I would benefit greatly if I could pay my real estate taxes with a credit card rather than by check.

Using a credit card would soften the blow of having to pay this entire exorbitant amount all at once on a severely fixed income.

I would have the option of paying it all at once if the month had been kind to me, but I would also have the option of paying over time if the month had other bills that needed to be paid as well as such heavy taxes.

It is an option that would give me great peace of mind in a pinch.

I have asked at the Metuchen tax office if I could pay via credit card and they said that was not an option. Why not? I'm sure people can pay their traffic tickets with a credit card just across the hall! Why can't senior citizens have the same convenience?

I don't know who it is that I should contact about this very timely suggestion. If anyone of you know who would be receptive to this suggestion and had the power to act upon it, please post a reply.

Sincere thanks from a senior citizen hard put to keep up with Metuchen's real estate tax burden.