Pompano Beach, FL

#626 May 6, 2009
That list is just blantant lies and misinformation. People who claim Obama is the antichrist is full of shit. The Antichrist just LEFT the office.

Here's a novel idea people. How about, we let the man do his job and fix the country that the "Christian" just finished screwing up, and we get on with our own lives?

We're in the 21st century for crying out loud, how many bullshit end of the world "predictions" have to come and go before people learn to just live their lives?
Mongaloid Mike

Chicago, IL

#627 May 6, 2009
Hey everyone!:)

Did you know there is movie coming called 2012

Here is the link to the trailer.

Maple, Canada

#628 May 15, 2009
He will make himself the most powerful man on earth, if elected, Mabus will be his name.
HAHAHAH! He got elected what now bitch his name is still obama not mabus !

Pawtucket, RI

#629 May 15, 2009
denny wrote:
He will make himself the most powerful man on earth, if elected, Mabus will be his name.
HAHAHAH! He got elected what now bitch his name is still obama not mabus !
If you actually read the quote it said that Mabus is killed prior to the war. Obama did in fact make Ray Mabus Sec of the Navy.
quinn wade

Byram, MS

#630 May 15, 2009
first of all..obama is not a muslem u dumm shit and he is not the 666 shit your talking bout and im mixed with white and black and you must be white if you say that bullshit. you must be jesus or some shit.

Riga, Latvia

#631 May 16, 2009
quinn wade wrote:
first of all..obama is not a muslem u dumm shit and he is not the 666 shit your talking bout and im mixed with white and black and you must be white if you say that bullshit. you must be jesus or some shit.
Were you responding to me, or the original poster? In my reply all I do is refer to a quatraint from Nostradamus. The fact that Obama did name Ray Mabus Sec Nav is a matter of public record.

Chicago, IL

#632 May 17, 2009
First of all understand the number of the Beast. It is NOT 6-6-6 but SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX, that is the Beast's number NOT three SIXES. The number of his name in Hebrew would have to equal the number SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX. In fact 6-6-6 is really EIGHTEEN, the number of life!
Mount Zion

Irvine, CA

#633 May 17, 2009
The Bible states the man of sin will be a man of peace, imitating every thing Christ did while on this Earth. Islam calls him Madhi, a man that will confirm a peace treaty with all nation's especially with Israel for 7 years. Nothing is wrong with peace, however it wil not last more than 3.5 years into it. This is called the false peace the bible fortells. These events signify the last 7 years as we know it to be on this planet. Then utter evil and destruction, at the end of those 7 years (if you make it) Christ will return and every knee will bow & tounge confess Jesus Christ is lord of Lords, God almighty. You dont have to believe what i write but remember what you have read. Then it's will be too late for those that did not believe him. Everyone has their own idea of the Antichrist, is it Obama or not. Who cares! to me Obama is just a facade to what is going on behind the scenes. He's the face to appease the people of change... Change you say? Be honest what change? Oh yes a half black half white man in the office. No people that is not a full black man in the office. You might as well say he is a white man. Obama is simply there to distract the public from what is going on and is to come. Record breakig numbers for unemployment. Major financial institutions now owned by China, S.Korea & the government. Don't believe me research it. Majority of Vegas is owned by China. The new world order is about to be finally implemented. Publically stated since Regan, but initiated way before him. This is neither a Republican or Democratic, white nor black issue. Bush was so disliked Obama can do no wrong. Obama is simply continuing where Bush left off but with swagger. The people making decisions are the elite international bankers that are pushing for a Golbal currency and one world government. Can't you see they create the instability in order for us to accept any thing that will make us feel safe and secure. No job, loss your home, no money for food, food shortage, disease epidemic, terrorisim, wealth & life savings gone? They say this is now a problem on a global scale. Which the ultimate goal is to control evrything through fear, "we know what is best for you policy". Government, bails out bank bank owns home, now government owns bank and home. Funny how the Government allowed and regulated the bank loans that got us in this mess in the first place. If Americans payed attention to history they would see things as they are. Instead of thier head down in the sand attitude. If it dont affect me what do i care. Soon it is going to be too late. I love this country , but it has already cast God out. God have mercy on us. I am neither white or black, i pay my taxes and love my freedom. I was born into a Muslim family and can tell you Obama is a muslim, he say's he is Christian to appease the Christians of the country for the vote, he's no fool, i would have said I was christian to get the vote as well. I have learned the truth and have found Christ Jesus. God made us all because he loved us. Any religion that tries to wipe out a race of people in not of God but of Satan. Israel is God's chosen people, and must Pray for the safety and peace of the people and Holy city of Jerusalem. Which belongs to the Jews.
ohh shit

Brooklyn, NY

#634 May 18, 2009
it all seems really real, but according to Nastradomas "the third antichrist will be born in 2032"

and i forgot but we wont know about it until the late 70's

Gumdale, Australia

#635 May 26, 2009
Do you guys want to know who the Antichrist is according to the bible. In Thessalonians it states that anyone who does not believe that Jesus was the son of God who came to earth as the Word who lived amoung us as a human, anyone who does not believe that is the Antichrist (in some versions of the Bible) or antichrist (in other versions). The antichrist is therefore no one specific person in fact, the term is not even found in the book of Revelation. The person who you are talking about, is the one who is called the "Beast from the Sea" and the "Beast from the pit" meaning he is a "man" who once lived on this earth and will come out of the pit(death). That is why everyone will be in awe of him according to the book of Revelation. I think a startling archeological discovery will be made.

Obama pales in comparison to this man and so does Bush. The man must be of Assyrian origin according to the prophet Isaiah and he must hate Israel in his heart. He will deceive Israel initially by pretending to be a friend, he is a great deceiver. The book of Daniel describes him as the King of the North. This has nothing to do with America or America's president. The Bible is very focused on the Middle East and this man, true to past history, seeing as history has a way of repeating itself, will be middle eastern. He will arise just before Armageddon which is not the same as World War 3 or 4 if there will be one.

This world will not end in 2012. People who understand the Bible know that there is still much to happen on the political scene for the world to end in 2012. That would mean that King of the North would not even have time to arise to great power.

I'm not sure if Gog is the same man as the King of the North. I used to think so but I'm not so sure anymore. Gog arises against Israel just before Jesus returns but he may also arise against the King of the North already in Israel. There are two Gogs that the Bible mentions. The Gog of this age and the Gog after what is known as the millenium or the thousand years of peace.

Also the Bible does not actually say that "the AntiChrist" will be the first man to sign a peace treaty with Israel. It simply says he affirms a peace treaty which sounds to me like he just confirms or affirms an already existing peace treaty. Many reasons why he would do that but mostly to deceive the Jews. Seeing as he will be Assyrian, makes sense to me that he would arise out of the area of Kurdistan/Iraq possibly even Eastern Turkey. In other words, when he arises in power, he will come out of that area or the area that used to be the Assyrian empire.

I have many more thoughts about his origins but need more evidence. The Illuminati want to create a New World Order and want to rule America, Britain and Europe. I suspect that they will then use western countries to launch an attack against the Middle East (imitating the "Christian Crusades") This would possibly be WW3. I predict the New World Order will lose. This could be the kingdom that endures for a short time before the King of the North arises spoken about in the book of Revelation. It is a 7th Kingdom that precedes an awful 8th. The King of the North is the 8th King spoken of in the book of Daniel.

Luton, UK

#636 May 27, 2009
you idiots, the book of nostradamus was printed in the last decades, so if you consider that combined with the theoretical assumption that politics are written before happening then mr.mabus who served middle east fits the bullshit you all pulling, but never thought about the reason you are actually here saying all the baby stories you are saying to satisfy your pathetic life- and most annoying is when someone is carried away with these, until paranoia-conspiracy objective fulfilled for you:)

Gilmer, TX

#637 May 28, 2009
Mabus pronounced (Mawboos) is not Ray Mabus pronounced (Maybis) or anybody who would seem obvious to the outside world. Only somebody who studies and doesn't ignore anything that might be a sign will discover the truth.

The perfect construct for a forbear of the Anti Christ is for that person to be a Caucasian fair skinned blond haired blue eyed man raised as a Muslim. That leader would be born in a Muslim nation to parents who worked in the middle east. The parents would be murdered and young Mabus would be raised as a Sunni Muslim taught to hate all religions and Ethnicities aside from his given faith. He would despise the west.

Mabus could be part of the Illuminati working in a secret lofty position awaiting the chance to be discovered as a great American leader. No one will know this person as Mabus. He will secretly pave the way for the 3rd World War. His death will be the opening for that war.

Not a prediction just a way of seeing this Mabus rather than somebody whose actually known name is Mabus. Whoever Mabus is it won't be something that seems obvious. Mabus will be somebody we least suspect. Keep your minds open and follow every major political death given media attention.

Pawtucket, RI

#638 May 29, 2009
If you read the original quartrain Mabus is killed. The great war occurs after his death. Mabus is not the anti-christ. That is what the impetus is for the start of the war. Kind of like Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand in 1914 and WW1.

Miami, FL

#639 May 30, 2009
I can't believe how much ignorance is being expressed here. Good luck to anyone who places their TRUST in the obscure rantings of an occultist named Nostradamus.

Obama's NOT the Antichrist. You may disagree with his policies, but the Antichrist, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, is NOT ON EARTH yet. He already lived, AND WILL RISE FROM THE DEAD AT MID-TRIB.

You want Biblical FACTS, GO HERE:

Cincinnati, OH

#640 May 31, 2009
6-7+5= 4
7 is the number of john elway, who was born june 28th, 1960. 4-28-1960= 4+2+8=14
14!!!!!. DONT YOU GET IT, if you subtract 1 from 4 you get three. then multiply that by 222 and YOU GET 666! OH MY GOD.

Corona, CA

#641 Jun 1, 2009
Chris wrote:
Barack: 6 letters
Hussein: 7 letters
Obama: 5 letters
Add your num-bers and weep....18=1+8+=9 and considered a perfect number to math theology

La Canada Flintridge, CA

#642 Jun 1, 2009
Osama, Obama, Saddam, Mabus... Place a bible under the bed and keep your weapon of choice at hand. It's a matter of weeks. The big clue will be mass media reports of "UFO" sightings... it will be a trick to get you all to sign it all over... BEWARE

Crawley, UK

#644 Jun 2, 2009
just because he's black you think he's an antichrist? Go and rape a cat :D

Rock Hill, SC

#645 Jun 7, 2009
fan of all wrote:
<quoted text>I'm shaking in my shoes :-)
Now listen, I am worried that he may be the beast but in Dan 11:37 it says "He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire of women, nor will he show regard for any other god; for he will magnify himself above them all.".

But Obama is married with 2 kids, so this is one reason I belive he isnt the beast, but the name of the third antichrist foreseen by nostradamus is Mabus

Mabus, swicth acouple of letters and you get
Ubma, sounds like Obama
ryanclass0f2012y 2k

Youngstown, OH

#646 Jun 7, 2009
ummmm wow yeah umm im sure obama is not the antichrist...for the fact that he isnt dead..and if he was... his term will be over 2012 perhaps the pres. after him...ray mabus?

but i think that the real evil is money...
i think that will lead us to ww3

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