim will fall and from the black ashes a new world will rise." This was told to me by my lord, the true lord.
Once again, cue the Looney Tunes theme song.
ric 2nd amendment

West Monroe, LA

#1594 Jan 24, 2013
obama and our 2nd amendment rights..

United States

#1595 Jan 25, 2013
Max, you're an idiot and you need a girlfriend or a hobby.

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