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Pompano Beach, FL

#44 Feb 13, 2013
Bojangles wrote:
Thats right "chill"...I forgot we were drinking buddies, how could I forget you were in the 4th grade. You idiot, she was over the legal limit by three times im sure with your oil stipend you can do alot, what are you doing to do for her now. The money you have, if you have any, was made by your parents and you leech off of them like Karlie does off her parents. Them, not her, hired Micheal Shapiro. Oh and he is Egyptian, wow gotta be proud there. 72% of their population is illiterate, they can't get their government working, and all they due is protest and try to impose Islamic law. She really knows how to pick a winner.
Dude you have no life.

Tokyo, Japan

#45 Feb 18, 2013
Its a trully horrific tragedy. She is going through her own personal hell. Lets all stand back and leave her alone. It could have been me.

United States

#46 Feb 21, 2013
Lessons wrote:
Obviously there is at least one person out there who has failed to learn some important lessons from what happened on Monday morning. Let's set the record straight.
First lesson: Karlie Tomica is a horrible person. She might be pretty, popular and fashionable, but it's your actions that determine whether you're a good person or a bad person.
This was not some blameless freak accident. Ms. Tomica made a series of reprehensible mistakes that clearly show her to be a menace to society:
She made the decision to drive drunk, probably not for the first time, which had a foreseeable outcome.
She ran over a pedestrian who was probably not just standing there in traffic. He flew 30 feet through the air, so she was probably speeding while running a light, in an area that's always full of pedestrians at any hour.
She fled the scene of the crime, when anybody can see from the gigantic, head-shaped indentation in her windshield that she knew that she hit somebody.
Those actions make her a horrible person. That's how it works. That's the very definition of a "horrible person". People are not judging Ms. Tomica for being a "dumb blonde", they're judging her for her deplorable actions.
Second lesson: It is not "understandable" to flee the scene of an accident because you're drunk. Anybody who thinks that way is a reprobate. Ms. Tomica will hopefully spend years in prison learning that lesson. Learn from other people's mistakes.
Third lesson: Just because everybody else is doing it does not make it okay. The "hard partying" culture of the service industry is no excuse for taking an innocent life. A person who rationalizes immoral behavior just because they happen to know a lot of immoral people who behave that way is a horrible person.
Fourth lesson: Worrying about being humiliated instead of worrying about the people whose lives have been destroyed makes people even more angry. Is this true that Ms. Tomica had her boyfriend take down her Facebook and Twitter profiles for her while she was still in jail? Why is anybody even talking about how she feels humiliated? Who cares if she feels horrible? She killed a person, as a result of her own selfish decisions. But she's worried about her social life? It is not appropriate to ask for sympathy. That's going to make people even more angry.
The fact that I even had to post this means that there are more people like Ms. Tomica out there. Enemies of society, who care more about their "hard partying" and their social lives than about the consequences of their actions. If you're part of the "hard partying" service industry and you think that it's normal to drive drunk and that Ms. Tomica was just unlucky, then your just plain stupid.
I completely agree

United States

#47 Feb 21, 2013
A Friend of Kaylie wrote:
Leave baby girl alone!!!! She is a good chick!!! That dude waz j-walking! Just because you have a few drinks and plow someone doesn't nessasarly meaz itz yo fault. Peeps get da swerve on and STILL drive straight yo!!!. She just got unlucky dat da dude was walking illegally and dats itz.
A few drinks. You dumb shit three times over the legal limit is not a few drinks. Wtf. And if the guy was j walking or not it doesn't matter pedestrians have the right of way. What if you were j walking and a drunk driver hit you and you lived? You know you're be suein the shit out of them and making sure they rot in jail.

Corbin, KY

#48 Mar 1, 2013
A Friend of Kaylie wrote:
Leave baby girl alone!!!! She is a good chick!!! That dude waz j-walking! Just because you have a few drinks and plow someone doesn't nessasarly meaz itz yo fault. Peeps get da swerve on and STILL drive straight yo!!!. She just got unlucky dat da dude was walking illegally and dats itz.
So,if you are j-walking you deserve to be ran over. Are you saying that j-walkers should be run down for their evil ways,Hell,lets get our cars tuned up so they don't stall before impact. I hope you're picking up the sarcasm,and you don't actually start running down people. If you didn't I want you to go outside ,find a tree, those are those wooden things in the ground,they produce leaves,and bang your head against one,maybe two,til your brain starts back up. She killed a man,a father,and a husband. Was it her intention,no,but she deserves to be pay for what she has done.

Washington, DC

#49 Mar 4, 2013
What if it was you wrote:
Yes, what she did was clearly wrong and a bad choice..let me ask this, have none of you done anything wrong in your life, nothing horrible, nothing you regret? I didn't realize this was a forum for perfect individuals, in fact I didn't realize that perfect individuals existed. I guarantee each person calling her a horrible person has done 1 or 2 horrible things in their life, perhaps not to the extent but nevertheless things you're not proud of. Don't get me wrong my heart breaks for the family of the victim but it also breaks for Karlie's family. She too has parents, siblings, grandparents, friends & loved ones who are also going through it who also are innocent. People don't realize that while you are tearing a person apart you are tearing their family apart as well, I can only imagine how they feel. As tragic, sad & unfortunate the situation is this was still a horrible ACCIDENT, yes, an accident. This was not pre-meditated murder nor a viscous form of retaliation, it was a horrible mistake that one girl made that she will pay for for the rest of her life. She may have not publicly apologized, or so I heard last, but remember..the girl obviously has a lawyer and you don't know what he's telling her she's allowed to say and do. Think realistically people, look in the mirror, think of all the horrible things you've ever done, because we've all done things we're not proud of, I know I have... then make your judgement. Comment on the situation..name calling and character assassination won't bring anyone back to life..just ask yourself one thing...you've probably already thought about what it must be like to be related to that poor man...but what if that girl was your friend, your sister, your daughter or even...YOU?? I bet you'd feel different...it's easy to attack those we don't know, isn't it?
Fleeing the scene of a crash is no 'accident'- it's a felony. You don't 'accidentally' drink and drive, you don't 'accidentally' flee after nailing somebody, and you don't 'accidentally' deny a brethalyzer you dunce.

Sun City Center, FL

#50 Mar 7, 2013
You made a mistake , yes it killed someone that's sad .. But you dint choose to kill someone you don't deserve to get all the bashing your getting . I hope you do learn your lesson of not drinking and driving , and stay strong , your a great person , and a great friend ..
( ypur friend from pavilion )

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