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Tokyo, Japan

#23 Feb 18, 2013
Stay strong. This could have been anybody. Please call the family and apologize though. Considering you hired Roy Black's firm, please look into the case of Donte Stallworth. It cost him $4.5 million, but he walked and is still playing football.

United States

#24 Feb 21, 2013
Chicks not rich. And it doesn't matter If the guy was j walking or no she still ran. And if she ran from the witness chasing her she should called the cops in the process and kept circling the scene. If I was scared someone was following me the last place IDE lead them to is my home. Like everyone has said though she shoulda called a cab not drove and she should face consequences for drinking and driving.
karen Austin

Indianapolis, IN

#25 Feb 23, 2013
Co worker wrote:
<quoted text>
Whatever, your just jealous because she's pretty. Of she was ugly, you wouldn't be following this story. GET A LIFE.
What in the world do her looks have to do with it? Her character is flawed. She ran away on
purpose, with blood on the windshield. Being scared is one thing, but she should have stopped
as a decent human being would to see if she could help the victim.
You sound very shallow. Maybe you are Karlie!

Corbin, KY

#26 Mar 1, 2013
The facts are that she was drunk,and that she killed a man. It does not matter whether he was or was not jaywalking. Had she not been hammered she might have been able to avoid this. I don't think she's an evil person. She made a horrible mistake,but with mistakes come consequences. She did the crime,and she must be punished for it. I thought I heard she worked at the place she was drinking,if so I think the think the individuals that served her should be prosecuted to for knowing she was underage. At the end of the day a father won't be coming home to his family,it's because of her,and she deserves to be held accountable.

Corbin, KY

#27 Mar 1, 2013
Finally wrote:
Thank you! We need to stand up for Karlie because everyone else is talking smack! She is innocent until proven guilty. I know she innocent because she is a nice person, always has been. She was always generous with me when served at Nikki. Her lawyer is the best in town and will prove that all this is just bull crap. Why won't people just give her day in court and shut the hell up! The Miami media is so stupid calling her party princess.

Are you saying that she didn't kill this man,or that there are circumstances as to why she fled the scene?

Corbin, KY

#28 Mar 1, 2013
Co worker wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't know the real story so shut the hell up! She tried to stop but that witness started yelling at her and acting all crazy so she feared for her life and just left. He started chasing her and she made u-turns because she missed the turn to her condo, not because she was evading him. That witness was like a psyco when she got out of her car, that's why she ran into her building. Bottom like is that the man was j-walking just like everyone else in Miami Beach and Karlie was drinking just like everyone else in Miami Beach. Who's right here? Two wrong don't make a right!
Ok,so what you're saying is that if you're j-walking I have the right to run you over

Lithia, FL

#29 Mar 1, 2013
Reading all of these posts, and to the ones who think she's not guilty, one word comes to mind, "ignorance" go read a damn book about the law since you're clueless. Lord have mercy.. This world is going to shits.

Sudbury, Canada

#30 Mar 1, 2013
A Friend wrote:
Karlie is NOT the vict here.... It's the freaking governments fault for making alcohol legal. Over 75,000 deaths per year in America are related to alcohol. Karlie is a young beautiful girl that just got caught up in the Miami party life and that's not her fault. She was too you to know about alcohol like many other beautiful girls. Everyone is just picking on her because she's pretty. If she was ugly, no one would care. She does not belong in jail with all those other ugly people who actually deserves to be in jail. I really hope she gets her bail paid so she can go home up her mom and dad because that's were she needs to be, not in that slummy jail. I'm praying for you Karlie!
Damn, you're narrow-minded, and uninformed. She was pounded, drove home, KILLED A GUY along the way, and tried to get away with it. I'm really sorry if you feel was "too young to know any better"! Jesus, what an unbelievable viewpoint!
P.S....I'd feel the same way if she were "UGLY". WOW

Acushnet, MA

#31 Mar 2, 2013
Co worker wrote:
As for the brain matter on her hair, it was food. She has l long hair and got some on it after eating. As for resisting arrest, she just didn't understand why she was getting arrested to leaving the scene when it was actually the witness fault. All this will come out in court and she will be found NOT GUILTY.
Are you a fuckng retard?

Wimauma, FL

#32 Mar 4, 2013
Everyone makes mistakes , I understand there's a man that's not going home to his family , yes that's very sad , but it's not like she ment to do it , it wasn't in her intentions to kill someone she's a really nice person when you get to know her , but
Drinking and driving is NEVER ok ,, you should have called someone , took a cab bus something
Stay strong karlie !

Corbin, KY

#33 Mar 8, 2013
Someone wrote:
Everyone makes mistakes , I understand there's a man that's not going home to his family , yes that's very sad , but it's not like she ment to do it , it wasn't in her intentions to kill someone she's a really nice person when you get to know her , but
Drinking and driving is NEVER ok ,, you should have called someone , took a cab bus something
Stay strong karlie !
I'm sure she is a very nice person,but people need to realize when you make a mistake like this there is a harsh punishment . When I was 11 my baseball coach drove a church bus full of teenagers to an amusement park in Cincinnati ,on the way home a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate hit them head on. The bus caught fire,27 people died including my coach,and many of the survivors were burnt horribly. The driver was said to have been a very nice family person who drank too much,and he received 16 years. It changed the drinking a driving laws in the U.S. almost overnight to make to make drunk drivers,even the nice ones,accountable for drinking and driving. Whether its one life or 27, nobody deserves to get a free pass on ending someone's life because of a bad choice,even if their past is untarnished. Again, I'm sure she is a sweet girl,and a good friend to many, but the we the people wanted laws to hold the guilty accountable.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#34 Mar 12, 2013
The guy she hit (stefano) was jaywalking and apparently there is video footage of this. Also the 'good samaritan' was freaking out and scaring her for her life. He admits to screaming non-stop at her.
It's a decent defense. I'm curious to see how it plays out

I don't have an opinion either way. I am more interested about the great departure from everyday misery this will give the public for a months.

And I agree... most of these people bashing Karlie don't give two shits about the morality of the situation.

They just want to revel in the destruction of someone they are jealous of (maybe because shes having fun and they are miserable, or maybe because shes just pretty - who knows what motivates these weirdos)
friend of chef

Corinth, VT

#35 Apr 17, 2013
This "person" is first going to jail and then to hell. She is a murderer.

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#37 Apr 23, 2013
I knew karlie since we were in first grade actually but I'm not going to sit here and act like just because she is a wonderful person that she doesn't need to take responsibility for her actions I know she feels terrible as any person in her situation would but instead of everyone portraying her to be evil for making a life changing mistake you should all learn from her mistake don't drink and drive ! Stay strong karlie and condolences to the victims family !
Karlie Tomica

Santa Cruz, CA

#38 Jun 18, 2013
I say don't drink and drive
You might spill your drink
Before you get behind the wheel, just stop & think
You can take your chances
But there's so much to lose
Another bumpy road,
There's so much wasted booze

I'm not so worried
About how many I kill
I'm much more concerned
With how much beer I spill
35% of accidents
Are cause by pixilated
The other 65% are not
Alcohol related
What does this tell us
About the drunk drivers
They seem to have a
Better record than
the sober team

I'm not so worried
About how many I kill
I'm much more concerned
With how much beer I spill
With how much beer I spill
With how much beer I spill

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#39 Jul 10, 2013

Miami, FL

#40 Aug 5, 2013
You are all a bunch of sickos defending this girl like if she is the virgin Mary!! She and all you defenders are the same crap, just can not take any accountability whatsoever!!! READ YOUR DAMN DRIVER LICENSE MANUAL!!!! IT SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT DRUNK DRIVING!!! YOUR HERO WAS DRUNK HER A....S....S!!!!

Coral Gables, FL

#41 Aug 8, 2013
i cant believe you all protect this poor excuse for a human being. the dumb bitch didn't see him because she was DRUNK! and left him there to die like a fucking dog. Typical entitled princess...its never their fault, its society that made her make the poor choices she made. That is why she, until the end really only cared about herself by accepting a plea deal. ZERO accountability. Someone else would have gotten 30 years or worst.
Tc mom

Groveland, FL

#42 Aug 16, 2013
Gee where are all Karlie's friends now? Nothing to say? Guess what? She was guilty after all. Not that there was any doubt. And guess what, she is a horrible person. Accepting this plea bargain 4 days before her birthday proves she is still only thinking about herself. Karma's a bytch and she is still a selfish, spoiled little girl as she has been all her life. She is very lucky that the family of the deceased allowed the plea deal and are suing the club to get there money. Hopefully prison will wake her up to the reality of life. Her parents did her an injustice. They knew but were in denial as you all are/ were. I hope you all learn from this. She changed her own life FOREVER and the lives of all involved from her bad decisions. Get a designated driver and don't drink and drive.

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