Our own Tiger Woods
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Paducah, KY

#43 Aug 11, 2010
Did I say that wrote:
How about Mr. Paul McKnight... anyone done him? I heard he slept with half the woman in the Spence apts. He is the man in charge there and all the other housing apts. I wonder if his girlfriend who works at Dillards knows about it.
Sara your f'ing great in my book!
Do you know what I find most disgusting about this post? The fact that you all are too ignorant or just too self absorbed to contemplate the impact you could have on a man's career with your slander. For all of you not aware of the meaning of the word, or think that a dictionary is a lovely prop for a wobbly table let me spell out for you what slander means: slanĚder audio (slndr) KEY


1. Law Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation.
2. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.

You may not like Paul McKnight but he has done more for this community in the past years that he has been in charge of housing then most of us have done in our entire time living here. When was the last time YOU started a program to make sure that children were being fed? When was the last food drive you organized providing food for our cities less fortunate? When did you establish a summer program to keep our youths off the street and occupied instead of out causing trouble? When did you organize free classes to create higher learning for people, help them with the job market, and just basic life skills? He provides safe Halloween parties every year, where your children can go play games, be entertained and receive safe candy without having to worry about someone hurting your child. I could continue on but at this point it would be redundant.

Most of you have already stopped reading this I'm sure. Now the accusations will probably start flying that I am also having an affair with Mr. McKnight, which I can assure you is not true. I am just someone who has immense respect for what he has done and continues to do to better our community, not only for the people who live in housing, but all of the Massac County residents.
Phil A Man

United States

#44 Aug 11, 2010
LOL you are an idiot, he is doing those b itches

Bloomsburg, PA

#45 Aug 12, 2010
Everyone knows he is, everyone

Bloomsburg, PA

#46 Aug 13, 2010
sounds like someones ex wife is still a bitter bit ch

Bloomsburg, PA

#47 Aug 16, 2010
YO! These cats are pimps! these playas can hustle like pros.

You are a bunch of sorry a ss ho's that is pissed cause you not the bottom bi tch.

Props for real yo. Respect. you know what i'm sayin? cat is a pimp.

Bloomsburg, PA

#48 Aug 16, 2010
YO! Thse cat is a bunch of pimps! They are real men, they can hustle like a pro. you know what im sayin

You all be a bunch of sorry a ss hos that is pissed cause you not the bottom bi tch.

Props for real yo. Respect.

United States

#49 Aug 16, 2010
I wish I understood what pimpin has posted!

Elizabethtown, IL

#50 Aug 17, 2010
I don't think I want to learn ebonics. Wonder if pimpin can actually recite a sentence if it is spoken to him first.

Bloomsburg, PA

#51 Aug 17, 2010
Man! Dont be hatin. dont be trippin yo.

Im jus sayin yo. if a person can live two lives in one day yo, respect for keepin it real.

they women is dumb if they dont catch on to the game yo. who is goin to belive they is at at work all that time yo? or some other line? they women is dumb. they jus tryin to get them some strange.

props for running a hustle lie a pro thats all im saying, you know what im sayin?

hate the game not the playa

Since: Aug 10

Location hidden

#52 Aug 23, 2010
somewhere in time wrote:
ha! Glad to know i am not the only one that knows about "that" mom that lost her kids. I hope people also know that the christian she claims to be is nothing but a clubhouse member. Not a church member.
She is a real piece of work. She wants to be all high and mighty but she is such a basketcase. It is bad when you give up your first kid, then take him out of the only home he has known, then a judge takes your other kids away. Sad day for all mothers every where. Not sure how she can even call herself a mother. And if this so called church thinks that she is not doing anything wrong they need to look at who she was sleeping with to loose her job at the school. Just sayin....
happy people

Nashville, TN

#53 Aug 27, 2010
Do you seriously think that men are the only ones who do it? Men may play "the game" but Women conquer the challenge. And when we do it we raise the bar.
trying to be fair

Equality, IL

#54 Aug 27, 2010
Will u give it a rest already. Anything a man or woman does is between them and their spouse or partner. As far as Paul McNight, he is free to do what he wants to. All this is is a gossip thread and hurts innocent people. I live in housing and find Paul to act like a fine gentleman. He does his jpb well and I have never heard of him approaching any women. Why hurt a good mans reputation because of a little gossip. If it were your man being talked about on here, how would you like it.
As for you, "pimpin" learn how to talk, yo man ya hir mea!!!!!!

United States

#56 Aug 29, 2010
Very well said trying to be fair!
I agree this thread is nothing but gossip! And I can't believe some of the stuff that was posted earlier.
I don't know who started this topic, but it should be shut down.
Yes there are men and women that cheat on their spouses or significant others, but why put it out there as to who is and isn't cheating..why?
That's the couples' business, not mine or anyone else's business.
trying to be fair

Equality, IL

#57 Aug 29, 2010
The only reason I read some of this stuff is to give a biased opinion and take up for some of the victims. I do think, tho, that I will quit reading it altogether. I would bet on all I own, the people on this thread, and more like them, have more to hide that could be imagined. But, they are not important enough to be mentioned on here. "Poor them"
Riddle me this

Gallatin, TN

#58 Aug 30, 2010
Damn, Im actually ashamed of myself for reading any of this trash. I guess it's easier to talk crap about people on here where you dont have to worry about other gossips naming you. But seriously, couldn't we get the same shit around the water cooler?

Knoxville, TN

#59 Sep 1, 2010
There is not anyone locally that can play 18 hos as well as Tiger Woods. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Roy T Spunk

Marion, IL

#60 Nov 7, 2012
I got me 2 women rite now thats cheating withme on their tired old ugly men

It was soooooooooo easy to do it to, gonna get 2 new ones real soon

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